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on August 29, 2013
I was very close to buying a Vitamix for $500 from Costco but decided to do more research first and am very glad I found the Versa! I am mainly interested in making green smoothies but also want to make soups and ice cream.
So I got a Versa a few days ago from a local department store whose name starts with "K" (sorry Amazon - had to have it NOW).
I had to be sure this thing is as good as a Vitamix, SO: My neighbors happen to have a nice new Vitamix so I invited them over for a "blend-off". We spent a whole afternoon with the Versa and Vitamix head to head using identical ingredients. We started with green smoothies - kale, spinach, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, and mango juice. Next, my neighbor made some strawberry ice cream. To finish I made some sweet red pepper cream of chicken soup - I wanted to see how you could heat soup in a blender (this is amazing to me - the soup heats from friction of blades spinning at 28,000 rpm)!!
With all three recipes we got identical results with both machines except that the Versa heated the soup a little faster than the Vitamix which took about a minute longer to get up to 140 degrees according to my little meat thermometer.
So I'm very happy with my purchase because I got the Versa for less than half the cost of the Vitamix!!!!!
The only thing in question now is durability and dependability. The build quality seems very comprable plus the Versa also has the 7 year warranty. Time will tell...
Pros: As good as blender more than twice the price! Has three pre-programmed cycles for smoothie, soup, and sauce/dip.
Cons: Since we're comparing to Vitamix - Does not have the super low speed like the Vitamix. This would be nice for coarse dicing like pico de gallo but not a deal killer. The size doesn't bother me because after all we're in super blender class here right? Noise level is no more than my old cheap blender.

UPDATE 9-15-13: I have been using this blender heavily almost every day since I bought it. I drink at least two 32 oz. vegetable smoothies a day plus my wife drinks probably another 32 oz. or so. I now put a whole avocado WITH SEED/PIT per 64 oz. (the size of the blender pitcher) of smoothie and it completely liquifies with NO tastable particles - total creamy goodness. The avocado makes the smoothie nice and smoooooth. I usually make two or three pitchers per session, then put it in the 32 oz. bottles that the Bolthouse carrot juice comes in from Costco and freeze them. I travel a lot so I take them with me in a cooler and drink them as they thaw. I have lost around 14 lbs. since I started juicing/smoothie-ing with no self-discipline required because the smoothies are delicious and satisfy your hunger. Each 32 oz. smoothie has 24 oz. of vegetables in it - 8 oz. juice or almond milk and the rest veggies. I figure that's equivalent to at least THREE large restaurant salads but without the high calorie dressing and meat. My calculation is based on the size of a 9 oz. bag of spinach - it's pretty big - seems to me about the same volume as a large restaurant salad. FURTHERMORE - the restaurant salad is usually lettuce which is nowhere near as nutritious as the kale and spinach that I use in my smoothies. So if I drink two 32 oz. smoothies a day, it's like eating SIX SALADS!!!

UPDATE 7-3-14: Still smoothying and no deterioration in performance of the blender. I still drink 1 to 2 quarts of smoothie per day faithfully and love it. So 7 to 14 quarts per week which I would consider pretty heavy use. I've come up with a way to make in bulk weekly. I was previously measuring ingredients for every blender pitcher so multiple measurings per batch. Finally I got smart and now pre-measure for whole batch, add to blender whatever fits per pitcher and mix in big bucket then put in Bolthouse bottles for freezing. This is much quicker and the results are more consistent. A typical batch is 2.5 lbs fresh spinach, 1.5 lbs kale, 1.5 lbs. power mix greens from Costco, 1.5 lbs cucumber, 2 lbs broccoli, 48 oz carrot juice, plus ingredients for flavor can be either 48 oz fruit juice or (yes, I really do this: 48 oz almond milk, 4 tablespoons vanilla, 3/4 cup instant coffee, 32 packs of Stevia). So either the fruit flavor or coffee flavor has the same vegetables. This batch recipe makes about 8 quarts (2 gallons) of smoothie.

UPDATE 6-14-16: Bought second replacement pitcher from Oster for $74.99 - [...] I decided to get the low and wide one because the tall skinny one is kind of hard to get a big handful of spinach into without losing a few leaves. The original pitcher fell from up high on a hard tile floor and cracked so I bought replacement from a non-Oster website (can't remember who). That one lasted about a year but today the blade bearings burned out. I thought it was the motor but then realized it was the blade bearings. The base/motor still seems to be going strong.

