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on August 27, 2012
This is a 3rd Generation Intel processor combo, CPU/Graphics ... smaller die size means runs cooler, faster, better graphics, longer battery life. This model has 4 GB RAM ... I added 4 GB more (make sure the added memory is 1600 mHz frequency not 1333. The screen is bright and clear, though I don't know how color accurate it is. The keyboard is excellent ... the touch pad requires only a light touch, but is tricky when typing a lot. When keyboard adapter is plugged in, can setup to auto turn off pad, nice. I prefer an external mouse. Speakers are okay (for a laptop, but no bass frequencies). External Speakers are obviously much better. Wlan (WiFi) has good range. Though I am adding an Alfa wireless range extender...for use in boonies ... see below (1). Camera and microphone are fine for Skype like chats. No bluetooth, but it can be added via USB 2.0 adapter. SD camera card reader is actually SDHC ... I like the new USB 3.0 ports ... two of them and one USB 2.0 ... total of three ... nice.

Overall, a well made, great performing laptop by ASUS ... fast, runs cool and has reasonable battery life for a non SSD storage drive system. Tons of storage ... 750 GB HHD ... Pricing is very competitive. The instant on is really nice. I prefer ASUS build quality, reliability and customer service... one of the best in the industry.

Amazon customer service has also been outstanding on this and many other items I have bought. Cooperative and helpful.

(1) Alfa AWUS036H High power 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g High Gain USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi network Adapter with 5dBi Rubber Antenna and a 7dBi Panel Antenna and Suction cup / Clip Window Mount - for Wardriving & Range Extension by Alfa
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on August 30, 2012
-Good battery life (3 hours on high performance)
-No bullshit bloatwares on setup
-Graphics can handle most graphically taxing games on low-med settings
-Great processor for everyday uses
-Comfortable keyboard, great screen
-Simple design, sleek looks

-Touch screen a bit too sensitive, delicate to the touches
-Mediocre built-in speakers

For those of you who are looking for a work laptop without heavy tasks such as video editing or hardcore gaming, this is a great laptop. Furthermore, this laptop can handle games such as WoW, Guild Wars 2, and Starcraft at Medium-low settings at 40-50 fps, which is good. Great price for a versatile entertainment laptop
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on November 14, 2012
My wife has had an HP laptop for several years. It had Windows Vista as the operating system. I have an Acer laptop and an HP desktop, both with Windows 7 installed. My wife's computer was fairly slow and didn't talk well with my Windows 7 home network, so when my grandson needed a laptop to do homework on, I jumped at the opportunity to give him the Vista laptop and get a new laptop for my wife with Windows 7 installed.

After having two HP computers (laptop and desktop), I am not enamored of HP computers, so I was looking for something else that had good ratings (on Amazon of course). I like my Acer laptop, but the keyboard is kind of chintzy - it flexes a little when you type. Reading reviews on Amazon and Consumer reports, I decided to try an Asus brand laptop. I wanted something with a large enough screen that my wife could comfortably read and that didn't take up a huge amount of counter space since the laptop sits in a countertop desk in the kitchen. 15.6-inches is the same as her old laptop, so that is why I picked that size. Amazon had a good choice with the right options and processor and the blue color stood out as my wife's favorite. So, for all the reasons above, I picked this laptop.

The laptop came boxed and packed well. No problems with damage. It is beautiful. The blue is rich and everything seems of high quality. I had a lot of fun customizing it for my wife's use. I took off all the crapware and added the programs I like to have on my computers - like OpenOffice - a free clone of MS Office and other similar programs that we use every day.

This laptop is fast and has solid hardware. It has not given me any problems and my wife likes it a lot. I would buy another Asus after my experience. One slight issue I have with the case is that the back sits a little low for me. This makes the keyboard face upward at a fairly high angle for my tastes. I would like to see the back end raised a little higher so the keyboard is slanted more towards the user. That makes it easier for me to find the keys with my palms resting on the counter. I am 6'-2" so I sit a lot higher at the counter than my wife who is only 5'-1". However, my wife says it is fine with her, so that is what counts.

