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on August 10, 2012
I can't believe that there are no reviews for this item and I was a little hesitant to buy it since it did not have any reviews. I was also looking at the Zenbook but the reviews were mixed and the price was high, I decided I could wait a few more years for them to work out the glitches. I have tried all major brands out there and they were just ok to absolutely horrible, and I really can do without a disk drive as I never really used them in my other lap tops and why bother paying for something you won't use.

This is lightweight, the screen is great, the touch pad is large and all the connections are on the back which is a personal preference for myself. I bought this mainly to take with me on road trips and for dedicated use for personal stuff. My favorite feature is the bluetooth, I connected a stereo headset and found the sound quality to be crisp and clear, perfect for those times when I may want to listen to something without disturbing others.

I got an awesome deal with a amazon promotion so for the 550.00 I paid for this I found it to be an exceptional value given the size, weight and features!! A great item and price for students!!!
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on November 17, 2012
I've had this ultrabook for about 2 months now, and it's performed quite decently so far. I'm not a very picky consumer, and I don't gripe about small inconveniences, especially when considering that the price for this ultrabook is rather reasonable when compared to others in the same tech/spec range.

Pros: it really is ultra-light, the sleek design is similar to the 13-inch version of the MacBook Air (though the material & build are likely not as sturdy or well put-together, hence the immense price difference), and it has a sleek outer shell that doesn't retain fingerprints or stains so easily (which is something that netbook/notebook users seem to care about). Most importantly, it is immensely portable. The i3 processor is quite capable when it comes to intensive web use (which is what I mainly do with it), and it does start up quickly from its "sleep" or "hibernation" modes. Some consumers have mentioned that the speed slows down considerably when having too many windows/programs open, but I can't verify if this is the case with my own machine since I'm not the kind of user who likes to have more than 8 Word documents open while using a tab-heavy Google Chrome open as well. If you expect to execute intensive business-related activities on your notebook, I definitely would recommend stepping up to an i5 or i7 processor; I own an Acer laptop with an i5 on it, and it's able to handle larger-order tasks like that. My advice: use an i3 ultrabook for basic to intensive web use (especially cloud use), and since this machine has a 500 GB harddrive, you'll be able to save quite a lot of material on it.

Cons: the 5.5 hour battery life is something of a fabrication. You get 2.5 to 3 hours MAX if you use it for that long without break, but if you intersperse your sessions with occasional use (closing and re-opening it from time to time) the battery will drag itself out through a good part of the day. I suppose this kind of intermittent use was what Acer meant by "5.5 hour battery life". One user has accurately recognized that the screen is liable to shake too often if the notebook is moving too much; so long as you have a sturdy table or desk that doesn't budge or shake, the screen won't shake at all, even if you're clacking away at the keys with any degree of intensity. I imagine that, in general, the keys might not be first. In the case of this notebook, the key for letter "C" was not loose enough (as if it were semi-stuck into the groove of the body), but after 2 months that particular key became loosened and now is about as responsive as the others. I had (and continue to have) a similar problem with the larger i5 Acer notebook I own: the blue "Fn" key still does not work in conjunction with the Fn controls (such as turning the volume down or up, increasing or decreasing the brightness, etc.), but since that key and its related controls are not absolutely crucial to the basic performativity of the notebook, I don't give it much mind. I still get the performance that I need from the machine. In any case, I think that Acer machines generally seem to have a slight looseness or vulnerability to their build--which is why their prices are what they are. So I can't complain.

All in all, I'm satisfied with what the notebook gives me: portability, sleekness, lightness, connectivity. I've been a consistent Acer user for a few years now (I own 3 machines by them), and I can't say they've disappointed me thus far. Even though the Cons seem to outnumber the Pros in terms of quantity, they are actually quite minor quibbles in relation to the fantastic price the notebook's offered at, and quite minor too in relation to the overall quality the notebook gives you; which is to say, it functions just as it is marketed to you (except for that fib concerning the battery life). And it really does hold up in style when placed next to the implacable army of MacBooks that you inevitably meet each time you walk into a cafe or library to work on something.
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on October 7, 2012
I've only had my new ultrabook for a month. So far, it's been problem free. I thought it would be difficult to adapt to the very flat keyboard, but it's great. I type VERY fast (over 140 wpm), and it hasn't hampered my speed in the least. Someone commented that the screen shakes when you're typing. I've found that if the laptop is on a stable surface (i.e., table), the screen stays rock steady. The other user might have the lid open too far, causing an instability. I'd recommend adjusting the screen angle, and then it's good. Another negative comment I read was about the touchpad. I can't really comment on that, since I don't care for touchpads, and am using an external mouse. So far, it's fast and reliable, without any problems.

My only reason for 4 stars, instead of 5, is that I wish the laptop had more USB ports and the USB port placement. It only has 2 USB ports, and if I need to get something off a flash drive, I have to unplug something else, since I'm often charging my iPad, while using a USB mounted IR mouse. Also, the USB ports are on the back of the laptop -- not a great placement. But given the thickness of this laptop, that's about the only place with room to mount the USB's.

