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on May 1, 2016
This app has so much variety and is so relaxing. It gives you the options of different nature sounds, different urban sounds, heart beats, brown noise, white noise, pink noise, oriental musical tracts, guitar, piano, and drums from different cultural milieux. Other options include pulses and frequencies to induce relaxation, concentration, and sleep with or without head phones. If I keep it on the charger, it will play all night, blotting out ambient noise and supporting blessed sleep.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon September 25, 2014
I am going to be really ENTHUSASTIC about this app. Seriously! Talk about serendipity... I had just noticed this app yesterday under another reviewer's profile and was deeply intrigued, thinking how much I wished it would become free again. And BLAMMO! Hah.

First, the nitty gritty technical details. Not much really. It only requests Device State & ID in order to pause on phones with an incoming call, and it has ZERO code concerns. And unlike a similar relaxation app I purchased ages ago, RELAX MP runs OFFLINE.

Installed at 47.74 megabytes with an option to move it to my SD Card (KitKat 4.4.2). Here is one of the AWESOME bits: after selecting your sound mix, hit the Back-Key and the app EXITS CLEANLY YET CONTINUES TO PLAY with a app link in your Android Taskbar. This means it will let you continue on with any other Resource Hungry apps. This isn't limited by any number of mixes you may have going.

Of course, if you Home Screen button out, it does continue to actively run. But there isn't a point in doing so. Not at all.

Can't get any simpler than this. Tap the sounds you want to mix, each one being separately adjustable in terms of volume at the top as well as a global volume at the bottom. The only small issue I had was that the individual sound adjustment for each only pops up after initially selecting the sound, then disappears after about 3 seconds. The only way to get the sound level slider again is to turn off then on the individual sound. A very minor thing, yet possibly important enough to highlight.

Four pages of cool, relaxing sounds! On the very first page (swipe all the way to the left), there is even a selection of what is known as "Brainscape" music, a somewhat new music frontier in the New Age field, that purports to increase specific levels of brain waves and thus inducing the associated state. There are already a large variety of methods of creating brainscape music, this app using a binaural beat. You do need to listen with headphones to hear the inclusion of these binaural beats over your current selection of sounds on the other three pages.

Add to all this a functional TIMER mode, and you get the best app I have experienced in this field. Hit the menu button on your device, and you get additional options, including a Timer and a Favorites listing, which saves all your sound selections AND their individual sound level mixes. Very nice touches.

Just too cool for words. I have spent so much on various meditation CDs and relaxation apps, trying to find that perfect balance of rhythmic beat and serenity, only to now being able to customize my experience spot on. If you love New Age music, meditation, or just having a chill-out grok moment, then I can't recommend RELAX MP enough.
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on April 6, 2017
My husband falls to sleep with the television on and it makes it hard for me to sleep but with the great sound combos I can tune him and the tv out. It is perfect for sleeping and the new meditation s are great in the afternoons when I just want to relax.
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on December 16, 2016
I've owned this app for years. At first, I used the white noise on this to drown out nearby sounds while studying, and the extra sound effects were a nice addition, though they had looping issues. The newer versions of this app have added more sounds and removed the looping issues. The developers have also added more features that are great additions to this app. Overall, I'm very happy with this app and it's notable improvements over the years. It's definitely worth going pro.
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on December 21, 2016
I love being able to create my own mix of sounds depending on my mood.
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on May 9, 2016
I absolutely love this app! It helps me get to sleep at night or relax during a crazy, stressful day. It has an amazing choice of sounds and they are all of wonderful quality. Sometimes I will have it going while I read before bed and choose the sounds according to the book I'm reading. It's like having the ability to choose a soundtrack for your reading!
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on June 27, 2013
I live in a very noisy area with neighbors that don't know when it's bedtime, water from my neighbors apartment that sounds like it is coming through my walls with pipes banging incessantly at 2am. So when I found Relax Melodies Premium it was a godsend and I do indeed use it every night.

What I have a problem (if you want to call it that) with is the "difference" from the FREE version and the $2.99 version of the software.

