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on July 18, 2014
I guess I'm spoiled by the ios version. I wanted to try the way that I read about on the TeamLava forums for making money with the athletic dragons but the kindle version sucks. I didn't want to restart my pad game just to try it out, so thought I'd see how it was on my kindle. It's slow, buggy, and for some reason the prices of things are different. Like the coins I mean. Almost everything is the same as the ios aside from the currency rates (like the amount the habitats cost and amount of coins they hold), and there aren't the cool things like the spinning wheel that comes out occasionally. Most people seem to know that though from the forums. I LOVE this game and would recommend it if you don't have any way of playing the ios version, which updates more like almost all the kindle games.
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on January 17, 2016
I am literally only keeping this file to send gold to my ios files on my iPhone. There is no trading post or craft shop, so if you breed duplicate dragons, you can't trade them for gemstones to get the gemstone dragons or crafting items, and the extra dragons are not even worth selling even when you spend all your coins farming to level them up. Do not bother sinking any money into this game to buy gold, as you will just end up with a crowded island of multiple dragons and a lot of frustration. Everyone who is giving this game five stars has never played it on ios and doesn't know any better.
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on August 14, 2015
...there are many problems with this game, and I will list them. 1) FEATURES ON GOOGLE DEVICES UNAVAILABLE TO ANDROID PLAYERS. There are a way too large amount of features that Kindle players like myself can't ever get. My friends have told me about some of them and I have also read the reviews. This is pretty unfair. 2) The app takes up a lot of storage space once your park gets decently sized. 3) I use this app to roleplay with my friends. But because the Google device version updates and this version does not, I can't visit my friends who have Google devices (most of them). When I try, the app crashes. Will I never be able to visit them again??? (It's the same for other Android players too.) 4) The app is a tad too slow. My park is quite big now (I'm on level 80 or so), and it can't seem to handle it. Really big parks crash the app. Mine is starting to crash so many times when I try to play for no reason at all that it is extremely frustrating. Other than the (numerous) flaws, this app is great (though I wouldn't call it the best-looking, as it is screamingly advertised). 5) It pops way too many market deals and new dragon arrivals when I enter the app, but that, at least, I can still live with. Team Lava, please pay attention to your reviews and try to make this app as fair and efficient for everyone as possible.
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on June 3, 2015
When I looked at all of the one star reviews, I was shocked! They all said that the only way to advance is to spend real money on the game. I want to say is that is not at all true. My grandma and I are over level 120, and we never spent a dime! Yes, we have it on the Kindle Fire, so there isn't an arena, but the game is still an incredible amount of fun. It took years to get as far as we did, but it was always just as enjoyable. One tip is to go onto dragon story's wiki page. There, you can access a breeding calculator, were it tells all possible outcomes, how long each outcome takes to breed (know which dragon it is before it goes into the nest!), and the probability of it being each outcome. The page also identifies each egg, shows all of the dragons evolutions, and you can discuss breeds with other players. To get gold, which, while it isn't at all crucial in the game, can buy cool habitats, you need friends. They don't have to be people that you know, as long as you don't share personal information. To invite someone as a friend, you need their storm8 ID, which isn't the same as their island name. Luckily, there's an answer to even that. Lots of people want gold, so they post their ID on other players walls. With a pen and paper, write down all the ID's that you find, then invite them as neighbors. Not many people would turn down a neighbor request. It's so much fun to get the cutest dragons (some we just keep as babies) and evolve others to the graceful, majestic epic forms. Over the years I've tried hundreds of games, gotten bored, and uninstalled them, but dragon story will always last.
P.S.- Our ID is purple ferns, if you want to add us, and the island is named fireburst.
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on May 18, 2013
First off, I love this game. It is incredibly addicting and gratifying to play with, collect, and breed the dragons. The art is charming and the social aspect is fun without being overly interactive with other players.

But after playing it for a couple of months I am starting to become infuriated with the developers. This game is originally programmed for ios systems and was put onto android later. I'm glad they did put it on kindle but they are being totally negligent in updating the game on this system. There are many, many amazing features ios players get to enjoy that kindle players cannot access, have not been able to access for a very long time, and have no dates to look forward to accessing them. I completely understand that these things take time. I waited happily for minecraft to update on xbox 360, I am not unwilling to wait for something good. But it has been a long time since there have been any updates at all.

The real salt in the wound is that we are able to see, even advertised, many of the options we have no access too. We get to see the trade centers and new habitats of ios players, we get notification on new dragons but we can't actually access all of them and after a while it starts to make you really angry that you've spent time and sometimes real money in this version when you have no idea if you will ever be able to access all the functions.

