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on November 28, 2012
So I've had over a week now to spend some time with both my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" and this particular leather case and I have to say, I honestly do not understand why it received so many negative reviews. However, that's not to say that this case doesn't have some issues (some more obvious than others).

Durability (5/5): You know, part of me wanted to make a video review showing me hurling this case straight down onto pavement. Could I do it? Sure! Do I think the Kindle would hold up if it were inside the case while I conducted this experiment? Yes. The reason why I didn't though is because I can only imagine how many people would cringe at the idea of looking at such a scene. Plus, while I am confident in the strength of the case, I'd rather be safe than sorry in this particular matter. Still, it does feel quite sturdy and I suppose the reason why people say (in other reviews) that it "feels cheap" is probably because it is so thin (which in my opinion is a good thing). If you're gonna spend this kind of money on a tablet AND get a bulky case for it, then why not just get a laptop at the same cost?

Weight (5/5): One thing that this case has going for it, is that it doesn't add too much weight to the Fire HD. As far as I'm concerned, it's at just the right weight for me to hold up with one hand (or at the very least two hands) for a decent amount of time. So overall, weight is not an issue here and this is a good thing!

Stand: (5/5): I've just recently had new hard wood floor installed in my house and so I was eager too test out the stand on different surfaces. I tried plastic surfaces, slick hard wood surfaces, suede surfaces, a memory foam mattress, and my own belly (just to name a few). I've yet to have an issue with the case sliding or toppling out of place. So I'm a bit confused at some of the reviews that state the stand "doesn't work." Maybe I got a lucky unit, but as far as I've gathered, it does it's job for me.

Design (4/5): Alright, I like the way it looks, it fits very well and is very slim (as I stated earlier), however it does have one flaw (that may not pertain to some of you). I happen to have a cat, so sometimes stray hairs can hover or linger in the air here and there. What does this have to do with anything? Well when you open up the case, the interior is made of some sort of material that tends to "cling" to hairs. This would be alright except for the fact that when you close the case, this material touches the screen. So the next time you open it, you may be welcomed with a hair or a crumb, or something of that nature. Just a simple wiping would do, but it's just something to point out (as I haven't seen any other reviews make note of this). Aside from that, everything is fine. I love how when the cases closes it's magnetic and automatically turns the Fire HD off when closed and on when opened. The only other issue I should discuss is that (and others have already pointed this out) when plugged in, the case is designed so that the cord comes out on the bottom. So if you're using the stand feature, it can get kinda weird, however I've actually noticed that this doesn't necessarily put a damper on the sturdiness of the case, in fact sometimes it adds extra balance. Overall, the design is very convenient.

Price: 3/5): This to me is the biggest flaw. I truly believe they could have faltered or lowered the price a bit for this product and maybe someday they will, however at the time of my purchase (and of this review) the asking price is a little steep. Do I think they could have sold this cheaper? Yes? Am I upset that I paid this much for it? No. After having spent some time with it, I am not enduring a feeling of "ugh...I wish I hadn't spent so much on this piece of crap." I'm pleased with the product and it does what it says and for that, it's worth the price, yet I wouldn't complain (and I'm sure neither would any of you) if they took it down a notch.

Overall (22/25)

I could have easily given this 5 stars instead of 4, however it's not necessarily a perfect product. Would I recommend it to Fire HD users though? Yes I would. The slimness and good fit alone are enough appeal for this product (as it sure beats some of the bulkier cases out there). I certainly hope that my review may help give you some insight, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment! Thank you for your time! :)
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on November 20, 2012
I am also surprised by some of the reviews. This is a beautiful case, designed to a tee to fit this kindle fire, and also to make it convenient to the user. I have not had a problem with the stand. I tried it on a TV table, and it was fine. Also tried it on the arm of my recliner chair, and no problem there either. Anyway, for those having problems with it, I hope you exchange it for one that does work. Or that you find another case that is more suited to your needs and liking. Still, as far as my needs and liking are concerned, I praise the designers who designed this case, because it is absolutely beautiful, elegant, and smartly and efficiently designed! Well worth the pricey price tag!
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on November 17, 2012
There are no metal clips, (that can crack the case), rather a firm rubberized rim virtually all the way around the Fire HD, (FHD). The FHD essentially 'snaps' into the cover like a tupperware bowl into its lid. All ports and speaker slots line up perfectly. The on/off button and volume rocker switch are 'duplicated' in the case that press on the FHD switches. This arrangement provides only fair tactile feedback. The lining on the screen 'lid' is not overly fuzzy but soft. When closed, the FHD goes into standby. The lid lies perfectly flat and stays shut magnetically. It even has a cut-out on the rim that corresponds to the rubberized lip on the lid for easy opening.

