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on October 8, 2012
I purchased the Optoma DW339 WXGA projector a a month ago and am very happy that I did.

I was in the market for a projector for my apartment that would replace a TV and a computer screen. I started looking at the lower end projectors but quickly realized that with another $100 or $200 spent, you can get something that is really great. Totally worth the price difference for the huge increase in quality. I hooked it up to speakers and and computer (with an hdmi cable), pointed it towards a blank wall, and it worked right away and looked so good.

After doing a lot of research and I decided that a projector made more sense for me than a large TV and after a lot of research I decided on this one, seeing as it had many of the benefits of the higher end projectors yet is still closer to the lower end ones in price.

I would recommend the resolution of the DW339 WXGA model - it has a Native WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800. Not only is this way better than a resolution of 800x600, but it's also widescreen so it won't cut off the top and the bottom. This way, everything widescreen uses the full resolution of your projector and not just part of it. The price difference is minimal for getting such an improved picture quality that will still be considered good a year or a few years from now. I don't regret not going for the even higher res - this one is by far good enough for home use.

The contrast ration really makes a difference from the lower end projectors, which are usually 3000:1. this projector is at 5000:1 which seems to make a huge difference. The very high end ones can be around 30,000 contrast ratio - but you'll be dropping thousands for that. Not worth it.

The brightness is definitely sufficient - I can watch it during the day with the lights on or windows open. It's a little dull and not as spectacular as it is in the dark, but it works. It fully replaces my need for a TV.

It does get a little hot but the fan does it's job and that's normal - every projector gets hot (so I hear). No problems or smell from the heat, I just never realized how much heat it would give off.

I fully recommend this product - it is one of the newer ones on the market and is so sharp. Everyone is shocked at how well it works for the price.This product can definitely be used for this for media, presentations, TV, and movies. It is so sharp and the colors look great.
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on December 23, 2012
This is def. worth the money..picture is almost as clear as my lcd and i havent completely messed with everything to adjust for the picture to be even better..I have this paired up with a 120" 16:9 ELITE M120XWH2 screen and i couldnt be happier..why spend $2000 on an 80" lcd when you can get 120" for 660 (including the screen) and if i had a bigger wall i could make the picture even bigger..its a no brainer..projectors are def. the way to go..and unless you're planning on charging people to come over and watch movies, this projector is dont need to spend thousands of dollars on anything else..perfect projector for a mancave, its worth spending an extra $100 for this projector than getting the cheaper ones that are 3000 lumens 2000:1 contrast..played some cod:bo2 on it and let me tell you..AMAZING!! I havent watched a movie on it yet but i will be doing that here in a couple hours..Got my sound bar hanging from the ceiling above own personal movie theater.

****update 12/24/12****
So i rented a movie off of xbox live (total rekall, HD) and its better than the theater..i will now be saving money bc i wont be going to the theater anymore..picture quality is awesome..Im getting a ps3 later today and also my blu ray movies will be coming in Netflix today..I CANT WAIT!! Best thing ive ever purchased, hands down (well maybe besides my Buying this projector is a must!!

****update 01/02/13****
Blu ray looks FANTASTIC!!! enough said.....
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on November 26, 2012
I purchased this lamp early October 2012 to replace a 5-year old Acer projector which the color wheel disintegrated. It had gone through two lamps well over 4000 hours without problems. Amazon shipped this unit next day and I was amazed at the great image quality this projector showed. Stunning colors and very bright, all video was easily seen even in a fully lighted room. The units lamp began shutting down randomly within a month of use , but would turn on within a couple of minutes. Finally the lamp would not turn on at all- despite only having 125 hours of the stated 4000 hours. I called Optoma customer service and was informed I must return the entire unit at my expense to have it checked out. Their customer service website details their "optoma express" warranty program- in which they will send a replacement projector immediately with a return mail to send the defective unit back. The customer service rep informed me this does not apply to this model. I have owned several projectors since the 1990's and this is the first time any issue arose while under warranty. I would not purchase a Optoma product again and recommend others do not also.
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on January 10, 2013
Just received my optoma dw339 WXGA and wow.
I tested it on my living room on a brown wall during the day it was hard to see but after all it is a low lumen projector so it's designed for dark rooms. And boy does it deliver in the dark! I was blown away at the quality if the picture for the price, playing HD movies was smooth ( after break in time of about 2 hours) 60hz is perfect for gaming too!

Reccomended uses
I recommend this for stationary use in home theater or presentation rooms. This is not a good portable projector even though it is extreamly light weight, the set up required for the best picture would take a lot of time if you move it from place to place. The manual zoom function is sensitive to getting that perfect image can take time.

Cost to quality.
This unit is unmatched for the price with the higher native resolution 1280x880 you get more bang for your buck then the majority of other units in this price range, they typically have 800x600. The case feels cheap the plastic surrounding the electronics inside feels cheap so again I wouldn't use this for travel.
I'm sure the cheap feel helps keep the coat down and so far they cheap plastic feel has only been that, a cheap feeling object but it sure doesn't look cheap on the screen.

