Customer Reviews: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" (Previous Generation) Standing Leather Case, Onyx Black (will only fit Kindle Fire HD 7", Previous Generation) - will not fit new Fire HD 7
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on September 14, 2012
I picked up this case along with the 7" Kindle Fire HD based on the description of the product and the fact that it is produced directly by Amazon, opposed to the 3rd party options like Marware that were the only options back when the original Kindle Fire was released. So far on day 1, i'm extremely pleased and happy with the construction and quality of the case.

The main body of the case is a hard plastic shell, with speaker grills cut out for the speakers on the Fire HD, and plastic buttons for power and volume. The plastic is somewhat flexible and can bend a little bit, but looks strong enough that it wouldn't easily snap or crack if it dropped. The Fire itself slips right in and is held in pretty well; I can turn the case upside down without worrying that the Fire would fall out. The flap for the cover is lined with a soft cloth to protect the screen, and also looks like material that won't fray anytime soon. Magnets look like they're on the corners of the device to keep the cover in place, and are strong enough that the flap won't open on it's own. There's a small rubber tab on the end that makes it easy to open as well, and allows the HDMI and USB ports to be exposed so that it can be plugged in while charging or connected to a bigger display. Smart design. The outside cover feels like a tough leather; it feels nice and it too doesn't look like it would scuff easily.

The feature that wakes the Fire upon opening the flap or puts it to sleep when closed works flawlessly. The buttons on the case actually make it easier to press the power button, which is a common complaint on the Fire HD since the power button is flush. But with the auto wake and sleep on the case, it probably won't be as big of a deal. The case "stands" by just making a tent shape, opposed to being propped up the way other cases are designed. This actually works pretty well, as the rubber on the case edge keeps it sturdy and stable, and lets you adjust angles without a problem opposed to pre-defined angles or notches in other cases.

I'm extremely happy with the case, but the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the price. Paying almost 1/4 of the price of the Fire HD itself for a case is pretty steep, despite how nice the case actually is.
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on September 18, 2012
The main reason I ordered this case was because of the magnetic open/close feature. All the other available cases had a strap to keep it closed, which I am not a fan of personally. Here are my thoughts:

- The case is slim and does not add too much bulk or weight to the device. This is always a big plus.
- The build quality feels very nice and solid. You can tell you are holding a well built case, not a cheap plastic one.
- The magnetic open/close feature is great, I would venture to say even better than an iPad with Smart Cover. This gives the case a huge step up over the others in the market right now.
- The buttons for power and volume are much easier to press with the case on. If you were for instance, watching a movie in the dark it took some time to find the volume without the case on.
- Cosmetically the case looks fantastic, very stylish and professional.

- The case is rather expensive for what it is. But then again, if this was Apple the case would probably be around $80.
- The buttons, while easier to find and press, are still not as easily accessible as a naked iPad. If for some reason I had to change the volume at a moment's notice, it would be rather difficult.
- I often hold the tablet in landscape, with my thumb on the lower left corner. I noticed the there was some give here, and the tablet could shift up and down. I put it a small piece of soft cloth to make sure it didn't move around.
- The rubber that holds the device in place I feel should go out a little bit farther. Sometimes when I hold the case on the edge I feel the device almost start to slip out.

I am happy with the case despite its small imperfections. I cannot say I have ever found a perfect case after all. I do feel like it could be a little cheaper, and I'm sure in a few weeks or months it will be. Still at very solid investment at $45, as I do not think you will need another case for your Fire.
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on September 17, 2012
I'd gladly give this case 5 stars if not the price. Should really be around $30. It fits the Fire HD like a glove, leaving all ports, microphone, etc. exposed for easy access. It's solid, well built, and as a nice bonus, when flipped fully open with the flap all the way flush to the back, but would be even better if it would attach to the back somehow and stay there. It has a magnetic latch when closed, so it does not open when you don't needed for it to be opened. The edges of the case and inside is plastic that is robber coated, so it gives a great feel. The stand position is very unstable but can be used for watching a movie.
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on September 20, 2012
I'll briefly summarize the things that work for this case to reinforce what has been stated already. That it is from Amazon itself and designed for the Kindle. The fit is snug, it is light, has a much better texture and feel than is conveyed in the pictures. The awesome sound from the speakers is unobstructed and the magnetic lift-to-wake lid is a nice touch, with convenient case cover buttons for the volume and power buttons.

However one of the key uses of the fire for me is to watch shows or videos while multi-tasking in the kitchen. So the fully adjustable stand position at first appeared as a positive. Then the flaw appeared,on smooth surfaces such as a granite counter or wood table the lid slips out from the back causing the kindle to fall flat on its back. This has happened repeatedly, and even when the lid is against another object, then the front will slide out. For how much this case cost (a quarter of the device price) this is unacceptable. If I can't figure this out without some tacky workaround like taping something on, this will likely go back. I will be trying out some other cases to see how they work.
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on September 24, 2012
This is probably the best looking and fitting case that adds minimal weight to the Kindle Fire HD on the market. There's lots to like about this case, but the focus of my review is on the 3 things I'm having problems with that I know people may have questions about or problems with so that's where I'll start.
(I have listed the positive features of the case at the bottom of my review or you can read them in other 5-star reviews)

How well does the case stand open in landscape and portrait orientation and how is this accomplished?

