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on August 30, 2003
This movie is wonderful, but you won't find the good version of it on this DVD! Instead of giving you the entire movie, as it aired on many screens across the country, they give you an edited version. The clipped scenes are on the DVD as a "special" but you can't view them in context. This is an amazingly stupid thing to do. Why even include the scenes if you're not going to put them in context? We see "special editions" of all kinds of movies on DVD, many with scenes added that were never shown in the theatre. Why, oh why, would anyone butcher a great movie like this? The "best" chopped scene, by the way, is the one where John C goes to a lady's home to buy her separated husband's prized record collection. She just wants to dump the whole lot of very rare and expensive records for virtually nothing, just to punish her ex. It's a used record store owner's dream come true, and it's a great counter-point to the more depressing side of the story. Somebody PLEASE put out a DVD with the complete and unedited version of this movie!
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on February 2, 2008
Watching this film again now for the first time since it's released, I found this movie better than ever! The cast especially Cusack and Black are at the top of their game in this smart and relevant love story. Backed by a killer soundtrack this film is heads and shoulders above most romantic comedies. There are many dramas that with they rang as true as this film.
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on October 24, 2014
I like movies, most movies, not those slasher ones but movies that some find terrible and some find great. I also like to see movies of books I have read. So I read this book and thought Rob was kind of an ass, but I understood him. I understood his always wanting something he did not have, aren't most men like this about relationships, at least I was for much of my life. But Rob was tongue tied in the book, he could not articulate, he made one nervous at times (as I believe he was supposed to). So enter the movie, I read the reviews, I always start with the 1 star reviews, and I have to be honest I was taken with some of the bad ones and wanted to see the movie even more to see how badly the movie was maimed. Well it was not, it is a bit different, Rob is a bit different but not that different, he is still self absorbed and an ass, Laura is still as she was in the book. Jack Black is Jack Black and probably perfect for Barry, Dick is a great pick. My verdict of the movie and the Music, is that neither disappointed, the movie is very very good, the music is great, I mean how can you not love the hear The Velvet Underground and Love playing My Little Red House as the movie has ended... great choices, great movie, enjoy a bit of change from the book that does nothing to distract from the books vision.
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on January 9, 2017
A good movie for both men and women....hard to tell if this is more a guy movie or a 'chick flick', but it's one that both of you should enjoy. And Jack Black in his early years. Great soundtrack, too.
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on January 2, 2015
A coming of age movie that offers insight into many of the aspects of dating and relationships. Have you been where Rob has been? Currently wallowing in the same pit of self-reflective despair? Just become the number one lover man in your postal district? High Fidelity presents an offbeat, nearly indie approach at life and love, though the eyes of someone wrought with the flaws of reality and the eternal question... is THIS the one?
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on August 18, 2000
When I saw High Fidelity I expected something of a relationship comedy. The truth was more engaging. High Fidelity is one man's quest to make sense of why his longest-running, most meaningful relationship has suddenly broken up. And we learn, as he does, that things aren't always as simple as they seem, and that he bears some responsibility (though not all--that would be too simple) for most of his loves lost. His former girlfriends are a parade of cameos including Lili Taylor and Catherine Zeta Jones, and his history with each is very different. And a lot like real life, there was no knowing what to expect, whether he would get back together with one girlfriend or end up with someone new, or just keep going as he was.
High Fidelity is more a clever comedy-drama for dramaphobics than a simple comedy. Although many scenes are funny and some are side-splitting, the story runs deeper than that. I've heard complaints about Cusack's monologues to the camera throughout the film, yet I think they're indispensible. His monologues are key to the story--because it's all about his perspective and how it matures--and they add humorous touches that otherwise couldn't be drawn out without straining the dialogue.
What's great about High Fidelity is that its characters are real people. They think in real ways, react to things like people we know would react. They deliver witty lines only if it suits their character, not if the screenwriter wishes to inject a cheap laugh. The obnoxious characters have their quiet moments; the beautiful people show ugly rough patches; some shoplifting nobodies turn out to be talented guys with a future. At every turn the movie encourages viewers to look beneath the surface of every character. The entire cast gives a solid, believable performance.
The down side: It's a tad long, and it doesn't really "click" until the first twenty or thirty minutes are past. At that point it's revealed as something more involved than a simple comedy, though none the worse for it. But these are minor flaws and will probably do the film no harm over time. I believe this movie to be one of the new classics, or at least one of the films that will inspire the next generation of revolutionary filmmakers to do something different and truly unique. High Fidelity doesn't try to fit the mold of a comedy or a drama, but sets its own pace and its own rules.