Ease of use
Of course it's easy! It's a Optoma with simple menu options this is a great beginners projector. If your a pro this unit will seem outdated and restrictive as you don't have a lot of features to control.

Parting words
If your starting a home theater on a budget or looking to spend a little more for a better gaming projector the Optoma DW339 WXGA is a great buy! Just keep in mind the 2600 lumen rating means it will have to be fairly dark for best image.

Testing was done without a screen both in daytime time windowed rooms and a black room. Thanks for reading!
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on January 31, 2013
We love this projector for the price. I recently was going to buy a 50 inch plasma for my basement for $599.00. It was pretty much a done deal right before xmas then it hit me, why not look at a projector and screen. The cost of those two items compared to the tv was within 15 dollars of the tv. So I bought the wxga optoma for $480, and the screen (16x10, 110") for $133. I already had an old 2 channel receiver and speakers that work well for the sound. I had a roku box hooked up also but have since bought a sony wifi bluray player instead. So now I surf the web, and take advantage of netflix, hulu plus, crackle , etc throught the blu ray player. The blu ray movies look great on this projector. And it was weird actually surfing the web on 110" screen. Also now, all of our wi and xbox games will be played through the projector. Ive tried the wi so far but not the xbox. I eventually want a 5.1 receiver to make this even better. So I thought my set up was complete until I needed to watch some playoff football on live tv. We had an old digital converter box that was meant for the old tube tvs and that was fine but I wanted a higher resolution feed that I could send to the hdmi instead of the video jack. I was looking up tuners that were capable and some started around 90 dollars but had very questionable performance according to reviews. After doing a bit more research I ended up buying a used tivo premier box for 35 dollars that serves as an exceptional 1080 tuner and it has a very nice picture now. Keep in mind that I don't have the subscription for that box so I don't have any of the normal features that go with the monthly subscription. Just the tv tuner and 30 minutes worth of pause in programming. So, basically, for under $1000.00, A person can have a heck of a man cave.
I also want to add, My basement is a walkout with several windows so it is brighter than most basements and this projector still looks good. I needed about 15 feet from the screen to get a 110" projection.
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on December 14, 2012
This is an updated review. I loved this projector, as you can see below, when I first got it. Then the sound stopped playing after 2 weeks. I sent it back for a replacement. After 10 days the sound was only coming out of one speaker if I used the audio out port. I sent that one back too. The current one I've had a couple weeks now and honestly I can't tell you if the audio on it is any more robust, because I've set my laptop to take the audio itself instead of sending it through the projector in the hope that when I am in situations where I can't do that the projector's audio won't be burned out from such infrequent use.

************************* original review below *********************

I was going to take off a star for the lack of a lens cover or horizontal keystone control (unlike Epson projectors), but then I decided that the exceptional 5000:1 contrast ratio more than made up for those two things. So yes, you have to put the projector right in front of the screen/wall you are projecting on if you don't want a very distorted image no matter how much fiddling you do with the controls (that shift horizontal feature is virtually worthless), but you get a truly high-def image with popping colors as the trade-off.

Additionally, unlike similarly priced Epson models, this projector comes with an audio out port. So if you don't want to have to use an A/V receiver, and do want both high def video through the HDMI port AND sound directed to external speakers, this is the device for you.

And did I mention the picture quality is spectacular? I guess I did. But it bears repeating. It is spectacular! I'm so glad I went with this model. Always look at the contrast ratio when deciding on projectors. 3000:1 just doesn't cut it when 5000:1 is available for the same price.

Update 1 month later: The projector's sound capabilities went out, to the point where not only would sound not come out of the speakers, but not even out of the Audio Out port. Therefore couldn't use both HDMI cable, even if selecting in PC to port the sound to the laptop speakers instead of the Optoma. Returning for replacement. Just glad it happened within return window so that I don't have to deal with factory servicing and the expenses and delays associated. Now I'm a little wary of how this device may hold up over time in general. Will see.
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on December 16, 2013
Great picture , brightness and options for the price (I paid less than $400.00 for this discontinued model (DX339) 6 months ago. It sat in the box for the first 4 months and has been installed on a ceiling mount 6 weeks ago and has been flawless - projecting HD - Blue Rays, Cable and X-Box games on a 125" screen from 19 feet away - until this week-end. Hence the 3 Stars.

With have less than 300 hours on this "new" unit before it started making this awful noise last Saturday! I did some checking and it appears to be the bearing in the color wheel going out. It is way too noisy to try and use and I am fearful that it will do even more damage to continue to run it. This seems to be a fairly common issue with conventional DLPs. A glass wheels spinning at an extremely high rate of speed - what can possibly go wrong?! Although It would have been (aprox 50%) more money - in hind sight I should have likely gone with an LCD or 3DLP chip technology projector vs the spinning color wheel of a standard DLP set up.

I am in the process of sending the unit back to Optoma US - under warranty. I will try and update this issue as it develops. Some of the other reviews do not give me much hope for a quick., painless resolution. In the meantime, my family will watching and playing on the smaller TV - oh, the horror! =)
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on March 29, 2013
I have owned this projector for a month now, and I am projecting onto a 130" screen with the WXGA Model (recommended for home theater viewing).


