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on May 27, 2017
They asked a 26-year-old kid named Steven Spielberg, who had just put a silly comedy called "Sugarland Express" in the can for Universal, to make a monster movie. Before that, he had done some TV work, notably a "Night Gallery" episode for Rod Serling that starred Joan Crawford. Crawford concluded he was a young genius.

They asked for a monster movie; what they got changed the industry forever.

Let it be said at once that the changes have turned out to be bad, but that's not the fault of "Jaws", which is a hardcore Seventies movie all the way, full of post-Watergate cynicism about politicians, even small-time ones in a tourist town. But with Spielberg there was a difference: a way forward out of the cynicism, a happy and explosively satisfying ending. The main thing he did was get a bunch of writers to make major changes to Peter Benchley's rather sleazy novel: gone were the subplots about the mayor in hock to the Mafia and Brody's wife and Hooper having an affair (ew). He kept the 3 protagonists on the open sea in the movie's second half (in the book, they go home every night). He got a comedy writer named Carl Gottlieb to deliberately add humor, to lighten things up, to please the crowd, rather than have the movie become some dour remake of "Moby Dick". All such changes were correct, to say the least. And because it was the Seventies, he still took chances, such as the astonishing monologue by Robert Shaw's "Quint" character, mostly written by the actor himself.

Quint relates to the other two men on the boat that he was on the crew of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, and describes the horror of how hundreds of men were eaten by sharks for several days after the craft was torpedoed. The Indianapolis was the ship that delivered the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, and so the mission was top secret -- assistance was delayed. One can feel that Seventies cynicism creeping in again. But to me, it's as if Quint was spared in 1945 so that he would someday face the greatest shark of all, and meet his fate fighting it.

For all the (justified) talk about how this movie was the Proto-Blockbuster, no summer popcorn flick today would dare have such a scene.

It's a Seventies Blockbuster, so ideas and characters and performances are important. Roy Scheider as the frustrated Chief of Police is our anchor, our Everyman. Richard Dreyfuss is the young hotshot representing Progress and Change, much like Spielberg himself (in fact, Spielberg called Dreyfuss his "alter ego"). And Shaw's Quint? There were many Quints in Seventies cinema (late Sixties, too), like Newman's Cool Hand Luke and Nicholson's Randle P. McMurphy from "Cuckoo's Nest", unable to fit into society, uncontrollable forces of nature. They all came to similar ends.

It's a movie warranting a book-length discussion (and books have been written about it), and I haven't even talked about the mechanical problems with Bruce the Shark or John Williams' immortal score. All that remains to be said here is that Spielberg didn't compromise his vision of what a fun movie could be, he dared to do things his own way despite studio pressure, and the result was one of the most important movies ever made. As Shakespeare said: fortune favors the bold.

5 out of 5.
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on June 5, 2016
Do I really need to leave a review for this movie? Does anyone? This is JAWS! One of the BEST movies ever made. If you have not seen this movie yet, the only thing I have to say to you is, "Why haven't you seen it?" OK, so you love the beach and love to swim. I can understand that. I do too. However, you should see it, especially with all the recent shark attacks that have happened. When I first saw it, shark attacks were very, very, very rare. But JAWs still scared me enough to keep me in very shallow water all summer. Now it will probably keep you out of the water for quite a while, especially in the areas where Great Whites are being spotted. Talk about adrenalin rushes. If that's not enough of a reason for anyone to see this movie for the first time, or for the 100th time, I don't know what is!
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on April 14, 2016
The original JAWS is one of my favorite movies.

It is one of the few movie transitions that closely follows the book from which it was adapted.
The movie itself has lost none of its appeal although the fashion of the time does make for some comical moments. It is rare that a movie can combine the dynamics of three powerful actors and have it work so well together. Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss pull it off superbly.

I will not go into the plot as I think the only person that does not know it has probably been living off the grid for the last forty-some years. Instead I will focus on the Blu-Ray DVD.

I have owned the VHS and standard DVD versions of this movie. Not too long ago I had to replace my television which I did with a 4k capable model. The resolution was so good I felt it would be worth getting a compatible Blu-Ray player. When I found JAWS on Amazon, I just had to try with the new setup. I was not disappointed.

Universal Studios has embarked on a project to restore and in some cases improve the picture and sound quality of many of its old films. This version of JAWS is one the results of that project.

The restoration of this movie is excellent. The colors are vibrant and true to life. The sound has also been dramatically improved which greatly added to enjoyment of watching it in a surround-sound environment. In a nut shell the restoration efforts take good advantage of today’s hi-resolution DVD players, televisions and surround-sound systems.

The DVD comes with a number of extras including the making of Jaws, the impact & legacy of the movie, the restoration process and deleted scenes and outtakes to name a few.

