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on August 23, 2012
I would not call this album bad. It was a very enjoyable listen, but it lacked the things that I loved about Owl City and the things that made Owl City stand apart. There are two areas where I noticed major differences.

One, the lyrics. Previous Owl City albums had quirky poetic words that left the listener in a state of whimsy and wonder. In this album, everything is very simple and plainly stated. Adam is simply telling you things rather than painting a picture. And, the subject matter is less inspired. In previous albums, Owl City had a unique voice and had valuable ideas to contribute. In this album, almost every song is the same "believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything" that everyone in my "I'm so special" generation is singing about.

Two, the music. In "Ocean Eyes" and "All Things Bright and Beautiful", Owl City created beautiful masterpieces of synthetic symphony. He utilized several sounds and layered them in a complex and compelling way. When recording my own music, I had always held Owl City as the pinnacle of great mixing and great orchestration. With this new album, the music is very basic and repetitive. None of the songs take you on the kind of journey that "Cave In" or "Umbrella Beach" did.

I will say that I still love Owl City and I did enjoy this album, but this feels more like a step back than a step forward. I hope that in the future we hear more songs like the ones on "Ocean Eyes" and "All Things Bright and Beautiful".
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on September 1, 2012
Ever since I heard 'Ocean Eyes' I have been hooked on Adam Young and his creative musical work. I had no idea that there was a new album coming out this year, espcially since 'All Things Bright & Beautiful' was released just a year ago.

'The Midsummer Station' is something very different from the previous Owl City albums. It seems that the soft synthesizer has given away to more up beat and sometimes harder sounds, which is not a bad thing. Teaming up with Carley Rae Jepsin and Blink 182s Mark Hoppus gives you two of the better songs on the album, but also songs like Shooting Star and Metropolis also highlight this record. The style is also very different, very much like the Europian Techno sound that is very popular in music right now. Still, there is one thing I am not so happy about and it's that the whimisical lyrics seem to have left to make room for a little more mainstreem typical lyrics. None of these songs have that same magic as Fireflies and The Yacht Club. However this album is not bad at all and I am very inrigued by this new and unexpected direction Owl City is taking. It is leaving me very interested in what lies ahead.
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on August 11, 2013
I was hesitant to purchase the Acoustic EP after already owning The Midsummer Station. I wondered how much could be improved upon, but as a devoted Owl City fan I should have known better. Though only a few tracks are included in this album, Adam Young transformed Good Time, Shooting Star and Gold into softer, quieter tunes. His unique modifications to these songs (makes sense as it is supposed to be an acoustic version) still make the heart smile. It's hard to believe those 3 songs could get any better, but they are! Plus, it's nice to hear some new songs included (Hey Anna and I Hope you Think of Me). Am I biased? Yes, Adam Young's Owl City is my favorite band and believe it or not, I am a 31 year old father of 3 little girls. I have always enjoyed his work since I heard Fireflies, but dancing to his songs with my girls is icing on the cake. So, check it out for yourself and I think you will find yourself smiling and laughing a bit more.
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on September 26, 2013
I bought this album last spring because my older son was part of a dance number set to "Shooting Star" and we wanted him to be able to practice at home. (Despite being the youngest in the group, he did a great job and it still brings a tear to my eye thinking about him dancing so joyously alongside the older and more experienced dancers. But that's beside the point.) In the weeks leading up to the show, of course, we listened to that song in particular as well as the rest of the album a *lot*.

Since then, we still listen to it a lot because my five-year-old has fallen in love with the music. He sings "Shooting Star," "Good Time," and "Speed of Love" almost constantly. (Previously, he was fixated on Queen, singing "We Are The Champions," "Killer Queen,", "Fat Bottomed Girls," and, of course, "Bohemian Rhapsody" all the time.) In the car, when he's tired or bored and the older two are doing their own thing, putting this on will almost guarantee a peaceful (though not a quiet) ride, with him singing along and his sister joining in. Almost every song elicits an "Again!" when it ends; we have a strict three-times-in-a-row limit in force.