-Price; you will not find a better home theater video solution for less money.

-Reliability; Optoma has been making projectors for a long time and have great reviews regarding project longevity

-Great picture for Blu-ray source material, and 720p sources

-Good contrast ratio for the price, blacks are pretty dark

-Good source detection and switching, in a speedy fashion, except PC res, see below

-On-board speaker works pretty well if you needed it in a pinch, about on par with a small radio for volume (I have a proper 5.1 system set up, of course)

-Fantastic imaging during high speed action sequences, I expected artifacts or blurring without auto-iris, but I have yet to see a scene that doesn't match film for frame quality


-Noisy. I don't know how other reviewers can say this unit is quiet, unless it is stuffed in some sort of enclosure (bad idea for heat). I have mine ceiling mounted and while it is not a deal breaker for me, considering the price and quality of the picture, it is about as loud as portable stand-up house fan on medium. You get used to it, but you still know it's there.

-Not native 1080p. I know, this cannot be a con since it is obviously not a full hd unit. This does not bother me at all watching Blu-rays, which look fantastic, and I thought I would just take a chance that PC gaming might be tolerable on this unit. It is not. Game UI becomes huge and fills the screen and images have blurry details and text, and this is with a new $430 graphics card. I also cannot adjust the resolution on my computer because the projector loses the source for the same amount of time the computer asks you if you want to keep your changes on countdown, resulting in an endless loop of not being able to change your screen resolution on the computer.

-Aesthetics are bleh. Looks better in the photos, and not real eye pleaser. Fortunately I look at the screen most of the time.

-Rainbow effect is present. Everyone I ask can make it happen by looking back and forth on the screen. It is DLP though, and that is the nature of the beast.

-Amazon Shipping not satisfactory. I ordered this among other items to complete my home theater setup. Items that were not fulfilled by Amazon arrived in a couple of days. Items that were fulfilled by them took 4 BUSINESS DAYS to leave the warehouse and 9 business days (11 total days) to reach my home. Horrible.


For the price I would recommend this projector to anyone on a budget that will settle with a great but not stellar projection experience. High quality source material will make for a very enjoyable home movie night at a fraction of the cost of most home theater systems. To sum it all up, if you are not affluent - buy it; if you are - quit being so cheap.
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on March 30, 2013
All we as buyers have to go off of is customer reviews on products right..So I will make this short and sweet..I got lucky and bought a product at a great price that has a great contrast 5000:1 ratio and it shows.....The main purpose I bought this unit is for family movie night with the wife and kids.After the first use with this projector I loved it so much!I know what your thinking, do I have a projector to compare it to?No I dont, however I work for the state that has an optoma hd33.Actually I wanted to buy one of those projector but they were way out of reach for me price wise.Anyhow I started looking and reading and looking and reading to were my wife said I was crazy lol. I just wanted to make sure I was making a good buy right.Anyhow I give up on several different models and keep coming back to Optoma sense the hd20 and hd33 were rated so great over and over again.......Sense I wasnt able to get my hands on the hd33 I came up on this little unit.The reviews were good but not enough for me to comit untill I seen the price.I said to myself really?5000:1 contrast?1080p REALLY?Whats the catch its got to a used price right..Nope, new on the market with not even a youtube video to go by.So I took a deep breath and clicked the magic buy button.......... I took the plunge and I am glad I did.I was able to do a side by side test on a plain white wall with no lights on.I must admit the hd33 was a touch better in contrast than mine was at first with better blacks and a brighter picture.I went to the lamp mode and turned it to bright then sat back and just smiled at my little projector sticking its chest out..I was so happy I didnt spend the 1000.00 on a used hd33 and bought this jewl new with a nice carry case and remote and batteries for free.Friends this sucker is freaking great!!Not to mention it has a fast refresh rate were the image doesnt blur in fast action movies or even in FPS video games like COD and Socom Confrontation.I also like to add I now use this projector in place of my 720 hd tv I bought here on amazon.I rated that product great with no input lag and the same goes for this projector.WoW 10 stars for me.Thanks optoma for such a great projector that is priced for a family man on a budget!!!I 10 stars ..Lets hope the lamp runs it full course or better..I will update after my extreme consistant hardcore use.
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on August 26, 2013
Originally I was very nervous about the purchase of a Home Media Projector that didn't cost upwards of a thousand dollars, but after a lot of research and a really good price I pulled the trigger on this projector and I love it!

Image quality in my dark basement on a proper projector screen is awesome!! I'm not going to say it's anywhere near the quality of a new 1080p TV (even a bargain TV) but at a fraction of the price I won't be complaining anytime soon!! Honestly though it looks great!

The only con's I can think of...

Its a little bit loud when the fan kicks on full, but in all honesty the volume of the movie I am watching makes it completely inaudible. (So maybe not really a con...)

The black contrast is not great. This is by far the biggest con. When trying to watch a scene that is set almost entirely in the dark (in my case certain scenes from Game of Thrones) the image is practically impossible to make out. Do note I am talking very long scenes set at night that are intended to be difficult to perceive in the first place.

All in all I love this projector, so far, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good bargain media projector!
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