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on February 11, 2013
I recently built a computer with an i7 processor with HD4000 integrated graphics. Let me start by saying integrated graphics has come a long way. HD4000 will play most current games on medium settings with decent frame rates in most spots. I am currently playing Skyrim on Steam. Initially, the game scanned my system and automatically set the game to low settings. I was disappionted so I changed the settings to medium. Any higher than medium resulted in low frame rates. When I installed the GTX 660Ti, the game scanned my system and automatically set the game at ultra max setting. What is impressive about the GTX 660Ti is the buttery smooth frame rate on ultra max setting even when a lot of characters are on the screen. I don't think Skyrim can really tax this graphics card, so if your goal is to play Skyrim buy it now.

I have not tweaked any of the card settings, and I would not consider myself knowledgable enough to do so safely at this time. I will have to research some before making any changes. However, it seems I will not need to for a couple of years anyway. I am very pleased with the performance of this graphics card and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in PC gaming.
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on October 15, 2012
So I needed to retire my old GTX 295 from duty after it started bugging out with driver updates and having issues playing the latest games. I did a lot of research and in retrospect 700 was a bit of an overkill purchase when I bought my last card. I wasn't running multiple displays and wasn't a FPS freak that needed to run everything maxed out. So after reading what was new I came across this card (or series of cards). It seemed like a good value and the reviews made it sound that it could play with the big boys (670 and even 680s territory)but considerably cheaper. So I tried to first find an Asus 660Ti TOP whcih is the most overclocked out of the box 660 Ti available at the moment but it is impossible to find as it's in backorder status for every online retailer out there. Then this little guy caught my eye.

It looked to be on par with the other cards plus it had an extra gig of v-ram shoved in it and in a big cooled case I can say that it can be overclocked 10-15% so far and still runs pretty cool even under heavy load. So if you don't want to spend the extra money for a 670 and 680 but want an par performance(run BF3 on max settings) this is the card for you and in the future if you feel its a bit sluggish just slap a second one in there in SLI and you will be good for a few years.

I was a bit worried about getting Borderlands 2 since it didn't mention anything in the description of the product but apparently you get it in an email?
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on October 16, 2012
The card is AMAZING! Upgraded from an ATI/AMD Radeon 5850 1GB GPU. Some other reviews have said the Memory bandwidth of 192-bit is a bottleneck but I'm not seeing it. 100% Recommend this card to any gamer!

Now the BAD! AMAZON and Why I may never deal with them again :(

eVGA is running ( present tense ) a promotion. A Free Steam Code for Borderlands 2 is given via email with purchase of an eVGA 600 based NVIDIA video card. Amazon has been emailing the codes out to customers after they receive the GPU according to prior comments. I TRUSTED Amazon, so I ordered the card from Amazon instead of eVGA directly. BIG MISTAKE!. I get the GPU. No Email. Contact Customer Support via website. Told it takes a couple days to get code. ( No evidence of promotion on Amazon Site at all, not others are still getting codes mind you! ) CS Rep assures me to give it a couple days and all's well. I wait a couple days. Nothing. Contact again. This time I'm told that the promotion was over (?? WHAT?!) I told them that it was NOT over and it was still active on eVGA's website. Then I'm told.. "Well... the codes we have expired..." " Their promotion is a new one..." etc etc etc (All not true) I tell them that I'm going to call eVGA for myself. Which I do.
I am told that the Coupon/Steam codes do have an expiration date but it's not until January of 2013. eVGA is also been made aware of other retailers not giving the codes/coupons to customers but keeping them for themselves to use (Smaller outfits mostly or crooked employees) and claiming ignorance to the promotion. The eVGA told me they have plenty of code left. I told him if Amazon can't resolve this issue for me, I'll be calling to order a card for them directly. They are actually located a few hours away from me, so he said they could actually get it to me next day for the price of ground shipping and if i get it ordered through him (I got his name and direct number) he'll email me the code personally). SERVICE! AMAZON HAS ONE MORE CHANCE TO MAKE THIS RIGHT! If not this card is going back and I'm calling eVGA back.

