Customer Reviews: Dell Inspiron i15R-1632sLV 15.6-Inch Laptop (Silver)
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on September 20, 2012
I purchased this laptop after returning a similar ACER version which was defective. The Inspiron is a typical DELL product, very good but not outstanding. This particular machine has no defects that I can tell; it has a chicklet keyboard like the ACER, but the keys are a bit more raised and rounded, and I find I can touch-type on it without too much difficulty (I do not like chicklet keyboards!) One property of this machine that astounded me was the weight...this is no feather-light item--it seems to weigh a ton, figuratively speaking. The screen definition is excellent, but this particular unit can't be set low enough in brightness to make viewing comfortable under all conditions. I recommend it as a compromise between a fixed-location unit and a true portable. One can carry it in an appropriate satchel, but it is not a unit that one would use on the subway or in an is too massive.
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on February 18, 2013
I have owned many Dells desk tops and have been supplied Dell lap tops by my work, and when my eight year old Dell desk top started slowing down, I decided to order another Dell. This lap top arrived in a sealed factory box and booted up without any issues.
I would have given it five stars, but the keyboard is a bit flimsy. It seems to move downwards when I press the keys. The other issue which others have reported, is that the wifi reports lower signal strength at the same location then what my other Dells do. Other than these two issues, this is a nice machine.
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on March 8, 2013
I attempted to buy this as my new laptop, as I work from home and use them regularly but am pretty experienced with them, having owned quite a few over the last 15 years.

It's less than a week later, and the computer has already required a 2-hour call with tech support to correct the horrible wireless reception (which is mentioned in the review by Lexi above) which ended with little help and them telling me it must work on a "different frequency" then the previous laptop and Apple iPod I own which both connect with no problems to my router. Now, this morning, the hard drive started randomly clicking loudly and the entire thing became almost frozen and unusable. According to Google this is ANOTHER known problem with these laptops.

I can't believe a company would take my money and then send me something so defective in response. I feel embarrassed about having mentioned to people that I'd bought a new laptop and now explain when they ask me that I have to return it, and I feel like the company either took advantage of me or attempted to rip me off by sending me this and hoping I would accept it. Furthermore, they have placed me in an awkward situation of having to get rid of this barely functional piece of garbage while I NEED a functioning computer to do my work.

The rest of my feelings about this "product" and the company which sent it to me are the type I couldn't say without resorting to some vicious and inappropriate language, so I will stop myself here. The laptop is getting returned as soon as possible and I will be getting my money back and doing business with another company. And if Dell gives me a single issue about it, then I will take this MUCH further and see to it that they lose more than one customer.
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on March 19, 2013
I purchased this computer to serve as a personal/backup machine to my custom built desktop that is running high end specs that take care of most of my personal computer tasks and gaming.

This is a excellent machine for the price. I choose it because I do like Dell's and the fact that it is becoming harder to come by a Windows 7 laptop, which was another big reason for deciding to go with this machine too. There are some real pleasant surprises in this computer that I found.

Just for the record, I only use this laptop for the essentials, meaning I only use it for internet, email, chat, Netflix/youtube and word processing. Anyone that requires capable gaming or other intensive programs should probably up their price range a bit.

- Great clean looking casing and build. Smooth all around, plastic, but feels pretty robust and durable.
- Large and responsive touchpad with multi gestures, this is one of the best touchpads I've used on a windows laptop
- Keyboard is nice and sturdy and pretty easy to type on
- Speakers are very capable
- Overall smooth and responsive once the computer is started up and running
- Screen is bright and clear and easy to read
- Dell's service tag system makes it very easy to retrieve drivers and support off their website

- It's a bit heavy if you plan to travel with it
- Lots of preinstalled bloatware slows the machine down when first starting it up, and must be stripped to reach desired performance
- Start up is a bit slow even after stripping bloatware, the 5400RPM drive seems unusually slower then most
- The fans kick up a bit at times, I am particularly a little sensitive to noise so this may not bother others much as it does me

As you can see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons, and once I configured and customized the laptop to my liking, its great for basic tasks and looks nice. I mostly use this laptop in my bedroom and a little bit around the house, I wouldn't recommend it as a daily traveler, but as a secondary/backup computer, I couldn't go wrong with this choice.
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on February 14, 2013
We started using this (windows 7) computer this week in the office, so don't have a track record yet to give it a 5. Set up was quick and simple, Dell clearly indicated which were add-on programs and how to remove them. The display is beautiful, keyboard response is very nice and the touchpad is quite sensitive. It seems quite sturdy so far and can't find a thing I'd change.
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on March 12, 2013
The Dell Inspiron 15R-1632sLV offers computing "punch" for a reasonable price. I had a specific need for a Windows 7 laptop with a reasonable processor (Intel i3), as much memory as I could get (6Gb), and as much hard disk space as I could afford (750 Gb). For less than $450, the Dell 1632sLV fit the bill. Couldn't find anything better for under $500 (including HP, Asus, and Lenovo). A number of critical programs used for music composition are not yet compatible with Windows 8, so I bought this laptop specifically to run that software.

I've had the machine for about a month as I write this review. It started up right out of the box, connected to my 802.11 n Linksys wireless network in a flash, and works perfectly. It's a great "interim" machine as I save my pennies for a "significant" desktop (32 Gb memory, core I7 processor, 2 TB) for my business.

