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on November 8, 2012
However, this CD is bangin' more often than not. Elle knows her way around decent melodies. At its peak the disc is quite interesting and pretty varied, especially for an R&B record. Elle has an interesting, somewhat scratchy/raspy vocal (but it's still pretty). The lyrics on the album range from careless fun to extremely thoughtful and of a possible introverted type. Like I said this album is pretty good. All the singles are really good (although "Refill" had to grown on me) and most of the non-singles are pretty good too. I must admit when I first heard this I was quite underwhelmed. Besides the singles and "Sound Proof Room" the songs kinda became a mellow wall-of-sound. However, that's not the case now. Only a few tracks skate on filler material. My favorite track on the whole album is definitely "Not Tonight". No contest.

This is a good debut from a singer-songwriter I am somewhat eager to hear something else from. I can't really tell what she will do with her second album based on this but I hope it's good. The producers laid it down on most of the tracks and made the disc an exciting listen. I don't feel so bad for buying this album just for the singles because I got that much more. Worth your time.

4.3 stars.
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on September 17, 2012
At first, I wasn't sure if I would like this album because I was already hype off of Elle Varner's mixtape, Conversational Lush. I didn't want to be disappointed if this album didn't compare to the mixtape. When I first listened to it, I wasn't in love with it, but I wasn't in love with her mixtape right of the bat either. However, I could tell you write off the bat that aside from her already released singles - "Only Wanna Give It to You," "Refill," and "So Fly" - "I Don't Care" and "Stop the Clock" were some the best songs on that album. It takes a few good listens to really appreciate the other songs and I've come to the conclusion that Elle Varner, unlike many artists today, has made an actual album NOT a singles compilation. Listen to it as an album to truly appreciate it. Some other good songs are "Leaf," "Oh What A Night," and "Welcome Home." This is real R&B and truly good music. I found now that I even prefer listening to this over her mixtape sometimes because its such a chill album. I even sometimes find myself humming and singing her songs randomly without the music.

If you're not already loving Elle Varner's music, you need to get with it. Oh, and listen to "Luv Me Tomorrow" with Karina Pasian, made by Producer, Omen. It's available for free download if you can find it.
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on March 1, 2017
Great album from a great artist! Her lyrics are fresh (Grammy Award winning Songwriter) and her voice is unparalleled! I was able to get this copy signed by her! Timeless.
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on July 7, 2017
She's beautiful and talented. However, after the first song, booo!!
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on December 4, 2012
Okay, so I didn't give Elle Varner a chance in the beginning. I used to think the song Refill was really annoying. You know when she says "Reeeeeeeee e e efill yeaaaaaah" yes that used to make me change the station in a heart beat lol and I even decided not to purchase the cd. After all the hype people gave on Facebook, I've decided to listen to the 30 seconds samples on and the samples still didn't impress me. Months went by and this album was on sale for $3.99. So I've decided to listen to the samples again. After a huge debate with myself, I decided to buy it. And I must say, I have been a fool for waiting this long to buy this album. I can now listen to REFILL lol I think that's because I don't hear it on the radio as much as when the song first came out. My favorite song is What a Night. I think it's fun and I like Patron. I realize this album reference a lot of alcohol lol. anywho..I definitely recommend this album to all the music lovers.
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on August 8, 2012
I fell in love with Elle when I downloaded her mixtape Conversational Lust. I love this cd just as much as the mixtape. Her cd is a feel good R&B/POP album. I can't stop listening to Not Tonight, but love every song on her album. Great job and never change your music.
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on October 22, 2012
When I first heard of Elle Varner I saw her on BET awards sings an original song while playing the guitar. I thought to myself wow so she's a musician that is pretty cool but is she good enough to be mainstream. Is this generation really ready to enjoy a gifted talent like her because everything is autotuned now and techno, we have alot of artists that do really good music such as elle but they don't get enough recognition or credit. Elle Varner is an impressive talent her sound and style is incredible. Her style in music reminds me of India Arie someone who speaks about real issues and love but in a very visionary way.Her sound reminds me of Goapel which is nice and smooth fluent. This album is the real deal and I would suggest anyone to buy it you would not be disappointed.
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on November 4, 2012
Never heard Miss Varner's mixtape, but her debut album is a collection of ecletic rhythms and fun word play. Her sound is somwhere near R&B/Pop/Funk Rock, and with her distintive voice, it all just works. My particular favorites:
Soundproof Room ( the way it was composed is like nothing I've ever heard)
Stop the Clock ( The bass undertone is KILLER, with a good groove beat on top)
Damn Good Friends (The song is nice coulda,shoulda,woulda love song)

Those are just my top favorites, overall its a solid album. If your looking to get into a new artist, I highly sugget Miss Elle Varner's Perfectly Imperfect.
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on September 10, 2012
This Album is absolutely amazing!!!! Elle Varner brings a new fresh hip hop feel to the R&B genre. Her songs are well written and arranged and so catchy it is addictive. This is the best album I have purchased in 2012! My favorites are "Stop the Clock", "I Dont Care", "Sound Proof Room", "Refill", and "Wanna give it to you feat, J.Cole". My only critique is that the CD is so good you want it to keep going. I would have loved to have 2-3 more tracks to love :)

One more thing to note.....Her album is great for all ages!! There are no raunchy lyrics which would be a perfect gift for any young R&B fan.

Guys dont let the pink cover deter you from buying this CD!

I love Elle Varner!!!
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on September 17, 2017
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