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on August 3, 2015
I am sorry but WD's warranty is a joke. Bought two brand new HDDs, one failed a few months after being in my RAID 1 NAS. Returned under warranty (had to pay for shipping) - got back a RECERTIFIED HDD. Which, of course, failed after 1 month and lost ALL data. Returned it again (had to pay for shipping) - again got a RECERTIFIED HDD which was simply DOA and could not start at all. So their "5 year warranty" is simply feeding you with faulty recertified HDDs until you run out of money for shipping them dead ones. Great idea, WD. Sorry, cannot trust you my data anymore. Going to your competitors.

UPDATE: After a long back-and-forth I was finally sent a brand new drive which functions fine now. Upgraded from 1 to 3 stars.
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on January 5, 2017
Excellent Drives. I've been running a variety of WD Red, Green, and Seagate Archive Drives for the better part of several years, and I thought that I would share some useful advice for things to watch out for when buying new drives, and detecting infant mortality.

First thing to look for is to observe the packaging the drive arrives in. It is industry practice to ship one or more drives in boxes that are made to perfectly fit the drive. Inside the box, the drive should be suspended with two plastic holders. These holders suspend the drive and dampen any drops the package may experience during transit. (Bulk orders (15+) may be shipped in a single larger box with foam cut-out arrays).

Secondly, when installing the drives, make sure that your hands are clean. Give them a wash, or better yet, wear gloves. Avoid transferring finger/hand oil to the drives so that hot-spots aren't created.

Thirdly, once the drives are installed, give them a full, long format. You can run 1, 3, 5, (or even more) passes on the disks. This ensures that every single sector of the drives gets written to. Once the format is complete, look up the SMART data, and check the values for anything alarming. If a drive suffered damage in shipping, now is when it may be noticeable. Compare the values to your other drives. Start-up times, head parks and so fourth may vary slightly so there's nothing to be worried about a little deviation there, but pay attention to failed reads, reallocated sectors, and RUEs.

Granted, all of this advice should be taken with a grain of salt since SMART values are not the silver bullet to predict drive failure, but this testing should be a good indicator on whether or not a drive is ready for production use.

Above all else, remember that backups are your friend.
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on August 3, 2014
On Windows it comes out to 5.45TB. I transferred a little over 2TB to it and average write speed was 110MB/s. Right now it's just sitting on top of my computer case but after that long transfer I used a temp gun and the surface of the case was 87F and the drive was 101F.


I just purchased a second drive and did some testing on it while blank and uploaded the results under customer images to the right.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 22, 2017
Western Digital red drives are the gold standard. I won't use anything but WD Black or Red drives in my personal PC which, if you read the comments, are more reliable than the cheaper blue or greens. I use this in an external hard drive hub to backup files on my PC, which uses two 2TB WD Black drives. They all run connected to an older Intel i5 HP Elite 8300 tower case. I plan to move them soon to a new i7 build using Asus and other 3rd party products rather than rely on HP proprietary hardware which is always different. I think the original drive in this was an old Seagate. PS: By standardizing on WD, the backup routines and troubleshooting are consistent so don't mix brands. I also recommend using a current PAID version of Acronis, both for moving boot drive configurations and for backups.
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on September 3, 2014
This 6TB drive is huge. You get lots of storage, but surprisingly it's not that much more than the 5TB version (at present writing, the 6TB drive cost $296 and the 5TB red cost $259).

Performance wise, it was near identical to my 5TB drive and works great in my Synology unit. Having two of these in a RAID 0 gave me clost to 11TB of storage.