If you want a good low priced laptop with Windows 7, this is it.

And, as always, Amazon beat expectations. The laptop was delivered ahead of time (they're good at managing delivery date expectations) and in great shape. Kudos to Amazon.

UPDATE 3/16/13: Currently having minor problems with the wireless card in this machine. Occasionally (2 or 3 times seemingly randomly during the day), the wireless signal fades out. Have to run the Windows 7 routine to "reset the network adapter" before the signal is again captured. Have read several posts from other Dell laptop users of the same class of machines who have experienced similar problems. I have several older (5 years) laptops from both Dell and HP (all 802.11 n) that have no such problem and are located on the same dining room table. I've changed the power saving feature to "performance" so that the card will not fade out due to power regulation. That fix improved the performance of the card, but didn't completely solve the problem (it fades out less often now). Plan to install a new Linksys/Cisco 802.11ac wireless router in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the improved transmission capability of the new wireless router (the old router is a Linksys/Cisco E1000 802.11b/g/n) will improve reception. Also, have more wireless devices running now (3 laptops, 4 smartphones on WiFi, a Roku box, an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a Kindle Fire HD as well as 2 desktops on 100 mbps Ethernet cables). So, we may have conflicts/signal strength issues. Will let you know how the new router works with this specific laptop. P.S. - the current and new routers are/will be positioned about 20 feet from the laptops.
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on March 13, 2013
Ordering from Dell was ridiculously complex. Involved returning multiple emails confirming past three living addresses to an incredibly rude customer service rep and having to preemptivley clear charges with financial institution to state purchase was not a fake.

Received product and it flat out stopped working within one week. After 90 minutes with another pissy customer service rep they state it is the operating system that is crap. Too bad they don't provide you the operating system disk with purchase. State they will send me a copy of the disk in the mail. Fail to notify me that I must be present to recieve purchase and they will not even allow you to have the option to pick up from delivery service directly. This is an issue since I work during the day.

Contact company to return piece of garbage and they state it isnt eligible to be returned since they think the product wouldn't be defective if they could just fix it.

Horrible customer service. Avoid at all costs. I should not have purchased a product from a company that clearly has no interest in accountability.

One last note. I purchased the McaFee security package for 3 years. It was not installed. I talked to McaFee customer service and they were able to install right away...but it should have been installed by Dell prior to delivery.
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on February 26, 2013
I have the Core-i5 version, and I must say this is the best laptop I have ever used in my life. Its super fast, looks amazing, and is very sturdy. I HIGHLY reccomend this laptop especially since its very cheap.
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on December 11, 2012
I am using it to write this review. It was excactly what I wanted. It was delivered in three days and in excellent condition. The price was exceptional.
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on February 20, 2013
I was looking for a cheap laptop with some decent features at a big box store when I noticed most had Windows 8 which I really did not like at all. This Dell was one of the few left with Windows 7. Got it for the same Amazon price due to price matching (about $470). First off, the chicklet keys need some getting used to. I have had problems with my old Dells keys popping off and breaking. I don't think these will do that, and good chance not much gunk will get under the keys. I wish they were raised a little higher. This laptop feels pretty solid, the palm rest and area surrounding the keyboard is aluminum. I actually like the thick frame and raised rubberized edges surrounding the screen. The 2 hinges connecting the screen also feel stiff and solid (had problems with an old Dell breaking here at the hinge leaving it floppy). The rest of the unit is plastic, and feels a little thin, so I am concerned about any bumps or drops to the bottom. A few annoying things: The disk drive slot door on the right side is loose and moves a lot when closed. It does not seat snugly. Now, I have 2 of these laptops, so I can confirm its a design thing. Also, my BIGGEST gripe is the screen is not very bright. I have it up on the highest setting and even if a dimly lit room inside, it really bothers me (both PC's!). The viewing angles are also funky. You have to really tilt it just right to get a combo of decent screen light and clear view. I should have known better because even in the dimly lit laptop area of the box store, I wasn't jiving with the screen.
When I first started using the laptop, I updated all the drivers, software, windows updates, etc. This machine moved pretty slow during start up and getting programs started. I went on a few sites on how to tweak windows 7 settings, graphics, memory etc. After stripping down the W7 functions, this machine moves along pretty fast now. Opening MS Word from Office 2002 only takes 3 seconds. I had major problems getting the laptop to recognize my wireless printer. It searched but could not locate it wirelessly. I downloaded all the drivers and ended up doing a manual "search" during the printer install and pasted my routers IP address into it when it asked for the IP address of the printer. It finally picked up on the printer, I installed the drivers, then it saw it as a wireless device. Weird. Lots of USB 3 ports and an HDMI. Compared to the other junk in the $380 range (Acer, Asus, etc), I think this Dell came out as a better deal considering it feels a little more solid, the huge 750 HD and 6GB RAM. These are for 2 kids for school work, so I think it will fit the bill.

UPDATE (3 months): Speakers are a little weak. Problem is they are located UNDER the laptop so when it sits on a table or lap, the sound is weak/muffled. Also: When setting up the laptop software for the first time, be sure to select "US" keyboard, not "US-international". It screwed with the " button giving everything double quotes. It could not be changed back manually by selecting a different keyboard. A Dell tech had to do about 20 steps remotely through the PC to change it back.
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