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on June 17, 2016
I seem to be addicted to this show.
Before I first saw it, fairy tales were becoming popular in Television and film, so I expected something that was quickly slapped together, without any forethought, and generic writing. But once I started watching, it drew me in.
Though they started connected to fairy tales, they seemed to be using it as a reference, but creating their own stories, and mythos only loosely based on Grimm's Fairy Tales.
I do give them a pass on some of their effects, especially in the beginning. I understand budget constraints, but wonder if they are avoiding upgrading some of their effects for consistency. The Blutbaden look a little more like a cartoon, while later introduced "wesen" have more realism.
That being said, I think story and performing is more important than effects. If I can accept 70's Doctor Who effects, I can accept this.
I will also say they have surprised me. There are plenty of shows where I expect things to happen, just because that's the way everyone else writes. They follow the writing formula so closely that they lose all creativity. But I haven't found too much of that here. Not sure you can get away from in completely, but they have enough to satisfy me.
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on August 17, 2015
We generally like watching this show, but it is definitely lacking in depth and consistency.

This first season has been a lot of "monster of the week" repetition. There is very little depth to the story or an overarching storyline. Most of the actors are likable, but forgettable. We really got into Lost, Fringe, Heroes (seasons 1-3), Smallville (seasons 1-6), Supernatural (seasons 1-7), and several others. Those all had a premise that there was something bigger happening and the weekly stories slowly built a rising tension. Grimm has not been doing that.

The same special effect is used over and over again - you see the non-humans' faces morph from human appearance to their non-human face (werewolf, rat, troll, etc.). I know this is likely due to low budget, but it is starting to get a little old. How awesome would it have been for the snake man to actually turn into a snake and try to eat the mouse man? The spider lady turn into a huge spider? Instead you get an ok looking man/snake head and some human fighting instead of monster fights. We want to see the monsters that are pretending to be humans actually turn into the monsters! X-Files did this many years ago to great affect - I am still freaked out by the lady who turned into a snake and ate someone - so why can't Grimm?

There are consistency problems in the shows, too. The werewolf is supposed to have this awesome sense of smell, but too many times he is unaware of the humans or other monsters nearby. He was shown early on to be incredibly strong - as a werewolf should be - but that strength seems to have disappeared. Also, the main character Nick has the ability to see the monsters as they really are, but yet that ability seems to only be randomly available.

We see from the other reviews that the seasons get better reviews as they go on. We will keep watching and hope that it does finally start to find its stride like Fringe and Supernatural did after their initial awkward seasons.
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on September 27, 2016
Very nice twist on the monsters, fairy tales, and more. This is what good story telling should be like or at least if u remake a classic put your own twist to it. I knew from the first episode I would definitely come back and watch this series again and again. I do kinda wish the grim reapers had other special weapons to use then the traditional reaper blade. Still for the first season with very limited funds and risk I didnt mind the same ol blade. Am glad the show aired on Fridays because I totally do not watch any tv that day glad my 4k TV has something to do then watch me eat and lay waste on my couch.

