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VINE VOICEon January 9, 2016
At $259 (Amazon price at the time of this review) this scanner is a real bargain (I paid slightly more a few months ago here on Amazon, but even then it was a great deal!). It works equally well under Windows and OSX (did not test it with any Linux distribution). I have found it to be fast, reliable, and pretty much flawless (either 1- or 2-sided scanning). Brother's Control Center 4 handles the scanner's functions straight-forwardly (meaning I didn't find myself having to go to the documentation much at all to get the scanner to do what I wanted it to do in the way I wanted it). As I have other software to take care of post-scanning requirements I really haven't had the need to use the Brother-provided software suite. But a quick glance at what's provided yields a "thumbs up" if you're staring from scratch.

You can scan to a computer or directly to a USB thumb drive. Speed of scanning to either depends on how fast your device works (slow computer or slow USB stick, slower scanning). If you need to scan to an encrypted volume you have to scan to computer via USB as there's no way to access an encrypted volume on a USB stick attached directly to the scanner.

I also appreciate the scanner's form function: it folds up nicely into a compact little bundle so I can bring it back and forth from home office to work office without it feeling like a real burden. I also appreciate Brother including a heavy-ish duty USB cable.

I have used this scanner daily for more almost six months and can count the number of jams or misfires on one hand (not counting the jams caused by operator error such as loading pages still stapled together, etc.). In the end, I like it.

One final comment. Brother claims you can scan to an Android device via USB cable. I don't really need that function, but wanted to at least check it out. In the end, I couldn't get it to work (even after multiple internet searches and spending way too much time on the Brother support web page). If you have luck making this feature work I certainly would appreciate you letting me know how by posting a comment.
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on February 24, 2014
I really like this scanner for my purposes. I'm primarily using it to OCR scan multi page annual and monthly statements, etc. Original paper is then shredded and discarded to free-up file draw space. An unexpected bonus is that finding an item within these OCR scanned documents is so much easier than searching though paper pages. That's because the OCR created PDF files are searchable by keywords. A search can also be done through all documents within a folder to find an item when it's not known which file it is in.

Like all sophisticated electronics, it takes a bit of a learning curve to get comfortable with its use. Once this is done documents can be quickly and accurately scanned and filed. As far as filing goes, I simple direct the scanned documents to a desired folder on my PC; discussions about fancy filing software are beyond me.

About the only negative I can think of is the paper exit support tray. At least in the unit I got, the tray can be difficult to fully open. It's easy to think it's fully open when it's not. This can result in paper not stacking properly on exit. This is just a minor annoyance that can be over-come with knowing that it can happen and paying more attention to ensure it does not.

The following is a copy of notes to myself to simplify the scanning of straight-forward, B&W, 8.5" x 11" documents, single or double-sided. These notes were written after digesting the essence of Bother's 144 page User's Manual. Some of these notes are of my own creation, and will not be found in their manual. While the manual is fairly well written, it has lots of details and some overlap. I've included the below for those who purchase this machine and use it for similar purposes as I do.

• ADS-2000 PDF scans have excellent OCR searchability for properly scanned documents:
o Load paper stack with first page face down
o Use ControlCenter4 interface software and select: (choose a tab for my creating custom setups)
 - Searchable PDF
 - Black & White processing
 - 300 dpi (400 dpi is worse, 600 dpi looks slightly better, but not necessary)
 - Advanced Setting tab, select all choices, especially:
• auto-rotate for landscape oriented documents
• Bleed Through Prevention / Remove Background Color

Paper Jam Recovery (does not require re-scanning sheets successfully scanned)
• Remove all sheets yet to be scanned
• Lift front cover by squeezing gray tab on top-right side of cover
• Gently pull-out jammed sheet(s) from ‘outside’
• Remove any ripped paper from inside of machine
• Note location of jammed sheet in the paper stack
• Examine and fix jammed sheet as well as next sheet to scan
• put jammed sheet back into stack but do NOT put stack into machine just yet
• close front cover and press red (or any) button on machine to reset red light
• The yellow light goes out when the front cover is closed.
• reload sheets not yet scanned
• Press the Continue button in ControlCenter4’s sub-window; all scanned pages will be put in one file.
• review resulting PDF file to ensure jammed sheet and next sheet have been properly scanned

