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on June 8, 2016

1. A special edition including 20 minutes of additional footage was released just months after Theatrical Edition. (But fans weren't told until it was too late)
2. No special features in 2 disc Theatrical Edition. If you are a fan, of all the discs in your collection this is the one you really want the extra stuff.
3. 3D version also now available, though not in the extended version yet. This movie is considered a reference disc in 3D and the extensive CGI use makes it a great story to be seen in that medium, as are most animated movies. Hopefully a 3D Extended Version will be released soon.

Regarding the multiple releases while holding back on the whole package: The studios are becoming so brazen. Offering bare bones Blu Rays shortly before re-releasing the movie with additional footage was a classless act that kicks dirt in the face of fans. I completely understand the business side of the equation. However, I think we would all like to see them release multiple versions and let fans decide how much they need verses how much to spend. At least release a complete package a year or so on. There still isn't an extended 3D version US general release at the time of my update Dec 2014. The first 3D release was just the theatrical edition, even though the extended footage was already available. It's like pulling teeth to get these studios to release everything fans want in a single package, even down the road. After all the releases we have had, they really owe it to fans to do something for us, rather than themselves. We all understand the business side and multiple releases are no surprise. But seriously, this is somewhat an old movie now! Avatar is a particularly egregious example of this practice.

If 3D doesn't interest you regardless, then you are set with the Avatar Special Edition. That is the one I recommend until the 3D Extended Edition comes out. I originally wrote this article as a one star protest review, but there are so many versions of the movie out now and reviews to all of the versions are linked on Amazon to each release so it's better just to explain what to look for. Other worthy reviews cover both the general plot and the content differences between the standard and extended content. I will leave those aspects to them rather than duplicate it.
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on November 7, 2015
OMG !!! where do I begin with this movie. Avatar has the best 3D effects I have ever saw. If you have an LG 3D 1080P or 4K TV( Which I don't, I have a Samsung) this movie is going to absolutely knock your socks off. I say that because I find LG's passive 3D looks much better that the active 3D which the Samsung tv's have. Sound ?? What sound, The DTS MA absolutely rocks. Brace yourself for an unforgettable movie experience with Avatar 3D, it is an absolute must purchase if you never saw it in 3D or heard it in Lossless audio. To not have this movie in your collection is a sin in the Audio/Videophile world, Highly Recommended
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on September 15, 2015
A beautiful film. This movie has a plot which is interesting and enjoyable however, it is the incredible effects and artistry which fills your eyes and keeps you watching. There are plants that close dramatically after being touched, waterfalls that envelope the screen and main U.S. characters who have avatars, not computerized personas, but an image completely like the natives. Although these avatars look just like the native folks they take a while to accept them. The U.S. Army doesn't come out very well, but it is a ruthless officer running that story line. The story takes place in the future and in a land that is interplanetary and only in the writer's imagination. The main character, a young officer can't walk and uses a wheelchair when he is in his "normal" life but when he is with the natives, he can swing from vines, ride a horse, and do things his other self cannot and he is willing to learn the ways of the new people. On the planet, he meets a young women who is assigned to teach him "the ropes" including the new language and the meaning of it. I won't say anymore because I'm sure you'll want to see it.
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on February 14, 2016
That of course is just an opinion much as the totally unwarranted one stars here.
I am still in awe of this movie. The story line, the scenery, the characters, the new life flora and fauna. The creativity and imagination it took to make it happen, so well.
Strangely enough l listened to those who keep a skeptic eye out for everything, namely, 3D in general. Curiosity got the best of me so out of all and any movie l yearned to see in 3D, it had to be Avatar.
Throughout the first viewing my mouth stayed open. How could l ever have considered missing out on such a masterpiece of entertainment? I mean, the 3D puts the whole movie in another dimension. I'll tell you why, for me it's all a matter of embarking right into the movie for my very own adventure and because of the depth of flield in this version l was sucked right in like never before. If enjoying yourself while losing where you are in a magical world, is important to you, well this is it.
Of course leaving the hyper analytical mind outside and looking forward to a great time is all it takes along with turning your childlike mind on full blast. Oh, by the way, if by any stretch of the imagination you think this Disk is too expensive, been to any movie lately (all included)?.
I wanted to keep my positive thinking cap on for this and it paid off big time. This is NOT an expense, it's an investment in great time to be had unless of course, as any bad reviews point out here, there are plenty of negative thinking caps that never seem to come off much.
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on August 11, 2015
Wow is all I can say I simply marvel at the beauty on the screen before my eyes...I found myself awestruck at some scenes! CGI has come so far its quite amazing! James Cameron's Titanic was quite a marvel in it's own right, but this movie just stunning! The characters, environments, plot, it all was so cohesive nothing was out of tune or didn't match you could tell they worked months and perhaps almost even a year on this masterpiece. The extra features gave in depth looks into exactly what one wanted to know about the movie whether it be how they created a scene or voiced the characters. They showed sketches, clay productions of the avatar creatures, built online in programs models of fighter planes...and much much more. Truly this three disc extended collector's edition was the cream of the crop. Collector's who want the best will want this and will not be disappointed in the least!
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on July 20, 2015
Earth was on the verge of becoming uninhabitable. An exoplanet--one, like Earth, where the conditions are favorable for human life, was discovered. This planet, called Pandora, was within the habitable zone that could support life. Pandora orbited in the "Goldilocks Zone" of its Sun-like star, where the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold and water can remain in a liquid form. We, humanoids, were in the process of taking up residence there, but had to determine whether we could co-exist with these inchoate alien beings that occupy this world. These nascent aliens are rather primitive and have a mammalian catlike resemblance with a gaunt mien and a bluish hue to their skin tone. They are bipedal; they stand erect and walk upright on their hind legs. An attempt has been made to integrate into this indigenous civilization by splicing and incorporating their DNA into our own humanoid, creating a cloned hybrid species. The cloned hybrids, over a number of generations, would infiltrate, not for subversive or clandestine purposes, but to seamlessly mesh, not encroach, with them and learn their vernacular, customs, and motivations. Over time, a faction of baleful hardline, martial humanoids become impatient with the slow process of integration, using gargantuan bulldozers to clear the cherished forest for edifice construction or farmland and to supplant or expatriate, these innocuous feline denizens. These ascetic, endemic alien people hold their rain forest and animal kingdom dear and sacrosanct. There was a oneness with these autochthonous alien beings and their environmental surroundings, a nirvana. Better angels among us believe that "right makes might." The invading humanoids, through their impudence and haughtiness, turned this notion on its head, chose to think "might makes right."
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on April 16, 2015
This movie was stunning in 3D when I went to the theaters, now I get to experience it all over again at home anytime I want! There were some spots where the 3D did not "pop" as good as it was in the theater such as the flight into the floating mountains, but it was very good and tastefully executed. The quality of this 3D blu ray on an upscaled 4k resolution UHD TV accompanied by a 5.1 surround will make you cry it's so good. If you have the ability to play 3D Blu Rays there really is no reason why to hesitate on making this 3D addition to your collection.
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on September 29, 2013
Avatar will probably always remain one of my favorite movie experiences of all time. I will never forget the incredible thrill of first viewing it in the movie theater. I knew, once I had purchased my first 60" flat-screen 3D television, that Avatar would be my very first 3D movie purchase. And while I still love the movie, watching the 3D version of Avatar on my television screen was not nearly as thrilling as my first experience watching it on the regular theater 2D screen. Further, I have since owned other 3D titles that come across much more startlingly "real" than this copy of Avatar (Life of Pi comes immediately to mind). That is NOT saying that this 3D version of Avatar is "bad", it's just that, I guess, I was expecting more and that it didn't really deliver on that front. Having said that, the movie itself is still a masterpiece in my book. Avatar was--and is--simply an almost magical experience in many respects and allows the view to almost transcend and suspend belief in the often dreary day-to-day of our existence. It allows us to cavort in that magical fairy land that is Navoo and run with and fly winged dragons with the Na'vi. This was, for me, among the most thrilling film experiences since The Wizard of Oz (which I used to watch religiously every year as a kid) and the first Star Wars movies. I've heard all kinds of criticisms of Avatar, from political to other types of pans, but as far as I'm concerned, these people completely miss the forest for the trees. They do not have the ability to recognize greatness when they see it. These are the same people who panned The Wizard of Oz when it came out.

