Customer Reviews: Lenovo IdeaPad U410 43762BU 14-Inch Ultrabook (1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317U Processor, 8GB DDR3, 750GB HDD, 32GB SSD, NVIDIA Geforce GT 610M 1GB DDR3, Windows 7 Home Premium) Graphite Gray
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on July 23, 2012
I bought the U410 because it had the best price for an ultrabook with the speed my work requires. The key is the hybrid hard-drive. It has a 32G solid state drive (SSD) and a large traditional drive givin speedy computing experience and capacity. The hybrid works as well as having only a solid state drive but this allows capacity not available in solid state HDs.

The keyboard is good, typical Lenovo. The keys are flat chicklet style. Back lighting is not possible at this price point. I use a LED laptop keyboard light that is USB powered and works better than back-lit keys.

Ultrabooks do not have an optical drive so you need an accessory drive to install new software from DVD. There is no numbers keypad; that is easy to give up in exchange for being much easier to carry.

Be sure you are getting the 3rd generation Intel CPU. Ads are confusing at the moment and you can get 2nd generation and a non-hybrid hard-drive if not careful. In Lenovo series, look for "Prime" in its model name.

Along with the third generation chip, the subsystems in the U410 are quick. The RAM is more than adequate for business use; it may be fine for gaming but I don't know.

I am pleased and can recommend this laptop atLenovo IdeaPad U410 43762BU 14-Inch Laptop (Graphite Gray) $900.
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on December 3, 2012
Hi everyone, I have had this beautiful laptop (ruby red) for a week now. It is a quality built laptop (made of aluminum alloy) and is often compared to the mac due to its quality build. It has windows 8 which I am getting used to (coming from Windows Vista). I love the 3.0 USBs X2. You do not know how important having those is, especially when I am transferring data constantly for homework and projects for engineering. Extremely lightweight and portable which is important for me since I am moving between classes and carrying this on my backpack all day- need something light. No "optical" drive, or CD ROM drive for playing movies/cd's/etc- know that when you are buying this since it is for making it lighter weight; one can work around this by burning the CD on another laptop and transferring via USB OR by buying an external CD ROM. I might need to purchase an external CD ROM since I desire to download photoshop... and there are 8 CD's. Good to know and be informed as you are deciding..

But, there is a design flaw in terms of the wi-fi. I was aware of an extremely common wi-fi issue coming from Lenova U series (includes this U410 and U310). People would complain that they have either 1) a disconnecting wi-fi internet problem 2) low signals until very close to wi-fi access.

My theory is that since the casing of the laptop is almost 100% thin aluminum, the metal casing is reducing the wi-fi strength. In other words, the wi-fi adaptor is like your cell phone trying to text inside a metal elevator casing- reducing the signal or losing it frequently like when you go through a tunnel. Maybe the design flaw is because they are almost mimicking the mac's metal chassis and they failed mimicking on one key part... like allowing an opening for the wi-fi antenna....

Regardless- My love for this laptop will outweigh returning the laptop- for now- as I am currently purchasing an external wi-fi antenna USB. An antenna will test my hypothesis of whether it is the whole casing, which is the design flaw, or if the brand new network adaptor sucks (unlikely but possible).

Keep you posted.

Edit: 12/6/2012
Design flaw averted by simply adding on cheap external wifi adapter. Acts like an antenna to get better signals than many laptops. Yay!
I bought a CISCO Lynksis external wi-fi adapter for $49.99- even though on best buy I saw it for half off. I needed internet ASAP, so I went for it (I can always order the cheaper version, then return with receipt for the current to save 25$ once it arrives)- it works! I can even access my n network now. My download speed went from 0MB to 8.6MB; Upload speed from 0MB to 3.6MB on [...]

I tentatively recommend getting this laptop and investing in a $10-50 external wifi.

Edit: 8/15/2013
DO NOT GET A CISCO Lynksis external wi-fi adapter! Its long extension broke. Here is my review link:

I recommend a shorter, cheaper external wifi adapter. Size matters.

