Customer Reviews: Uncaged
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on July 10, 2012
I pre-ordered this weeks ago, having absolutely loved everything these guys have put out. I received this in the mail today and have listened to it two times, and while it is another solid CD, there is nothing really new here. The disc opens with one of my favorite songs from the CD, "Jump Right In", an uptempo, catchy fun song that continues on with the ZBB "island music" songs, making you want to leave work early and head for the water. The title song, "Uncaged" follows, another uptempo song that displays the the bands musical skills. Track three is sort of a trite ballad, "Goodbye In Her Eyes", that has been done a million times, and while the song is OK, it is weak if you compare it to their other goodbye songs like "Highway 20 Ride" & "Colder Weather". The lead single, "Where The Wind Blows, is another catchy up tempo song that has the boys in fine form with soaring fiddles, mandolin and organ throughout the song. "Next up is "Island Song", a pure reggae song, similar to "Where The Boat Leaves From" from their debut CD "The Foundation", but just not as good in my opinion. Next up is "Sweet Annie", a lament to a girlfriend/wife for always having to be on the road and a thank you to her for allowing him to "live out his fantasy" and "not giving up on him". No new theme here, but Zac does a great job on the lead vocal in this one and the harmonies are perfect, recalling the harmonies from "Colder Weather". Next up is "Natural Disaster", another uptempo song, similar to "Mary" off The Foundation. Their most adventurous song on the CD is a sexy 70's sounding bedroom romp called "Overnight", complete with horns. While it isn't a bad song, it seems a bit our of place here. The last three songs find ZBB doing what they do best...the mid tempo, life lesson songs about slowing down and enjoying the ride..."Lance's Song", "Day That I Die" & the closer, "Last But Not Least" are all solid songs and close the album perfectly. In closing, it is very safe to say that if you loved their first two studio CD's, you will like and possibly love this CD. For me, however, each of their subsequent CD's has regressed, just a little bit. With that said, this is still some very good music.
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on July 10, 2012
I'm not much for eloquent reviews. I just know we were bopping heads and singing along straight from track 1. Jason Mraz collaborates with Zac on the opening track, "Jump Right In." Great choice to open an album. Love that ZBB is sticking to the island flavor (Jump Right In & Island Song) again as well as venturing out into 70's music with "Overnight" featuring Trombone Shorty. Sweet horns and groove. The most adventurous song on the album and it really succeeds pushing the envelope of ZBB sound.

Overall, ZBB sticks to the formula which has made them successful the past few years with tight harmonies and super polished sound...But they continue to push the concept of what defines them and it works just as well this time around. Great summer addition to your playlist.

As a side note, I'm constantly amazed how Amazon can offer new releases at such affordable prices. Kudos to them for providing an alternative we all can afford.
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on July 10, 2012
This is another great adventure through the musical stratosphere with one of the most dynamic groups to hit the scene in years. Zac Brown Band keeps you on the edge of your seat with each track. Starting from the "Jump right in" an uplifting island flavored track with great harmonies. Then the gritty guitar of "Uncaged" with a bit of the "Who Knows" feel I love including plenty of Jimmy D and the boys. On to "Goodbye in Her Eyes" the first ballad, where Zac takes over with his soulful vocals and the band backs him up beautifully. "The Wind" blows us away to country songs past with the quick paced music ZBB does so well. This track was performed live last night to open the Home Run Derby and ZBB tore it up. Then we get to travel down to the "Island Song" where the band pays tribute to Bob Marley and their love for reggae shines once again. "Sweet Annie" has the feel of "Jolene" with a different message one that says I need a rest from the road and can't wait to be with you my Sweet Annie. Ever meet that "Natural Disaster" of a woman you couldn't run away from even though you knew you were going to get burned, that's the one ZBB is telling you about in this song of warning and desire. Perhaps the most intriguing journey that ZBB takes us on is the one where we get to stay "Overnight feat. Trombone Shorty" It's like a time warp to the 1970's complete with a smooth beat, a sexy hook, some horn, and jazz guitar. In true ZBB style they pull it off stunningly. "Lance's Song" a lullaby about a musician who followed his dreams and played the music he loved until the lord took him home to the big band in the sky, must have been someone very special to the band. We all think about the "Day That I Die feat. Amos Lee" what do we want to leave behind how we want to be remembered. What were we put here to do; well ZBB was put here to entertain us with great music that makes you think. This song features a great message, incredible harmonies and pays homage to the music that the band was born to play. "Last But Not Least" we have to say goodbye to this masterpiece that will surely make plenty of summer hits and hopefully get you thinking about your own passion and how you can share it with others. Thanks to ZBB and Amazon for making this great album available at such an affordable price.
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on July 10, 2012
Uncaged is a great glimpse of what a Zac Brown Band concert is all about!!! The band is extremely versatile and can cover any genre of music and do it well. This album shows Zac and the fellas aren't just another country band. There is something for everyone on the latest CD from "Sweet Annie" for those that love the sound of "Colder Weather" or if you want a Jimmy Buffet sorta feel, go for "Island Song" or "Jump Right In." Even for those of you that like a little R&B feel, "Overnight" is for you. The band plays a variety of songs in concert and this CD showcases the talent each member of the band has and how they all blend together so perfectly to create the Zac Brown Band experience. Love hearing Clay Cook have a moment in the spotlight on "Last But Not Least." If you've never experienced the music of ZBB, you owe it to yourself to let this be an introduction to the band. They are a unique ensemble!!!!! Love them and their music.
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on July 10, 2012
This album provides exactly what we've come to know and love about the Zac Brown Band - an eclectic mix of off-country music with excellent musicianship and a unique sound. I find that ZBB music takes quite a few listens to really click, but once it does, wow. There is a big variety of music on this CD, which keeps it from getting boring. There is a reggae song and an R&B style bedroom-music song to keep things interesting. But the thing that is most impressive is their musical growth as a band. Really, they were sublime musicians before this album, but the depth of the vocal harmonies and the intricacy in each instrumental on this album is what makes it so good. I just can't say enough about it.
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on July 10, 2012
This band never ceases to amaze me! Plain and simple this album is amazing! It's got the great production quality of "You Get What You Give" & the laid back island vibe that they had on "The Foundation".

