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on February 10, 2015
I've been making my way through the Fleming/Bond books for a while now and OHMSS was so fantastic that I started it in the morning and, despite some interruptions, finished it before bed the same day. I can't say the same for all other Bond books - some have actually taken a few days to get through. But OHMSS just clicked from the first page and I almost couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

If I had any minor quibbles it would be with the plan to send beautiful young farm girls back to England to destroy the agricultural system. The idea to destroy livestock and crops is perhaps fine, particularly for a spy novel set in the 60's, but it just seems comical that the farm girls are, from their descriptions, beautiful. Bond even beds one (of course). And yet - just reading about M, Bond, and others figuring out the plot - again about agriculture - is exciting and keeps you turning the pages. To make that kind of evil plot interesting is a testimony to Fleming's writing.

But the real story is the exciting escape from the mountain top hideaway and then the tragic ending. Both are amazing and the latter is devastating. I can't wait to pick up You Only Live Twice tonight.
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The movie stayed closer to this book than just about any other. This is the epitome of Bond -- Fleming at his best narratively. This novel has it all, even though one could argue that the peevish Blofeld's goal here is a bit laughable... but the way he wants to achieve it is pure Bondian super-villain! I will always rate the movie highly, even though George Lazenby is oft-derided by the narrow-minded. I think Lazenby would have made a fine Bond if he had been allowed to try again, and arguably Diamonds Are Forever would have been more serious and wouldn't have led to the comedic downfall (imho) of the franchise. Having said all this, the novel is a perfect winter read, preferably around Christmas, and works well with a revisiting of the movie, which also is packed with all the best elements. If I had to recommend one Fleming novel to someone who'd never read him, this would be the one despite its place in the chronology... it's classic thriller!

--W.D. Gagliani, author of Savage Nights
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on May 12, 2013
Bond is tired. For a year he has hunted for the elusive Blofeld, the leader of SPECTRE. He is fed up with a job that he feels is beneath his skill level. He wants to resign from the Secret Service. As he composes his resignation letter his car is passed by a beautiful woman. He treats this as a challenge and chases her down the mountain. Later that night, in the Casino Royale, location of the first novel, he meets her. The next day he follows her and his life is changed. By chance he learns of Blofeld's hideout. He goes to investigate and is caught up in a new intrigue.

As Bond begins to unravel Blofeld's new scheme he will face harrowing dangers, seductive women, and be forced to put himself in danger to save England once again. What about his new love Tracy? Will he go through with his resignation? All of these questions are answered in the book.

