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on March 19, 2013
I purchased this computer to serve as a personal/backup machine to my custom built desktop that is running high end specs that take care of most of my personal computer tasks and gaming.

This is a excellent machine for the price. I choose it because I do like Dell's and the fact that it is becoming harder to come by a Windows 7 laptop, which was another big reason for deciding to go with this machine too. There are some real pleasant surprises in this computer that I found.

Just for the record, I only use this laptop for the essentials, meaning I only use it for internet, email, chat, Netflix/youtube and word processing. Anyone that requires capable gaming or other intensive programs should probably up their price range a bit.

- Great clean looking casing and build. Smooth all around, plastic, but feels pretty robust and durable.
- Large and responsive touchpad with multi gestures, this is one of the best touchpads I've used on a windows laptop
- Keyboard is nice and sturdy and pretty easy to type on
- Speakers are very capable
- Overall smooth and responsive once the computer is started up and running
- Screen is bright and clear and easy to read
- Dell's service tag system makes it very easy to retrieve drivers and support off their website

- It's a bit heavy if you plan to travel with it
- Lots of preinstalled bloatware slows the machine down when first starting it up, and must be stripped to reach desired performance
- Start up is a bit slow even after stripping bloatware, the 5400RPM drive seems unusually slower then most
- The fans kick up a bit at times, I am particularly a little sensitive to noise so this may not bother others much as it does me

As you can see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons, and once I configured and customized the laptop to my liking, its great for basic tasks and looks nice. I mostly use this laptop in my bedroom and a little bit around the house, I wouldn't recommend it as a daily traveler, but as a secondary/backup computer, I couldn't go wrong with this choice.
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on March 12, 2013
The Dell Inspiron 15R-1632sLV offers computing "punch" for a reasonable price. I had a specific need for a Windows 7 laptop with a reasonable processor (Intel i3), as much memory as I could get (6Gb), and as much hard disk space as I could afford (750 Gb). For less than $450, the Dell 1632sLV fit the bill. Couldn't find anything better for under $500 (including HP, Asus, and Lenovo). A number of critical programs used for music composition are not yet compatible with Windows 8, so I bought this laptop specifically to run that software.

I've had the machine for about a month as I write this review. It started up right out of the box, connected to my 802.11 n Linksys wireless network in a flash, and works perfectly. It's a great "interim" machine as I save my pennies for a "significant" desktop (32 Gb memory, core I7 processor, 2 TB) for my business.

If you want a good low priced laptop with Windows 7, this is it.

And, as always, Amazon beat expectations. The laptop was delivered ahead of time (they're good at managing delivery date expectations) and in great shape. Kudos to Amazon.

UPDATE 3/16/13: Currently having minor problems with the wireless card in this machine. Occasionally (2 or 3 times seemingly randomly during the day), the wireless signal fades out. Have to run the Windows 7 routine to "reset the network adapter" before the signal is again captured. Have read several posts from other Dell laptop users of the same class of machines who have experienced similar problems. I have several older (5 years) laptops from both Dell and HP (all 802.11 n) that have no such problem and are located on the same dining room table. I've changed the power saving feature to "performance" so that the card will not fade out due to power regulation. That fix improved the performance of the card, but didn't completely solve the problem (it fades out less often now). Plan to install a new Linksys/Cisco 802.11ac wireless router in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the improved transmission capability of the new wireless router (the old router is a Linksys/Cisco E1000 802.11b/g/n) will improve reception. Also, have more wireless devices running now (3 laptops, 4 smartphones on WiFi, a Roku box, an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a Kindle Fire HD as well as 2 desktops on 100 mbps Ethernet cables). So, we may have conflicts/signal strength issues. Will let you know how the new router works with this specific laptop. P.S. - the current and new routers are/will be positioned about 20 feet from the laptops.
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on June 6, 2013
This laptop is almost exactly what you'd expect for the price (although, full disclosure, I bought it on sale, so I'm not sure regular price is the same). Here are some things that stand out for me:

1. It is heavy and big. I didn't look closely at the measurements before, so I'm not saying this as a negative, but do not buy this laptop thinking it will be light - at all. We use it mostly at home, so it's not a big deal, but if you were constantly on the go, it would probably be too big and heavy.

2. It performs well... once you turn off some of the background applications. If you know your way comfortably around a PC, it's not a big deal, but if you want it to run just so right out of the box, you'll be disappointed, because some of the background stuff slows it down significantly. Once it's off, it's a pretty fast computer.

3. It's a good way to get Windows 7. From when I was looking around, almost all new laptops are running Windows 8, which I did not want. (If you're unsure, go test out the OS at WalMart or Best Buy). WIndows 8 is designed for tablets, and I didn't want that. I just wanted a computer. This didn't disappoint.