Paper Particle Cleaning
Particles and paper dust accumulate fairly quickly when un-burst sheets are scanned. To clean:
• Unplug AC Power
• Remove all sheets to be scanned
• Lift front cover by squeezing gray tab on top-right side of cover
• Use dry microfiber cloth to remove particles
o Rubbed cloth to set-up positive charge (positive charge on cloth lifts negative particles nicely)
• To deep clean, follow instructions in the HTML user’s manual (using a dry microfiber cloth)
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on March 15, 2013
It's fast - totally eliminates piles of paper exactly as I was hoping it would. The images appear (I haven't had to re-print a scanned image yet) to be clear and accurate. The ability to scan one or two sides of a page is awesome. It takes me longer to remove staples and smooth out the holes (so they feed smoothly) than it does for the Brother to scan them. I have literally eliminated 3" of paper in short order - suddenly there's room in the storage box for 2012 records. And all of the older records are now on this tiny flash driver with TONS more space! I still have PILES of paper to copy because one doesn't invest in a high speed document scanner until they are in danger of being buried under the piles of paper that can't be stuffed into their 4 over-filled filing cabinets. I can suddenly envision a future of older records easily stored in a small box on flash drives.

My only complaint is the lack of a hard copy instruction book. I am in my 60's and I prefer reading How-To because technical devises don't come naturally to me. Obviously I have been able to function, but I do not feel that I am utilizing the full abilities of the Brother. There is an on-line instruction book which I reference, but know that I will get to a level where I can accomplish what I need to instead of utilizing the machine to the maximum of its abilities.

My only other problem is how to dispose of all of this unwanted paper now!
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on July 26, 2016
Bought two of these for an office scanning project. Each one has performed flawlessly over the past several months. Each one has scanned around 10000 pages thus far with no problems. The "control center 4" software allowed us to use a network drive location with sub-directories. We have different retention schedules for different types of documents, so we set up different scanning buttons each with their own sub-folder. These sub-folders are labelled "keep until 2017", "keep until 2026" and "permanent retention", so we can dispose of the records according to our office's records retention schedule.
The scanners work great, with the only problem being when you get double-feeds. This rarely happens with less than 5 documents, but happens about 50% of the time when you have 10 documents in the feed tray. If not for that, I would give 5 stars.
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on July 1, 2014
Compared, reviewed and finally purchased this brother scanner ADS 2000 instead of Fujitsu IX500. I run a small home office, want to clear my 10 years-old accounting invoices and papers in the file boxes, and need to save all papers into digital PDF file systematically. Then I can save the space, trash old papers and just all papers in last 3 accounting years for auditing purposes on request.

ADS 2000 is perfectly fit to my accounting requirements. This brother scanner is cost less at US$280, cheaper than Ix500 at US$460 (bundle). Since each scanning machine has limited prints as regular Printer, and my home office deals with lots of invoices and accounting papers, what we require is fast speed, cost efficient PDF scanner to save documents.

"Continuous scanning" enables Unlimited Number of Scanned Documents, which is key factor of this brother scanner, as each banking deposit of my business is made for 70-100 sales invoices, so I use the" Continuous scanning" function to keep scanning beyond 50 pages until finish all, it's fast speed and easy to create a PDF file without using any PDF editor software to modify or combine few PDF files as other brand scanner does.

Another favorite features is "USB flash drive", scan and save the necessary files directly into a "stick" as backup and present it anywhere without via internet.

This scanner has two scanning mode 1) device mode (for machine standalone) and 2) PC software scanning mode (Control Center), I set device mode without "remove background color" , then the scanned file is in more detailed, bright and clear, and set PC software control scanning mode with all functions including "remove background color" for fast scanning invoice and papers. I would like to say it is excellent document scanner but NOT a photograph image scanner.
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on January 27, 2016
I've had this unit for two months now. It's light, quick, and reasonably versatile. There are two issues I discovered that may be important to some potential buyers. One, the scanned sheets slide out of the bottom front of the unit onto your desk or whatever you have the unit sitting on. So you need to plan to have enough space in front of the machine for the sheets to rest as they come out. My old scanner, an Epson, had a bin where the scanned sheets stacked up so there was not a problem with sheets sliding off the table onto the floor, etc. But the Epson was also a lot more expensive. The second issue I had was with the software. Both the Brother Utilities ControlCenter4 software and the separate PaperPort software that come with the scanner are OK for small scanning jobs, but they tend to crap out when doing multiple pages in duplex mode at high resolution. When scanning a 30-p duplex document at 600 dpi I repeatedly ran into "Out of Memory" errors or "Unit is Not Connected" errors that required power cycling the scanner. The software is just not up to handling memory for high-volume jobs. However, after some days of climbing up the Brother tech support ladder I finally connected with an experienced rep who showed me that scanning in Adobe Acrobat (not the Reader, but the full Acrobat program) got rid of that problem. Acrobat is just more robust in handling memory than the Brother software. Since I don't generally use the scanner for anything more than creating PDFs, this works fine for me, and I've decided the ADS-2000 is a keeper. Users who aren't planning on scanning long duplex documents probably will never run into this problem.
(I'm running Windows 10 x64 with 32GB of Ram).
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on September 15, 2015
I needed a scanner to become "paperless" with my personal documents. I researched a bunch. I had only scanned about 3,000 pages when I started receiving a "multi feed" detection error. It would just stop sucking pages into the scanner. I researched online and found the error in Brother Support and it said that I would have to contact Brother customer service for this issue. I contacted them and after a little back and forth... they wanted more proof of what it was doing. I took photos and video and sent it to them. They finally used the warranty to send me a new machine and I sent them the problematic one. I don't know if what I experienced was just a "rare" problem for this machine or what... but I was disappointed. I have high hopes for Brother products and this one failed big time. I didn't even use the new machine, I turned around and sold it online because I didn't want to deal with it. Luckily, the Brother customer service people were helpful...
review image
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on February 17, 2015
When I first took this out of the box, I was a little disappointed. It didn't have very good descriptions or instructions, and it has only two buttons on the front. So I installed the software from the included CD and hooked it up to my computer...wasn't very hard to do. On my first two scans paper got jammed, but then I figured out that the paper shouldn't be pushed too far down in the slot. On the next try I scanned 10 sheets no problem, and now I regularly put 50 sheets in and it scans like a charm. It scans both sides at a time...very quickly. And the manager gives you plenty of options about the quality of the scan. I usually just want grayscale, and you can select from two grayscale options and varying levels of pixel depth. I have put varying thicknesses and lengths of sheets through without a problem. I am very glad that I bought this product, as it saves me tons of time scanning.
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on October 13, 2015
I bought this scanner. I wish I could send it back for a refund. But I was too late.