It's just a fun upbeat album that touches so many different genres of music yet it all fits together so perfectly! You've got the signature jimmy buffettesque songs like "Jump Right In" & the perfectly titled "Island Song",then you have their trade-mark blue grass song in "The Wind", they've hit alittle mariachi style in "Natural Disaster" & right when you stop and think to yourself "Geeze! What else am I gonna hear on this album?" BAM! You get the very Marvin Gaye styled "Overnight"! This album has it all & I dare anyone to try not smiling while you listen to this album.

For some artists it takes 3 to 4 albums to get enough material to make a greatest hits album...Zac Brown Band has written 3 already! ANOTHER AMAZING CD!
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on July 10, 2012
How'd they do it? They made an even better record than their previous two...I cannot begin to explain how much I love this album. I refuse to skip songs. From song one, they have me feeling good and even though there are a few somber moments throughout, they present it so beautifully I can only hope to feel the the same emotion each song evokes once more when the album makes its way through again. I love the song they wrote for Lance Tilton, as I did not know him this song would not necessarily have moved me the way that it did, but because of the beautiful melodies and brilliant songwriting...I feel like I understand the musician that this man was, and the pure soul he must have had to touch Zac and the boys that deeply. Every song takes you somewhere new and it really makes you feel good. A musical high like this should cost more....amiright? Ha. Since the first time I heard the Zac Brown Band, I have appreciated the talent harnessed in this one band...but now I believe with this album, they are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else in the industry today...and I fancy myself a bit of a music man so that's a pretty big compliment. These boys have lain the gauntlet down...and I feel it will quite a while before anyone comes close to picking it up. Bravo, Gentlemen. Bravo.
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on June 6, 2016
Editorial Reviews
Zac Brown Band is set to release new album Uncaged on July 10, and the band’s lead singer Zac Brown says in a statement the project is the culmination of the “powerful chemistry that’s developed by living, traveling and working as a band.”

“We’re always trying to push the barrier of our musicianship, and I’m proud to say that there is a little bit of something for everyone,” he says of Uncaged.

The 11-song album features a slew of special guests including Amos Lee and Trombone Shorty, as well as songs written or co-written by other artists including Jason Mraz and Nic Cowan and Sonia Leigh.

The album was recorded at various studios in Atlanta, Nashville, Asheville, N.C., and Key West, Fla. The band’s two previous albums, The Foundation and You Get What You Give, have gone platinum and produced nine consecutive No. 1 songs.

“This is the first record we’ve made from start to finish in one thought,” said multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook. “The previous albums have been a collection of songs ... this is an album.”
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on July 10, 2012
If my three previous Zac Brown Band CDs were LPs, they would have worn out a long time ago. That's how much I love this band. I was very excited and skeptical at the same time when I heard they were coming out with a new album. I was bracing myself to be disappointed that it wouldn't live up to my love for the other albums. I am very happy to report that it is just as good or even better! I was able to listen to a preview of the album for a few days and I just kept playing it over and over because I couldn't get enough. I was sooo thrilled when I got the CD from Amazon today (a day early - thanks, Amazon!) Obviously, I cannot recommend the album enough. Several of the songs are very catchy and I find myself singing them during the few hours of the day that I'm not listening to the album! I actually enjoy every song and the balance of the album, overall. The only negative thing I can say is that now I'm sad that I'll have to wait another year or more for the next one. Great, great music!
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on August 27, 2013
I bought this as a present for my father-in-law but turns out my mother-in-law and I listened to it a lot more in preparation for our Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown concert. I had only know 1 other song by Zac Brown prior to this album but after listening to this I fell in love with them.

"Jump Right In" and "Goodbye In Her Eyes" are personal favorites. The album is amazing - great upbeat songs and great slow songs as well. The album shipped quickly and I couldn't be more impressed with this purchase. Good price and overall just an awesome buy. Glad I bought the albums so I could fall in love with Zac Brown Band.

Great buy!
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