Customer Reviews: ASUS UX32 13-Inch Laptop [2012 model]
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on July 29, 2012
This laptop may only have an i3 but it still is really fast. Its super light and really well built. The screen looks great.

One important thing I did that made this laptop even more of a deal was to:
Format the SSD drive and install Windows on it. This allows the laptop to boot to Windows all on the SSD and really speeds everything up. It also clears up any asus bloatware and allows you to install only what you need. Also after installing Office and some other key programs to the SSD, and turning of the page file and hibernation I have 11gb free. Other than that I plan to install most programs on the traditional hdd.

The other thing I did was put a 8gb stick of ram in it ($44). This may or may not have been necessary but it can't hurt to have a total of 10gb of ram.

Overall this laptop is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. Installing Windows on the SSD and still having the large traditional hdd really gives you the best of both worlds.
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on July 28, 2012
I've had this for about a week now and unfortunately posted a glowing review before I had a good amount of time with this laptop. I suppose that is because it looks so fantastic that it really does give you a great first impression.

Here are some issues I have found:

Initially I said it was practically silent. The fan noise itself is not bad. However the fans on my laptop seem to turn on and off with too little time in-between cycles. It becomes quickly annoying to hear the fan power up, stay on for 10 (sometimes 5!) seconds and then power down for ten seconds then power up again etc. Having said that I am particularly sensitive to fan noise. Most other people would probably be happy with it - just stay clear if you have sensitivity to fan noise like me.

There is a haze on the screen that is very irritating and hard on the eyes. It also distorts photos slightly in my opinion. I guess that is the price of a matt screen? In any case I hate it. The colors are also off out of the box. It was set far too blue and I ended up spending hours trying to tweak it just right. I've never had to do this before out of the box.

An inserted SD card sticks out more than 1/2 way!

4. HDD
THe HDD has only 200GB or so free out of the box so there is plenty of optimizing to do to make full use out of the 320gb space.

Lots of bloat from Asus

And here are the nice surprises:

I can get about 6 1/2-7 hours out of it just browsing the web (flash ads blocked).

Fantastic piece of equipment and solidly built.

3. SSD
The SSD cache can be used like a regular drive as someone else mentioned. Installing windows onto this makes the system fly. Boot up time was faster than my wife's Toshiba Z835 for instance at around 20 seconds. You can have plenty of storage space on the HDD whilst having the benefits of a fast SSD. This also allows you to have two separate installations (perhaps windows 7 and windows 8!) and it is easy to switch drives to boot up by hitting the esc key when you first switch it on. Fantastic!

Actually works very nicely once you tweak it how you want eg using firefox YetAnotherSMoothScrolling for firefox and also setting the mouse wheel turns to 4 helps internet explorer scrolling.

Overall the screen and the fan turning on and off in quick succession just kills this for me so I cannot recommend it.
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on November 24, 2012
The comparison chart for this laptop says it comes with a Core i3-3217U 1.4 GHz CPU, and the description says that it comes with a 3rd gen Intel® Core i3-2367 processor (repeatedly). Neither of these is true. The laptop comes with an i3-2367, but this is a 2nd generation processor, not a 3rd. This makes a big difference as the newer generation runs faster, cooler, and has better video capability (Intel HD 4000 as opposed to HD 3000). In addition, the listing says it comes with a 320 gig 7200 RPM hard drive, whereas the laptop has a 5400 RPM hybrid hard drive.

With a 3rd gen CPU and a fast hard drive, I believe this laptop would be worth the price. However, the listing is very misleading. Another reviewer has brought this up already and nothing was changed, and the question was brought up months ago by someone else in the questions section. I was hoping that they had refreshed the specs and bought it anyway, but it's still the same old chipset. Very misleading.

The product itself is performing as expected so far; it is exactly the form factor we wanted, and we will need to decide if sticking with old technology or returning for a refund based on an inaccurate listing would be better. I will say that the system needed to reboot about six times to install updates and until it finished, there were all kinds of errors during boot about drivers not installed, etc. Not a problem for us but could be for someone who is expecting it to just work.
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on August 2, 2013
This ultrabook is very sleek and lightweight. It is a quality product that looks as if a lot of thought was put into the design. Very light. I only have one issue. When booting up, (which is very quick), an error appears saying I have to install ATK0100 driver. It doesnt effect anything after you close the error windows, but is just a pain. So I went looking for this ATK0100 driver, and it seems like you need to purchase a program. These errors seem to be an ASUS thing. It would be great if I can just remove the program that is causing these error windows to pop up at start up. All in all this is a great little computer.

