Customer Reviews: Perfectly Imperfect
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on August 13, 2012
I have loved Elle Varner's voice every since I heard her song "Only Wanna Give it to You. That's exactly the way I feel about this guy I had feelings for! I can relate to all of her songs.Elle Varner is not only an amazing singer,she is an amazing song writer..much like her parents of course. Alot of artist don't write their own music these's really rare sometimes.Elle seems to paint a picture in all of her songs, and their is always some type of meaning to all of them. She is one of my favorite female singers out right now.

I got her mixtape a couple of months ago and I was SO excited to hear that her debut album was coming out. I knew it was gonna be Fly. I bought as soon as it hit Itunes last Tuesday.

I'll just break down all the songs.

1.) :::::::::Only Wanna Give it to You:::::::::
-Well I already said I love this song to death.I think every girl feels this way about that one special guy. "No room in my bed for another lover."


I loved this song when I first heard it. The hook;"Reee-eeeee" was just so beautiful. I think she's talking about how she doesn't wanna stop talking to this guy on the phone or wherever they are. Even though "I've never had game,no never..don't wanna sound like a broken record." She still doesn't wanna get off the phone with him. Their was also a track on her mixtape "Conversational Lush." It's the album version of "Refill" and it's really slow and beautiful. It's only about a min long, but in the beginning of it,she is talking to a guy. She says things like "I don't why every time i talk to you..I don't know what to say." I can relate to this song alot too.

3.)::::::::::::::::Sound Proof Room::::::::::

I'm still getting use to this song. I can relate to this song too, but I have to get use to the rhythm. I thought this would actually be a slow song also,instead of it having a fast tempo. I was a little disappointed by that at first, but the fast tempo did give it alot of spice and it's cool."Me and you..boy we gonna need a sound proof room" ,-)

4.)I Don't Care------------

OMG! I LOVE this song. "Going in...into the deep end....far over my head." When I first heard it....I loved it."How do you make me smile,simply by tearing me down?"She is saying she has deep feeling for this guy and she can no longer hide the way she feels anymore. Everyone can see it..but guess what? She doesn't care..because has gone into the deep end. Just Perfect and Beautiful!


5.:::::::::Not Tonight:::::::

This song proves even more how much Elle is not only a great singer, but also such a great Songwriter!!!! She paints such a vivid picture with her lyrics, that I feel like I am literally there with her!! This song is basically talking about how she really likes this guy, but she is too shy to approach him and tell him how she feels. "Maybe in another life..I could be the girl..that walks up to the guy..and tells him how she feels inside..but NOT TONIGHT!" I love the part towards the end when she says... "Hey! My name is Elle..and I think your kinda fly...but Not Tonight..not tonighttt." This song is one of my favorites right now, because I can relate to it SO much!.


I was interested in hearing this song..because of the title. I was like what could a "Leaf" song possibly be about. It turned out to be another beautiful song by Elle."And when you smile..I will be there..and when you cry...I will be there...Lighter than a Leaf in your pocket..I will be there."
7.):::::::::Oh What A Night! ::::::::::

I have to really get use to this song.. I haven't listen to it as much,but I'm trying to like it. It's the only song I don't care for much yet. But it's only been a week that I've been listening to her album,so I'm sure I'll love it soon. It's a great light fun song. It kind of reminds me of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" song. How they woke up and everything was crazy. Elle's night was a little more crazier though."My makeup's smeared...I'm looking numbers on my hand..I'm such a freaky lady."


8.)::::Stop the Clock!::::::::::::

The hook to this song will have you HOOKED! Literally! I didn't see the hook smoothing it's way in like that, it came out very nice. "I've been waiting in the storm for you." The song is fast and very upbeat. Like I said before, when I heard the hook to the song, that pretty much took the cake for me. I loved it after that. She did get my attention with the song though, when I first got the album and was just listening around... she starts off in this song saying... "If your looking for me I'm the stupid girl...."

9.)::::::::Welcome Home::::::

I love how she painted the picture with this song.She sings;And all I ever needed was a good man." She talks about how she wants 2 brown eyed babies and a two door garbage..and a brown mat under the door reading "Welcome Home."I Love this song!
10.):::::::::Damn Good Friends::::::::
I think alot of people can relate to this song if they are stuck in the friend zone and don't wanna be there.They may want more."We're such damn good friends...we could be a whole lot more." It's a beautiful song, and was a favorite of mine when I first heard it.
11.So Fly

I remember hearing this song on her mixtape Conversational Lush. I'm glad she put it on the album though, because it goes perfect with her album title "Perfectly Imperfect"I think she is saying so what I have cellulite? and my breast might not be as big,but I'm still happy with it, because it defines who I am. She sings towards the end( I love this part,because they bring the bass in and she breaks it ALL THE WAY DOWN)

;"So basically all I need is to be everything but ME...color contacts,liposuction,and some implants..some how that don't make no sense..I must be out of my I the definition of fly..and if you want to know why..I know what money can be..don't go believing the hype." She continues with...."Ain't no way you can be fly not if it cost you a dime."