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on January 8, 2005
One look at the credits for this film and it is obvious that John Cusack really wanted to make this film. He co-produced, co-wrote the adapted screenplay, and stars in the leading role. Overall, this film is a great success. Pick up a solid director in Stephen Frears, who also directed John Cusack in the film noir gem "The Grifters," collect a memorable cast of actors, then load up on the songs for a fantastic soundtrack. John Cusack is great here. I've been a fan of his since the days of "Better Off Dead" and "Say Anything" so I guess my opinion about his underrated talent is biased in the best sense. The supporting actors are all excellent, with a special mention going to Jack Black of "Tenacious D" who steals every scene he is in and invokes heart-felt, belly-bursting laughter at his antics and unique physical humor. The script is crammed with superb dialogue, John Cusack's character speaking directly into the camera as a confidential insider frequently pointing out his personal "Top 5" lists to fine effect. However, this movie will find fewer and fewer fans the older the viewers are. For instance, both my parents are Baby Boomers and both thought this film was rubbish, to put it mildly; but everyone from Generation X that I've spoken to thinks this film resonates with heartache, hope, and humor that scoffs in the face of those older folks who said Generation X is comprised only of cynical slackers. The center of this story is that human nature does not change. These characters long for deeper understanding and emotional stability. All that, and the script referrence to the film "Evil Dead II" is a welcome, surprising ode to an incredible Cult Horror film. The cast is strong, the script is exceptional, and the soundtrack is thoughtfully chosen. Recommended.
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on June 26, 2016
I thought this movie was an attempt to capture on John Cusack's previous charm as the unassuming yet loveable underdog trying to get the girl. However, it came across as Cusack being an underlying angry, wannabe millenial, before millenial was even a word. It took me watching it twice to actually see the Cusack appeal.
Cusack plays a record store owner (which today we call vintage), Rob, going through a break up with his live in girlfriend, Laura. He then plunges into his top 5 breakups of his life.
Cusack is somewhat adorable as he journeys through the realities of life. And Iben Hjejle, who plays Laura, was unenergetic yet saintly. I felt her character was too forgiving when dealing with Rob's antics, just saying.
Honestly, I rented it only to see Cusack. However, I think Jack Black' character, Barry, made it funny. He and Todd Louiso (Dick) had better chemistry than Cusack or anyone else in the movie. And I didn't like Cusack's hair style. Made him look too goofy. Maybe that's the look they wanted.
The only scene which I loved was when Rob was describing his top 5 reasons why he loved Laura.
This movie wasn't too offensive to watch. However, I've seen Cusack do better.
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on January 5, 2007
John Cusack is my favorite actor, so it may sound like this is subject to bias. However, it's easy to judge a movie by its talent, especially when an actors fills a role as perfectly as Cusack does here. He plays the fool he always seems to play in this cult classic movie. Set to a great soundtrack, Cusack owns a record store and frequently makes "Top 5" lists, of all varieties. The movie as a whole is a documentation of a critical Top 5 list in his life--Top 5 relationship breakups. The simple man owning his small fry record store relates his 5 worst breakups throughout life, dating as early as his middle school childhood.

Ultimately, this is a sappy romantic comedy, as he retells the good and the bad from all his relationship woes, and ultimately searches for meaning and growth in his personal life, as his breakups and/or dumpings relate to it.

Classic Cusack here, so if you like the actor, you'll love the movie.
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on June 11, 2016
There's no daylight between John Cusack and "High Fidelity." What a super film delivered by the right cast, writers, director, cinematographer, editor, music director, everyone! But John Cusack delivers the mood, tone, wit, energy, hilarious bits ( he plays out in his head sex driven scenes of Laura with her new boyfriend and hallucinates 3 options for decking him in his music store), even sensitive ones as he recalls and misses the smell and taste of Laura. His screwy, often both shallow and smart, interpretations of music, women , love, rejection are so winning. His narrating, talking straight to us through the camera, makes us feel like these are folks we know and our opinion might be called for. In his moments of near defeat, he's even a brilliant underdog--- often getting pelted and soaked by rain, even lying prone on a flooded sidewalk, indicating little concern, even awareness of it. Again, the cast is great , particularly standout are the performances of Jack Black and Todd Louiso, comprising the rest of the trio that runs the record store. But it's Jack Black who's the surprise stunner in his magnificent, blow your socks off delivery of "Let's Get it On ." A must see movie.
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