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on November 8, 2013
I purchased this laptop for my return to college, and have had it over a year now.

The main pull was the SSD and 750Gb HDD. This thing really boots up fast and has battery enough to get me through a day of classes without being tied to a plug in.

As with any computer, keep it clean (virus/spyware/malware) and don't have too many programs starting up at beginning.

I really do like Lenovo compared to other computer companies as there is not a lot of bloatware. The few add-ons they do add are extremely useful. I use the Lenovo energy management mode changer every day.

The Wi-Fi issue- I personally hadn't noticed any speed issues at all. My connection at school is 10Mbps and I routinely get every bit of that. At home all that is available is 1.5Mbps which is no problem getting those marks.

I watch Netflix and youtube all the time and never have any problems unless my home internet slows down. But that has NOTHING to do with this machine. As long as my home speed is >0.75Mbps, Netflix watches perfectly.

All in all, I have no issues with this and would buy it again in a heartbeat.
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on December 5, 2014
Tldr: this is perfect for someone who needs a machine for work and play on a budget.

Pros: Portable design, looks pretty, light weight, USB 3.0 great budget gaming machine, long battery life.

Cons: not as sturdy as I'd like, has to be plugged in to fully use nvidia GPU, only hdmi for video output

I am very pleased with this laptop. I had a dell e6420 for business and a desktop for gaming but I wanted to consolidate them into one machine. This lenovo has really impressed me with its capabilities. It's nothing to my desktop but it let's me play a few games at playable frame rates (trust me I'm a frame rate snob). If I had a little more money I would have gotten something better but this was a good balance of budget and performance. The separate msata HDD really boosts the HDD to near ssd performance. I have not experienced any of the supposed WiFi issues spoken about in other reviews. The only things I don't like are the bottom of the laptop has a portion that's pops in and out like its warped but with coaxing you can get it to stay in place. All in all, this is a great buy for a budget conscious user with advanced performance in mind.
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on October 16, 2013
The laptop which i bought worked fine for a month. After that a vertical green line came up on the screen and it was an LCD defect. I checked the warranty on lenovo site and found to my astonishment that the warranty had expired. The seller had sold me a laptop which was 1yr old.So please do not buy product from this seller. I was cheated by the seller as now I have to pay to get it repaired though my laptop is just 3 months old.
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on July 23, 2012
I bought the U410 because it had the best price for an ultrabook with the speed my work requires. The key is the hybrid hard-drive. It has a 32G solid state drive (SSD) and a large traditional drive givin speedy computing experience and capacity. The hybrid works as well as having only a solid state drive but this allows capacity not available in solid state HDs.

The keyboard is good, typical Lenovo. The keys are flat chicklet style. Back lighting is not possible at this price point. I use a LED laptop keyboard light that is USB powered and works better than back-lit keys.

Ultrabooks do not have an optical drive so you need an accessory drive to install new software from DVD. There is no numbers keypad; that is easy to give up in exchange for being much easier to carry.

Be sure you are getting the 3rd generation Intel CPU. Ads are confusing at the moment and you can get 2nd generation and a non-hybrid hard-drive if not careful. In Lenovo series, look for "Prime" in its model name.

Along with the third generation chip, the subsystems in the U410 are quick. The RAM is more than adequate for business use; it may be fine for gaming but I don't know.

I am pleased and can recommend this laptop atLenovo IdeaPad U410 43762BU 14-Inch Laptop (Graphite Gray) $900.
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on December 10, 2012
I bought this for my fiancee, and she's very happy with it. She does a moderate amount of web surfing, and plays some middleweight games (Sims 3, etc). Everything runs great, and the system itself is very fast due to the surprising lack of bloatware and the SSD.

While the GeForce 610M is an entry level 3D card, there's still a decent difference between a dedicated card and relying on Intel's integrated graphics for 3D performance.

Overall, at this price point, this ultrabook is an excellent blend of weight, aesthetics, performance, and price.
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on August 17, 2013
I purchased two of these laptops to replace two stolen laptops for a couple friends despite the other reviews which complained about WiFi connectivity issues. Much to my relief the problem was actually only with the default drivers which I had updated immediately and so I have seen no problems what so ever with the computers. The overall battery life is pretty good and the computers even came with zero bloatware which always leaves a good first impression.
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on December 24, 2012
I was looking for a notebook with discreet video and HDML out. I have gotten more than I expected. I run external HD Monitor (27") with all the features which you can read for yourself. For what I paid at Amazon compared to what I would pay at Costco in my city the Lenovo U410 is better for the price. If you are looking at the most update this may not be the one for you, but look at cost and how many years it will be to the next great laptop or notebook or tablet, I find I will wait!
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on July 18, 2012
I needed a solid upgrade from my EeePC (what a terrible computer). Typing on the u410 is a dream. The screen isn't the highest quality I've ever seen, but one of the best for the price point. YouTube, Hulu and Netflix look great. Stupid fast boot time. All in all, I was leaning heavily on the MacBook Pro. I swore to myself a little while ago that my next computer would be a mac. However, the specs on this Ultrabook blow my friends with their macbooks out of the water. A backlit keyboard would have put this at 5 stars for me. Other than that... purely lovely.
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on December 20, 2012
The configuration of this laptop is very impressive considering the price. Moreover, I truly love the outlook of this laptop and feel very comfortable with its light weight. However, there may be some problems with the USB ports and sometimes the wi-fi connection seems not stable and tend to reconnect again and again. Overall, good device for people with not that large budget.
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on May 11, 2014
Normal working laptop. Does its job well. Serious deficiencies noticed. Easily customizable, no noise, good support on the manufacturer's website. Use, satisfied.
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