UPDATE **10/16/2012

Amazon came through and made good on the offer. It was a hassle on my part. A little tarnish was cleared off and Amazon is back on top. More companies need to belly up to bar when they mess up and fix the problem like Amazon.
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on January 14, 2013
First, a warning: This card is big, very big in fact. The third in my build since 2009 and an upgrade from the EVGA Geforce 550Ti and the jump in quality is pretty significant. Though I was running Far Cry 3 on Very High settings before there was some annoying pop-in and postfx looked horrid running at around 30 fps. After seeing it running on a friend’s xbox I can say it was running at around console quality. Note: I understand fully that Far Cry 3 is a console developed game first and a PC game second, as many are these days.
After installing the 660 Ti the game is now running at a super sooth 60+fps on Ultra settings and is smooth as butter. I was also able to bring out the draw distance quite a bit and disable the postfx completely, now the game looks gorgeous from high elevations like radio towers and mountain tops. But like I said, this card is huge. Because if its size it blocked two of my SATA ports on my mobo, forcing me to move which ones my two HDDs and DVD drive were using, which caused some minor boot issues that I was quickly able to resolve through BIOS.
It runs quiet and cool but requires more power than my old card but that wasn't an issue for me.
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on February 20, 2013
Had to take a star off because of my experience when installing this card. I kept getting an error where the card was simply refusing to install the drivers (both stock and CD based). Eventually, after reading some online forums, I got it to accept the drivers off Nvidia's website and it's spectacular. I am currently into Hawken (very graphically intense FPS) which my previous card (560) would play fine on Med settings but would load textures and environmental detail pretty slowly. The 660ti loads levels nigh instantly. I am currently running Hawken on all Ultra settings with Vsync / physx and havn't dropped a frame below 60 (friggen gorgeous). Very happy with this card and paying 30-40ish more dollars for the extra gig of memory on this card vs the 660ti 2gig is super worth it. Card def would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for the install issues I had.

the $150 promotion split between 3 free to play games is pretty awesome as well. Even if you only play one of them (like Hawken) that's still $50 you saved.
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on October 2, 2013
Excellent card. Pricey by my standards as I'm on a tight budget but worth far, far more than its price. I'm not one of the "must get the latest thing the instant it's out" gamers, but even so, I've yet to find a game I can't run. Everything I play goes on ultra settings without the slightest hiccup, and runs close enough to silent that I've yet to actually hear the card.

Also, it's an odd thing to praise but the card is well-made in the sense that it fits easily into the motherboard/case. The last three I've owned nearly made me choose between having them seated correctly and having them screwed into the back of the case correctly.
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on December 7, 2012
I bought two of these to run SLI. They are both much faster and run much cooler than my previous GTX-470s. Also when using EVGA's Precision software you can get them to dynamically over-clock (I do it to get my games running at 60fps).

Now you might wonder why I feel I need two of these. And they are pretty powerful as a single card. Well the reason is that I am running a 2560x1440 display. So at that resolution even a GTX-680 is going to be challenged. (And I couldn't afford a GTX-690) So this was, in my estimation, the best choice I could make.
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on July 7, 2013
I bought this because it was on sale. Better price on Amazon than anywhere else I looked. But this is by far the best graphics card I've ever used. It's benchmarks are better than most other graphics cards I've looked at (under $1000) and it lived up to my expectations. The picture quality of the output is great and the 4 outputs are really convenient for multiple displays. Absolutely would uy this again in a heartbeat.
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on April 18, 2015
Purchased June 2013 for BF4. Failed after running GTA V for 1 hour April 2015. PC power cut and only removal of 660TI would permit PC to boot. Replaced with similar card and PC working ok. This card is on the recommended list for the game. it appears to have a 3 year warranty, so hoping to get it fixed / repaired.
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on August 27, 2012
My system specs:
AMD 8120 FX 8 core processor
Gigabyte UD3 AM3+ board
16 gig or Corsair DDR3 RAM
Samsung SSD 830 drive
Windows 7 64 bit
*Included as performance may very from system to system. MY statement are solely related to the system I've listed above.

This video card is replacing a crossfired Radeon 6870 setup. After doing alot of homework I found that this card performs as well as this setup but at a fraction of the power. In fact this card draws so little power replacing my 6870 would make a bit difference in electric cost savings over the next two years now that I've upgraded. Using some simple math and killowatt per hour rating from my electric company over two years I save 170 in electric cost.
Not lets move on to the good stuff you want to hear. But I did want ot be fair for the "green" guys out there that like to see efficiency in a product also.

The included EVGA Precision X Tuner automatically boosts the clocks for you to 1110 got the GPU which is more than the already factory clock out of the box and it runs quite stable. Be aware that the precision X tuner does have the ability in the setting to be able to display the GPU, MEM, temperature , etc in the game real time and for EVGA awesomeness they gave us the ability to see it on a Logitech LCD panel. Another +1 for EVGA. The end results are earth shattering performance in DX11 games with just a single GPU. With my Radeon 6870 setup i was using a GTX 430 as a hybrid physX card with special drivers. So for myself I could still retain the 430 to use with the new EVGA 660 as a dedicated PHysX card and for CUDA.

I was impressed that in The Secret World i was able to obtain at ULTIMATE settings in DX11 mode with everything maxed out a steady 45-50 frames per second. The game is drop dead gorgeous with smooth game play on this card With my Crossfire 6870's I was getting 34-40 fps and I had to knock down the tesselation as it was causing some performance hits in some areas of the game The 660 from EVGA no matter what I threw at it remained steady at 45 -50 fps. This card is very stable out of the box and it played my new favorite game flawlessly. I went through some dual crossfire driver and profile pains initially with my 6870 crossfire setup but to AMD's defense so did Nvidia players. Please note I've used AMD cards for 8 years, prior to that a couple of Nvidia cards and 3dfx I have a long history of 3d gaming cards. I hope you don't feel there's bias I go with the card with the best feature set and performance per dollar with decent power draw. Some may care about some of not at all. My review will tell you about all sides of the coin including overclocking.