I think this is the perfect song for anyone who is struggling with self-image/self-esteem issues. So empowering and uplifting.


I was shocked that "Go" from her mixtape was not on the album. Also "WTF" is a hilarious song!!

I think Elle Varner did a wonderful,incredible job on her album and I wish her much success with her debut. She is obviously highly talented as not only a singer,but a song writer too.I know this album just came out, but it only left me wondering when her next one will come out,that's just how much I love her songs!!So Elle Varner can your fans get a R E F I L L?
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on August 8, 2012
I fell in love with Elle when I downloaded her mixtape Conversational Lust. I love this cd just as much as the mixtape. Her cd is a feel good R&B/POP album. I can't stop listening to Not Tonight, but love every song on her album. Great job and never change your music.
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on August 8, 2012
Elle Varner's Perfectly Imperfect is an amazing experience! I'm a long-time R&B fan and I have been severely disappointed by the direction of the genre, but Ms. Varner has given me much hope! Her lyrics are open, honest, and filled with meaning. Her delivery is always on point. The production is a consistently creative mixture of R&B, Soul, Hip hop, funk, rock, and pop that will either make your head nod or have you sitting back in nostalgia. Perfectly Imperfect is a perfect (pun intended) debut project that has to be a sure thing come Grammy night.

I have heard a few people express their caution in buy Perfectly Imperfect because their dislike of her single Refill. While I love Refill, no two songs on the album sound alike so DO NOT let your distaste for one song prevent you from enjoying a fantastic project! At least listen to a stream first!
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on August 8, 2012
Let me just say that I am a new fan of Elle's. I had heard samples of singles here and there, and I was less than impressed, especially with "Refill." Which is a reason the album gets 4 stars, because of it and I'm not a big fan of "Welcome Home." Yet, listening to all the other lovely samples convinced me to go ahead and press download. NO REGRETS! I don't typically leave reviews, so an album has to significantly stand out for me to even consider it.

I've had the album on repeat all day. "Only Wanna Give It To You" is sassy and fun, and J. Cole adds a nice hip-hop touch to it. "Leaf" is beautiful. "Oh What a Night" is a story. But "I Don't Care", hands down, is my favorite track on the album. And I can't pinpoint one element of why I love it, I just do!

I was so intrigued by Miss Varner's music that in reading up on her, I found out she'd released a mixtape earlier this year. Downloaded it, too! Loved it!

Yes, her voice has hints of Chrisette Michele jazz vocals in it, but she is truly all Elle. I hope she does well and goes far so that she can continue making more music.
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on August 8, 2012
The only song that is not my cup of tea is the Sound Proof Room; still a pretty sexy song, but the arrangement is odd. Outside of that the album is diverse and rich. I did not waste my money. Her voice is just a pretty as her look, vain I know, but hard to miss. I listened to her mixtape at least once a day when it came out so having a full version of Refill is really nice.

My final thought it I wanna hug Elle and "..say girl you are So Fly you don't have to wish it..". I plan on making sure my baby girl realizes how pretty she is as well.

Perfectly Imperfect my ass, more like Just Perfect the way God made you...:-)
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on August 7, 2012
I came across Elle Varner's mixtape "Conversational Lush" and fell in love with her wildly eclectic R&B style. "Perfectly Imperfect" is her debut album proper and is just as good and as wacky as her mixtape.

"Only Wanna Give It To You" is an upbeat funky number with a groovy bassline, a touch of Hip Hop, and a guest rap from J. Cole. Varner's raspy vocals recall Jazmine Sullivan or even Macy Gray in parts, and she co-wrote the 11 tracks. "Refill" is a smouldering ballad which name checks "Conversational Lush" and actually appeared as an interlude on the mixtape. She hints to her boo what she'll do to him in a "Sound Proof Room" to rolling percussion and lashings of electric guitar.

"I Don't Care" is set to Hip Hop beats with horns softly fleeting in the background. She shows off her soft vulnerable side on the Jazzy/Bluesy "Not Tonight, while the tender "Leaf" is an absolutely enchanting ballad. Upping the tempo is the groovy club number "Oh What A Night" with jangly guitars in the chorus, reminiscent of "Runaway" from the mixtape. The midtempo "Stop the Clocks" is laden with swirling synths and hand claps. "Welcome Home" is lovely acoustic soul. "Damn Good Friends" is mostly guitar, strings, and her passionate vocals pushed to the fore as she yearns for being more than just that with the object of her affection. Closing is the sprightly Macy Gray-channeling "So Fly" touching on insecurity with one's weight and anatomical features. This featured on the mixtape.