Otherwise, I am typing on the U410 right now and it is great. Depending on how I am sitting, the abrupt edge can cut uncomfortably into my wrists. The keys are still intact. Sound is a little strange occasionally? Like when I am watching a show voices will 1% of the time sound gargled like listening submerged in an electronic pool. Maybe it's just a software driver issue? My laptop can handle most games I play with my brother. It can also handle engineering software well, especially 3D rendering. I love watching how crisp transitions are between switching views. I could care less about Windows 8, since I normally go to Windows 7 mode (go to desktop). Don't get suckered into Windows 8 UNLESS you intend on getting Office 2013 and/or get a touch screen.

I hope this was helpful!
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on November 15, 2012
Right out of the box (November 8, 2012) the Wi-Fi speed of my Ideapad U410 was ridiculously low compared to my other laptop, which was sitting right next to it.

I ran three speedtests:

Ideapad U410 - Download Speed: 1.50Mbps, Upload Speed: 13.29Mbps

Acer Aspire 5740 - Download Speed: 51.29Mbps, Upload Speed: 45.01Mbps

I couldn't even watch a YouTube video without it stopping every 5 seconds for several minutes. Insane!

Updating the Wi-Fi drivers did not solve the problem.

FYI, the Lenovo support forum has a 57-page thread about this Wi-Fi issue, which Lenovo still does not acknowledge.

I would strongly recommend NOT purchasing this item because it comes with this serious flaw.
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on July 18, 2012
I needed a solid upgrade from my EeePC (what a terrible computer). Typing on the u410 is a dream. The screen isn't the highest quality I've ever seen, but one of the best for the price point. YouTube, Hulu and Netflix look great. Stupid fast boot time. All in all, I was leaning heavily on the MacBook Pro. I swore to myself a little while ago that my next computer would be a mac. However, the specs on this Ultrabook blow my friends with their macbooks out of the water. A backlit keyboard would have put this at 5 stars for me. Other than that... purely lovely.
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on July 18, 2012
Great laptop for the price. The computer looks really sleek and is sturdy. There is no backlight bleed on this at all, the display is very nice, and the sound is pretty good for a laptop. I had terrible backlight bleed on the new Zenbook Prime and 2012 Macbook pro. I installed the programs I normally use to see how it runs (office, photoshop, starcraft 2) and it runs really well. The start up time is fairly quick.

No back light keyboard which I don't really need, I know where the keys are. It's going to be extremely hard to upgrade in the future but I can live past it for the time being (until SSD prices fall) with the factory 8gb of ram and 32gb ssd cache. Runs somewhat warm. There is keyboard flex which isn't noticeable unless I stare at it and press down hard.
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on November 8, 2013
I purchased this laptop for my return to college, and have had it over a year now.

The main pull was the SSD and 750Gb HDD. This thing really boots up fast and has battery enough to get me through a day of classes without being tied to a plug in.

As with any computer, keep it clean (virus/spyware/malware) and don't have too many programs starting up at beginning.

I really do like Lenovo compared to other computer companies as there is not a lot of bloatware. The few add-ons they do add are extremely useful. I use the Lenovo energy management mode changer every day.

The Wi-Fi issue- I personally hadn't noticed any speed issues at all. My connection at school is 10Mbps and I routinely get every bit of that. At home all that is available is 1.5Mbps which is no problem getting those marks.

I watch Netflix and youtube all the time and never have any problems unless my home internet slows down. But that has NOTHING to do with this machine. As long as my home speed is >0.75Mbps, Netflix watches perfectly.

All in all, I have no issues with this and would buy it again in a heartbeat.
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on October 7, 2012
If you are doing your research before buying a new ultrabook, be advised that this particular model, as well as the U310 from Lenovo, both have MAJOR wifi issues. The problem is so bad that even Lenovo doesn't know what to do. Just read the forums and you will find people all over the globe sending their machines for over 3 different times with no successful fix!

