Customer Reviews: Optoma DX339, XGA, 2600 ANSI Lumens, 3D-Multimedia Projector
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on November 26, 2012
I purchased this lamp early October 2012 to replace a 5-year old Acer projector which the color wheel disintegrated. It had gone through two lamps well over 4000 hours without problems. Amazon shipped this unit next day and I was amazed at the great image quality this projector showed. Stunning colors and very bright, all video was easily seen even in a fully lighted room. The units lamp began shutting down randomly within a month of use , but would turn on within a couple of minutes. Finally the lamp would not turn on at all- despite only having 125 hours of the stated 4000 hours. I called Optoma customer service and was informed I must return the entire unit at my expense to have it checked out. Their customer service website details their "optoma express" warranty program- in which they will send a replacement projector immediately with a return mail to send the defective unit back. The customer service rep informed me this does not apply to this model. I have owned several projectors since the 1990's and this is the first time any issue arose while under warranty. I would not purchase a Optoma product again and recommend others do not also.
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on October 8, 2012
I purchased the Optoma DW339 WXGA projector a a month ago and am very happy that I did.

I was in the market for a projector for my apartment that would replace a TV and a computer screen. I started looking at the lower end projectors but quickly realized that with another $100 or $200 spent, you can get something that is really great. Totally worth the price difference for the huge increase in quality. I hooked it up to speakers and and computer (with an hdmi cable), pointed it towards a blank wall, and it worked right away and looked so good.

After doing a lot of research and I decided that a projector made more sense for me than a large TV and after a lot of research I decided on this one, seeing as it had many of the benefits of the higher end projectors yet is still closer to the lower end ones in price.

I would recommend the resolution of the DW339 WXGA model - it has a Native WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800. Not only is this way better than a resolution of 800x600, but it's also widescreen so it won't cut off the top and the bottom. This way, everything widescreen uses the full resolution of your projector and not just part of it. The price difference is minimal for getting such an improved picture quality that will still be considered good a year or a few years from now. I don't regret not going for the even higher res - this one is by far good enough for home use.

The contrast ration really makes a difference from the lower end projectors, which are usually 3000:1. this projector is at 5000:1 which seems to make a huge difference. The very high end ones can be around 30,000 contrast ratio - but you'll be dropping thousands for that. Not worth it.

The brightness is definitely sufficient - I can watch it during the day with the lights on or windows open. It's a little dull and not as spectacular as it is in the dark, but it works. It fully replaces my need for a TV.

It does get a little hot but the fan does it's job and that's normal - every projector gets hot (so I hear). No problems or smell from the heat, I just never realized how much heat it would give off.

I fully recommend this product - it is one of the newer ones on the market and is so sharp. Everyone is shocked at how well it works for the price.This product can definitely be used for this for media, presentations, TV, and movies. It is so sharp and the colors look great.
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on December 23, 2012
This is def. worth the money..picture is almost as clear as my lcd and i havent completely messed with everything to adjust for the picture to be even better..I have this paired up with a 120" 16:9 ELITE M120XWH2 screen and i couldnt be happier..why spend $2000 on an 80" lcd when you can get 120" for 660 (including the screen) and if i had a bigger wall i could make the picture even bigger..its a no brainer..projectors are def. the way to go..and unless you're planning on charging people to come over and watch movies, this projector is dont need to spend thousands of dollars on anything else..perfect projector for a mancave, its worth spending an extra $100 for this projector than getting the cheaper ones that are 3000 lumens 2000:1 contrast..played some cod:bo2 on it and let me tell you..AMAZING!! I havent watched a movie on it yet but i will be doing that here in a couple hours..Got my sound bar hanging from the ceiling above own personal movie theater.

****update 12/24/12****
So i rented a movie off of xbox live (total rekall, HD) and its better than the theater..i will now be saving money bc i wont be going to the theater anymore..picture quality is awesome..Im getting a ps3 later today and also my blu ray movies will be coming in Netflix today..I CANT WAIT!! Best thing ive ever purchased, hands down (well maybe besides my Buying this projector is a must!!

****update 01/02/13****
Blu ray looks FANTASTIC!!! enough said.....
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on December 14, 2012
This is an updated review. I loved this projector, as you can see below, when I first got it. Then the sound stopped playing after 2 weeks. I sent it back for a replacement. After 10 days the sound was only coming out of one speaker if I used the audio out port. I sent that one back too. The current one I've had a couple weeks now and honestly I can't tell you if the audio on it is any more robust, because I've set my laptop to take the audio itself instead of sending it through the projector in the hope that when I am in situations where I can't do that the projector's audio won't be burned out from such infrequent use.

************************* original review below *********************

I was going to take off a star for the lack of a lens cover or horizontal keystone control (unlike Epson projectors), but then I decided that the exceptional 5000:1 contrast ratio more than made up for those two things. So yes, you have to put the projector right in front of the screen/wall you are projecting on if you don't want a very distorted image no matter how much fiddling you do with the controls (that shift horizontal feature is virtually worthless), but you get a truly high-def image with popping colors as the trade-off.

Additionally, unlike similarly priced Epson models, this projector comes with an audio out port. So if you don't want to have to use an A/V receiver, and do want both high def video through the HDMI port AND sound directed to external speakers, this is the device for you.