Of course, none of that speaks to the quality of the music. After all, a lot of people like Justin Bieber and the like. So is this any good? Well, he's no Vivaldi or Knopfler, but for the genre, he's pretty good and, actually, listenable. I have a hugely diverse taste in music; my collection (thousands of CDs) includes everything from mainstream music such as classic rock, country, and bluegrass to less common stuff like West African folk/blues, classic new age/space and South African a Capella. These days, mostly, I listen primarily to classical, especially baroque. So, on the one hand, that I like this is not all that surprising but, on the other, music needs to be pretty good (regardless of the genre) for me to listen to it. This I don't mind listening to.

So, to sum up, if you're into dance music (or if your kids are), this is pretty good.
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on September 11, 2013
When I first bought this, I had no idea that Adam collaborated on it, so o honestly couldn't tell a difference. But when I did, I wasn't disappointed because the album had already grown on me.and I honestly like the direction this album went in.

Dreams and Disasters: great song to jump up and down to, still with meaningful lyrics

Shooting Star: peppy and upbeat, but I like the acoustic better

Gold: great beat and love the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. Great pick up line, man. I like that it has a little deeper meaning. I love the acoustic

Dementia ft. Mark Hoppus: one of my faves with more Owl City like lyrics, love the hard rock feel of the song


Speed of Love: love the dupsteppy feel and more techno than the others

Good Time ft Carly Rae Jepsen: not much to say about this one, but I'm glad it has nothing about sex

Embers: love this song! Love the meaningful lyrics, love the meaning, love the sad, yet rock feel. Love the guitars

Silhouette: a sweet, piano and synth ballad where AY's vocals shine though. I've cried many a time to this song

Metropolis: love the strings on this song and the lyrics, they're like dementia's and I like the softer sound and the layers to the music

Take It All Away: love it love it love it. Best breakup song ever and its not to cheesy and I am in love with the drums on this song

overview: overall, good album. Not the best, but still lovable. faves: Dreams and Disasters, Dementia, I'm Coming After You, Speed of Love, Embers, Metropolis, and Take It All Away. Oh heck just buy the whole album!!!
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on May 3, 2013
This started as a comment on another review, but I am going to expand slightly to a review. Ocean Eyes is still Adam's best album, and I also agree with the comments that the lyrics on Ocean Eyes were very original and whimsical.

I think many of those Ocean Eyes songs were musically brilliant. I could play "If My Heart Was a House" "Meteor Shower" "Strawberry Avalanche" and "Fireflies" (and more!) in an infinite loop for six hours and just be lost in it. The music on Midsummer Station just doesn't reach to that level. This isn't to say that there are not good songs on Midsummer Station. But some of the songs on Ocean Eyes were at a level of originality, quality, and variety that I see maybe a few times in a decade. There are genuinely moments on Ocean Eyes where I wonder if Adam Young descended from Mozart. The bar is just set so high....

Regarding the whimsical lyrics on Ocean Eyes, those are mostly gone on Midsummer Station. It feels like either they forced Adam to team with another songwriter, or alternately Adam is trying to learn to write poetry in a more pop style. Either way, the lyrics lack the magical and whimsical qualities of Ocean Eyes.

However, I have an inverted view of the lyrics on Ocean Eyes. What I have realized is that many of those songs had a perfect meter for pure poetry. If Adam had teamed up with a truly brilliant lyricist / romantic poet, they could have developed a set of sonnets, love poems/songs that would have been remembered for decades. So definitely there is an opportunity to partner with a lyricist, but it has to be someone who is great and a pure romantic, otherwise why bother. You cannot pair the Mozart of Electronica music with a Mickey Mouse lyricist and get anything better than Disney Channel music. The lyrics on the latest album are a regression. They are not brilliant metered poetry, nor are they the whimsical creative lyrics of Ocean Eyes.

Some of the songs like "Take It All Away" do however show real emotional power and emotional authenticity (in the style of a Taylor Swift). I almost wonder if if "Take It All Away" is about Taylor Swift given the whacky history with Taylor writing Adam Young a pretty direct and very public love song "Enchanted" on her "Speak Now" album. Then it appears she basically gave Adam a cold shoulder when he responded. Hang tough Adam, that would be a tough sequence for any man. But even "Take It All Away" needs the power of a more complete poet to fill out the lyric.