Overall, I'm glad I purchased this laptop, and I can recommend it.

Three years later, and it's still going strong! I can't believe that it's been three years since I bought this Ultrabook.... one of my best computer purchases, EVER! This is the longest period of time that I've ever kept a computer without needing to upgrade. However, I have purchased a second Acer computer (all-in-one desktop) for strictly business use, and am using my Ultrabook for my games and personal files.
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on March 1, 2015
I purchased this computer a year and a half ago and wanted to return to leave a review.
I researched laptops before settling on this one, which I purchased partially on the strong positive recommendation of a friend. Initially I was happy with the laptop and its functioning.
However, about six months in, it literally began to fall apart. This is not a computer that I take to and from work with me; it just sits in my living room and has never been dropped or otherwise damaged. Despite being treated carefully, the construction isn't holding up.
The casing around the screen is separating to the point that I have it held together with electrical tape and binder clips. I can see into the inner workings; the issue is that when I flip open the laptop (or try to change the position of the screen while it's open), something in the screen portion gets stuck and wedges instead of gliding open.
Additionally, I always have to wear shoes while using the computer, because if my feet are not insulated, the computer gives me a mild electrical shock where my wrists touch the edges of the casing. Seriously.
In terms of function, the computer has been okay, overall.
The battery life is poor. Now, after a year and a half, I am getting messages that the battery can no longer hold a full charge and I should buy a new one.
Additionally, as of last week the computer can no longer find its (integrated) webcam.
Oh, and while writing this review I remembered the computer's one final major issue- because it shut itself down without warning and I had to rewrite this entire passage. When the laptop wants to install updates, it does so without warning, so it's necessary to save my work constantly. I have never used a computer that doesn't give a notification window and an option to postpone updating before doing so.
Altogether, this has been a frustrating and unsatisfactory purchase and I plan to buy a different laptop as soon as this one dies for good- and definitely not another Acer.
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on May 26, 2013
First let me begin by saying that I am not a tech geek but rather a savy consumer. I researched many various styles of laptops and ultrabooks before purchasing this item. As you may know there are many options to match every demographic of consumer but as I navigated the many reviews and professional critiques I recognized that ACER was a reputable brand. I dug deeper (after owning a Dell, Samsung, HP and Toshiba)and this ultrabook compares with all of these top brand names.

I was in the market for a light weight, verstile, functional computer to be used primarily for school and business. In my research the ultrabook series appeared to be the way to go; this ACER Aspire S3 fulfilled my needs and desires. What I like and list as the positives: (1) stylish exterior design/good eye appeal, (2) keyboard layout is highly functional and comnfortable, (3) keys are soft to the touch and allows for quick typing with no sticking, (4) screen size is perfect for portability and for working with multiple MS Office documents, (5) ultrabook doesn't get hot when on my lap, (6) screen resolution is sharp and radiant, (7) start up speed is faster than my Samsung and HP laptops,(8) memory capacity is more than sufficient for maintaining school/business projects, and (9) Windows 7 software downloaded (not a fan of the new Windows 8).

I read the other reviews posted on this item and for me personally have not experienced any of the freezing syptoms, screen jumping and slow connectivity expressed by other consumers.

I would catergorize the following as the potential negatives (based upon my own experience): (1) WIFI strength sometimes weak and its not my router because I have seen the same with public connections; it appears to be unique to this unit, (2) mouse pad sounds hollow and unlike the key strokes it doesn't feel as comfortable to the touch but it works well, (3) speakers are not the greatest and if you want premium quality sound you would certainly need to add external speakers, (4) battery life is dependent on use, I have gotten between 3.5 to 4.5 hours without a charge -- more windows open and multiple activities will drain battery quicker, (5) Note hybernation and sleep modes help with battery life and battery life on this ultrabook is superior to my Samsung, (6) placement of USB ports is unique and may not be comfortable to some users, for me it works, (7) power cord connector must be perfect fit worried I might break the pin, doesn't push in easily, and (8) ACER sent it with a lot of addons and extra programs not necessary which will require clean-up.

To this end, I really like this Ultrabook. It has excellent craftmanship and for my specific needs it was a smart purchase for the price. Despite some of the negatives listed I still rate this item 4 Stars and per my own experience and research suggest it to be a competitive alternative to the more expensive high-end ultrabooks or Mac Airbooks.

I hope this review offered pratical insight and was helpful to making a determination on whether to purchase or not.

I have now had this laptop for a few months and I love it. It is meeting all my needs very well. Some of the prior reviews and comments shared about potential problems I have not experienced. The light weight, versatility and performance are better than prior laptops -- HP, Samsung and Dell. I use it for school and business and have no problems. Have received many compliments about its visual appeal. After a couple months of use the only draw back is the battery life -- it does not live up to the manufacturer suggested battery life. Honestly, after about 1.5 hours of continuous use the battery will die. Best used on charger.

