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on December 7, 2012
After reading reviews I was reluctant to buy this case. Glad I trusted Amazon to do the job correctly. I reviewed many of the cases, too many parts, straps, etc. Case is very light, adds no weight to the Kindle HD. Love the magnetic closure, automatic shutting down and opening of the HD when closing cover. Purchased the lanyard, attached to my stylus and connected to the earphone opening, hooked the long clip on the stylus to the ring on the plastic connector to the earphone opening and stylus stays tight to the cover, no dangling or tangling. Great colors, beautiful texture, easy to handle, doesn't slip in your hand. No odors to this leather finish. Beautiful feel to the leather. Colors are warm, bright, chic. Used the standing feature in landscape only and have not had a problem with it falling. Important to know - the leather is not padded but bonded flat to the case shell, which was surprising to me as well, and probably the cause of everyones disappointment when receiving. Given the pricing some design add ons might have been expected. Not necessary, well designed to do the job, ergonomically very functional, tight closure on the case, buttons on the case worked perfectly for me. Since I don't know the material of the basic shell or the cost factor in bonding leather as opposed to padding then edge stamping over a shell, I can't make a determination on the pricing. A lower price for Prime Members would have been a nice perk - especially since I will be buying another color soon.
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on December 18, 2012
So I have ordered 8.9" Kindle Fire HDs for my wife and I, and thus far have ordered one case...the Amazon brand fuchsia case for my wife. I know she'll like this case as she reads a lot and it is very light weight. As for the second case (my tablet), I have spent a ton of time researching other brands and I visited Best Buy and tried 5 different cases in my hand--but I keep coming back to the Amazon case.

The main reasons I like it after snapping the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" were:
- The tablet fit was very secure. It took 15-20 seconds to make sure it was in there but after it was snapped in, it was not coming out
- Slim fit and light. This was big for me. I tried out some Marware cases at Best Buy but they were too bulky for my tastes. They had a lot more features, so if you want those great. I appreciate the fact that new tablets these days are slim and light and don't need to make my new Kindle Fire HD as bulky as my 1st gen iPad.
- Classic look. I just like the way it looks. Some of the discount fake leather covers look a little like those cheap cell phone covers you'd see a mall vendor selling 5+ years ago. Maybe those covers will do the job, but I plan on using my Kindle Fire 8.9" a lot and might as well like the way it looks.
- Stand worked fine in landscape view sitting on bed and on bedstand.

The high cost has been widely discussed in other reviews and I agree the case is more expensive than I would typically like to pay. One option is to buy your cover "Used" from Amazon Warehouse. That is where I bought the fuchsia cover for my wife and I got it for around $35 and I did not see one imperfection on the just did not come in its original box (packaged in a ziploc bag inside of the shipping box).

So, bottomline I am going to keep the fuchsia case for my wife (unless she doesn't like it on Christmas!) and buy either an ink blue or black case for myself.

**One final note, I don't plan on sharing my tablet with my young kids, but if I did I would probably go for something heavier and more robust like the Otterbox case.
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on December 30, 2012
This case was ordered in a bundle w/ my Kindle. Frankly it does what it's designed to do: protect the Kindle and for that I love it. However, it bears no resemblance to genuine leather and because of it's slick outer shell I've dropped this thing more times than I care to admit.

As for the fit? Snug and secure or I'd have had to hit up my warranty replacement perk. On /off feature has never failed, so I love it for that. I have the OG Fire, too and the time it took to just sleep and I woke to find the battery all gone bye-bye are too numerous to mention. OTOH, what is with the lack of a useful stand? Did someone forget cords are on the bottom of the device when in landscape mode and standing? It's either bend the cord or put the Kindle on the edge of something and oops! The whole thing is on the floor again if anyone bumps the table, lap, tray etc. It"s sitting on. In portrait mode, it simply collaspes and I feel like a grade schooler caught sleeping behind a text book when it falls over. This is definitely the hate factor (sigh) .

I couldn't return this gift, 1) I was given the entire setup, including the most expensive version of the HD 8.9 w/4G. 2) the giver would be heartbroken to know I would've chosen a completely different entire package for myself 3) there weren't the multiple choices available as there are now.
So I'll wait a few more weeks, complain this one is broken and get a case that includes a stand that's more than a hope and a prayer!
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on August 3, 2013
I ordered this and another case by Roo. I sent this one back because it didn't have a stylus holder and you can really only use it one way when propping up for hands free viewing. Otherwise it is a wonderful case. It's very slim and lightweight and fits the KFHD perfectly. I don't understand how some reviews have posted it looks cheap. It's just thin! Now I regret sending it back because it would be perfect for use at home, mainly at night while propped up in the recliner so I'm going to re-buy this case for at home use and keep the Roo for when I'm taking the KFHD with me on trips, visits, etc. I would give it 5 stars if it had a stylus holder which should be a given on any Kindle case, IMHO.

