Customer Reviews: Gateway NV51B35u 15.6-Inch Laptop (Satin Black)
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on August 22, 2012
I got this laptop as a gift from my Mom. She got it for around the same price you see here on amazon. I'll break this review down into a few sections.

This computer was pretty fast when you first get it. After a while, like any other computer, it slows down a bit.

This laptop will definitely run old games such as Star Wars BattleFront II, GTA San Andreas, and a few other not-so-graphic-intensive titles. It was advertised as a "gaming" laptop, but don't let them fool you. It has a poor graphics card that has trouble running a lot of things.

The Outside and Keyboard:
The outside of the computer is pretty cool in my opinion. It has a wavy texture that prevents almost all smudges and all fingerprints. This wavy texture continues around the mouse pad and keyboard. There are 3 USB ports and there is 1 HDMI cable spot. There is also an input for another monitor and of course, an ethernet port. The keyboard is odd to me. The keys are aranged so that there are gaps in between them so that EVERYTHING can get in between. This means you're going to have to pry off the keys a lot to get crap out from under them.

This computer came with only 1, off center, mono speaker. The speaker isn't very loud and, as I said, is off center (to the left.) This doesn't bother me too much but it has potential to be annoying. Don't buy this computer if you're planning to blast music. (You can connect speakers and they'll sound fine/loud)

The resolution is my only major complaint about this laptop. It's set up with the dreadful 1366x768 resolution. If you don't know what resolution is: Resolution determines how much you can fit on your screen at a time. If you're a multi-tasker, you want a higher resolution. 1366x768 is just about the lowest resolution it can go and still function. It works, but you may sacrifice some graphics with some games and videos.

Windows Experience Index:
The Windows Experience Index is just a benchmarking system that tells you your computer's overall performance. The scale goes from 1.0 to a 7.9. Here are the results from my (unmodified) laptop:
Processor (what's rated: Calculations per second) - 3.9
RAM (what's rated: Memory operations per second) - 5.9 (You really don't need much RAM, especially if it's not going to be utilized by the low-end CPU (processor))
Graphics (what's rated: Desktop Performance) - 4.5
Gaming Graphics (what's rated: 3D business and gaming graphics performance) - 4.5
Primary Hard Disk (what's rated: Disk data transfer rate) - 5.8

I've had this computer for a year or two now. The "gaming" graphics are pretty horrific, so don't try running anything intense. The Resolution is pretty crappy, but you won't notice it if you're not thinking about it; everything fits on the screen nicely. This is a mid-range, average laptop. This is a good computer for a good price. I'm happy with it.
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on October 23, 2012
overall, this laptop runs well. It's fast enough, can handle some fairly intense applications (audio and video) not as quickly as a real workstation, but it does a good job for what it is. Not a gamers box..

Battery life is great, no complaints.

The screen is nice, great pictures/colors/detail.

The volume is WAY TO LOW. I've not looked for hacks to fix this and hope it's not a hardware issue, but I've purchased a couple of these laptops and all suffer from this issue. Yes, volume up in control panel and app, all the way. I've considered installing Linux on it to rule out a hardware issue, but I'm really not thinking it's worth it. I'm just going to leave computer speakers at work and home.

Sound is great and loud with headphones.

The keyboard... perhaps my biggest complaint. there is a numeric pad on the right side but it is not separated from the standard part of the keyboard. Because of this it's a very difficult keyboard to get used to. VERY hard to find "home," cursor control keys way too small and awkwardly placed. The hard to find keys are even harder to find in the dark as they are butted up against the num pad.

Much of this would not be a problem if there was some space in between alphs keyboard & the numeric pad. Also, if the keyboard were lit it would be so much easier to use. IMO ALL laptops should have lit keyboards.

Despite it's nice features, for me, the keyboard is so painful to use I am likely going to turn this one into a media controller or something and get another beater that fits me better.

All that being said, it works well considering the price. Someone who only uses 1 keyboard might find it more intuitive. Kids adapt well to keyboard changes and my kids love to use this laptop..
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on October 10, 2012
To start I'll say I've purchased many of the Acer models similar to this. They work great, and are at a very low price point.

Good: As always nice screen... bright. Its inexpensive. Tech support was easy to work with. This processor is a good one. Includes high def graphics. Fine for WOW or some of your other games, nothing too intense. 4 GB of RAM is awesome for the price. Shipping was very fast, as I have prime. Took 1 day instead of 2.

Bad: Keyboard sucks. Absolutely awful, i've had many customers very upset about the keyboard. First one I opened of this was bad out of the box. Wouldn't charge the battery. Tried another battery, and it still didn't charge, tried another cord, still didn't work. Thus the motherboard was bad out of the box. Called Tech support and explained what I did, he simply said okay, lets get it in. Sent me a fedex label which was good. Bad is they said it'll be 7-10 days to get it back.

To note: Overall for the price I'd say its good. Computers are just not made like they used to, but at the same time they used to be 1200 dollars... then 800... 600... and now you can get a halfway decent one for under 400..
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on December 8, 2012
This is a nice well built laptop with nice features; however mine broke after one week of use. I called Gateway tech support because the laptop would not power on, the battery and power light would flash and that is it. Gateway set up a repair by the Acer computer repair center. I had to pay for the shipping back to the repair center. I was frustrated that they were not willing to pay the return shipping on a product only one week old.
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on November 20, 2012
Got this laptop for my parents who are 83 and 81 years old. They love it. It was easy to set up and works great with their new wireless setup. I added an external keyboard and mouse for them as the laptop keyboard is a little too small for them to see well, but otherwise, it has been a great computer for them and they really like it.
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on December 23, 2012
I am unable to give this product a proper review because i was never able to really use the laptop.The laptop was bought as a gift for my nineteen year old daughter it had a problem charging the battery right out of the box.It stayed charge long enough for her to get on face book and to read a few emails and that was it . the lights just kept blinking when i would try charging the battery but we were unable to get it charge again.Over all i liked the look of the laptop i liked the keyboard but as per performance i cannot judge. that being said i returned the laptop as usual amazon provided excellent customer service sent me my refund.I am sorry that it did not work but all is well that ends well thanks amazon.
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on October 29, 2012
I have used Gateway since 2001, and this is our third one. We have replaced our old ones as needed to aquire the new windows programs. We have had very little problems with Gateway and they seem to fit well into most all our use. Again a great product.
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on December 13, 2012
A great price for a full laptop computer. It does everything I want it to do. Very good display. I am pleased with my purchase.
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on January 13, 2013
I love this Laptop its really great i would recommend everyone to atleast have one
the only thing i wish is that speakers were more louder and it had 2 speakers
other than that this laptop is great
you can use headphones or speakers and it works great
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on July 15, 2013
I bought it for my son for school. It works very well for the intended purpose. It also servres as a partial backup to his desktop. I say partial because the laptop does not have high end graphics and power for gaming. Very good laptop for school.
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