If you're thinking about getting a 5TB drive, my suggestion is to see if you can use these instead; the price difference is about $40 but you get 1TB of additional storage.
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on March 8, 2017
You can't beat the WD RED drives for your NAS or network attached storage. I have three of these and a 4tb now in a Netgear nas box for my storage needs. Never has there been a hiccup from these drives. I know I have had these over a year or more now. Maybe the date I bought these are showing in this review, I'm not sure at the moment. These drives are designed for NAS storage. I will buy more. I've had past problems with Seagate so I'm sorry, I won't touch those. WD reviews elsewhere will show you how long these last. Try and look through their blog. They have a chart for the failure rates of all the different drives they have used in their storage system.
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on April 10, 2015
Purchased this drive to fit into one of those western digital MYBOOKLIVE EX2 NAS. Could only afford to buy one of these drives at a time due to the amount it cost ($286 at the time). The drive works well so far, only had it since January 2015. It's pretty silent to me and it starts up quick enough from sleep mode. Most of the western digital drives I've purchased so far usually last about 2 years before they start giving me problems, so I'm hoping that this will last over three years or more. I'm going to have to buy another one because I need the RAID function of the MYBOOKLIVE EX2 NAS server and it requires that you use the same type of drives. Hopefully by the time I get the second one, the original one won't have any problems. So far it's a great drive but I wish western digital had a small box with a bit of padding to hold these drives for shipping instead of a plastic static free wrapper. The drive was shipped and packaged by Amazon which seems ok with the sheet of bubble wrap but it's a bit scary to have so many terabytes that cost so much without packaging directly from Western Digital. I guess they must be packaging them differently at western digital when they ship in bulk. In closing, it's a pretty larger amount of space for a single drive and the price is a little bit higher than the competition but I'd buy it again since I've noticed that I haven't been very lucky with the Seagate drives.
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I actually just purchased this to use as a backup drive and I had a very specific mission that this helped me complete. From I don't know, 1999-Now I've used close to 15 drives, going back to 16gb (or so) HDD's which were "big" back in the 90's up to 1tb drives of today, but I had a huge problem of "missing files". Photos in particular.

I was using drive bays to attach the old drives to the PC and try and search them all at once but Windows search really sucks. (Yes I should have booted into Ubuntu - shame on me), but I said, you know what, enough is enough, I know WD has these 6tb drives, let me literally copy the contents of ALL of the drives I've ever owned onto it, and do one main search. Thanks to this drive, and some other creative methods *dusts self off* I did one big search of everything on this drive and found lots of old treasures, including the fountain of youth, just kidding. In recent weeks I realized, well, not that it would have helped with Windows not recognizing/initializing certain drives, but a freeware app like UltraSearch does things that windows explorer search refuses to, I guess Windows Explorer has dark moods, was tired of me playing Iggy Azalea on it, and went on strike when I tried to search for things; UltraSearch casts no aspersions with respect to my musical interests, so it just does searches for me regardless...

Lo and behold, while I couldn't copy ALL the drives I own onto it, nor did I need to with respect to trying to find files from 10+ years ago, I was able to (with the help of Ubuntu), recover data off of drives that Windows 7 no longer read, but Ubuntu did, thanks Microsoft, and recover otherwise lost data onto this 6TB RED, and other newer drives from the 2000's. It's still got about 1.5tb free so I'll be using this as a third backup drive, keeping it disconnected from the PC not even in a NAS device, so I figure it will last ALOT longer. Perhaps putting it into a safe deposit box will ensure it's survival in case of another Hurricane Sandy, or an Iggy Azalea attack of some sort.
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I have six of these drives in a Netgear ReadyNAS 4 Ultra running OS6 and in a desktop tower running Win 7 x64 (and then Win 10 x64). They work beautifully.

- Plug and play. I just install the drives and they are instantly recognized and formatted by the NAS. No issues being recognized for formatting by Windows either.
- Very quiet. From 4 feet away, I usually can't hear them operating above the sound of the NAS fan.
- Reasonable temps. Mine run between about 93 and 100 degrees F 24-hours per day. The NAS fan only increases speed on the hottest days during the summer.
- No issues with the excess head parking that can manifest with WD's Green drives.
- No issues feeding my network with multiple simultaneous Blu ray rips over gigabit ethernet.
- Speeds are respectable. The system is set up with Netgear's FlexRAID (RAID 5). With gigabit ethernet, my backups run at 90-110 MBps.
- Increased warranty length.

- None yet.
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on August 17, 2017
The reason for the 5 stars is warranty support. I just bought 5 of these drives for my Synology NAS. Reviews document this drive is optimized for NAS usage because of temperature endurance and shock prevention.

So, one of my drives started flaking out and I had to replace it. WD has a website setup for you to register your drives and then one for RMA's. You get the option of sending in your drive and then send you a replacement or use a credit card and they ship right away and you have 30 days to send the bad one back or they ding your card.

I totally understand stuff going bad, and when that happens if the manufacturer makes it easy to get a replacement, that's tops in my book. So I'm glad I got WD drives.
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