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on July 24, 2013
I had a Kaspersky 2013 Internet Security Suite that stopped working. I agree with many viewers that trying to access live Kaspersky tech support can be an exercise in futility. However, given the huge number of complaints about Kaspersky tech support, you have to wonder if some reviewers made the same mistake I did, which was googling Kaspersky tech support and ending with a third party tech support firm. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a company called (phone:1-877-975-0566; they also have other phone numbers). I later found out that they are part of a company called Lester, Inc, headquartered in Connecticut, but with so called tech support from a center in India. Search and you will find a long list of complaints from unhappy and angry individuals who had the misfortune of accidentally contacting them.

My search for Kaspersky tech support gave me the above phone number. I should have known something was phony when there was no delay in reaching a support specialist. I explicitly asked if this was Kaspersky tech support and the guy at the other end said yes. His name was "Babu" and he spent over 45 minutes rummaging around my computer, telling me how bad things were. He also insisted on accessing my email to verify I had made a legitimate purchase of my security suite. I suspect he wanted to find financial information, so he could charge for unrequested services. Most of the time it was BS on how corrupt my files were and I was obviously a victim of a virus. He would have to turn me over to an advanced specialist to deal with the rotten state of my computer. Yes, there would be a small fee of $110 for the service. Or I can have a year of service for $200. I realized there was something rotten here and hung up. As I already indicated, the complaints against are pretty extensive. This is not a company I want any future services from.

I was eventually able to resurrect my security suite without the help of either Kaspersky or The moral of the story is this: if you need tech support from any software company don't use Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing to locate them. You could end up with one of the many third party service that just wants your money. Go directly to the software company site. If you feel you are being misled or scammed by a tech support firm, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission ( with the consumer fraud division of the appropriate attorney general. With enough complaints we might get a cease and desist order on misleading tech support marketing practices. I am not a fan of Kaspersky support. A good deal of their negative reviews are probably deserved. I too, will not buy another Kaspersky suite. Unfortunately, there is no Angie's List for independent tech support.
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on March 13, 2014
I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for many years and was very happy with it. I had 2012 version on my Windows 7 computer. HOWEVER when I have purchased KIS 2013 and tried to update license # using the one in 2013 package, it had me enter this license 3 time saying that the # is invalid and when I have uninstalled 2012 and installed 2013 version and tried to enter it again it told me that this license had been used. Before trying to apply it on my Windows 7 computer I have tried to install in on my other computer that runs Windows 8, the box said that this version is Windows 8 compatible, however I have ran into version compatibility issues. When I tried to contact Kaspersky, there was no good phone number to reach them. When I sent an email to Kaspersky support I got automated reply that for this you need to go to this link, for that to that one, I think it had 6 -8 links in total, the best part was – when I went to those links they were INVALID.
I am not newbie with computers, I work as Database Administrator and had installed a lot of software in my life.
The bottom line apparently is, - this is a good software until you run into problems and then… you are on your own, there is no support for this software which is frustrating.
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on August 11, 2013
I've used Kaspersky for years and believe it is the best Internet security software out there. It does have its issues as many state-poor support being the main one.

I have been using older versions of the software until forced to upgrade because I feared based on reviews that the newest version would cause problems. I would buy the new version and just use the activation code in the old software. This year, that didn't work, and I had to go from 11 to 13. I'm running XP.

The bottom line is that the new version runs fine and might actually let my computer run a little faster than before. I do have certain parts of Kaspersky disabled to speed it up (IM Anti-Virus, Application Control, System Watcher).

My only issue is that the secure keyboard input feature causes an annoying bubble to pop up under passord boxes. This is really unnecessary and basically just an ad for Kaspersky. The only way to turn it off is to disable this secure keyboard input and virtual keyboard features entirely. Checking the box to turn the ad bubble off did not work. I would give this five stars if it worked properly.
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on June 8, 2013
Let me start by saying that I would have definitely rated this product 5 stars if Kaspersky had been better about updates (Firefox Add-on compatibility).

