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on February 16, 2012
So I have wanted one of these for a while now and went on and read a LOT of the reviews here on Amazon. To be honest some of the poor reviews had me a little worried! But I am leaving this review to ASSURE you that nearly ALL of the negative reviews were definitely coming from operator errors (if you get my drift) and people who didnt have ANY idea what they were buying...

Clearly the Defender series is going to be a little beefy. Which I would HOPE is why your looking at this sort of case! For a big-bad iphone defending case! and that is JUST what you get! So the reviews on size I feel are unfair, based on the fact that you should have known its a sturdier case. (I find this NO problem for the protection it provides. Being a girl, I couldnt fit an iphone in my pants pocket to begin with, so its not an issue...And I would like to stress its not THAT big.

Some people (a good number) have complained about a hole on the top being for the headphones being on the wrong side...This is NOT the case people! You must open the flap to use your headphones...The hole is for the MICROPHONE! So do not fret. There is NO issue there...just people simply misunderstanding the product.

I read multiple reviews where people complained about being able to charge or undo the bottom flap, etc. Ok. It is silicone people. soft, flexible silicone...So NO you DONT need to completely take apart the cover to charge your phone. You simply lift that flap and plug in your phone. There is NO issue with it closing, because its not supposed to be closed OR completely open while charging...Again, silicone does not hinge... In fact, I am charging my right now with zero issue. All the flaps are really easy to open and close and I see no issue with them being flimsy, or too firm either.

I saw one or two people say they thought it decreased the sensitivity of the screen. I have not had that problem. As long as you get the right model and it fits well there is no reason for it to have any effect, it is just a regular old screen guard just like any other you'd buy on the market and shouldnt (and wont) effect the use of your screen. The people who complained that it messed up the lightness of the screen may have had it set to auto, and I know mine sometimes in certain light decides to stick with a darker back light setting than I would prefer. So once again, I am sure this is something that one could adjust in the settings of your phone, and not be a problem with the case.

So in conclusion, this is an AWESOME product. If you are looking for a really tough case, that looks great and you UNDERSTAND that a thin, one sided, snap on case will not be very tough...then this is for you! Please note that a LOT of the negative reviews come from people's misuse or misunderstanding of the product. NOT the product itself. I cant say how happy I am with this product and I am SO glad I went ahead regardless of those negative reviews.
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on August 2, 2012
Love this cover! Thankfully I ordered it before reading the reviews. I think the color is true to the picture, and the design is super cute. I just got it yesterday and have already received lots of compliments. Yes, the color on the back and the color on the sides is slightly off in certain lights. In indoor lighting, they look exactly the same. In natural light, they look different, but I don't think I would have even noticed if it weren't for the previous reviews. It definitely doesn't look cheap. I have a black iPhone, so I can't comment on the white of the phone and white on the case not matching.

Another big plus for me - the opening for the camera and flash is bigger than the opening on my old Incipio case. This was important because my old cover messed up my flash. The camera opening wasn't big enough, so the flash would bounce off the case and make my pictures appear cloudy. This Otterbox case solves that problem and allows me to take pictures with the flash on without removing the case. Also, regular headphones work with this case. Apparently some cases need a straight bar on the end of their headphones because the jack is so deep inside the cover. This cover has flap covering the headphone jack, so it goes straight into the phone and doesn't need to be extra deep.

The only drawback to the defender case is the cover over the plug, which pulls back like a flap for access to the port. The flap works well when charging the phone, but gets in the way when I set my phone on the iPhone stand that is build in to my radio. Looks like I will have to remove the outer cover to allow it to sit down on the stand. Other than that, it is awesome and I love it! I am super hard on my phone, so Otterbox is the choice for me.
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on July 31, 2012
I was going to buy the typical pink or green Otterbox until I saw this one. How could you pass up the American flag? Unless of course you don't live here. :-). I kept denying myself purchasing one in the past because they just weren't pretty to me and so bulky. I finally broke down and bought one. I think this one is gorgeous! A little bulky but still fits in my back pocket where I mostly carry my phone. And it has already paid for itself 3 times over. I never drop my phone but since putting this Otterbox on, I've dropped it 3 times. This morning I dropped it in a parking lot and it rolled end over end three times. Whew! Thank goodness for the Otterbox! Can you tell I love my new American flag Otterbox? Get yourself one. Oh, and it comes with a belt clip if you like carrying yours on your waist.

Also, the back part is hard plastic so if you have shoulder length or long hair, it won't pull your hair like the yucky rubber on other cases. Plus, the hard plastic back helps with sliding into your back pocket.
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on October 25, 2015
I should give this 5 stars as it has saved my phone a thousand times. It is covered in clay, dust, grass, and I have dropped it on concrete from a height of 5 ft numerous times. I have seen people using their phones without cases and looked longingly at the beauty of their slim phones. Recently, mine was removed from its case while being used outdoors on a speaker to provide music. Over the next 24 hours, I found it slipped out of my hand repeatedly and realized how much I actually liked the added size and grip the case provides.
Without the case, it also slid off my sofa arm onto the floor. The case has a built-in front and back cover so no need to struggle with trying to put on a screen protector. I hate the color I chose and there is one flap on top for the headphone jack that is a bit off center. I just ordered another dock extender to try, as the two I've bought so far to use with this and my iPod (it's in a leather protective case and very heavy) have broken from the weight I may have to pay more for higher quality dock extenders to keep them in their cases. The case really adds weight and bulk, but I can still but it in my skinny jeans, even though it may not look great. If you are hard on your phones, as I am and want real protection, this case does the job.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 17, 2015
I picked this up for my wife who is still in love with her iPhone 4. She'd been using a different case and had become frustrated with it.