Additionally, the lip on the lid, about 5 inches long, doubles as one of the high friction rubber edges that supports the FHD while in stand mode. The entire edge of the shell is also of the same rubbery high friction material. I've not had problems with the cover sliding apart while in stand mode...I'm typing this with two fingers on the FHD keyboard with the cover open at about 50 degrees placed on my Corian breakfast bar and am not experiencing any failure. Seems to work well on tablecloths too.

The icing on the cake is the real leather exterior! Soft and pebble textured, it finally feels and smells like leather this time rather than like some synthetically manufactured material called leather. Leather being what it is, I can imagine there will be some variation in the 'feel' of the surface material

It is Expensive yes. but I think it fits and feels much better than covers in previous attempts on older Kindles.
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on November 16, 2012
UPDATED November 25, 2012
I decided to keep this case because I just don't think any other case could be as perfect as this one, save for the slip sliding away that it does on my tables and desks if I try to angle it only a little bit. The plastic/rubber strip on my case feels more like plastic than rubber so I'm thinking about cutting a very thin strip of that non-slip grip stuff in black and just using that when on a table top. The Fire fits so beautifully in this case and is so light and great looking that I can't bear to give it up. I upped the review to four stars because it's so elegant.

Original Review Below

This is a very attractive case for the 8.9 Kindle Fire. When the Fire is inside it truly looks beautiful in there and there's an elegance to it when closed. It's very thin and lightweight and could have been perfect. I think it's overpriced for what it is but the attractiveness of it I suppose can justify the high price tag.

Once I put the device in there, I was sold. But then I tried to use it as intended: as a stand. There is a rubberized strip that is supposed to provide traction in order to keep the case from collapsing from the tent shape when standing up. Since it is a gummy rubber, there should be some traction there to enable some leeway in the angle. Of course, you can't have an extreme angle because the weight of the device won't support that but there should be at least some flexibility in the viewing angle.

The problem is, the rubber is not soft enough to provide traction. There is little to no traction on the one I received. Perhaps it is a defect but I just don't know. I put the case in triangle mode to stand on my desk and the screen was at too straight an angle because my eyes were above the device. I adjusted it slightly by opening the stand a little more and immediately the rubberized strip slipped across the desk and the case collapsed flat down.

There is very little adjustability to the stand that I received. I will wait for more reviews to see if I just got a bum unit. I gave it three stars because the Kindle looks and fits beautifully but if we are truly stuck with essentially one viewing angle, then the case has much less functionality than I expected.
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2012
We bought this case in the 'Persimmon' color for my wife's Kindle Fire HD and have both been pretty pleased with it. At the time we ordered it, the orange color appeared a bit darker than it actually is: it's not construction-cone orange, but it is definitely brighter than, say, a pumpkin orange. The Standing Leather Case is very slim, slips easily onto the Kindle Fire HD, and snugly protects the Kindle. It's got a hidden magnet on the lid that gently holds it closed but is easy to open. Some reviewers are pointing out that the case doesn't hold the unit upright very well, and that is true to an extent: if you're holding it still and viewing something there's no problem, but touching/swiping/tapping really benefits from you putting a hand on the unit to steady it, especially if your Kindle is being propped on a smooth or slick surface. On the steel tabletop of our favorite local restaurant, she holds it with one hand, but at home on the coarse tablecloth we have, it sits steady with light use.

This case isn't Toughbook-firm or Otterbox-rugged, but it is slim, elegant, and just enough protection for everyday use. If you are a little rougher on your goods or have a tendency to drop things, you might want to look into a case that's a little more protective, but otherwise this case does the job just fine.
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on December 18, 2012
So I have ordered 8.9" Kindle Fire HDs for my wife and I, and thus far have ordered one case...the Amazon brand fuchsia case for my wife. I know she'll like this case as she reads a lot and it is very light weight. As for the second case (my tablet), I have spent a ton of time researching other brands and I visited Best Buy and tried 5 different cases in my hand--but I keep coming back to the Amazon case.

