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on July 20, 2012
Ion Racer is a high-speed twitch-reflex racing game. Collect ion orbs for energy and smash through the blue barriers for points, but don't hit the red ones, they will damage your shields. Hit a red barrier without any shields left and the race is over.

Controls in the game were terrible. Several times the game stopped responding to my inputs and I just smashed through whatever was in front of me, unable to move.

The missions require you to exceed a certain speed or collect a given number of ions, but there is no speedometer or other indication of how far you have progressed within the mission until the game ends.

This is another of those games that make it difficult to progress without resorting to In-App Purchasing. The upgrades and perks cost so much and you get coins so slowly that even the second mission is impossible to pass without upgrades. Completing missions is the only way, other than spending cash, to obtain a decent number of coins.

This app contains a module from the advertiser MoPub, though it does not display ads. It does, however, have some rather excessive permissions, calling on the Course (Network-based) Location, Modify/Delete SD Card Contents, View Network State and Full Internet Access permissions. At least it's only course location and not fine (GPS).

1 star for buggy controls, IAP and excessive permissions.
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on July 20, 2012
I received this app as an app of the day. Having tried the app, here is my review for anyone considering purchasing the app.

First, the good. The gameplay is initially fun, the graphics are nice, and the controls are responsive and intuitive. This game could have a lot of potential if the developers learn from their mistakes and listen to their customers.

Now, the bad. First, it is a paid app with ads. This breaks a cardinal rule of app development: Don't charge people money just to bore them to death with ads! Second, for a paid app, it relies HEAVILY on Pay-to-Win content. Everything costs game credits ("Kions"), and the only way to reliably rake in enough credits to buy anything is to purchase credits with real money. As an example, my average run was 2 minutes and earned roughly 50 Kions. A new ship costs 20,000 Kions. Upgrades cost between 500-1000 Kions initially depending on the upgrade, but the cost doubles, triples, and even quadruples after each successive purchase. Third, gameplay is heavily repetitive and gets old fast. The game has a rudimentary "mission" system, where you gain bonus credits by trying to complete 3 goals per level. The problem is that you must complete all three goals to receive any reward, and to advance to the next level. The fun quickly wears off when you are trying over and over to accomplish some silly little task. Once you do get stuck, you can either keep grinding the missions hoping to pass, purchase a single use "perk" in order to temporarily grant your ship a special ability for 1 run, or quit entirely out of frustration. Fourth, there is only 1 game mode: avoid obstacles while collecting points. That's it. There isn't any "racing" anywhere. There aren't even any tracks. You just keep flying increasingly faster through an infinitely long tunnel while smashing into various colored blocks until your ship explodes. There don't appear to be any other ships, checkpoints, bosses, or even powerups beyond the finite supply of Pay-to-Win "perks" that wear off after 1 use. It starts to feel absolutely pointless in a relatively short timeframe.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a sleek scifi racing game as the title might suggest then (as of writing this review) this app is not the game for you. If, however, you are looking for something with pretty graphics to pass a few minutes of time, you don't mind bribing a game to let you win whenever you get stuck, you love repetitive gameplay, and you also don't mind paying for an app that bugs you with ads every few minutes, then you might enjoy this app.
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on July 20, 2012
Just felt I needed to clear the air on a few issues here...
1. To the reviewers that say "IAP is fine, look at Facebook, so stop whining!".
-Facebook devs don't charge for their apps, so the devs create iap to make money... Among other things. This game is, presumably, a paid app since it is being marketed as such being the faotd.

2. For those of you claiming that the dev isn't making money on the faotd.
-Are you serious? You think these devs are just giving their paid apps away for kicks and giggles? Amazon has a history of taking a hit on some things in order to get people interested in their products. It is more likely that the devs are being paid by amazon for every download... That's what amazon does. So not only are these devs making money on the sales, they are adding information mining, iap and adds. Yeah, I think it's safe to say we should shun these devs all day long.

The fact of the matter is, amazon is trying to promote itself by taking a hit selling free apps. The problem is, too many people can't look past the fact that they are giving away so many crap apps. My take is this, the apps are free, if you don't like one, don't download it.

***UPDATE - I stand corrected...possibly. Amazon apparently claims to pay devs 20% of the price for being a FAOTD. But as the comment to my post points out, they do not pay devs anything, at least in one case. I do not know if this is the case with every FAOTD, but a few google posts claim this to be the case for at least one dev. The problem is that the only instance I could find where Amazon held back paying out was back in the middle of 2011 with Shift Jelly. There doesn't appear to be any other evidnence that devs are being ripped off. In addition, if devs weren't making money or seeing the benefits of being the FAOTD then why are their so many devs repeating their FAOTD giveaway with different apps they have created. I have to image that they are being compensated despite the media blowing up about Shift Jelly's experience.
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on July 20, 2012
This game is actually quite fun. I find it reminiscent of the app Night Ride. It does have some problems, though.
One is that the controls will take getting used to, as both may cause the vehicle to crash into the walls, as both are slow at points.
The other problem is the IAPs and ads. I have no personal issues with IAPs, but without them, getting ziods (the in-game currency) will take a while. Also, the ads, while few, take a while to go away.
In all, I still found this game very enjoyable. I had to take away stars for its flaws, but i still greatly recommend it as a free app (or a rather cheap $0.99 one).
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This game includes a dangerous feature to purchase additional credits. The game itself is fun, but it's not clear to the user that these in-app purchases will be billed to your Amazon account (real $$$!).

Before you play this game, go into the Fire's app store and turn off in-app purchases in the Settings.

Once the game is safe to play for free, it's a fun game. The implementation of the Fire's accelerometer is better than some games that I've seen. The graphics and controls of this game are pretty fun. Just make sure you don't accidentally spend a fortune playing a dumb flying game.
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on July 27, 2012
This is a pretty good game, controls are ok once you get used to them and learn to plan your moves in advance. Graphics look great. Only down side is how incredibly hard it is to advance - blatantly obvious attempt to force IAP's. Learn a lesson from Samurai vs Zombies: make your game at least POSSIBLE to advance without IAP's and give people the option of struggling to win, or taking the easy way. No one likes to be forced to pay for what is supposed to be fun.
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on July 20, 2012
Seriously, IAP games are getting out of control. Especially here on Amazon where there is a disproportionately large user base of children. Preying on the occasional child who would navigate through game menus and try purchasing in game items on their parents account? Once it's done it's too late, no refunds, a win for the greedy developer. Pedophiles are bad, right? How about programmers trying to stick their hands in your child's pockets to steal your money?
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on July 20, 2012
Okay, the graphics are beautiful but that's it. The game play is hard and there are better ones out there if you search. I can't remember off hand. Not to mention the whole IAP (In App Purchase) that teases you with one level and then makes you buy the rest. And as the other reviewers mentioned, there's no need for location tracking and ads on a paid game.
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on July 22, 2012
I do not feel that a developer should be able to charge money for an app and then also have obtrusive adds and ask you to spend more money on in app purchases. However this one does all that. The game itself is nothing special and you could easily find a similar one free. Stay away from this one.
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on July 21, 2012
If you like ads when you change through loading screens then this is the app for you. I don't understand why you pay for an app and still have to put up with annoying ads when I change from race to menu. So let me ask the creators why the ads if I'm paying for the app?
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