1. The Brother ADS-2000 is cheap.
2. The power supply is incorporated into the body of the scanner. Other competitive scanners put the power supply in an external power brick. So you only need a power cord to attach to the electrical outlet with the Brother.
3. 50-sheet document feeder
4. Able to scan to USB Flash Drive independently of a computer.

1. DOG SLOW: It does at best 12 pages per minute - single- or double-sided when doing 300 dpi color or gray scans. This is using a 2014 Macbook Pro 15" Retina with OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

In comparison:
1) My Fujitsu S1500 does 20 pages per minute.
2) My ultra-portable Canon P-215ii Scan-tini Scanner does 15 pages per minute.
3) My old Canon DR-2580C Scanner does 20 pages per minute.
4) My very old Canon DR-9080C Scanner does 90 pages per minute.
5) My industrial document scanner Canon DR-G1100 Scanner does 100 pages per minute.

NOTE: scanner manufacturers often use 200 dpi scans as standard. But this is not real world. Who wants to scan using the same resolution as a fax?

I do not know how other reviewers think this scanner is a fast scanner. It is not. It is dog slow. And definitely, industrial scanners are much much faster than this.

2. BULKY/LARGE: The Brother ADS-2000 is too large to be easily portable.
3. No Ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensor. So you really have to more closely check that pages were not missing.

For about the same price, I recommend instead purchasing the Canon Lasers imageCLASS MF414dw Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CSESSQS/ref=sr_ob_13?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1468209285&sr=1-13 This scans at 20 pages per minute at 300 dpi single-sided color. It can scan double sided but slower. You not only get a scanner but a printer, copier, and fax all in one. And you can scan to a USB Flash Drive like the Brother. Albeit, this is a larger machine. But it does a lot more.

If you want only a scanner, then the Fujitsu iX500 https://www.amazon.com/Fujitsu-ScanSnap-Document-Scanner-PA03656-B305/dp/B01G3JYVYM/ref=dp_ob_title_ce blows the Brother out of the water. And the Fujitsu is more easily portable. I carry the similarly sized S1500 in my backpack.
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on March 5, 2013
I had accumulated eight file drawers of stuff, and was running out of room for more, and decided to go paperless to the extent possible. Using my ultra-slow flatbed scanner was excruciating. This little machine scanned everything without a problem: Flimsy receipts; old, thin paper; photos, thick paper (not cardboard); just about anything I fed it. I did not count, but I know I scanned thousands of pages without a hitch (except when I failed to notice a staple or folded paper, but that's operator error, not a machine problem).
The machine is fast, accurate, and small. It occupies less than one square foot on my desk. The controls are simple, and clearing the occasional operator error is easy. The Brother machine-control software (setting scan parameters) is well-designed and easy to use. I did not need to access help to figure out how to set up for one- vs two-sided, scan to file, image, OCR, or email, etc..
The only (and minor) complaints I have are (1) the paper guides are sticky and a bit hard to adjust, and (2) the included PaperPort software is flaky. But I don't need the software. I direct the scans to a single folder, rename each appropriately, and then send them to the proper folders, using windows explorer.
I would buy this machine again in a heartbeat.
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