4. The SD card reader is super cool. I think this actually comes standard on a lot of computers these days, but I hadn't bought one with it yet, so I was excited. As a photography person (both camera and scanning), it's very useful.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with this purchase. I couldn't afford to spend $1,700 on a new laptop, and am extremely happy with the overall value I got with this computer. Is it the best one you'll ever use? Obviously not, but why would you expect it to be? For its price point, this laptop is very good.
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on October 8, 2014
I have always owned Dells, so when it came time to purchase another laptop, I chose this model. I'm not a fan of the new style keyboard, but its the only style available. This was only to be used as a backup for my desktop, so it was not used much. Initially it locked up a few times, but I attributed that to some of the unwanted software that came with it. (I do not recall the exact name, but I removed it after it exhibited problems. "Synch up" or something like that). I used this computer once or twice a month. Then a month ago it began to act strange, and last week it would not boot or recognize the hard drive. Despite having the rescue disks and boot disks (that I made when I bought this) I could not get it to work. Dell tech support was good on the phone. Booting with the F12 key got into a diagnostic mode which gave an error code for the Hard disk. Unfortunately it was out of warranty by a few months so I get stuck with a tab to replace a defective hard disk. (in retrospect I would advise anyone who buys one of these to let it run every day, with daily shutdowns/reboots in order to discover the defective parts while still in warranty.) I shipped it off to Dell for a repair. I then get a call from Dell that the 'motherboard' is also bad and there is an additional cost to fix it. I said you can't be serious, this laptop has probably well under 100 hours of run time on it. Of course they want MORE money to fix the computer and replace the motherboard.. So for me to spend close to half of what I paid for this thing (bought from Amazon) for a repair a few months after the warranty expires is not acceptable. Based upon my personal experience, I would not recommend this computer due to poor reliability and unreliable internal components. When made a comment to the shipper that this 'piece of #*@;' had a bad hard drive, I was told " I hear that every day'". Not sure if I would ever buy another Dell.
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on November 4, 2014
We've all had the experience before: the one time that a product or service is so incredibly bad that you swear you'll never purchase from the vendor ever again. For me, this is one of the clearest examples of that phenomenon.

I've owned a Dell laptop previous to this one about ten years ago, and it was perfectly fine for my needs. I've owned more than five or six computers in my lifetime. My first was a 386 that ran Windows 3.1. I know what experiences to expect from computers of all price ranges, and I'm telling you. This is without question the single worst computer experience I've ever had.

Within a month of purchase, the built-in wireless card stopped working, prompting me to wonder if the driver was at issue. I tried to cleanly reinstall everything, only to discover that the OS discs were not included in the box. I had to stay on Dell's customer service line for over thirty minutes before I persisted enough to get the poor South Asian guy on the other end of the line to process my recovery discs for delivery. From the first time I booted the machine up, all the way to the present day, the had drive and processor tasks run more slowly than I can remember my old xp machines running. Sometimes it takes me more than 15 minutes for a bootup sequence to complete, and I don't have a lot of background applications installed.