The internet at my place is a 10mb plan and works well on all others computers and smartphones I have, however, my U410 shows onl 0.3-0.4mb download speeds even if I'm right close to my router!! That is unacceptable! Lenovo says it's a hardware issuae, but how does that work if they can't fix the problems themself?? This company has scre*&^% over so many customers that I don't understand how they are still in business selling this notebook everywhere!

Another big issue I have is with the battery. Do not fool yourself into thinking you've got an 8 hour battery that is supposed to last a full day at the office.... hahahaha it's more like 3.5-4 hours at the max on balanced mode! Plus, this unit does'nt have a backlit keyboard, the screen resolutions is a joke at 1366x768, it's thicker than the pictures illustrate and a little too heavy for a 14" ultrabook.

The only pros I find is the processor and the HD4000 graphics which is just as good as the also installed Geforce 610m... yes, go read the reviews on this old video card and see it for yourself what kind of hardware they are pushing to us.

This is the most valuable piece of info you may find online:


I wish I read that before buying this notebook.
PS: No, all U410/U310 manufactured after 7/23/2012 STILL have the same wifi issue, do not trust the administrators from Lenovo! Would you buy a computer from a company which allegedly sells faulty items and just ignores customers when they ask for help in the forums??
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on October 10, 2012
I had purchased this product from the Lenovo website. It is just working perfect. I had customized it - when I bought ; with I7 processor and 1Tb HDD and bla bla bla. I wanted a powerful computer and I found lenovo worthy (affordability vs features). I just paid $800+ .
I also want to say that the view angle is good. You can see clearly from nearly any angle (of course just don't go behind the laptop) provided you are working in full brightness. Another important point about this ultra-book is its battery life. It is amazing. I nearly use it for 5-6 hours each day without charging.
I removed 1 star because of its heating problem. It heats up ---- little quickly; I am not sure but it may be because I don't normally shut it down before continuously running it for 10-15 hours.
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on November 9, 2012
This would be a five star review except for a major annoyance that may cause me to get rid of the machine The problem is that the touch pad is way too sensitive. I bought the machine mainly for word processing. Occasionaly a thumb or some other part of my hand brushes the pad and I find myself entering my words in the middle of a previous line. That's the best case. The worst case is that every once in awhile everything I have typed to that point disappears and I find myself typing at the top of the blank page. With the writing I do I simply can't afford this happening. I had a Dell with the same problem but it had a sensitivity setting so I was able to adjust it to my liking--the U410 does not have this adjustment. Even when I try to type very carefully this will happen--it's as if you can't even breath on the touch pad without the curser jumping around.

There are a few tirvial annoyances: I am having trouble adjusting to the smaller keyboard; there is no disk activity light so I can't tell when the computer is hanging, waiting or thinking; the keyboard isn't as solid as it could be--it flexes when I hit the keys; amd the touch pad is just enough offset to the left so that I am constantly hitting the right button instead of the left. All of these with the exception of the flexing keyboard can be overcome as I become more attuned to the computer, and I'll stop noticing the keyboard flex after awhile.

But this is the second time I have typed this review--it disappeared the first time--and the wandering curser I can't live with, I don't think it is a repairable problem. I may be forced to sell this (it's too late to return it) and get some other ultra book, although I have found none with these specs at this nice price.

Incidentally, I have had NO problems with the wi-fi.

The bottom line is that if you have a typng style that absolutely guarantees that you never brush the touch pad inadvertently, or you get an example with a less sensitive touch pad, this is a great little computer.
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on August 10, 2013
This ultrabook is way better and has way more features than its competitors in the same price range with the notable exception of the horrible network performance.

I tested this with the game "Tetris Battle" on Facebook. It was incredibly frustrating to play, almost impossible. The pieces would not rotate quickly and kept jumping as I dropped them so they did not land as expected. I was slaughtered.

After doing some research I fixed this by uninstalling the Lenovo wifi driver and installing the Intel one from their site. Major difference.

I went back to the game and noticed an immediate improvement while the page was loading.

Gameplay is now smooth and glitch free, and websites load quickly.

I am now very happy with my purchase.
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