And with that, we come to the end of a thrilling ride, one that will have you returning and returning for more...
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on September 17, 2012
At first, I wasn't sure if I would like this album because I was already hype off of Elle Varner's mixtape, Conversational Lush. I didn't want to be disappointed if this album didn't compare to the mixtape. When I first listened to it, I wasn't in love with it, but I wasn't in love with her mixtape right of the bat either. However, I could tell you write off the bat that aside from her already released singles - "Only Wanna Give It to You," "Refill," and "So Fly" - "I Don't Care" and "Stop the Clock" were some the best songs on that album. It takes a few good listens to really appreciate the other songs and I've come to the conclusion that Elle Varner, unlike many artists today, has made an actual album NOT a singles compilation. Listen to it as an album to truly appreciate it. Some other good songs are "Leaf," "Oh What A Night," and "Welcome Home." This is real R&B and truly good music. I found now that I even prefer listening to this over her mixtape sometimes because its such a chill album. I even sometimes find myself humming and singing her songs randomly without the music.

If you're not already loving Elle Varner's music, you need to get with it. Oh, and listen to "Luv Me Tomorrow" with Karina Pasian, made by Producer, Omen. It's available for free download if you can find it.
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on August 10, 2012
This is seriously some good music.

It's really refreshing to be excited about anticipating new music. This is what Elle Varner has done for me. Ever since I heard "Only Wanna Give It To You" on the radio, I knew I had to check out who this girl was. But while listening to her mixtape "Conversational Lush," she clearly showed that she was not a girl but a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and how to clearly express herself. It's also important to note that she is not only a singer-songwriter, but she also co-produces and co-composes her material.

A lot of people are going to compare her to contemporaries like Melanie Fiona, Chrisette Michele, Jazmine Sullivan and maybe even Nikki Jean but she definitely has shown herself through this amazing album. Just like we clearly knwo who those artists are, we can definitely see who Ms. Varner is as well.

For a freshman album this is quite impressive. Others have gone through track by track so I'm just going to highlight some singles.

Soundproof room is a song I fell in love with right away, and it's on constant replay on my ipod. It's a saucy song that just pulls you in not only through the lyrics, but the arrangement of the entire song. It is such a nice surprise.

Refill is her second single and it was a good choice to release it. Her metaphors and symbolism through her lyrics is so smart and decisive, and a pleasure to hear.

Leaf, Stop the Clock, and Damn Good Friends are tracks that I just can't get out of my head, so they have have a place on my repeat playlist.

Although this may sound like a tangent, one thing I worry about for her is the same thing I worry about for Jazmine Sullivan - straining of the voice. Now don't get me wrong, they both have fabulous voices which makes it super easy for me to listen to them, but when I first heard Refill, her singing style reminded me of Ms. Sullivan's Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles) - there are just areas where it sounds like they are straining, and that can worry me a bit. But they definitely are talented vocalists nonetheless.

Perfectly Imperfect is a promising effort from a musician who has this ability in her blood (literally, coming from two parents who have been in the biz for years as well), and if she continues on this way, she will shine as an artist to definitely watch out for.
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on November 8, 2012
However, this CD is bangin' more often than not. Elle knows her way around decent melodies. At its peak the disc is quite interesting and pretty varied, especially for an R&B record. Elle has an interesting, somewhat scratchy/raspy vocal (but it's still pretty). The lyrics on the album range from careless fun to extremely thoughtful and of a possible introverted type. Like I said this album is pretty good. All the singles are really good (although "Refill" had to grown on me) and most of the non-singles are pretty good too. I must admit when I first heard this I was quite underwhelmed. Besides the singles and "Sound Proof Room" the songs kinda became a mellow wall-of-sound. However, that's not the case now. Only a few tracks skate on filler material. My favorite track on the whole album is definitely "Not Tonight". No contest.

This is a good debut from a singer-songwriter I am somewhat eager to hear something else from. I can't really tell what she will do with her second album based on this but I hope it's good. The producers laid it down on most of the tracks and made the disc an exciting listen. I don't feel so bad for buying this album just for the singles because I got that much more. Worth your time.

4.3 stars.
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on December 4, 2012
Okay, so I didn't give Elle Varner a chance in the beginning. I used to think the song Refill was really annoying. You know when she says "Reeeeeeeee e e efill yeaaaaaah" yes that used to make me change the station in a heart beat lol and I even decided not to purchase the cd. After all the hype people gave on Facebook, I've decided to listen to the 30 seconds samples on and the samples still didn't impress me. Months went by and this album was on sale for $3.99. So I've decided to listen to the samples again. After a huge debate with myself, I decided to buy it. And I must say, I have been a fool for waiting this long to buy this album. I can now listen to REFILL lol I think that's because I don't hear it on the radio as much as when the song first came out. My favorite song is What a Night. I think it's fun and I like Patron. I realize this album reference a lot of alcohol lol. anywho..I definitely recommend this album to all the music lovers.
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