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on November 27, 2012
I ordered this in the pink and it is a much nicer case than I expected it to be. Appearance wise, it looks nicer and higher quality than I was expecting from the pictures. The stitching is pink and matches well with the rest of the case. The stylus/pen is slimmer than an average pen but the material that holds it is stretchy and can accomodate a normal pen if you want to switch it out.

The ipad fits impressively well, I haven't had any trouble with the auto-wake function and there is no trouble plugging it in to charge with the case on. I use my ipad to do a lot of reading and I thought this case would make it less comfortable to do so, but it really hasn't. With the two interior slots for cards and the pen holder, it's great to take in place of an entire bag to a doctor's appointment, meeting, etc.

The only downside I've found is that it is hard to use apps that have a small icon on the top left of the screen because the ipad does shift very slightly over time.
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on November 25, 2012
Update: I bought the case in November (rated it 5 stars) , now it's January and although there is still a lot to like, I have bought a second's why: The I-blason has done some things very well. It has provided excellent protection, I love the bright, purple color and the auto wake/sleep function has operated flawlessly for me. The stylus/pen has also come in handy. It is a little harder to make it stand up to watch a video, but I have been able to get it to stand everytime i've tried...just takes a few moments to get the cover to slip into the proper position. The one problem I've had which led me to buy a new case this week (Devicewear's Ridge) is that the I-pad mini has a very thin frame around its active screen, so any case like the I-Blason which has a frame that goes all the way around can end up covering up the top right corner of the screen. For game playing, video watching, and emailing this had no effect on the i-pad's functionality. However, when I'm browsing the web in portrait mode (which I tend to prefer) and need to scroll back and forth between screens there have been times I've had to remove the ipad mini in frustration because the back arrow is blocked by the frame of the case. This happened enough times that I did more research and learned that the cases with a plastic back that the ipad just snaps into, don't have this problem.

Some more comparisions now that I have the two cases...
Alhtough the I-Blason looks bulkier, when I weighed it on a postal scale it was actaully 0.3 oz LESS than the Devicewear product, even with the stylus attached. That surprised/impressed me. The I-Blason's cover does have a slightly thicker, more leathery look.
I do sometimes miss the handy strap that is on the I-Blason case, but I also like the very quick stand option with the Devicewear Ridge...setting it up to watch a video is instantaneous and you have 4 different angles at which to set the device.

Overall, I will likely continue to use the I-Blason for when I'm travelling and more likely to be watching videos and playing games as opposed to web browsing. The pen/stylus may come in handy in that case. At home, where I often use it to check the web several times a day, I'll keep it in the Devicewear Ridge case.

Fits the new mini ipad perfectly. I really like the strap, which makes it easier to hold. It is very purple. The color is pretty close to how it looks online, however the interior suede section is more purple than the online photo which shows it as a pinker color. The auto wake/sleep function works well. Very pleased with this purchase.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2013
I have several cases for my iPad Mini. Most of them are more expensive Belkins, which I've reviewed as well. The primary reason I normally use the more affordable i-Blazon case is that it has a Smart Cover feature that puts my Mini to sleep when closed. It is almost like turning it off (power savings wise), only it starts up much more quickly once you lift the lid. It's a great feature that the more costly Belkins should have standard. They also don't feature the hand strap, card holders and pen/stylus.

By comparison, I would say that the Belkin cases are slightly more attractive and are made from higher quality and more "touchable" materials. The i-Blazon case is made from a decent grade of leather and in all black looks very business-like. Classy. Perhaps the stitching is not as refined as the other cases, but it is well put together, my iPad fits snugly, all of the ports are easily accessible and it protects my valuable tablet. It has dropped several times from heights of up to 4-5 feet, and it still working fine. The inside of the case has a softer suede texture while the exterior is a glossier leather and easy to clean.

With the 3 year warranty on top of it all, you should have not worries when getting this case. There are other color choices if black is not your thing, but you'll be paying a little more for them. A friend of mine got the purple model and it looks pretty nice with a white Mini. For what you get for the price, this a product I have no problem giving my highest recommendation.