I was willing to wait but I'm starting to feel like I will be fed up with the game by the time Team Lava decides to punch up the code. This is a very popular game that may be free to play but there are also people playing with real money and it is not exactly an indie title, there is no reason for this level of delay. I feel like if they were not planning on updating then why not at least call it Dragon Story: Lite or something so at least people would have been prepared to not have all the same functions going into it or at the very minimum not allow us to see all the wonderful updates everyone else is getting so we could console ourselves with the cute dragons that we do have.

Ultimately, if you want to play this game and have any opportunity to play it on an ios system, spare yourself the heartache and do so. Do not pick this version. If you still want to play it I think you'll still have a good time but brace yourself for daily disappointment at the limitations imposed on you.
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on March 27, 2014
This app can be played 100% cash free, it just takes you a bit longer. To play 100% cash free, you have to wait for your in game coin to increase, which is based on which Dragons you currently own. Each Dragon earns you in-game coin based on how rare it is. You can breed your dragons to obtain different types and color dragons, and every dragon you see in the shop can be bred through different combinations and offspring from the three main starter dragons. There are websites dedicated by players with a listing of which dragon to breed with which dragon to obtain all the dragons you see in the shop.

Breeding dragons also takes a lot of time, as well hatching the egg of baby dragons that results in your breeding a pair of dragons. While your waiting, explore other player's islands to see what other types of dragons are out there. Many players will also post on their walls different dragon combinations for breeding rare and elite dragons. Most of the time you will have to breed the same pair repeatedly to get the rare or elite dragon you wanted. If you want it right away, you have the option to purchase it with gold you receive from your Neighbors (Which you Gift / Receive from your neighbors on a daily basis). Any gold and maps you send or request to/from your neighbors doesn't come from your personal inventory, so give freely! The amount of free gold you can receive daily has a limit (I think its 20ish). You can rack up the free in-game gold pretty fast if you have enough neighbors, so be sure to take advantage by inviting a lot of other players to be your neighbor right away. Make sure you also visit all your neighbors daily and play with their dragons (max 6 you can play with) which will earn you more in game coin and experience as well (which will unlock more dragons you can receive, you can't breed and obtain from breeding a level 20 dragon if you haven't unlocked it by leveling yet).

One word of warning however, this game is highly addictive!!!
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on August 21, 2013
I LOVE this game. It was really fun when I first got it, then I found the update. I love all the new dragons. My favorites are the Mythic Dragons. If you need to complete the quest in which you need to add a friend, add me, (leachim10016).
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on May 11, 2013
There is no doubt that Dragon Story is a great game. However, i haversack experienced many bugs that should be fixed.
1. Dragons can sometimes get stuck while breeding or evolving. Once, I had to wait two days to retrieve my evolving dragon from the temple, because whenever I tried tapping on the temple when it was done evolving, it wouldn't do anything for two days.

2. When you hatch the rarest or highest-priced dragon and want to sell it, you only get 100 coins in return. I think this is a complete rip-off and should be fixed immediately. This is how you lose most your players, is by ripping them off terribly.

3. Often times when Dragon Story is loading, the screen freezes and the app forces itself to shut down. This is incredibly irritating.

4. The prices for certain decors/dragons are just absolutely ridiculous. NO ONE is going to pay fifty dollars for a pixel dragon. And 500 gold for another egg nest? No one buys a second one because its so over priced. Honestly. -_-

Other than the cons, Dragon Story is still a fun, addicting game. There are tons of unique dragons to hatch, collect, and breed. I love decorating my island as well! Great graphics, cute decors and dragons. Well developed game besides the cons.
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on November 12, 2015
First thing first; This game is great.
You can breed your own dragons, and you can even breed ones that would otherwise cost gold. Only problem is, it is really easy to accidentally buy extra 'money' and the gold, and even the food to feed your dragons. Another annoying thing is you wait FOREVER for your dragons to finish breeding, or for your dragon eggs to hatch, or for the Dragon to evolve to the next level, or for food to grow on a farm.
This is a great game though, no matter what I said above. The graphics are great, it is easy to use, so it's perfect for young kids. The dragons are really cute for the most part, and you get to name your dragons whatever you want. You can chat with friends, and play with your neighbour's dragons.
All in all, this game is extremely fun. I would suggest this for kids five to twelve, because it is easy enough to understand for a little kid, while still be engaging and exciting for an older kid. The only reason I did not give five stars was because it is too easy to buy stuff- with real money!-and the lengthy periods of time you wait for your dragon. You should get this game.
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on January 16, 2013
I have many games on my kindle and this is my favourite by far. Great game with great missions. No complaints at all.
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