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on August 22, 2015
This food has been working out great so far. Switched to it after finding out was poisoning my dogs with another food I THOUGHT was made in the US. One of my dogs might not make it, I've been taking him to the vet and nursing him with my own researched food that I make and prepare for him, and supplements, also American made and sourced. I have found some quality products, and their makers, on this site, who have been very helpful. An interesting event was how my other dog, a German Shepard mix with an incredibly sensitive stomach, made the switch to this without ANY repercussions! THAT BEING SAID, the store where I buy this has very knowledgable employees( a nice contrast to some bigger pet food chains where their mission is to not be found for questions, LOL). And they have informed me that THIS BRAND HAS BEEN BOUGHT BY PURINA, so, the INGREDIANTS, up to now all sourced in Texas, may start coming from somewhere else ( gee, where might that be...?) and my store will know when that happens. Then it's on to another US made and sourced only food. At some point I'm sure this will become impossible, and hopefully by then I will feel confident enough in my knowledge to just prepare all my dog's food.

01/18/2016: Update; called Merrick today. Emily states they remain "China free." The only food they import is lamb from New Zealand and duck from France. I will continue to call them from time to time to keep checking on this.
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on November 5, 2013
I have changed from Blue Buffalo to Merrick and what a difference , my dogs are doing great on it. The dogs coats are shiny, they eat everything in the bowl, their stools are firm , and I've had absolutely no digestive problems since switching from Blue to Merrick...the main reason I just love Merrick is it is 100% made in the good old USA !!!!

UPDATE: Just an FYI for you dog lovers out there Merrick was recently bought out by Purina
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on October 7, 2016
Merrick brand is awesome. Our dog had lymphoma and was super sick all the time. After loads of research we decided to try Merrick grain free. Her hair became so soft and shiny. Her stools began to harden up and form normally. Her energy levels increased dramatically and when she would go in for check ups her doctors were really impressed with all her improvements. This dog food is also affordable!

We have continued to use Merrick Grain Free for our other dogs and for our lab after switching her over her temperament has improved so much. She has a sensitive stomach and Merrick Grain Free works great for her. She does not get sick to the point of throwing up her meals and her extreme itchiness has gone away! We love Merrick! :)
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on January 18, 2016
Merrick dog food is a quality product. My male boxer, Dirk, is very active and athletic. Any of the flavors, he has had no trouble with digestion. Dirk is 5 years old and weighs in at 101lbs. No fat on this boy.
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Enthusiast: Petson May 30, 2017
We've been using this brand (Merrick Grain Free varieties) with our 1 year old Old English Sheepdog for almost the whole time we've had him. He loves the taste of all the formulas and because most of them have similar meat ratios (70%), we're able to rotate between several flavors without any undue tummy distress. Old English Sheepdogs are known for their sensitive bellies - like so many breeds these days - and he has never had difficulty digesting this brand. His "outputs" are compact and normal and much LESS than when he was on a grain-based puppy food. If you've never tried a grain-free dog food before, I would say that's the biggest difference you should expect. Fewer, smaller poops. When you have a dog that's almost 100 lbs, you welcome less piles. :) Additionally, he needs less grain-free food to fill him up compared with standard dog foods. This helps when considering cost/value. At his size, he needs a lot of calories to sustain himself and it can get costly if you're dog is eating a lot of filler! More importantly, his health and growth over his first year has been right on target with the vet recommendations and his hair is beautiful and shiny - indicating good health. We're very pleased with this brand and the value.
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on September 23, 2015
I switched to Merrick after having a revelation while eating sushi - I was spending $30 a month on my dogs iams dry food, the cost of a single meal for me a couple of times a week. So I did the research and decided on Merrick. Now I spend about $100 a month on his food, knowing he is getting the best of the best. Seriously, their canned products are so real and tasty looking that if I had no other option, I don't know how bad I would feel about eating their whole vegetables and chunks of real meat. (Again, this is an emergency were talking about haha)

For my 30 lb dog, I mix a handful of dried food with half a can of wet food. My handful is a little less than cup, for those of you who arent familiar with my stature. I've had the Duck, Buffalo and Chicken dry food with great success. However, there were times when my dog would smell the food and refuse it. Getting him to eat dry food only was also near impossible. He would have to be starving to accept it

Everything changed when I got the salmon dry food. I have never seen my dog devour food with such appetite, every time. Dry food only? No problem! Gone. This IS the flavor. I will switch it up just to switch it up, perhaps with duck, but this is definitely going to remain as the staple flavor. Also, what goes in must come out. This dry food makes for the best looking stool - consistency, color, regularity. Like that movie Jarhead - "Not too soft, not too hard. Just right!"