I would still recommend this laptop as an economical purchase; especially good for school or moderate use. Certainly just as with most laptops or PCs there are drawbacks depending on usage. Example, not a gamer laptop and sound is weak so may not be the best for watching movies or programs online. Had to purchase additional software and delete pre-loaded items that came with laptop since I didn't need them. Don't list this as a negative just noting for potential buyers.

To this end, if you are reading this review and considering this laptop for purchase I would recommend. Like you I went back and forth between different models before deciding upon this one and I don't regret my decision. Hope this review has helped....
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on January 6, 2013
I've had my Aspire S3-391 Windows 7 ultrabook for a month now and I love it. It's light (3 lbs) and thin, classy-looking, boots fast due to the SSD boot drive, had plenty of regular hard drive space (500 GB), has a great screen and keyboard, and a reasonably good battery life (about 4 hours with the screen on bright and high performance setting for the processor). Plus, the charger is light and small (relative to most other laptops) and the S3-391 seems to charge fast.

I don't use the S3-391 for gaming, but for word processing, web-searching, e-mails, Photoshopping, playing audio files and videos--generally routine stuff. It's plenty fast for what I do. I've had no performance problems at all. For the price I paid ($549), it's been a fabulous deal. The S3-391 is everything that I was hoping for.

The only issue that I've had is that bluetooth wasn't activated. Fortunately, that was an easy fix. Bluetooth was listed in the Device Manager, System Devices heading (the Atheros bluetooth bus was listed), but I couldn't figure out how to access the bluetooth. A websearch showed that others had this problem and that their bluetooth driver hadn't been installed by Acer. Considering how much bloatware Acer installed, it seems silly not to have installed the bluetooth driver, but at least this is easy to fix. I went to the Acer website at [...] and downloaded the 64-bit Atheros bluetooth driver and installed it. After doing the requested reboot, I used Fn+F3 to turn on bluetooth. The installation finished and I now have a bluetooth icon in the system tray that I can use to install bluetooth devices. I've already installed a bluetooth speaker and it works well. The driver install didn't put a bluetooth icon in my Control Panel, but I can access bluetooth from the system tray ion and there's also a "Bluetooth Suite" setting in the Programs listing.
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on January 7, 2014
Buying this computer was definitely a mistake - I bought it to replace a two-year old laptop which was getting slow and sometimes didn't work at all. I wasn't looking for something sophisticated, I was just looking forward to a new computer which allows me to open word documents and the internet browser without any problems and without freezing or crashing all the time. But this computer just doesn't feel like a new one - the computer screen shakes back and forth, and not just a little, it is extremely noticeable and annoying, sometimes I have trouble opening word documents or the internet browser - it's either extremely slow or the computer doesn't react at all, I can watch youtube and other videos on it, but the quality is bad, especially when other applications or windows are open. So, really, the only good thing about this computer is its looks and its cheap price, but now I wish I had bought a more solid, good quality computer.
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on October 5, 2013
I purchased this laptop several months ago because I needed a lightweight laptop for traveling. I was looking for a laptop with Windows 7 which narrowed down the field pretty quickly.

1. Love the design, size and weight.
2. Very fast to boot.
2. Nice feel to the keyboard/keys. Not crazy about the touch pad, but I've gotten used to it.
3. As others have noted, when I have my HP 8460p laptop next to this one, the strength of the WiFi connectivity on this Acer is not quite as good. But, it just means that I can't be on the other side of the house and stream video which is not a big deal.
4. Battery life is acceptable. I can get through one standard length movie without re-charging. It hasn't been a big issue for me since I usually am close to a plug when on my laptop anyway.
5. Acer loaded some bloatware which I promptly removed.
6. I use this laptop primarily for browsing the internet, editing documents and watching videos, and it serves all of these purposes very well.

I am very happy with this purchase and would buy another Acer Aspire in the future.
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on May 8, 2013
Acer keeps the price low by using a HDD accelerated by chaching from a small SSD. The advanced chip set it uses makes this possible. It is a very good compromise, so there is little waiting for boot up or shut down. I bought this for my daughter, who likes it and uses it for writing her novel and internet access when the iPhone screen is just too small. She also has a Dell workstation with a Quadro video card for her graphics work, so the lack of a video card is not a problem for her. (Intel integrated graphics have improved, and I am no fan of video card reliability, but I keep finding graphics programs that don't quite work without a video card.) We like the size, performance, weight, battery life, price, and the fact that Acer did not load the OS up with a bunch of background utilities of dubious value. For me and my daughter, the 13.3" screen size is plenty big.
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on June 24, 2013
I ordered this Ultrabook and it wasn't cheap....Within a week, my computer would just shut down unexpectedly deleting my spreadsheets for work!!! I called Acer and their tech department was HORRIBLE!!!! They said to completely clear my computer back to it's original settings, which did nothing. They said I would have to pay to send it back to them and would be without my computer for 10 days to 2 weeks. To top it all off, while using my earphones, they broke off in the headphone jack!!!! Not only preventing me from using the audio jack, but completely ruined my expensive headset. DO NOT BUY THIS COMPUTER!!!! Waste of your money and poor tech support:(
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