Having been an Otterbox owner for the last several years for my phone, I decided that she needed an upgrade, even if she didn't particularly think so. The end result is that now she's happy with the new case and I have a few extra brownie points.

Otterbox is arguably one of the best cases out there, giving maximum protection against drops, scrapes and scratches.

The one negative about this product is that unlike the Otterbox cases for newer versions, these are rather stiff and hard to work with. Pulling your phone back out again for cleaning is an event and it takes significant time to put it back in again. That said, how often does one have to do this? It's a bit of a chore, but compared to the performance, it's not an issue.
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on June 21, 2016
This is the real deal name brand Otterbox - and yes, in this case name brand does matter :) This Defender Series is much tougher than any other cover you'll get at a steeply discounted rate. It has the 2 pieces of hard plastic that snap over the phone itself with a built in screen protector. Once those pieces are snapped into place you pull the silicone jacket over the hard case. I had to buy a new one because my other Otter box broke after I slipped on the wet stairs of my porch with my phone in my hand and caught myself with that hand, essentially landing and putting all me weight on my phone! and the phone was not damaged from the rain or my body weight, or the concrete i landed on at all!!! OK so the case got cracked and broken, but it did its job and saved my phone! I'll forever by buying Otter Box Defender cases from here on out.
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on February 7, 2016
Having read the reviews of the paint chipping, the rubber turning different colors/fading, design washout, etc., I STILL bought this case.
Why, you ask? Well, I don't really give a care about how the thing looks, as long as it PROTECTS the cell phone!!!!
I do believe that it is a GENUINE Otter Box, not a knock off.
Has mine succumbed to the above problems?....Yes, it has chipped paint off of all corners, it got so bad that I started peeling it to not have "flakies" and that the paint peel would be "even". Mine has also had the rubber on the outside frame of the box turn a different shade of aqua than the paint on the back. (Probably from the acids in the oils of our hands continually in contact with the rubber, just a guess).
Another thing that has been a bit annoying, the "P" is a bit harder (for me) to press while texting (maybe because of the position of the case and my big fingers!).Do I care?, NO! It will save my precious investment in the event of a fall. To me, that's ALL that matters.
4 stars only because they haven't come up with a way to combine durability/protection with beauty in an item that will be handled 100 times a day.
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on October 20, 2015
I like it! It looks neat and tidy (if a little bulky). My preferred case would be something sleek with a flip cover to protect the screen.... But I have a baby now who wants Mommy's "toy" and the case I had would not have kept up to the abuse that my son puts my phone through.

The screen protector got removed pretty quickly.... It felt a little clumsy, and I realised that I already had one on. Previously I had a cheaper, look-alike-case, that had messy edges and the silicone stretched. This has kept its shape and the cover flaps fit very neatly. It also allows the iPhone to sense light (the cheap one didn't)

I'm not sure I need the port protectors, and they get in the way a little, but they do the job as far as I can see. The top left corner doesn't quite fit as snugly around the screen as the other corners, but that's being picky.

For the price - it's worth it! Certainly cheaper than buying a new phone or repairing a broken phone!

It didn't survive baby... He's now 11 months old and has managed to crack the plastic. The silicone has torn a little over the sound button, but that's just wear'n'tear. But I'm increasing the star rating from 4 to 5 because the customer service was fantastic!

Under the 1 year warantee, OtterBox is sending me a new Defender case. They didn't have the pink/plum so they're sending me a black one, but for just $2.99 P&P, I'll take it!
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on January 21, 2016
This one is for my wife's phone. I was a little concerned when I saw some of the reviews, and the talk about fakes etc. This one is real, it's soft silicon exterior and hard plastic interior that snaps around the phone. The photos of one that's worn and turned white under the blue and white design, is most definitely fake. The real one has a soft silicon exterior shell that is uniformly blue all the way through. The phone's home button did not work very well without a case on it, but surprisingly it works perfect with the case on. The touchscreen works perfectly as well, so this case is just awesome. I have the defender for my Samsung S4 active, and it has performed flawlessly for two years now, this new case for the IP4 seems if possible even better.
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on August 29, 2014
My husband and I finally got iphones and were not sure as to what case we should get for them. He does tree work, so his case had to be strong. I called a friend and her husband said he used the OtterBox. He said he had dropped it on the ground, in water and accidentally stepped on it and it kept the phone safe. I read some of the other reviews that the holes are not in the right places, or that the front screen doesn't allow touch at times. When I went to the Verizon store to get the new phones, I told him I was reading about these cases on Amazon and the first words out of his mouth were, "Those are not real. They're fakes and they're no good." The first words out of my mouth were, "You work on commission, of course you would say that." (These are $90 at Verizon)
I decided to order the cheapest ones they had just in case we hated them. While they are not very pretty to look at, I will say that we did not experience any negative problems from these cases (I got the gray/pink camo and he got the brown camo). The only hole that isn't right on the case is at the top where the ear buds plug in. This simply means the little flap has to stay open to accomodate the cord, but so what? You just saved yourself $70 or more. As for the touch screen being less sensitive, I believe that would be true for any case and I do not find it a problem whatsoever. Talking to Siri is a little more difficult with the case on, but I guess I don't get so caught up in first world problems like that. These little details have not deterred us. We have no regrets in getting these now, we just wish we had ordered them in better colors. As far as protecting the phone, they do a great job. My husband dropped his 30' from the bucket truck and not a thing happened. I've laid mine in water accidentally and it was fine. Once in a while you might need to take the case off completely and wipe the inside of the cover, but this is just a necessary evil. Kinda like tweezing your brows...lol Hope this review helps somebody.
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