The main reasons I like it after snapping the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" were:
- The tablet fit was very secure. It took 15-20 seconds to make sure it was in there but after it was snapped in, it was not coming out
- Slim fit and light. This was big for me. I tried out some Marware cases at Best Buy but they were too bulky for my tastes. They had a lot more features, so if you want those great. I appreciate the fact that new tablets these days are slim and light and don't need to make my new Kindle Fire HD as bulky as my 1st gen iPad.
- Classic look. I just like the way it looks. Some of the discount fake leather covers look a little like those cheap cell phone covers you'd see a mall vendor selling 5+ years ago. Maybe those covers will do the job, but I plan on using my Kindle Fire 8.9" a lot and might as well like the way it looks.
- Stand worked fine in landscape view sitting on bed and on bedstand.

The high cost has been widely discussed in other reviews and I agree the case is more expensive than I would typically like to pay. One option is to buy your cover "Used" from Amazon Warehouse. That is where I bought the fuchsia cover for my wife and I got it for around $35 and I did not see one imperfection on the just did not come in its original box (packaged in a ziploc bag inside of the shipping box).

So, bottomline I am going to keep the fuchsia case for my wife (unless she doesn't like it on Christmas!) and buy either an ink blue or black case for myself.

**One final note, I don't plan on sharing my tablet with my young kids, but if I did I would probably go for something heavier and more robust like the Otterbox case.
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on November 27, 2012
I just recieved the leather case for the Kindle 8.9 today. To say the least I am not very satisfied with the quality of the product. It is advertised to be a leather case, the case seems to be mostly plastic with a thin layer of (leather?) sewed to the front of it. The back is completely plastic. I will keep the case though, since it is made for the Kindle 8.9, but I think the product description is misleading to say the least. $25 for the case not $54 would be a better deal for sure. To sum it up if you are looking for a case to fit your Kindle 8.9 perfectly this is your item. If you want better quality look for something else.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 25, 2014
Previously I bought one of these covers for a 7” Kindle Fire HD and I was pretty well pleased with it except for a problem when propping it open horizontally. But the cover was so good for that Fire I bought the same type of cover when I upgraded to an 8.9” Fire. Probably because of its size compared to the 7” cover, this one has no problem staying open when propped in the horizontal position for watching movies.

The cover is extremely lightweight and completely encloses the Kindle and just leaves the buttons and micro-usb ports exposed. The protection it provides is excellent. The cover shell itself is a hard faux-leather material and is quite handsome. The `wake and sleep' functions when you open or close the cover work beautifully and is VERY handy.

NOTE: When you insert the Kindle into this cover, make sure that it is seated all way into the shell. I didn’t firmly press one corner of the Kindle all the way into the shell so it stuck out just a tiny bit and I had a problem with the Kindle not starting up when I opened the cover. Once I saw the problem and made sure the Kindle was firmly seated all the way into the shell, the problem disappeared.

The cover is thin, sturdy, tough, and lightweight. It's perfect for the Kindle.
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on March 20, 2013
I was wanting an iPad but the price was prohibitive. I did a lot of research and found the Kindle Fire HD would satisfy much of what I was looking for in an iPad. Now that it is home with me, I LOVE IT!! There have been no problems. I called customer service about not being able to send emails...the lady was wonderful, very patient with me. I found the problem in emailing was ME! Later I called about a calendar and the gentleman took me right to where I could find them and I picked the one that suited my needs. I've had it for pretty close to a month, use it every day, have not yet ordered a book but plan to soon, surf the net, keep track of lunch dates, meetings, etc., on my calendar and just keep it on all the time. I usually charge it at night but if I don't charge it, it keeps running the next day with no problems. I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 to anyone!

Well, I was raving so much about the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 that I forgot that this was supposed to be a review for the leather case. Love the Leather Case! It allows me to stand it up (horizontally, which is how I mostly use the Kindle) and I like knowing the Kindle itself is protected from drops, spills, etc. Very happy with the case! Very happy with the Kindle Fire HD 8.9!! It is so convenient to sit in my chair, kick back, set the Kindle on the arm, use my stylus to do whatever it is I want to do at the time. Great product!
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on June 10, 2013
I like the feel of the case, a non slip feel to it. It was easy to install. I was concerned about the case holding the Fire securely, but so far no mishaps as far as it coming loose or falling out of the case. I do like the ability of the case to hold the Fire in a horizontal position. It does need to be on a non slip surface for it to hold without moving. Sometimes the egdes do not grip well to securely keep it in place. I like the feature when you close the case it puts the kindle in a sleep mode. I think the case was a little to high in cost. I am sure there are better cases, but this one serves my purposes very well. I am satisfied with it.
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