This is by far the best food I have ever given my dog.
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on May 21, 2017
My dog has been eating this kind of food for a long time and I've never had any issues. Since I recently got Amazon Prime I thought I'd order this food off of Amazon. I noticed the food kernels looked a little different and didn't smell as fishy but didn't think anything of it. After feeding my dog dinner she be came violently ill the next day. She couldn't hold her bowel movements and had diarrhea all over my bed comforter, carpet etc. Assuming she ate something outside she ate this food again that night. Again, the next day was even worse and she was extremely sick. After thinking about the only thing that I had changed was a new bag of food, I went to the store and got the same bag of food. The kernels looked how they were supposed to and smelled the same as I remember. She is now on the mend but still weak and I threw away this dog food I ordered off of Amazon. I'm not one to usually write reviews, but after seeing my dog so ill, I wouldn't recommend ordering this brand of dog food from Amazon. I'm not sure if it was just a bad bag or if it was just Merrick's fault, but I will not be ordering this from Amazon again.
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on May 18, 2017
I have been feeding my dog this for years and believe it is a good quality food from a good company. However, I will likely switch as some of my 7 year old dogs recent blood work suggested borderline issues with kidney function that my vet believes is because of the high protein content of this food. While I am a strong proponent of grain free, whole food for dogs, I was surprised at how high the protein was when I checked the nutrition label and will likely, to be cautious, switch foods to something a bit more in the middle for protein content. While I'm not sure his kidney function is going deteriorate, the test results and attribution to his diet concerned me. But overall, a great food that I have largely fed to my dog with no issues. Just keep the nutrition content in mind for what is suitable for your individual dog.
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on February 13, 2014
Dog food for our family is a continuous research project. I always try to make sure we have the best possible kibble for our Mastiffs. It works! Our big boy is solid as a rock and 251 lbs. Our puppy who gets the Merrick Buffalo, is 5 months old and 85 lbs. His coat is awesome, his stools are perfect and we are able to feed less of this highly nutritious food to achieve the desired caloric intake and completely satisfy his nutritional requirements.

The Dog Food Advisor Website rates this food 5 out 5 stars (there aren't that many 5 star foods available) and my older dog food grading system works out an A++ for this food based on a system where you add points for good ingredients and deduct points for bad ingredients. Whether you decide to try this food or not always avoid feed with any kind of byproducts or corn or corn meal.

We do supplement the dry food from time to time with cooked sweet potato, cooked pumpkin, or cooked poultry. However, the Merrick is so complete, we do this less than with other dry foods. Furthermore, the Merrick is so tasty that they do not require add ins to make the food more palatable as with many dry foods. In fact, they love this food so much we are able to use the kibbles as training treats. :-)
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on July 26, 2013
I recently switched to Merrick after my 'fave' food, Evo ancestral diet, had three recalls in four months and was 'off-shelf' a considerable time between recalls. Like many pet owners, I buy high end kibble because I'm looking for both the ingredient and for a special product--in my case, I want only US-sourced meats and vegetables with no 'fillers'. I have a deep distrust of Chinese produced products (especially after the melamine thing) and will switch off any foodstuff--pet or human--from China (and now that the Chinese have bought US pork-processing companies, I'll shun their products, too). Since P&G bought Evo (and three other premium brands) they have had multiple recalls...don't know if they have changed their sourcing or switched from meats to meat by-products, etc...but Merrick meets all my needs for a dog food. It has premium ingredients and is produced in the US of ingredients locally sourced in the US. My dogs like and accept it--the kibble size is a little small for my older (14 yo) large dog, who has difficulty 'mouthing' a lot of foods he used to love...but he can get enough down to keep him healthy and a little overweight. I think Merrick is a great deal for those of us wanting 'local sourcing' and production...with Amazon prime, the 20# bags are delivered to my PO with no charge for can't beat that, and it surely is better than running from store to store looking for the 'right' brand. With what I save in gas/time it ends up being cheaper than nonpremium dog foods!
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