Installation: This was very simple to do, I did not even use the included disk. I simply went to the Kaspersky website and downloaded the latest version from them. Once this was done I entered the activation key and was on my way. 5/5

Features: This product offers several different browser add-ons that really make you feel secure, one is Safe Money which will redirect you to a secured browsing session. This will give you an option to use a virtual keyboard as well to help protect you from potential key loggers. This software also comes with Kaspersky URL Advisor which will help you make educated decisions on potentially hazardous websites. One of my favorite features is Anti-Banner, which will basically block website advertisements, a very nice feature.

Daily Use: I really do not see any lag caused by the real time scanning of Kaspersky. My system seems to be running well with it.

Scans: The scans that this completes usually take 30-60 minutes, however a nice feature is that as your computer is sitting not being used, it will perform a scan at times, this way you are not slowed down with a scanning process.

Compatibility Concerns: As I mentioned earlier this software has some issues with Firefox compatibility, this is ONLY an issue with some of the add-ons. Safe Money, URL Advisor, and Virtual Keyboard. I have contacted Kaspersky tech support and they said they are currently one version behind Firefox. (I am running 21.0 and they support 20.0 only)

Overall I would definitely recommend this, it is also significantly cheaper to buy this software on Amazon rather than directly from Kaspersky.
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on June 10, 2013
I'm a PC geek and I always trust kaspersky on all of my PC,
all antivirus technically are good, they are all programmed to
protect and clean for any viruses but always have some flaws,
its not always perfect.

Sample of other AV flaws:
-tried Norton but always make my PC to run slow
If you uninstall the program you will remove at least
2-3 running programs

I trust Kaspesrky but all users have different needs regarding
protecting their computers, some may like it and others dont.

Here is my short rate about this product (+Pros/-Cons)
+Protect 3 computers is a plus
+1 Year protection
+30 day Free if you want to test it (Visit site)
+Easy to install/Uninstall compare to other Antivirus that have many
programs/apps installed
+For me it will not slow your PC compare to Norton (At least 2GB Memory)
-expensive if you buy directly on kaspersky site (Try amazon/ebay)

Overall I recommend this product and be sure to purchase the
KIS Internet Security not the KAV Antivirus.
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on August 10, 2013
I have been using Kaspersky for well over a year now. It has been by far the best Virus protection I have had all my life of owning computers. I found in the past that programs such as McAfee, Norton, and Microsoft Security Essentials just do not stand up to viruses on the web. I receive notification when sites are trying to access my computer, or when a Trojan is detected. Kaspersky automatically takes care of the issues and I find that I never have to really worry about my computer. In the past I have had to wipe my computer clean several times because somehow a Trojan or malware got into my computer with other Virus protection.

I recommend updating virus definitions before accessing the web each time u go on the internet, but this process is very quick. The scans of all files are generally quick and there are multiple options to monitor your overall computer. I would recommend this virus protection over any other and continue to purchase this. You spend so much on a computer, so why not keep it safe with this little piece of insurance.

Also, Kaspersky is generally super affordable around $20.
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2013
I started switching my computers to Kaspersky starting about a year ago, because I had been very happy with it. This latest box I had bought was my third (each for three PCs) in less than a year. As the old subscriptions run out, I have been replacing them with Kaspersky. Why? Because Kaspersky found and neutralized threats my previous virus catcher could not. They don't have the best user interface, but I prefer something that works well over something that dazzles you and does not do much for you. So why am I not giving Kaspersky five stars? Read on...