UPDATE: 8/14/13

I have repurchased the case and am happy with it. It did help price wise that I bought it used online for $11 and free shipping! As I stated before, I wanted something light weight for use at home and this has got to be the closest to not having a case on at all. As far as the stand working correctly, it works fine on most flat objects and even some not so flat objects like my lap. The rubber piece in the center marked KINDLE is what keeps it standing up and I have found only one instance where it didn't hold up so well and that happened to be a slick material. I had forgotten that the kindle has to be put in backwards for everything to line up and function properly ( I first inserted it and the magnetic didn't work, nor on/off function )but once I turned it around all was well. I do feel the case is a little high priced sold normally,but stick by my 4 star review. Still wished it had a stylus holder.
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on August 10, 2013
I ordered the Fuchsia standing leather case for my new Kindle Fire and it is perfect! It fits the Kindle like a glove and there is absolutely no slippage or gaps and the Kindle is secure. The case closes tightly and opening and closing turns the Kindle on and off. I had a pink leather case for my first Kindle and it is still holding up with no signs of wear at all and I expect the same from this new case. 5 stars from me for all Amazon Basic products I have purchased so far. I also ordered the pink stylus to use on my Kindle Fire and now I am "in the pink" and good to go. The only plastic is right around the opening near the USB and HDMI ports and the case itself is padded leather with solid stitching. It is a solid product that I am secure in knowing my Kindle Fire is well protected.
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on December 11, 2012
This case could be either great or not so great depending on your needs. If you're just looking for a case to protect your Kindle, it's great. The fit is great, and it adds very little weight to the unit.

If you're looking for a case to use as a stand on a flat surface while you read books, it's not so great. You have to keep the stand open at a very narrow angle in order for it to stay standing. Even then, gravity will slowly pull it wider and wider open until it falls flat. Because the angle for it to remain standing is so narrow, the screen ends up being almost vertical, which makes reading less comfortable than it should be.

Sad to say I just boxed it up to return to Amazon for a refund.
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on December 1, 2013
I would not be without Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9" Standing Leather Case. We have two of them to accommodate both of our Kindle devices, and we use them on a daily basis. I can set my Kindle up to read while doing chores, my granddaughter sets it opened to a movie while eating breakfast on school mornings. When I shut the case's lid, my Kindle automatically stops using power, and is ready to read or watch as soon as the device is opened. Thanks for a wonderful product, Amazon! I have NEVER been disappointed by the many items I have purchased from you, which is why I keep doing so!
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on February 22, 2014
This is an excellent product. I have 2 kids with kindles, and my wife has this larger one. I did get the leather covers for them all,,, then it happened... my sister stopped by with her kindle, and this cover. Very nice. Leaves the full screen touchable, puts it to sleep when the cover is closed, and wakes it when you open it. Its thin and sturdy and just feels nice. YES, it is more expensive. But, you get what you pay for. If I were getting a Kindle, I would get another one of these covers. note,,,, just be sure of the size and that yours fits. I didn't make that mistake, but I did have to check a couple times to be sure it was right.
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on November 23, 2013
I upgraded my Kindle and due to the cost I really wanted something to protect my investment. I went through 4 covers between my basic and Paperwhite, having each for only one year so I wanted to get a decent one for my Fire. After literally spending 1 hour reading reviews I knew I wanted leather and it was between this and the Marware cover. My daughter has last year's Marware cover. I chose this cover at first for the price difference, and bought through Amazon warehouse in "like new" condition. Came today and it looks brand new and I saved $16. just from not buying it new. Now compared to Marware, no doubt about my purchase. Thin, light, sturdy, amazing quality, well protected and since it's made specifically for Kindle, it clicks right in snuggly and is easy to hold and slip into my purse without being damaged. Would HIGHLY recommend this cover. If you don't spend the money you'll end up replacing them until you do. And look at the discounted ones. People buy, return for whatever reason, you save a lot of money and the only thing you don't get is the original box it came in that you would throw away anyway.
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on December 18, 2012
And this could very well be my fault for assuming and not reading the full description entirely before purchasing. I have an older model Kindle with a hot pink leather case and it feels like leather and I love this I thought I was ordering one very similar for the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9"...but this case does not feel like leather. It feels like plastic and is very thin. It fits the Kindle really well and it does exactly what it says - it protects it (I have knocked it off the arm of the chair more than once) and I really like the way it opens and closes and you don't have to fully restart the kindle. On average, I really like it and am pleased with it but it wasn't exactly what I expected when I purchased it.
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