New simple and quick recipe:
6 large apples
1 quart of orange juice
40 ounces of spinach (big bag from Costco $4.50)
Makes a little over a gallon.
Put in 1 quart Bolthouse bottles and (optionally) freeze for later use.
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on August 27, 2014
This thing is TERRIFYING. It sounds like the hellspawn of a vacuum cleaner demon and a chipper shredder and could probably mince concrete if you tried. It makes for super creamy soups, though! Is is more than a kilowatt of power spinning whirring blades of decimation +2 at 28,000 RPMs. When you put soups in there it even breathes smoke! (well, steam, but it is still impressive) ...and it always has to take it just past your comfort zone. You hit the soup button and it starts chip and chopping away... then it kicks it up a notch and you are all "whoa, that is insane. I hope that soup doesn't come flying out of there because it is HOT and it would cover everything like 16 bean napalm!" Then just when you get used to it this thing ramps up to ludicrous speed and you find yourself jumping in the bathtub in terror. If you are looking for a raid ready blender that just does what it is told and does it well look no further.
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on August 3, 2013
Noting 4 stars is "I like it" and 5 is "I love it", I've had this blender for only one month now and considering we are still in the honeymoon phase - I am really liking this blender. So at this early stage of the game I wish I could give it 4 1/2 stars. I've burned out a few blenders through the years and was ready to go high-end. However in my research I decided to go with the lower priced Versa based on its reviews and more importantly its 7 year warranty - which seemed to be a common feature of the high-ends. So far - I'm not disappointed.


Power - no problem! Where my previous blender struggled this goes effortless - be it slow or high speed.
Noise - its noisy at high speed. I make sure I close doors when blending in early morning.
Capacity - huge! Holds almost twice capacity from my previous blender. For making green smoothies this volume is important.
Size - not small. Larger footprint and taller than my others. Therefore I just put mine away after every use. Once in the habit this is no big deal.
Consistency - I have noticed a couple of times where there was a small remaining lump of frozen fruit or ice that surprised me. But that may be 1 out of 10. Maybe I not blending long enough?
Cleaning - easy; blending water/soap.
Ruggedness - its a plastic and not glass but so far is holding great. The blender's bearing and gear is built rugged!
Rubber gasket? - the rubber gasket to make the lid fit tight seems to be the only thing not so well engineered. My opinion is you don't need it. I took it off and have no problems with the looser fitting lid.
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on October 16, 2015
I've had this product just under 2 years. We use it primarily to make smoothies and hot chocolate. I've been very happy with it. However, a few days ago (it is now Oct 16, 2015) I got it out to make a smoothie and after just a few seconds it quit. I followed the instructions and tried it again with no luck. Then today I figured I'd try it again. To my surprise it was working. So I tried to make another smoothie. Worked for a few seconds then quit. The gear on the motor was turning freely. After emptying the carafe, I reached down inside to try to turn the blades. They were very difficult to turn.

I checked and found that a new jar would cost $75 dollars. I was not very happy. I found an 800 number for Oster Service (800 334-0759) and called them. After asking me several questions the Oster service employee said that she would place an order for a new carafe and I would have it in 7 to 10 business days. I asked her how much it would cost. She responded that I was still under warranty. I had totally forgotten that the blender carries a 7 year warranty. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

I've always been happy with the way the blender performs. Now I'm equally happy with the service provided by the manufacturer. If I don't have any more problems I'll raise my rating to five stars.
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on August 14, 2017
What a waste! I bought this thinking I could get a quality blender without having to drop $400 on a Vitamix or whatever they're called. Nope. Lasted 16 months and just stopped working and I don't use it everyday.

UPDATE: When it stopped working, I pressed that fuse reset button (after waiting an hour) on the bottom but it didn't help. I revisited that button a couple days later since it was an electrical issue as the buttons on the front weren't lighting up. I turned the base over and pressed the fuse reset button again but I noticed there wasn't any kind of resistance when pressing. Thinking that was strange, I set the base upright in the normal position on the counter and reached underneath to press the button and noticed there was a bit more resistance. Lo and behold it started working again after that. I'm glad I didn't give up as this blender has been good for making green shakes.

So, I changed my rating to reflect that it still works. Hopefully, someone won't give up like I had and keep trying that fuse reset button.
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on April 20, 2016
This is a great machine but it is only useful if you are planning to make a smoothie once. It does not do well when you are making a lot of smoothies or soup. The motor will stop and you will need to leave it for 10-20 minutes to cool down before you start it again. There is nothing you can do to speed up the cooling time.