And did I mention the picture quality is spectacular? I guess I did. But it bears repeating. It is spectacular! I'm so glad I went with this model. Always look at the contrast ratio when deciding on projectors. 3000:1 just doesn't cut it when 5000:1 is available for the same price.

Update 1 month later: The projector's sound capabilities went out, to the point where not only would sound not come out of the speakers, but not even out of the Audio Out port. Therefore couldn't use both HDMI cable, even if selecting in PC to port the sound to the laptop speakers instead of the Optoma. Returning for replacement. Just glad it happened within return window so that I don't have to deal with factory servicing and the expenses and delays associated. Now I'm a little wary of how this device may hold up over time in general. Will see.
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on November 13, 2012
I recently bought this DX339 projector and I absolutely love it. For the price point, there really aren't any other projectors that match it's quality and features. The blu-rays project with vivid color and an intense level of clarity. I have a 42" LED HDTV, and the projector is on a completely different level. I connected my projector up to my PS3 and surround sound system (audio 3.5m but looking to upgrade to swap with a optical in) and it's made for a budget friendly home theater set-up. I've run Battlefield 3, and the picture is really clear and easy to see. Tested viewing with lights on. Of course, the projection is lighter and slightly feint, but that is to be expected. With lights off at about 70% (lights dimmed), you can see picture well and still see your surroundings. I've kept my project on ECO+, and I've noticed that the darks (frames with mainly black) are difficult to see and even get a red hue. This is mainly noticed in watching "The Dark Knight", with alot of dark low light scenes... out of fairness though, this was on a regular DVD, and not Blu-ray, so that might have some to attribute. However, I highly recommend this projector; it will not disappoint you at all.
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on November 22, 2012
Loved this projector. A little bit confusing for 3d compatibility. in product specifications, its 3d compatibility sholud be added, that it is only 3d PC compatible. Its does not play 3d blu ray movies. for 3d movies, another add on is required.Excellent amazon service
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on January 10, 2013
Just received my optoma dw339 WXGA and wow.
I tested it on my living room on a brown wall during the day it was hard to see but after all it is a low lumen projector so it's designed for dark rooms. And boy does it deliver in the dark! I was blown away at the quality if the picture for the price, playing HD movies was smooth ( after break in time of about 2 hours) 60hz is perfect for gaming too!

Reccomended uses
I recommend this for stationary use in home theater or presentation rooms. This is not a good portable projector even though it is extreamly light weight, the set up required for the best picture would take a lot of time if you move it from place to place. The manual zoom function is sensitive to getting that perfect image can take time.

Cost to quality.
This unit is unmatched for the price with the higher native resolution 1280x880 you get more bang for your buck then the majority of other units in this price range, they typically have 800x600. The case feels cheap the plastic surrounding the electronics inside feels cheap so again I wouldn't use this for travel.
I'm sure the cheap feel helps keep the coat down and so far they cheap plastic feel has only been that, a cheap feeling object but it sure doesn't look cheap on the screen.

Ease of use
Of course it's easy! It's a Optoma with simple menu options this is a great beginners projector. If your a pro this unit will seem outdated and restrictive as you don't have a lot of features to control.

Parting words
If your starting a home theater on a budget or looking to spend a little more for a better gaming projector the Optoma DW339 WXGA is a great buy! Just keep in mind the 2600 lumen rating means it will have to be fairly dark for best image.

Testing was done without a screen both in daytime time windowed rooms and a black room. Thanks for reading!
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on December 7, 2012
Can't believe the quality on this projector. Runs quiet, crisp picture, outstanding color. Paired this with the optoma 3d XL converter box and WOW! For this price...a steal. In addition, the DX version of this projector does read VGA to Component adapters. Very handy for game consoles or anything pre-HDMI.

I am really impressed with this projector aside from the fact that today, only 1 year and 2 months later, my lamp just burnt out! I have very little hours on this and I am an advocate for taking care of my electronics. Very dissappointed that I have to purchase a new bulb for this projector just outside of the warranty date.
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on January 27, 2013
I purchased this to display music videos while I DJ. While the projector is sharp, it just doesn't have brightness or throw I am looking for. You need at least 15 feet to get a decent sized image. I am returning this unit for a more expensive short throw projector. If you need this for presentations or a cheap home theater setup, this would be great but if you will be using this in an environment with ambient light, spend a little bit more on a projector with a higher Lumen count.
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on November 19, 2012
I'm using this projector primarily on my deck for outdoor entertainment--big screen gaming on the Wii and laptop, blue-ray (3D) movies, and streaming netflix (via wireless blu-ray player or tablets we have in the house). It's brighter than most of the projectors in this price range (basing that on specified lumen output) and shows up better than a couple my wife had access to (from work) that we tested under the exact same setup. Has the inputs most will need without requiring exotic adapters/cables--HDMI, USB, composite video, VGA. Single jack audio input (think headphone jack) or digitial audio input. The unit does have some tiny speakers built in (don't plan on hearing much through them) and it does have a headphone jack for output, but as with most of these type projectors the sound output is adequate, not great.
Very easy to setup quickly (we store it inside when not in use) and tear back down--paired it with a portable 5 x 8 pulldown screen and we enjoy it immensely. It's a nice change to watch movies in our backyard on a 'big screen' and it works well for me playing my MMO games with a laptop and wireless keyboard for a pretty immersive experience in high-definition.
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