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on October 3, 2014
It is great for toting our 16 lb. dachshund around when she gets tired or is in a big crowd. I have added a padded shoulder strap to help with the pressure on my shoulder. Be prepared to tell admirers where you purchased the carrier.
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on August 31, 2015
The description "easy-fit" is otherwise contrary to its design as it is so so difficult to put the dog inside. The front strap is obstructing the dog's head, hence it have to keep its head turn all the time. Its front legs must be kept upright to prevent the side of the bag from choking it, if lying down.
To prevent choking, the strap should not be at 2 ends but at the sides of the bag to allow the dog's head to be in a natural frontal position.
If you look at the video review, it is a struggle to put the dog in and surely it will not be safe to walk with the dog in such an uncomfortable position. Hence, I have to modify the front strap by making a hole for my dog's head so that he will be comfortable. See my attached photos below and you can understand what I am talking about.
video dog
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on August 27, 2012
UPDATE: I added a star, making it five stars. I used this sling on public transit, both bus and subway today. It was excellent. We were on a very, very crowded bus. We stood for a long period. Puzzle was in the sling and did not get stepped on. My arms did not get tired from holding her, and I had arms free to hold onto railings. Folks thought she was so cute in it. She felt protected from not-so-nice bus patrons and dog-shy patrons felt protected from her. I decorated the sling with service dog notifications.


Hi, I'm Julie and this is my Service Dog In Training, Puzzle. This is also my first attempt at movie editing. I will try to leave an update.

Puzzle is 15 pounds, as I said, measures 16 inches around her chest, 17 at the maximum point around her chest, 9-1/4 inches around her neck, no more than 14 inches high at the shoulder (yes, I knit for her). If I recall correctly, a sweater that starts at Puzzle's collar and reaches the front of Puzzle's rear legs is 13 inches long, not sure though. So that gives you an idea of her size. I would say that this sling is a good size for her given her proportions. I'd say you'd need two Yorkies to fill this sling. I am five foot one inch tall.

After I was done making the video, Puzzle made it clear that she liked the sling and found it a cozy place to hang out. I shortened the strap and filmed again. The second film was brief and I spliced it to the first. This product will be great in the winter. Why? Here in New England, they use sand and salt on the roads. If she walks on the road and then hops into my lap on the bus, I'll be covered with slush.

(UPDATE: I shortened the shoulder strap again considerably when we went out because I found it easier to walk with Puzzle up a bit higher.)

Service dogs are normally on the floor but tiny service animals often sit in laps....I can see that this product would help an owner of a non-service dog (pet) in "iffy" situation...the dog looks and feels secure to herself and to others in this sling, rather than just being held in one's arms.

I can see using this product for an elderly dog or puppy who does not have enough energy to complete a walk, but only if the dog isn't too heavy. Make sure you have enough energy to carry the weight of the dog. I would not want to carry Puzzle for miles. Remember, the average laptop nowadays is generally under seven pounds, usually five pounds, for comparison, and laptops don't wiggle out of your arms.

I can see that if a dog does not feel cozy in the sling, it would not be a safe product because the dog is not enclosed in any way. The dog will quickly jump out, even though, as I noted in the film, there is a little tie thingy where you can clip the dog to the sling.

I'd say that the sling itself weighs less than the average jacket and more than a shirt.

I hope I'm not too boring.
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on September 29, 2015
Amazing! This bag is perfect for our 14 lbs miniature poodle (about 16 inches neck to tail, long legged too!). He loves to be carried around in this, as it keeps him safe and close. We mostly use it on public transit, as it keeps him secure and my hands are free if I can't obtain a seat and need to hold on. It's also great when we go on long hikes and he can't keep up. He'll take a ride in the bag while he recharges, and loves the high viewpoint. Additionally, he loves using it as a bed while we're out. I just unclip the strap and he nests up inside it. This has come in handy countless times: concerts in the park, beach picnics, hiking, patio dining. It provides him a clean, comfortable spot to relax on unknown ground. Plus,the fabric is very easy to clean as I've needed to wash it multiple times and it comes out looking new.

This bag is just perfect for us! Our dog gets so excited when he sees it pulled out, as he knows it means he's going on a grand adventure!
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on February 8, 2017
I'm VERY pleased with this. It's exactly what I've wanted for a long while. My dog is a 35 lb. Cavachon. (No, he's not obese. He is oversized for a Cavachon.). I wanted a sling like this for TWO reasons. If he gets hurt while walking, I want to be able to carry him. For that, I needed the help of a sling. The second reason was as a fire escape device. I wanted something I could use to lower him to the ground in case of fire. I've looked for something I could use for THAT purpose for years. This sling will solve both needs. So, I ordered one. Liked it. And offered another right away. I will keep one With me when we walk, for emergencies, and one in my bedroom in case of fire. This is not a small sling. I think it was designed for medium sized dogs, like mine. Thank you, Outward Hound!
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on April 19, 2013
Bought this to carry my 14 pound dachshund at a crowded dog show event.

Have had another carrier, which was similar, but not as long...and he did not fit down into it as well. This one is just perfect for his length and weight, although I don't think I would carry a dog much bigger than him.
I'm not very tall (5'3) and have a bad back/neck...and carrying Oscar in this does not hurt me AT ALL! It keeps him close to me, and we are both comfortable. At the same time, my boyfriend is over 6' and he is also very comfortable with it!

Very comfy, for owners and dogs alike. Love the safety features like the leash clip in, and the strap across his back. I would recommend this to all small dog owners..especially Doxies!
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on March 17, 2013
I have a beautiful English Angora rabbit who loves to be on the go. Since i am handicapped all our going is done on power chairs. He loves it, and last month i bought this awesome Outward bound sling made our outing even more enjoyable for my sweet baby Nate.
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on July 20, 2016
Bought this and I wish it had the size laid out a little better. I have a Beagle Pup and while she fits in it, she just BARELY does at 16lbs. I think it would fit 10-14lb dogs perfectly. It's well made and is clearly a good product, so if your dog falls in that range I absolutely recommend!

Your could probably fit a dog a little bigger that the 10-14lb as long as it was older or more well trained, but being that my dog is a puppy, she wants to wiggle and then she can easily get her legs hanging out of the bag etc. I've used it a few times, and I just keep a hand on her to make sure she doesn't wiggle out of it. It's kind of hilarious for other people to watch me trying to get all of her paws into it and stop her from trying to escape. But ah, such is life for a beagle owner...
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on March 30, 2016
This fit my 20lb shih tzu (who is also long for his size) comfortably. He was happy to take a hiking break in it, and it was comfortable to wear, even for two different size people. (I am 5'1", my husband is 5'10"). I would recommend this for even a rugged hike, as well as urban carrying.
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on July 29, 2016
I've been using these for many years to carry my dogs in ( previous dog and current dog) and I'd never use anything else. Because she's my Service Dog and goes into stores, restaurants, etc. with me I get asked all the time where I got it because they want to buy one. Sells itself when people see how wonderful they are. This is my third one so far, and my next dog will have one too!
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