Hopefully they make a sequel to the grim tv series or movie version of it. Sad the series is ending at only 6 seasons, theres still plenty of stories to tell as long as creative minds exist and grim love is there we can overcome money issues and ratings!!!!!
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on September 11, 2016
I had avoided this series ever since it started despite hearing others rave about it, but finally a couple of weeks ago I read a review somewhere that indicated it wasn't all about deep dark nasty vicious ugly sick relentless horror. I am a cop show fan, detective show fan, mystery fan, a sort-of sci-fi and sword-and-sorcery fan, but absolutely not a horror fan. Steven King's Pet Cematery left me with nightmares, and I haven't read another of his books or any other horror novels since then. And if you want to watch horror movies, you can darn well do it without me. So I hesitantly watched the first episode of Grimm.......and I've been hooked ever since. I'm now about halfway into the second season and still intrigued, curious, and on the verge of binge watching because I have been drawn more and more into the storylines. The actors and actresses from the main characters to the supporting characters are very well chosen, the main plotlines and the subplots weave together seamlessly, and there's enough lighter and humorous interaction scenes interwoven with the grosser horrifying episodes that it lightens the overall tone. My husband cut his teeth on the classic Hammer Studios horror films, and Grimm reminds me a greatly of those in a very positive way. I will not put any spoilers or more specific details about the plotlines because I do not want to spoil it for anyone else who hasn't started watching the show.
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on October 14, 2016
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this show. Initially, it seemed like just another superhero versus the monster of the week show, and it does have that element, but several shows into the season a major subplot having to do with the historic rulers of the monster world entered the scene and the police captain appears to be much more than a mere mortal and is in rebellion against those rulers (exactly how isn't clear), which provides enough additional drama to hold _my_ interest.
There have been several shows where I just checked out early or jumped over 20 or so minutes of the plot, but generally I've enjoyed watching and it has been a good diversion from my fairly mundane life.
I'm not good with shows that feature high tension action, but I find enough humor - and distance from my reality - that it works for me here. The Grimm, Detective Nick Burkhardt played by David Giuntoli, is a little to pretty for my taste, I would prefer someone who looks a little more battle hardened, but he's not that bad an actor, and I can see why the show has lasted for more than 100 episodes. I'm not sure if I'll watch season two; well, we'll see.
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on October 10, 2015
I'm almost done with season 1, so take what I say as incomplete. But I did not much care for the show at first. It's growing on me, mainly because of the relationship that Burkhardt has with his two partners, the human and the Blutbad. I like his cop partner because he is so average (but decent and smart enough) and I like his Blutbad (the reformed "big bad wolf") friend Monroe for similar reasons--he's pretty average, except for being a demon type. This show is a police procedural with a fantasy mythology. It does have a lot of holes. For example: why didn't Nick's aunt tell him sooner about Grimms? Why didn't anyone make sure that he learned at least some German so he isn't utterly dependent on Monroe? Why isn't there better security on the Aunt's trailer that contains everything Grimms need to survive? Those are not idle questions! Also, I'd think that Hank and Juliette would be asking some hard questions as we approach the end of season one. At first I didn't find Nick terribly compelling; however, like Anna Torv in Fringe, the actor is starting to feel right in the role to me. This is more like 3 1/2 stars with a possibility of going up; we'll see.
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on June 16, 2015
When the first season premiered on NBC, I watched one or two but didn't get into it. Recently, though, I gave the show another chance and totally fell in love with it. It is just the right amount of humor mixed with darkness, mystery, fantasy, fairy tale, and supernatural phenomena. I came to appreciate how the show does not take itself too seriously but also but also does not resort to total camp, either. I love all the characters -- Monroe and Rosalie are favorites, and I like how the Hexenbeast -- the pretty blond whose character's name I cannot think of at the moment -- changes allegiances so frequently that you never know if she is on the side of good or bad. She's always on her own side, I guess, so it depends on which side fits into her agenda at any given time. I also am impressed with the whole taxonomy of strange creatures the show develops -- its own mythology, based somewhat on fairy tale monsters but also partly its own invention -- the ice beaver character is great for comic relief. Finally, I love how the show plays with fairy tales and popular culture tropes. There are a lot of in-jokes as well as outside allusions. I came to like the show so much that I watched all four seasons in about a month, and now am sad there are no more new episodes available at this time. I will be looking forward to season 5 next Fall, for sure!
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on February 24, 2017
I'm a huge Grimm fan! This show is an epic creation that rolls together my favorite genres into a single masterpiece! Supernatural monsters and fairytales told through a suspenseful crime drama. The characters are phenomenal and the actors do an amazing job immersing themselves into their roles. Perhaps the best spin on those fairytales of our youth ever! Season one is fantastic and you will likely find yourself binge watching all night long as the backstory unfolds and hooks you with twists at every turn.
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on March 28, 2016
My wife and I like this TV series. Fortunately we were quite wrong in our predictions that this monster dejour program would last only a couple of seasons. I attribute its success to the strength of what began as subplots. I do wish that the police procedures and other details were more accurate and believable. Little things such as Monroe shooting the ogre in episode 8 of the first season. There is one shot but 3 bullets are recovered from the ogre's body, two .600 Nitro Express and one .577. Generally speaking three barrel firearms do not have a mechanism for firing all three rounds at the same time. And even if that particular rifle did, firing all three of those cartridges would cause a shoulder injury. Accuracy in the details would make the whole easier to accept in a suspension of disbelief.
I streamed this series via Amazon Prime so can not comment on any dvd's.
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on June 12, 2016
At first, I wasn't too sure about this series. But it didn't take long before I was totally hooked on it. I never outgrew fairy tales, and I have a somewhat macabre sense of humor, so this show is right up my alley. I absolutely love Monroe--he's definitely a cool guy with depth, character, sincerity, and well, a bit of the dangerous...who couldn't love a wesen like that? Actually, all the characters are wonderful--this is a semi-lighthearted series where you can cast off the everyday and let your heart soar with the imaginative story lines, inventive characters and plot lines, plus a dash of dry humor that I just love. I have not enjoyed a series like this in I can't remember when....bring on some more, please!
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