Horizontally it is very stable for use in landscape mode as long as the surface isn't too slippery. The optimal viewing angle for this case is about 45 degrees. Beyond 45 degrees almost any surface I tested it on (wood, glass, plastic, steel, formica, granite, a bed sheet) was too slippery and it fell flat either immediately or within 30 seconds.

Vertically it can stand in a pretty stable position but the viewing is limited to a 90 degree angle with the surface it is on. In other words in stands perfectly straight up and can not be angled at all.

How the stand works
Rubber edging and a rubber anchor strip is the basis for creating the standing positions for this case. You open the case by lifting a 3.5" long rubber tab(the anchor) with the word "kindle" carved into it that extends about one eighth of an inch out from the case itself. The edging of the side of the case that cradles the Fire is entirely wrapped in a rectangular rubberized strip. This is what keeps it very stable in landscape position and also why it isn't quite as stable in a portrait position as there is no rubber strip on the top or bottom of the front cover of the case.

Is a 45 degree horizontal angle and a 90 degree vertical angle good enough?
If you're viewing movies or reading in landscape view it's very good. If you're following a recipe or like to read in portrait mode with it set on a table, it's doable but not very ergonomic. A better alternative would be to purchase a separate stand like AmazonBasics Portable Fold-Up Travel Stand for the new iPad, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7.0, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Touch (Black). However, what is NOT ideal is that there is NO good angle for typing on the touch key pad. Your only two options for typing are a 45 degree angle or flat on a surface. To me this is a serious drawback as I type a lot on my Fire and need to be able to do so quickly and with no fuss. To be easy to type on, a case must be able to achieve about a 25 degree angle of incline and this case can only do that if you lean it on a book or prop in on something.

I'll get right to the point on this one. The denim type material used on the left inside of the cover is too slippery. If you use a tablet in the manner I do, by folding the front cover around to the back, the only way to safely hold it with one hand is by putting a finger between the front and back of the case. If you choose to hold it with your thumb on the bezel(smooth glass) and your other fingers on the back it's going to slip. My 22 year old son already dropped the Fire HD when holding it this way because he said his hand got sweaty and slipped off the denim. So, if your hands sometimes get sweaty or are occasionally greasy, you must hold it by putting a finger between the folded back covers to get a secure grip on it. If you really want this case for the other features, I would suggest two things. First, when you're holding it with your thumb on the bezel and you other fingers in the back, keep your hand slightly tilted so the weight of the Fire HD rests in the palm of your hand. Second, get an elastic band to put over the front cover to slip your hand into to provide better stability for reading in portrait mode. When I purchased the Fire last year I loved it so much that I was happy with pretty much any cover. Now that I've moved on to the Fire HD I want the most versatile cover available. If only Amazon had included an integrated elastic hand strap.

Despite being covered, the volume buttons are no easier to find or press than on the bare Fire HD. I had hoped they would work more like a case I have for a different device where the volume rocker is covered with a raised, very soft silicone that made using it with the case much easier than without. My husband, who is determined to keep this case, has painted a thin neon green line along the edge of the case where the volume controls are.

If you only use the headphone jack to plug in a stylus to keep it from getting lost the opening will not be a problem. We use it for headphones and to plug into a couple different speakers. Here you might run into some problems. The rubber edging is built up pretty high around the opening for the jack. We had problems getting the pin fully inserted on 2 pairs of headphones. Here again my husband has remedied the problem by trimming down some of the edging with a utility knife.

a) Too much flex in the binding material(spine) which causes it to twist too much and feel loose. (especially when you are holding the case like an open book)
b) No padded cover. I know Amazon engineers were going for a slim design and although the front cover seems hard enough it's quite thin. I'm just not sure how protected from impact the screen would be if dropped on a hard surface.
c) No loop for a stylus, not even an itty bitty one. Many people find a stylus works better for typing and sensitive applications.
d) The magnet closure not just on this case but others like it is supposed to turn your Fire off when closed. I think many people new to tablets and the Fire HD will think this means it turns everything off. That just isn't true. If music is playing or an audiobook is downloading when you close the cover, these processes continue. Music, for instance, must be manually turned off.

The case is very nice with a few drawbacks. I'm not sorry we purchased it as it's a great looking case. It may suit your needs perfectly. As for me, it's just not the highly versatile case that I'm still looking for and the stand really doesn't work that well. The viewing angles are quite limited and trying to make it stand at anything beyond the optimal angle will result in it collapsing.

I usually love the products that Amazon creates but with this case I feel that they just didn't try using it in real world situations. I feel like they tested it on the board room table and it seemed good so they went with the design. Have you ever seen the movie "Big" where Tom Hanks plays a kid who becomes an adult after being granted his wish to become "big" at a carnival. He ends up working for a toy company and telling them what's wrong with new toys and why they aren't good or won't sell. I wish Amazon had used that mentality with the testing of this case.