As always, Bond is suave and daring. Trying to appear as hard as nails we see the romantic Bond break through as never before. This novel has a certain resonance in our own time. The fear of a terrorist attack that could damage the food chain is something that has not gone away with the end of the Cold War. The Soviet Union may have fallen, but the fears and dangers still exist. The James Bond novels might have come from another time, but they are for all ages.
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on December 11, 2013
I have been interested in reading the Ian Fleming "James Bond" books for years and at these prices I finally decided to take the plunge. I must say that the paper quality and stock is of incredible quality from the Thomas & Mercer publisher this time. I never say the John Cape versions in person, but these just looked too good to be true, good thing they weren't! They actually are great and you will find the easy touch perfect for mowing through these one summer or while taking a bath (my personal favorite was taking a bath while reading "Live and Let Die" which has lots of SCUBA underwater scenes). Buy all 14 of these while you can and pass them out afterwards to friends and family!
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on September 3, 2013
One thing that stands out about this book is the enormous amount of research the Fleming put into it. His detailed description of Heraldry is fascinating. And it HAS to be 100% accurate, because one of the story characters is given the name of the senior member of the Heraldic Society. And it is most interesting. The plot, about 12 lovely girls being subliminally brain-washed to return to the UK and spread lethal poisons to animals and agriculture actually carries some weight. Posing as a Herald, Sir Hilary Bray, Bond infiltrates the set-up, in order to confront his nemesis, Blofeld. Escaping from the baddies, Fleming takes us on a thrilling descriptive ski chase down the mountain. Mind you, any normal person would not have survived the first hundred metres, but this is 007. This book is memorable in that Bond gets married. Can't reveal any more. Turning to the film, I always felt that George Lazenby was dealt a raw deal by the critics. OK, he was no Connery or Moore, but he was a lot better than Brosnan. Coming in straight from a tv commercial, he did not produce a bad performance. Top book and very good film.
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VINE VOICEon November 13, 2004
I was very excited to hear that Titan was set to deliver even more editions of the James Bond strips that appeared in the pages of The Daily Express in the 1960s and even more pleased to hear that two of my favorite Fleming books - 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' and 'You Only Live Twice' were set to appear in the same edition.
Some years ago, back in the 1980s I had picked up a previous edition of 'Octopussy' that Titan had put together and promptly devoured the book and for years later had wished and wanted to see the rest of the series. Here at last some two decades later I am getting my chance - and am extremely happy about it.
Not only do we get the comic-strip adaptation of the above two books in this one edition, but we also get an introduction by Bond actor George Lazenby (who played the character in the 1969 movie) as well as a discussion of the Fleming books (from 'Doctor No' to 'For Your Eyes Only') and before the beginning of both novels a brief discussion on the background behind the comic-strips and even mention of where the strip deviates from the book which it is adapting.
A word of warning must go out to those who only know the secret agents exploits through the popular series of EON Productions movies. These strips are based on the Fleming novels which are very different from the 007 movies (at least since 1971 onwards). In fact one of the novels adapted here - 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' may be the Fleming novel most faithfully adapted for the movie screens.
Titan Books deserve a great deal of credit for publishing these editions and this one will undoubtedly (and justifiably) become a proud addition to the bookshelves of every self respecting fan of the novels of Ian Fleming and in particular of his most famous creation - James Bond.
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on February 20, 2018
Amazing a vulnerable Bond. Although his reasons for marrying at first are something on the order of " oh well I guess it's time" and Tracy is a somewhat a pathetic girl, in the end 007 warms to the idea of a wife and family. Of course there is a tragic end for Tracy or else how can Bond go on to new adventures and new women in new novels. The story was engrossing and the plot fast passed. A great James Bond ski chase with real edge of your seat excitement. Bravo!
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James Bond is pitted against the evil Blofeld in this book. It is one of a series of books where Bond and Blofeld meet and battle over Blofeld's leadership of the operation named SPECTRE and his evil plans to harm the world. Bond is assigned to track down Blofeld and in his futile efforts for find him he considers resignation as an answer to his frustration.

Bond meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman nicknamed "Tracey" and the love builds into some special moments. I won't ruin the plot but the book is very good with a lot of action and revenge. SPECTE is up to their old tricks and has a diabolical plan already put into place. Bonds job is to kill Blofeld and stop the plans of SPECTRE. The story is well written and is one of the best James Bond books written. I enjoyed it a lot. I read it as a child and I repurchased it as a Kindle Fire book to reread it. I recommend it to you.
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on March 10, 2012
Ian Fleming's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is of course a classic, and after seeing the movie many times, I finally read the book. It does not disappoint. Even the ski-chase scenes (difficult to write) are exciting.

But it is the ending that remains etched in one's mind.

What is amazing is how closely the movie version follows the book. Some variation in the escape from the mountain top, but all-in-all the movie does great credit to this "all-too-ready-to-film" text.

It's all been said already: probably the best of the best of Ian Fleming. All the elements of a great thriller spy story are here. We are indebted to him for bringing the so-called spy thriller into the modern era.

It's a 5 and you have to read it to see why. Don't settle for the movie versions!
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on February 23, 2005
Like the previous reviewer I had stumbled onto the other Titan releases in the late eighties- and loved them. Now Titan has resumed publishing these strips and I couldn't be happier. You can read my GOLDFINGER review on that page.

OHMSS has long been one of my favorite Bonds- novel and film! Now I can add comic strip to that category as well.

There are some "issues" because the comic strip version of THUNDERBALL had been cut short and the character of Bloefeld was never properly introduced. OHMSS hardly misses a beat without this information. This is a testimony to Henry Gammidge's adaptation skills.

John McLusky did a spectacular job with the art. I think he really hit his stride with GOLDFINGER, and only got better. The two adaptations in this volume are some of his best work ever! The material seems dated only in that it takes place in the late fifties. The artwork itself is modern and vital- or, if you prefer, it was advanced for it's time.

If you're wondering whether the strips are as good as the novels, I have to say they are- for what they are. Sure, they're comic strips but they're faithful adaptations of Flemings books with the language and sexuality toned down.

Titan is releasing CASINO ROYALE in June, and it appears to be 36 pages longer than the previous 1990 release. I suspect they will be including MOONRAKER in this volume. ***Note-According to the Titan website it will still include only CASINO ROYALE and LIVE AND LET DIE. I'm not sure what all the extra pages will be!***

I say we try to get Titan to release all 20+ years of the James Bond Comic Strip in published form.
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