The latest desktop on which I installed Kaspersky is an old one. It runs Windows XP (service pack 3.) But more importantly it does not have that much memory by modern standards. In seven years the pecking order of computers change a lot: they go from `star' to `dog'. Even so, this machine is very useful for me, and I use it as a file server to a dozen other machines. The usage is very light, so the fact that it is old has never been an issue before. Well, at least until I installed Kaspersky 2013 on it. Then the machine suddenly became incredibly slow. Its response time slowed down by a factor of three or more. I am quite sure this is a reflection of the fact that It does not come with gigabytes of memory, but I am disappointed that Kaspersky does not automatically adjust their level of activity to the capacity and to the average load of the machine. Nobody is running browsers, e-mail clients, audio or video on it. It just serves files from a couple of disks to the network when someone asks for one. This does not happen more than a few dozen times a day. Even a twenty year old machine can handle that with ease, and this one is much better than that. So, I learned something about Kaspersky from this latest experience. I am not happy about it, but I am sticking with them for the moment.
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on February 20, 2013
I have tried submitting my questions to them at the Kaspersky website, and they take several days to reply, sometimes longer. A couple of months before my 2012 edition was to end, I had gotten a pop up from Kaspersky saying to "upgrade" to 2013 "for free". Their words, not mine. I clicked yes, and all I saw was that the Kaspersky logo changed from 2012 to 2013. I was thinking, wow, this is great, a free upgrade for those customers who took the leap and bought their product, what a nice thing for them to do to keep goodwill going and keep customers coming back! Instead, it turns out it was not the truth - a week or so before the old 2012 was to expire, I kept getting pop up notices that it was about to expire. I'm like WHAT? So I wrote, and thought maybe this was a glitch or just something that is sent out regardless. Turns out that both my replies came days if not weeks after I inquired, and the only answer I got was about the license. The company nor its customer service, never addressed the whole "free upgrade" and what that was about. Just simply it was to "update" the database that the program checks your computer for viruses. I advised that calling it an upgrade is misleading and implied that we were getting a new edition based on our customer loyalty. So much for that, I'm sure the Kaspersky gang was laughing at that one. Such a silly concept. In any case, I had read so many people had problems ordering direct through them that I again went through Amazon to order the 2013 edition and just register the product key at their website under my account. I think Kaspersky doesn't care, and let's the product speak for itself. That aside,since using the 2012 product, I have had very little virus issue with my computer and cleaning the computer of viruses has been a very easy step by step process for someone like me who is not advanced computer literate. It also helps to be cautious about what sites you visit online, and that you clear your computer daily and backup at least once a week.
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on April 1, 2013
As the norm for Kaspersky, the install was quick and easy when updating a previous version to a new one. Kaspersky 2012 was already installed, and the 2013 seamlessly erased the old version and installed the new while keeping all the old settings. One thing to watch for is that Kaspersky gives you an option during the install to start your new 365 day license immediately, or begin it after your current licenses expires. I nearly clicked the wrong box and lost the remaining 2 months I had already paid for, I'm not sure why this option even exists. There are far too many features in the program to rehash here, but it's safe to say that Kaspersky has every tool you would ever need to lock down a Windows 7 PC and many you will never even use. What makes Kaspersky really stand above it's peer for me are three points:
1) Detection ability. Kaspersky is always at the top of independent lab reviews for scanning ability.
2) System usage. Kaspersky has a very small memory foot print and CPU demands. It's almost unnoticeable even when running multiple programs in multiple windows.
3) Easy to use interface. I still prefer the older panels they used in 2011 and before, but 2013 improves on 2012 in satisfactory fashion. It's still very intuitive and user friendly to work with, and the automatic defaults mean that 95% of people will never have to touch a setting.
Overall Kaspersky is still the leader among security software, and anyone thinking of Kaspersky should start with their Internet Security package. It combines every feature you need with top performing detection ability and minimal resource usage.
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on April 5, 2013
This is my third year as a Kaspersky customer, but probably my last. When I renewed in 2012, I simply typed in the new activation code on the back of the disc - never opened the packet, or put it in the drive - and the license renewed for 365 days. But that didn't work this time - I got a message to say that the code was invalid, and intended for a region other than the USA, suggesting that Amazon was selling grey imports.
I sent a request to their technical support, specifically asking if I had to uninstall the old one, before installing the new. Over the next three days I was asked for proof of purchase twice, the activation code twice, and the version number twice, all of which I had provided in my original service request.
I hear Norton 360 is pretty good? Maybe I'll try them next year
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