This DVD is one any JAWS fan would do well to add to their collection.
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on March 27, 2017
This is one of my favorites because of the acting, not the animals. I read that "Bruce" was a real bad actor, but I think he made it better movie because that showed less of him than they probably would have otherwise. The spotlight was on the acting and the tension between the actors, the boat, the fish, and the town. Schneider, Shaw, and Dreifus are stupendous! Spielberg's directing is amazing even in this early film. Masterpiece! Oh, who is Bruce? Ask Nemo.
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on March 30, 2017
Fantastic movie classic especially in full screen. I was told by a person owning a video shop that this DVD didn't come in this format, I'm glad he was wrong, any movie with an ocean or a wide open space subject should not be squished down into wide screen, it's criminal. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if the widescreen format became extinct. I also enjoyed the making of Jaws, very interesting.
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on May 12, 2016
Picture-perfect high-definition picture quality after the opening scene, which is perhaps done in slightly soft-focus for theatrical reasons. But the rest of the movie looks like it was made today, the high-definition quality on this Blu-ray is that superb.

I will not bother reviewing the movie for its plot or production values, that has been done by many others here. But I will say that when the movie was released in 1975, I thought it was a bit overrated after having looked forward very much to seeing it, but upon viewing it recently on TV and then purchasing this Blu-ray and viewing it in even better high-definition quality than on TCM, I enjoy the story itself more, and I'm very glad at having purchased this Blu-ray.
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on May 9, 2017
Good addition to any movie collection. If you're into jaws this won't disappoint. I honestly don't super care about extra bonus materials for this particular movie...but it's interesting to know this movie basically made Spielberg's career. So, for that reason, and hardcore fans of jaws, this edition is good. But it's basically the same movie I remembered from years ago. I'm not a huge fan, but wanted it in my collection. It was a good purchase.
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on June 18, 2017
If you want to take a course in Steven Spielberg movies, watch JAWS. This movie is the Cliffs Notes to Spielberg. Everything he did after follows this same pattern. And with few exceptions, none exceeded this. Not until "Bridge of Spies" does Spielberg actually feel like a mature storyteller and filmmaker, at least to me. But pretty much everything before that follows the "JAWS" formula.
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on January 20, 2016
Loved it
review image
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on January 19, 2014
THE STORY: The plot is deceptively simple: a large Great White shark begins attacking swimmers on a small New England island. The economy-minded mayor just wants to pretend the problem doesn't exist, (at the expense of some unfortunate tourists who wind up on the shark's menu). In the end, it's up to the new-in-town police chief to stop the deadly beast. He reluctantly joins forces with a hot-headed young research scientist and a crusty local shark fisherman in order to hunt down & kill the monstrous 3 ton, 25 foot eating machine. Hang onto something. This is one intense, full-blooded journey into dark, tension-filled waters!

THOUGHTS: Considered a bonafied classic and for good reason, JAWS is first rate crackerjack story-telling that entertains all the way around. If you've never seen JAWS before then you are definitely missing out on a terrific movie-watching experience. This film almost single-handedly defined the terms "popcorn movie" & "summer blockbuster" like few movies before or since ever have. And the acting is superb on all counts. Roy Scheider is terrific as the frustrated, clueless and slightly aquaphobic Chief Martin Brody. A rascally Richard Dreyfus is a great as stubborn shark expert Matt Hooper. And what about our salty shark hunter, Capt. Quint? Robert Shaw's just blows everyone else out of the water. Whew! He was an actor of rare power, intelligence and intensity. His USS Indianapolis monologue should be required viewing for anyone considering getting into acting. THIS is what true acting is all about. All the man does is tell a story for about five minutes. Nothing else. But WOW! he is absolutely RIVETING to watch. You cannot take your eyes off him and you're hanging on his every word. It's worth owning this movie just for this scene alone! It never fails to give me goosebumps, even after 30+ viewings over the decades. And finally, let's not forget our stubborn, rarely in the mood to work villain, "Bruce" the Shark. While not entirely convincing anymore in this age of hyper-realistic CGI creatures, this massive rubber & pneumatic construct nonetheless still retains the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat or jumping out of it. Simply put - JAWS just works, on every conceivable level.

THE BLU-RAY: If you've seen JAWS but only on VHS tape or DVD then you really haven't seen it until you've watched this stunning new Blu-ray edition. WOW! It looks incredible here, probably better than when it first hit theaters back the summer of '75. Everything just pops. Picture clarity is razor-sharp and exposes details not seen since the film played in theaters. Colors are lush and vibrant, soundmix & the legendary film score by John Williams rumble & scream beautifully. Everything about this release is truly impressive. I've had this film in one format or another for decades: taped off a cable broadcast, then a factory VHS, then DVD, then a deluxe DVD, etc. None of those other formats can hold a candle to the uncompromising quality of this pristine hi-def transfer. THIS format/version is the one to own. And as if the restored sound & picture weren't enough, there's a staggering amount (4+ hours' worth!) of bonus material packed in as well, including two excellent full-length documentaries about the making of the movie, a look at the work that went into restoring it, photo galleries, trailers and more, more, more! These top shelf goodies just seal the deal to make this Blu-ray of JAWS an absolute *must-own* for movie lovers. BOTTOM LINE: Pick up this terrific Blu-ray of JAWS ...and be afraid to go into the water all over again! 5 STARS
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