I doubt that anybody in late 2014 is considering purchasing this computer, but if you do, trust me. Look elsewhere. I don't mean to another Dell machine. I mean to another manufacturer altogether. Anybody who releases a machine this poorly engineered and supported deserves to be put out of business. Think Packard Bell circa 1995. That's the level of incompetence we're dealing with here.
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on April 25, 2013
I have loved purchasing from Amazon for many years but the Dell computer I purchased from them had a bevy of products on it that I did not need and actually tried to scare me into purchasing more complete versions. My Dell is only 1 month old and I have been hounded by something called "MyPCBackup" with a plethora of messages and prompts to back up my computer using "free" storage from them. Well, yesterday, my computer "crashed" - blue screen, DOS prompts and then a black screen that insisted I insert a boot disk into my brand new computer. ???? Since I did not know what to do, I shut the computer down. To my surprise, when I restarted it, it came back up except for an urgent prompt requesting that I purchase the storage NOW before the computer crashed. I signed up out of fear only to find out that the "free" storage could not hold my files. Of course, the website then offered for me to purchase more storage at 20% off. What a scam. Amazon, if you are going to sell computers, you may want to install software from reputable vendors as ones like MyPCBackup will only give you a bad name. As a result of this experience, I don't think I will be buying much from Amazon anymore. Sorry, but I have enough to worry about with malware and viruses and don't need to be threatened by crappy vendors looking to make a buck using fear as a motivator.
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on March 18, 2013
My old Inspiron died finally, so I went w/another Dell. Decieded on the i15R for 2 main reasons, 1-has all the good basic stuff ( I don't edit video or game, just surf the net, watch movies and email) , 2-it has Windows 7. After receiving the unit and paying to have my files transfered I thought I was good to go.... then it started, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. It informed me I had an "uncorrectable hardware issue". This would occur intermittently, each time the computer would reboot itself and work fine. This would happen some times once and sometimes 4-5 times an evening. Contacted Amazon for a replacement and had another one in 3 days. Was able to transfer my files myself this time (since the computer did work most of the time). So far all is well. My only complanit is how sensitive the tough pad is. Even w/the sensitivity set at min, ir wants to highlight for drag and drop too easily. But, its's a small tjing I can live. All I can say is...Thanks for Amazon's great customer service.
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on March 4, 2013
I have owned seven Dell desktops and used numerous Dell laptops through a previous employer. I upgraded to this new Dell laptop from an old Latitude L110 with Windows XP and Office Professional 2003. All I can say is WHAT A DIFFERENCE. This computer screen looks very big since it's a "wide screen" compared to my previous Latitude squarer screen. The images are great and the 6 GB of Ram makes this very fast. I am getting ready to replace two Dell desktops at my business and really did not want to go with Windows 8 since it's more of a device/tablet operating system. I also use Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0 Pro software which is not integrating that well with OS 8 and my printers do not have Windows 8 drivers. I finally decided to commit to Windows 7 and I am glad I did. All of my software loaded flawlessly on the laptop with no glitches - it was my beta test before switching out the business computers. I was also in my comfort zone with Windows XP as most businesses are, but I really like Windows 7 and the transition was not dramatic - I do not miss XP at all. The Dell laptop comes with Office Starter and I thought what in the world is that? I Googled it and still did not get much info so I was prepared to purchase Office since I need Word, Excel, and Outlook. The Office Starter that comes on this laptop is GREAT! It includes Word and Excel and there is just a small ad by Microsoft in the lower right corner that is not even bothersome. Although Starter is considered basic, it offers much more than Word or Excel 2003. I did buy Outlook 2010 from Amazon for $109. Although it is for one user, you are also licensed to load it onto one portable device. So basically you can put it on two computers - a desktop and laptop. There are many things on this computer that I will not use since I do not stream music or videos, but they are nice features. I did stream a video from my Amazon Prime acct by connecting the laptop to my HDTV using an HDMI cable and that worked very well, so there may be times I do that.

I guess if I were to pick one con it's the sensitivity of the keyboard. I am a very fast typist and find myself having to correct as the text might end up jumping around on the screen, or a window might close when I do not want it to due to my "brushing" a key that I did not mean to. Other than that, it's perfect. One of the business owners near my shop is an engineer and when he saw me setting up my laptop, he thought it was at least a $600 machine.

With purchasing or using more than one dozen Dells in 15 years, I have never had a lemon and did not even consider purchasing another brand. I also applied for an Amazon Store Card and will have 12 months to pay for this with no interest so that was a plus.
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on April 13, 2013
Performance and everything is great (after I removed some bloatware including McAfee and other Dell-provided unnecessary stuff, installed all updates and a better free antivirus and anti-malware program).

The trackpad is larger than it needs to be -- it's quite a bit larger than the one I love on my Dell Studio 15Z which is basically the same size of case and keyboard. There's no reason the pad needs to be so big, and having it this big is just asking for more unwanted thumb contact. I don't personally have too much problem with it because I use the classic typing hand position and good posture, but my parents have been experiencing accidental thumb hits with effects like losing an email they were composing because of changing window focus or accidentally reacting to their window focus mistake by pressing Backspace.

The somewhat smaller pad on my Studio 15Z gives more than enough fine resolution, so I can't see a reason to go larger and make the pad be such a large target and a large part of the hand rest area. But otherwise this is a great laptop and a great value, maybe one of the best values available right now.

I was very glad that Amazon still had the Windows 7 version in stock because I just don't agree with Windows 8 and the push to make desktop and laptop computers too similar to tablets and smartphones. And I'm not one of those people who has always held back on OS releases... I was an early adopter of XP, Vista, and 7 because each made better use of my hardware. But Windows 8... not going there. (Plus on the business side I already do all my work in Linux and use Windows 7 only for Photoshop... Microsoft owes Adobe a big thanks for the millions of other people for whom this is true).
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on December 9, 2013
I have had this laptop since March 2014. I have had nothing but problems with this laptop since March 2014. Problem 1: From Day 1, when typing on the keyboard, it randomly skips to other locations in the documents or pages I am on. Problem 2: About once per week I have had to run error checks on the hard drive because the computer freezes up. Then it works just fine (for about another week). No viruses, no adware, no spyware. Just does it. Problem 3: the cord does not stay plugged into the computer or to the transformer where it connects. Problem 4: no operating system disks or software disks are included for re-installing. Problem 5: I have not been able to understand the accents of first person I have called and they act as if I am the one with the problem. I will never own another Dell as long as I live! Don't buy this piece of junk!!!
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