On the other hand, it is reliable and sturdy. It is only useful if you are going to use it once every half hour or so. It works very well when it does but don't count on making loads of soup in one go.
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on May 9, 2013
I have been using a jucier for a while and wanted to switch up to blended juicies for a change. I believe there are benifits to both. I have been researching high powered blenders for the past six months or so and have had my eye on the vita mix 5200. I just did not want to spend the money. I also believe you don't have to sacrifice quality to save a buck. I have several co workers that swear by their vita mix. They were so disappointed when i purchased this versa blender. In fact when i recieved it i honestly thought about returning it for a vita mix. I am glad i did not.
I have never used a vita mix blender so i can't compare the two, but this versa is very powerful. Everything i have
used , from frozen fruits to whole fresh veggies have come out perfect. And besides having the power dial it has pre-programmed buttons for smoothies, soups, and dips. I even tried the sweet potato soup recipe. Easy and tasty. Easy clean up with a drop of detergent. Many reviewers have mentioned the unit being very loud. I don't think
it's any worse than a regular blender or juicer. It does sit over 2ft which may be a concern for some with space issues. I would highly recommend this unit.
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on August 19, 2016
I paid a lot more for this blender than my last one, because I wanted a good quality blender that lasted me a while. But despite only blending fruit (no ice or hard stuff) at a medium speed, the blender would always cut off after no more than around 20 seconds of use. Then I would have to wait 5 minutes or so for the blender to cool down. This was really annoying because it took me MUCH longer to blend things up, but I thought at least this fuse protection would ensure a long life of my blender. But no, even still, after a couple months the blender died completely, without warning.
I never blended anything except fresh fruit, I never blended at higher than a medium setting, and I never ran the blender for even a consecutive minute. And yet this terrible quality blender did a poor job, and for a short time.
This piece of junk hardly lasted 2 months. And yet that was enough to disqualify me from getting a refund.
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on August 26, 2013
Now, I tried to look for the best blender within my budget without sacrificing quality and taste, and the Oster Versa did not disappoint. I am mostly using this product to create supplemental dietary green smoothies, so for me it's very important that this machine should break down things like; kale, cilantro, bok choy, celery, parsley, apple, pear, berries, etc. all the while maintaining the most liquid and uniform consistency possible. I'll say that this machine did not let me down, it took moments to shred all sorts of veggies and fruits (including water/fruit juices) with the greatest of ease, and the taste to me was phenomenal.

-It's high performance motor cuts down greens incredibly well.
-Very easy to clean and maintain
-The noise was a lot lower than I had expected, it's loudest is comparable to that of the Bullet, to me it sounded less.
-Close to perfect uniform consistency

-If you choose not to add ice or frozen fruits/vegetables, your green smoothies may come out warmer if you prolong high speed setting usage
-Is larger than where my counter meets my cupboard, this machine is pretty tall for a blender.

So far weighing out the pros and cons, I would say I can sleep easy knowing that I had purchased this product for the long-haul. If I do need to report any long-term uses with the Oster Versa, I'll be more than inclined to update this review.
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on August 16, 2016
Okay, I am a guy so I needed to buy my wife a quality blender. Why you ask? I burned the Ninja up trying to make homemade peanut butter; I did not know you needed a muscle car engine to whip up peanut butter. Peanut butter will produce a true test of what your blender is made of -- no joke!! After many days and countless hours, I came to a shocking realization that one really must spend about $500 for anything worth while. I decided to take the chance to safe hundreds of dollars, while simultaneously purchasing a high end blender comparable to brands costing MUCH MORE MONEY. The Oster was the winner for me when it came to PRICE and QUALITY. This is a great product and I have made homemade peanut butter about three times and on a couple of occasions it overheated. This has an overheat sensor that cuts power to protect the motor when it senses high heat. Is that an issue to me? NO, it cooled down quickly and worked perfectly after. If you want to spend another $200- $400 more so you can grind nuts and bolts without the motor getting hot than you can throw your money down on the table for that. The Oster has built in automation that will systematically change speeds, for example, as you watch a smoothie get chewed up while twiddling your thumbs. Put your liquid in first and slowly add the solids through the hole in the lid (It has a screw off cap in the center of the lid - great idea.). This is a great price for what you get!! Don't think I you are going to save $100 by purchasing something cheaper, because that would be a waste of your money, because they simply don't last. I read more reviews than I can count and read tests reviews and watched numerous more videos of blenders being tested side by side. Many great sounding blenders could not even affectively crush ice and one blender broke a blade during this test - laughable because it was not a cheap blender. Save your time and energy and get this. My wife loves it.........
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