Adam needs to do a reset. He is young and musically brilliant. Let's see if he can do it.
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on August 29, 2012
Having listened through "Maybe I'm Dreaming," "Ocean Eyes," and "All Things Bright and Beautiful," I can say that this pretty much put Owl City back on course. His previous album, "All Things Bright and Beautiful," had a lot of changing melodies and off-beat quirks that makes it hard to grasp. But there is also a lack of consistent melodies or... "feel" of the tunes to really like it. It is something I also look into when I started listening to Owl City.

"The Midsummer Station" is, in my opinion, the true successor to "Ocean Eyes." That isn't to say that "All Things..." is a failure as a successor. It just feels like Midsummer is a better follow-up to the success that "Ocean Eyes" had. There are less style/rhythm changes between songs, which makes it easier to adapt to the different beats and mood.

As for the songs themselves, it is difficult to pick out a single track. I used this album as a background melody while I was playing a game. And after a few full-album loops, no particular song really stand out to detract me from my gaming session. It is very rare for me to have an album like this. The whole album has a more pop-like feel to it, despite that it still retain some of the electronica theme that defined Owl City. Every track, except one, has an upbeat melody, including the radio hit single "Good Time." And they're all composed and done well to make them easy and comfortable to listen to.

I recommend this album if you liked "Ocean Eyes." Even if you've never heard of Owl City, this is also not a bad album to start out with.

Verdict: Buy it.
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on August 26, 2012
Let me first say that I may well be one of Owl City's oldest fans. My youngest son turned me on to Owl City a year and a half ago. At that time, I had pretty much given up on any new music being any good. Since then, I have expanded to other groups such as Reliant K, Lights, Breanne Duren and HeIsWe. I have gotten everything Owl City has put out, including the down-load only stuff, and Sky Sailing and Port Blue.

I would prefer to have given this album a 4 1/2 star rating. I consider Ocean Eyes Deluxe Edition 5 star, Of June and Maybe I'm Dreaming 4 star, and All Things Bright and Beautiful 4 1/2 star.

"Dreams and Disasters" starts the album out with a bang.
"Good Time" make me want to jump up and dance.
"Silhouette" revisits "Vanilla Twilight" and "Lonely Lullaby" themes, but, after all, music is a window into the soul, and obviously Adam Young has some deep feelings.
The rest is all good and enjoyable! Lots of good puns in the lyrics, an Owl City standard!

I do like the more extensive collaborations in this album, particularly Matt Thiessen of Reliant K. I did miss Bree Duren's back-up vocals, however.

All in all, I think this a very good album. It shows that Adam is still quite inspired, and that his talent is maturing. I look forward to more of his work in the future, and hope that he never looses his inspiration.
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on September 23, 2012
This is fantastic! Every song is at least good.Adam Young brought a whole new level to this album;by including more of an alt. sound with some songs, cool catchy lyrics :),and oh yeah a song w/Carly Rae Jepsen. The Midsummer Station is the perfect title for the eleven tracks!

Track By Track:
"Dreams and Disasters" very good opening song;upbeat and catchy 7.5/10
"Shooting Star" This is the first song on "The Midsummer Station" I listened to and it's just a great song! 9/10
"Gold" This song is GOLD! 9.5/10
"Dementia" good overall song,very repetitive 7/10
"I'm Coming After You" WOW!! This is a fun song!Catchy classic Owl City here!....F-U-N! 10/10
"Speed of Love" Nice song,I like it. 9/10
"Good Time" The perfect summer song! Amazing song. 10/10
"Embers" Powerful Song. 10/10
"Silhouette" It's a good song but it is kinda depressing...sorry it is.:( 5/10
"Metropolis" This song makes me think of "Ocean Eyes" (the second full-length album by Owl City)catchy,a synthpop feel. A+!! 10/10
"Take It All Away" ah #11 is my favorite song on this album.This song is different than all the other tracks in a very good way! 10/10
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on March 20, 2016
IT'S CLEAR!!! I've never had a clear record before. It looks so awesome! I love Owl City and have been a fan for several years. Adam Young is so incredibly talented. I definitely recommend checking out his other musical works like Sky Sailing and Swimming With Dolphins. I have noticed there are a couple songs that have spots that skip. I'm not sure if this vinyl wasn't made properly, or if I just need to clean it more thoroughly. Regardless, it's a great album and I definitely recommend it.
review image review image review image
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