This is a great PC - boots fast, has a lot of zip, runs everything that I need to run and I cannot say anything bad about it. I think it was a great buy.
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on December 25, 2017
Hard drive died. Fan was making noise and laptop was very hot. Keyboard has known issues that Asus won't fix. Just Google "Asus keyboard N B space bar" and you will see that many of their laptops have keyboards with specific keys that stop working. Looks as if Dell has the same issue with their keyboards.

Time to spend another $600+ and buy a new one. I know it seems silly that I expect a $600 laptop to last longer than 4 years. How will these companies keep increasing their profits if they build quality products that last 7 to 10 years? I suppose laptops in the same price range are about the same quality. I expect most manufacturers have the same crappy outsourced customer service with agents who can't understand the issue, let alone solve it. My new laptop won't be an ASUS, even though they probably are no worse than the other choices.
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on October 6, 2012
This is a great laptop for the price and I consider ASUS as the best computer manufacturer in the world; I trust them my eyes closed. But they really failed with the speakers of this laptop, why would anyone put speakers UNDER the laptop?? The sound sucks and I use my laptop for listening music and watching movies a lot; with these speakers you cannot do any of these. If you plan to use this laptop with headphones or earphones don't hesitate to buy, I did my research and as of today this is one of the best laptops you can find in terms of performance/price.
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on January 11, 2013
My 3 year old Macbook was on its last legs for the past few months and finally died on Christmas Eve. I hesitantly ordered this laptop on Christmas day and Amazon/UPS was great in getting the order to me in just 2 days. Kudos again to Amazon for their service.

I was aware of the complaints about the laptop (touchpad sensitivity & space bar issues) and can concur with people on the touchpad but I have no issues with the space bar on my unit. The touchpad is extremely sensitive and the ElanTech software that is included with the laptop is even worse. The settings that I apply to the touchpad to turn it off (Control Panel > Mouse > Elan tab) do not work unless you fiddle with them for a while. I'm very close to just turning the touchpad off completely either in BIOS or uninstalling the driver and using the laptop with a mouse at all times it's so bad. -1 star off the review for the touchpad alone.

The laptop itself looks very nice with the color combo and the 'carbon fibresque' cover but the build quality is very plasticky. Now I completely expected that for a laptop of this price so I'm not complaining about it, just making an observation. The full size keyboard is a nice feature and the keys are very easy to type on but I really do miss not having the backlit keys like on the Macbook. Not a big deal but just a minor gripe, no fault of Asus though.

Laptop booted up fine and quickly and I was surprised to see there wasn't much bloatware from other vendors. I saw some McAfee anti-virus, Microsoft Office 10 trial, and some Cyberlink Media stuff mainly. The bloatware is only noticed when you look at the Asus folder in the start menu and see all of their own products loaded on the laptop. Googling the various programs I read that most of them could be uninstalled safely while not affecting the usage of the laptop (Fn keys, webcam, lights etc.) I uninstalled most shipped software and replaced them with my own preferred versions.

Once my warranty period is up I will eventually do a clean install of Windows 7 while repartitioning the hard drive. As it arrived the 750gb hard drive was separated into two drives of 279/393gigs each with a hidden recovery partition of 25gigs. There's still some unaccounted for space that I'm guessing is some hidden unpartitioned (i.e wasted) space.

As the laptop does not come with recovery discs be sure not to delete the hidden recovery partition. If something goes wrong with the laptop you'll need that or you'll have to pay $50 for a disc from Asus to recover. I understand Asus is a business and that $50 recovery disc is a very profitable practice with the laptops but not including a simple recovery disc just seems a little shady in my eyes. -1 star for that as well.

If you do pick up this laptop I highly recommend getting another stick of 4 gig DDR3 1600mhz RAM as it's very affordable at $20 on most sites and having 8 gigs of RAM is really the 'sweet spot' now for most users in a home environment. My laptop shipped with a stick of Kingston Value (which is a solid brand) but I replaced both sticks with G.Skill versions and it runs very smooth. You can Youtube a video of how to install the RAM as it's a simple snap in process.