~ Kort
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on March 29, 2013
I have had it for nearly a week and love the case. I know it's new, so, of course I love it. But if anything changes I will update my review. I wasn't sure I was going to like the fact that the case did not have a bungee closure to keep it from opening and waking the iPad mini. However, I have found out that it has a magnetic closure that is very secure. It may wear over time, but as of now, it stays securely closed. I also wasn't sure I was going to like the card pockets and the handle strap. Boy, was I wrong. I am able to put the cloth to the clean the iPad mini with in one of the pockets and I just recently put a gift card in the other so I wouldn't forget to use it. The handle has came in handy (no pun intended) for when I am reading my books. I am able to hold the iPad mini with one hand through the handle strap and it stays secure. Much different from the bulky iPad I had before. The only down side is, although I love the stylus/pen, the pen stopped working on the first day. It no longer comes out when I twist it. When I shake it, I do hear it inside of there, but I don't know how to open the pen (twisting the tip and/or the middle hasn't worked) so I know if ever I had to replace the ink...I might as well purchase a new stylus/pen. Also, the stylus isn't easily picked up by my iPad mini like my fingers are. I don't know if I can adjust the sensitivity on the iPad mini screen or not (I looked but couldn't find anything), so I have to press a bit firmer to have my movements shown which causes a squeeky noise. Tolerable, but unfortunate.
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on February 16, 2015
I love this thing. I've had it for a while now so I'm trying to remember exactly what the bad reviews were... I think people were saying it didn't fit perfectly into the design spaces? Mine totally does. Others I think mentioned that the fold-back stand is very stiff when you receive it. This is true, but it's not difficult or anything, and it doesn't take long before it becomes very smooth and pliable. I use it often to lie in bed and watch movies, and even sitting on a pillow-top mattress as I move around, it's very sturdy. Card slots are cute, and they're there, but totally unnecessary. I have never used the hand band myself (no need), but other people swear by it and it's not at all in the way, so, another thoughtful use of space.

The stylus is meh. The rubber tip will eventually begin to flake off whatever material it is that coats it and lets it glide so smoothly. The pen part itself actually ended up falling apart for no reason. I'm not removing a star because 1. the case alone is worth every penny, 2. it's just a cheap little bonus item that comes with your purchase -- it's not the star of the show, and 3. I swore I was going to stick with the stylus so I didn't smudge up my screen, but, inevitably you'll end up using your fingers anyway. If you want a good stylus (for general use, not for art or anything), try the 'amPen Hybrid Stylus." Killer, quality tip.

Oh, I should mention -- this is *not* designed for drop protection. I mean, it keeps the surfaces clean and unscratched, but this isn't going to stop a fall onto a hard floor from doing some damage. Think of it like a purse, I suppose; it's a case to put your precious belongings in, but if your precious belonging is a crystal vase and you drop your leather purse on the floor, it'll probably crack in there.
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on November 23, 2012
I ordered an iPad Mini and wanted a case for it as soon as it arrived. The case arrived
quickly, and I am delighted with it. The fit and finish on this case is excellent! Everything lines
up beautifully. The corners of the iPad show, but are protected by the front and back corners
of the case. This case fits like a glove, and was obviously well thought out. The stylus is a nice
bonus, and like many stylus out there - it has a working ball point pen on the opposite end of
the soft tip - probably, if you have children too young to understand this, you should remove it
from the case. I must say, now that the mini has been available for a few weeks, there are many
cases available, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better case, and certainly a better value.
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on January 20, 2013
Now that I have my iPad Mini in it, I can truly say it really complements the iPad well. The quality of the leather is great (if it is faux leather, I can't tell - looks like good quality textured rather) and the white accent stitching gives it class. The magnetic auto wake/ sleep cover works like a charm (unlike some other brands), and the free bonus stylus pen is a great addition (I don't ways use it but when I do, it works well). And the pen part writes well!!

The other little details that I am impressed by are the finger insert/ grip and the stand up feature. Even though the iPad Mini is small and light, and easy to handle, once the fingers are inserted under the strip, you feel confident that the tablet isn't going to slip out of your hands. The case stands comfortably in the landscape mode for movie viewing (as shown in the picture) or in writing mode (elevated only about 20-30 degrees). I use the latter mode more often.

Overall, after spending a lot of money on my iPad, for the price I couldn't be happier with such a nice cover. Worth every bit.
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on April 11, 2017
I must love this case as it's the 2nd one I ordered for the same iPad mini. Got my 1st one 3 yrs got a bit crinkly on the binding due to fairly heavy daily use; could have gotten another yr out of it know. The stylus is greatly improved; more sensitive; and now includes an ink pen. The stand seems firmer too. I'm beyond pleased!
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on September 28, 2014
I bought 2 different cases & decided on this one. It is a nice leather-like material (purple), fits well for my iPad mini & it survived my 2 week trip to Europe, taking over 1000 pics. I thought I would use the hand strap a lot; turns out no. The inside lining is good material & has protected the glass. I do wish it had more positions for viewing, ie, vertical and more options for the landscape. I use mainly for pics, FB & email so it does the job. I even dropped it once & survived ok. The open/close wake up option works great. The added stylus/pen is handy, but I lost part of the pen head on the trip. It still works though. Good case, especially for the low price!
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on April 5, 2013
I've had this cover for three months now so I can write a fair review. When I initially got it, it did smell, like other's said. I wiped it down with warm soapy water and the smell instantly went away and it did not damage the color or anything. Quality wise, it's pretty good. I feel that my Mini is protected, and It definitely isn't going to fall out. It always fits my Mini perfectly. Some times it's hard to get to thinks in the corner of the screen because of the cutout but if I turn it sideways, there's no issues. At the top of the cover where it folds, it's started to wear a little bit, but that could be because I have it open and bent even when it's laying on the table. The stylus that come with it was pretty worthless to me. I don't know if it is because I have a clear skin or what, but it was difficult to use. The pen ran out of ink after the first month of having it.
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