Update: The ATK0100 driver is actually on the laptop. Go to the start menu, programs, ASUS, edrivers and install the driver. This will stop the errors at boot up.
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on December 30, 2012
This is a wonderful Ultrabook. The machine feels sturdy and rigid with its great metal shell. There is *no* flex on the keyboard and the display glides easily. Asus payed attention to detail on this machine, from the well placed USB 3.0 ports to the nice rubber gasket around the screen (to seal the keyboard + screen when closed) This laptop has a great UEFI implementation without all the mess of the Windows 8 SecureBoot. (it ships with Windows 7)

The only cons I really have for this laptop are:
* Erratic Synaptics trackpad. The thing has the tendency to go crazy if you rest one two many fingers near it.
* Lots of software keys. You have to have Windows running + the proper drivers loaded or the screen brightness + keyboard brightness keys don't function.
* Linux support is hit-or-miss given how new the chipsets are.
* Lots of shovelware pre-installed. I recommend tossing the restore image and loading your own OS ASAP.

One selling point of this ultrabook for me was the ease of hardware upgrades. Asus did a wonderful job using a simple set of metal (plus metal threaded) torx screws to hold the thing together. 2GB RAM on board, one ram slot available (filled with a 2GB DDR3 stick of RAM). 10GB Maximum ram after upgrade :)
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on April 12, 2013
I bought this laptop because I was going back to school online. I wanted something more portable to take with me if needed. The reviews on ASUS are very good. I wanted a MAC book but could not justify the money. I also did not want WIN8. I had a trial version of windows8 on my computer before it was released and I HATED it. I almost broke my computer I was so frustrated with WIN8. So because going to school is stressful enough I decided I would but a computer with WIN7.
This laptop is beautiful. Very sleek well made. I use it for typing papers a lot. The typing is easy and comfortable. The mouse pad area is easy to use. I love the back-lite keyboard. It is also very thin and portable.
Only cons are that it is a bit heavy not overly so but not a macbook air. Very nice if you need an update and don't want Windows 8.
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on April 15, 2013
I am very happy with the purchase of this machine.

It is thin and light, its performance is fast, The keyboard is soft to the touch and backlit the design is elegant. No heating whatsoever after working hours. .
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on October 29, 2013
I'll concede immediately that I did buy an I3 product, so that speed isn't so much the issue here. I installed more RAM and an SSD, but the onboard SSD is what was troubling, getting it to dual boot has been something of an issue and since the CPU/GPU share memory I'd have liked to seen an option to dedicated more than 1gb.
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on November 13, 2013
It worked fine, at first. But slowly the plastic connector around the DC pin (i.e. where the cord from the power adapter connects to the laptop) started chipping away, and within 2 months it was completely broken, and I had to use masking tape to keep it plugged in. I sent it to ASUS for repairs, and they insisted that it was "customer induced damage" (even though it was still well within the warranty period), and that to repair the DC pin would cost -- wait for it -- about 420 euros, which is more than I paid for the original laptop! (I got it on sale in the USA for about $550). I said that's nuts, to fix a tiny piece of plastic, but apparently their cheap manufacturing process entails that if anything on the motherboard breaks, then the whole motherboard needs to be replaced. Anyway I said no thanks, reluctantly paid 70 euros for the "investigation" fee, and am now planning to just get the power-pin fixed at some local PC repair place, probably for about 50 euros.
The laptop worked fine while it still worked, but then it stopped working. The chances that your own ASUS UX32a will break down are probably small. But, if you also get one of the duds, then you're out of luck: ASUS can churn out high-feature laptops for a low price, but apparently they can do so because their customer service / aftercare is non-existent. So, buy at your own risk.
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on September 1, 2013
I am pleased with this computer, especially as it comes with Win 7 rather than Win 8. (It does not come with a boot DVD however, only a reinstall partition on the hard drive, so if you want a separate boot disk, you'll have to pay for an OEM Win 7 disk.) The documentation said it was supposed to come with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, which was not in the box; rather than bitch over it, I just paid $35 for one, since there is no Ethernet port on the PC. No DVD drive either, but that's the way it goes with light weight. My only complaint: the keyboard does not have much "give," with my normal typing pressure I feel like I'm banging my fingers on solid steel. (Not really, but close.) That may have to do with it being so thin, so there is less space for keyboard give, but it takes some getting used to. But otherwise, nice display, easy to set up. No separate Home/End/PU/PD keys, you have to press a special function key and then tap one of the arrow keys for those functions; but that comes with having a small keyboard. Overall though, very light, easy to use, good screen, 3 USB ports, lightweight power adapter. I'm pleased with it. Sure a lot cheaper than a MacAir, but about the same weight.
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