So how is the performance? It's very good in fact for a sub $500 laptop. It handles all my daily browsing/email/video stuff more than adequately and surprisingly it handles some games very well to boot. I really didn't expect it to run the games tested but I think even the newest games on the market could run smoothly (albeit on lower graphics settings)

I've only had the laptop for two weeks so I'll obviously have to live with it for more time to give any comments on durability/customer service but I will update the review if something unfortunate happens to the laptop.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the laptop for the purchased price. Unfortunately checking the price now I see that it has gone up considerably from when I ordered. I would be hesitant to recommend the laptop at the current price without comparing other models from either Asus or other companies.

Again, I will update this review as needed in the future once I've spent more time with it.

Thanks for reading.
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on September 12, 2012
Have been using this Asus for a few days following the usual very prompt and efficient Amazon ordering and shipping process. The computer appears well made, looks good and, with the exception of a little bloatware, was easy to setup to my needs. The keyboard, trackpad, DVD, and all USB ports work as they should. I like the keyboard. The screen is good, but perhaps just a little more resolution and brightness would be added benefits (I like a very bright screen).

Performance and speed are excellent. I added 4GB of 1600Mhz RAM which really boosted an already very adequately performing computer. I have had no issues and everything I've thrown at it, including video and photo editing, the Asus handled without a hiccup.

Overall I am quite pleased and feel, after some hours of researching laptops, this Asus represents a really good bang-for-the-buck.
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on October 2, 2012
I picked this laptop because of the Corei3 CPU and the 15.x inch screen. The CPU combined with the hdd are Super Fast! It opens apps in the blink of an eye. Photoshop CS3 loads in a second or so; you can't even read the credits. that's how fast it is. The resume in secs feature is also a gold star. I open the lid and the login screen is right there. the wide screen is great for working on network diagrams and doing lots of research. the keyboard is also very comfortable, speakers are loud enough. Streaming movies and watching them are great too. no lag time. of course I have/work on fast networks. Am very happy with it and a client of mine liked it too that she purchased the same model. Highly recommend it.
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on January 20, 2013
I have had my HP laptop for the last 7 years, along with a desktop pc, and a Dell laptop for work. I just purchased two different Asus products and am HIGHLY disappointed in both. The first was a case of not liking Windows 8 for a non touch pad laptop. But neither Microsoft or Asus was willing to help me downgrade to Windows 7 so I returned that laptop. Re-purchased another Asus with 7 to give them the benefit of the doubt. Spent the better part of 3 days trying to burn recovery disks. Why can't they just include them? The first disc burned fine, the subsequent 10 were chewed up and spit out by the computer. Another trip back to the store for a different kind of dvd's and $40 later, the computer ate those as well. After a call to Asus, they explianed that maybe the computer does not like that brand of dvd. Really?! So now, a 3rd trip back to the store, another $25 invested, and a full day of burning resulted in reovery dvds. That seems a little over the top. Two days later, the keypad locks, but I can't get on the computer to look up the problem, because its locked. Another call to Asus and they want to spend 30 minutes taking in all my info again so they can create a ticket. I have never spent so much wasted time with a computer. HP was always very efficient and helpful and I loved that computer. BIG mistake here.
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on November 1, 2012
I've been happy with other Asus products that I've purchased (an eeePc netbook and a eeePad tablet), so when my wife decided she wanted a new laptop, we naturally started looking at Asus products. She really liked the red A55A, so I dove into the reviews here at Amazon. I noticed a couple of complaints about the spacebar not working, but I figured they were rare defects and that my unit would be fine.

I figured wrong - as others have reported here, the space bar on the Asus A55A won't register a keypress unless you hit it *hard*, dead-center. We immediately returned the unit for credit and purchases a Lenovo z585 instead.

Other than the space bar, we did like everything about this laptop - the style and color were great, the screen was wonderful, and the machine seemed to be very fast. But the space bar was a show stopper.

Maybe the space bar problem really is a rare defect and I'm just one of the unfortunate few affected by it, but hey, it happened to me, so I'm putting this out there.
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