Rating 2-stars not 5:
-1 star because my husband had to trim the opening for the audio jack and paint on a neon line so we can find the volume rocker.
-1 star because is does not provide a good typing angle and for $45 it should.
-1 star for the Amazon R&D person who came up with the good looking but slippery denim material idea.

A summary of the positive features:
--Very stylish and cool looking!
--Very light weight, minimalist design; does not add unnecessary weight to the device.
--The Fire HD fits into the case smooth as butter, like a glove.
--All the cutouts are perfectly placed for total access to USB and HDMI ports and headphone jack.
--There is a cutout on the horizontal edge of the case above the camera eye where the microphone is located. This is a feature that is missing from most cases being sold right now because no one but Amazon really knew or took note of the tiny pin hole microphone on that edge.
--The outside of the cover feels nice and the denim material on the inside front cover looks good and doesn't look like it will attract dust or stain easily.
--A magnet holds the case closed securely and puts the Fire HD to sleep when you close it and wakes it when you open it.

Note: I received this case as a gift so it does not show up as a Amazon Verified Purchase.

7/15/13 UPDATE: The price of these cases has finally dropped to a reasonable level and you can save even more right now if you go to Amazon Local and get the "Free Voucher Worth 50% Off Select Kindle Fire Accessories,, LLC, Sold by, LLC". This will allow you to buy this case for $17.49. The voucher is good through 7/28/13-->EXPIRED
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on September 17, 2012
This case was designed by Amazon, with all of the features of the Kindle HD in mind. The case is textured and fits the HD like a glove. I like the magnetic closure that puts the HD to sleep, but still allows music to play if you have it on.

Also, I like the fact that the sound from the speakers are clear and sound great and the case does not cover them up even when folded back. Has an open spot for the charger, and buttons for the volumn and power buttons.

The case also holds the HD at a nice angle when propped up, because it has a little rubbery piece around the edge of the case that keeps it from slipping.

Case is expensive but functions well, and looks nice. Only gripe: only black available when I purchased it. Otherwise. Great case.
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on September 25, 2012
Congrats on your new Kindle Fire HD 7", just remember that Fire is for reading - not playing with which is exactly what you're doing when you leave this device exposed and without a cover. Fortunately this standing leather case is the perfect solution.

What makes it such a great product is how it adds to the functionality of the device. It's certainly pricey at the current mark of $44.99, but once you see and feel this case in person you'll fully appreciate its value. One of the most common (and valid) complaints about the new Kindle is the location of the virtually-hidden power button. With this case you wake up your Kindle or put it to sleep simply by opening or closing the magnetic cover. It keeps it securely closed when asleep and free from dust or debris that it would otherwise be exposed to and without any straps or fasteners. That alone makes the cover worth it and the Kindle itself such a better product.

The smooth exterior feels magnificent to the touch and is sturdy and well-constructed without obstructing any of the ports, buttons or the dual speakers. It fits perfectly and doesn't add any bulk, weight or noticeable size to your device.

For media usage, the case can be used as a stand if you don't want to hold your device while viewing, and for reading the case makes your device feel more like a book, and provides added comfort with more places to put your hands. This is a must-own accessory for the new Kindle Fire HD 7".
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on September 19, 2012
This case is great since it solves the problem of the inconspicuous on/off button. I used the Fire HD for a few days before I got this case, and it was always a chore to find the on/off button, since it is flush with the side and is pretty small. This case works as advertised, turning the device on when you open the case and off when you close the case. I don't know exactly how it does that, but it does, and this will make the Fire a lot easier to use on a day to day basis.

I also noticed that the back of the Fire HD tended to collect smudges, and this case solves that problem too.

It is pricey, but it is worth it, as many others have said.
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on October 3, 2012
This case is very stylish and doesn't add too much bulk to the Kindle Fire HD. The product description does a fantastic job of explaining what you are getting with this case - there were no surprises when I opened the box and put my Kindle Fire HD in the case (in this case, no surprises being a good thing).

One quick note - the case I used for my original Kindle Fire was lined on the inside (the side touching the display when closed) with a soft felt. As a result, it attracted dirt, dust, lint, and anything that would stick to felt (i.e. cat hair, etc). With this case, the lining is still soft, but not made of a material that would have the aformentioned items stick to them.

Overall, I love the premium feel of this case and feel that many people will not be disappointed with this purchase.
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on November 19, 2012
Am I the only one who reads one handed? Love the color. LOVE the auto sleep/wake. However, the cover folded back needs to attach somehow. Even a magnetic hold would be nice. My biggest complaint though is the inside cover. Too slick to hold and read one handed. This is going back. I'll go back to Marware with the inside cover strap. Much more comfortable to hold. I'll learn to live with the Marware Axis charging port problem. Oh and FYI. has colors available that Amazon currently doesn't.
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