I also , have, a Vizio 3D 42" television and I will say I was disappointed that nvidia does not include the 3d TV play. To Nvidia's defense ATI does have a solution of the Tridef software which was 25 dollars for AMD users. *NOTE* to AMD users moving to an Nvidia card. Your key from Tridef is an AMD card key. You will be required to purchase another key as it does recognize the AMD discounted key.

Now, after the warning I gave on the Tridef software activation and after seeing how Tridef performs with ATI and Nvidia I can tell you that Tridef does the better job for both companies. I don't recommend getting Nvidia 3D Play if you get this card for stereoscopic 3d. I do recommend another card dedicated to Physx although you can use the 660 as well you may not enjoy the performance hit that it would take on your game when you like to run everything at full eyecandy.

To sum up, the EVGA SC+ card does a fine job at performance, out of the box and Nvidia's recent drivers deliver great performance with not many bugs that I've seen so far. For a new card I'm impressed at the reliability and stability.
Im even further shocked that it is outperforming my 6870 crossfire rig in most of my DX11 games about 20 percent on average. Now just to mention, but for us 3d gamers it's not so important, but I did notice moving from my 6870's my desktop seemed to produce a noticeable crisper display on my Vizio 3d led tv.
The colors also seemed more natural not as vibrant as it was on my AMD 6870. The AMD does have setting to correct things like that but I think Nvidia nailed the default setting for 2D out of box. Furthermore, in some cases with AMD I've always run into scaling issues on my HDTV's where out of the box the default driver setting leave me a 1/2 inch border requiring me to scale the display to fit the border correctly. Out of the box my 660 didn't have any such issues. It detected my display and it was sized properly right out the box. I do think little things like this is very important for me to review on potential buyers.

Next, the installation was so simple. However, I did use to wipe out all instances of ATI software and registry entried prior to installing as I've heard about conflicts. SO I suggest that you clean out first.
Uninstall all Nvidia and ATI AMD software in the cotrol panel. Then set your video controller to Standard Display. Then run a cleaner on your system before installing your new card.

Finally, the cards price at 339.00 may sound steep to you. But right now it comes with Borderlands 2 and the current price model they set for the 660 is definitely hooking some buyers as it did me. I was using AMD cards for 8 years and this card just appealed to me for all the reasons in this review. After i bought the game within just 3 days I got an email from Nvidia giving me the code redeem on STEAM. Yes, be aware the game is a STEAM code not DRM free if that upsets some of you then think twice as I wanted to share that I had to get the STEAM code. That doesn't bother me. The plus side of this bonus is that you do get the pre-order items as it comes up as the Pre-order not just the standard version of the game. Now the price retail of Borderlands 2 is 59.99. This EVGA SC+ card is 339.99. So in essense you get the card for 279.99!! This is 100 less that a Radeon 7950 and little over a hundred less than a 670. In OC mode using Precision X software this card is putting out identicle maybe 5-10 percent less at times than the 670 when the performance is boosted by Precision X.

You can't beat this deal. It's 670 performance for over a hundred less. It's main competitor the 7870 with the Borderlands 2 included is just not a good deal for AMD at this time. The card is awesome, this game deal included is awesome, the card is stable, the drivers are stable and in conclusion i'm trying to find a way to ding a star because usually there's something catchy or something that just doesn't work. And the new features of adaptive refresh which I've used is so nice to not see anymore tears in the screen due to the refresh rate changes the feature works great. TXAA be aware at 4X in Secret World my performance significantly dropped but i had to tone it down to 2X TXAA and this game is the only game that uses it. You'll get a gorgeous picture no jaggies or tears between TXAA and adaptive refreh rate feature. I suspect this will improve with time.

I can't find big problems folks this is the card at the best price point with a great game included. If you can look past it being a STEAM download the deal your getting just cannot be beat. EVGA hit the bulls eye with this one.
You will be pleased with the card and be sure you run the Precision X included software it does boost performance up to 10-20 percent. I hope you find the review useful. I did not run all types of benchmarks due to the fact that you can find those around the web. My review was to give you what it does in the real world with a recent game and how easy it was to boost the clock with the included app and the expected performance you'll get when moving from a previous generation of Nvidia or AMD cards. If you already have a SLI or crossfire rig you will get some improvement with just a single GPU but don't expect much more. In that case you may want to skip this generation from AMD and Nvidia. But for single card users expect a nice 50 percent jump in performance and being able to run all games you got in DX11 at 1080P over 40 fps average.

I hope this helps you make your decision as I wanted to give it a few days before spilling my brain out.
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