The FREE version includes and I quote:
✓ 46 Outstanding high quality ambient sounds, including 2 binaural beats frequencies for brainwave entrainment.
✓ Mix your favorite sounds & music together with different volumes to create your own personal melodies. Create almost infinite possibilities! Thousands of way to fall asleep!
✓ Includes 8 off the shelf favorites for easy startup
✓ Create, Save, Name, Sort and Replay your favorites easily
✓ Timer system to set a duration to your favorite mixes. Ideal when you’re going to sleep.
✓ Enjoy an unique and beautiful interface for an easy selection of sounds


♬ River ♬ Ocean ♬ Winds ♬ Flute ♬ Rain ♬ Birds ♬ Music Box ♬ Lounge ♬ Piano ♬ Orchestral ♬ Waterfall ♬ Thunder ♬ Zen ♬ Campfire ♬ Melody ♬ Night ♬ White Noise ♬ Urban Rain ♬ Cavern ♬ Wind Chimes ♬ Storm ♬ Butterfly ♬ Medieval ♬ Toskana ♬ Slow Waves ♬ Heavy Rain ♬ Rainy Day ♬ Afternoon ♬ Rainstorm ♬ Underwater ♬ Immersed ♬ Seaside ♬ Icy Snow ♬ Rain on Roof ♬ Duduk ♬ Humming ♬ Grandfather Clock ♬ Cat Purring ♬ Frogs ♬ Thunder Storm ♬ City Ambiance ♬ Vacuum ♬ MonkChant ♬ Oscillating Fan

The PAID Version ups the ante to 94 sounds and 6 binaural beats. Sounds like a great deal! The problem I have is most of the extras are sounds of water of some kind and almost all of the water sounds to me sound exactly the same.

The interface is great and the ability to not only add different sounds together but to change each one's sound is great. It took me a few nights to find my perfect mix and now I sleep great. I could have very easily saved the $2.99 and gone with the FREE version or I would have even been happy to pay 99¢ for this great program. However, for $2.99 you have to give me something a lot different than what is currently here.

My suggestion... try the FREE version first... if you LOVE it then buy it. Not necessarily because you need the 94 sounds (have of which sound the same) but to continue the development of this great program!
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on July 6, 2016
I didn't know what to think about this app originally. I was not originally into the usage of audio brainwaves. Now its an app I will refuse to delete. There is around 100 sounds choices, along with 5 choices each in the binaural and isochronic tones/waves. Waves: dreamless lseep, dreams, deep meditation, relaxation, and concentration. For the most part, the sounds repeat themselves, but its smooth between the repeat/restart. You can combo the sounds at different levels and select multiple tones. There is a timer, favorites, and master volume option. They seem to add updates to the sounds once in a while also. Yahhh.

I can't say that it works every time, but it does overall. It also helps eliminate the noisy background around my apartment, like white noise does. (I have neighbors that are awfully load, live by Menards with the fork lifts, with a bike travel around 20 feet away.) I've used it for concentration at work to help relieve some of the stress and reduce my headaches. But sometimes its made me a little too relaxation, as in sleepy. I will comment that if you are extremely doubtful, it may not work at all. You're already setting up a barrier against it in your brain.
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on February 22, 2016
Hands down, the BEST melody/noise app. There are so many options for customization - I can set up an intense rainstorm or a gentle forest rain to sleep by, howling wind, or gentle waves, water in a cavern or monks chanting. I can combine whatever I want for whatever mood I am in! I use it both at night, and during the day, when I want some background noise.

I cannot say enough good things about this app. It's amazing. I tried many other noise apps - some had funky, noticeable loop ending/restarting points, some were glitchy, and all were lacking in the variety this app has. I tried you tube videos, but of course commercials come on, making it impractical for going to sleep to! This app was the one. I tried the free version first but leapt to buy the paid version to get the full catalog of sounds.
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on April 25, 2017
So many selections to mix until I get a combination just right. I listen at bedtime while reading an ebook on my Kindle--helps me relax -- especially when I add the "pre-sleep" binaural beat. The timer is very useful--you can customize how long the sounds play or choose from the pre-set times provided. The app functions well, doesn't freeze or slow down my Kindle. All in all 'Relax Melodies' has many wonderful and useful features. Highly recommend👏👏
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