Avatar has been so thoroughly reviewed that I have nothing more to add to the discussion that hasn't already been said. I've stated my sole criticism and that is a minor one: that the 3D version of this disc was not as impressive as I'd expected or hoped for. Beyond that, the movie itself is still one of the greatest in the sci-fi/fantasy genre of all time and, as a bonus (or a curse?) are indeed powerful messages that many today would choose not to be there, "interfering" with their pure entertainment experience, but are nevertheless important points that need to be made. Like it or not. I can absolutely recommend this movie to those who enjoy a totally immersive film-going experience.
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on June 28, 2016
I always come around to watching "Classics" after a few years when the hype dies down. I loved Avatar and indulging in that amazing world of science-fiction magic. The visuals were not at all lessened by their being mostly CG enhanced, it made that world that much more unreal and attractive. It doesn't hurt that the story is beautiful in inself, it's not surprising it won so many awards in the movie industry. Highly recommend it if you haven't gotten around to it.
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on June 10, 2017
this 3 disc edtion is well worth it,
the first 2 dvd's are about the movie itself,
what you will see is a military man in a wheel chair that rolls into a bar and sees a man beating on a women
and he believes this is not right and even though he is in the wheel chair, he steps in a
takes out the man and is eventually throw out of the bar and then his wheel chair follows,
thats where the show gets interesting, its not it,
two men in a suits, step over the him while he is laying in the gutter and tells him his name
and ask for confirmation and when its acknowledged, they proceed to tell him
if he dies as he is told, they can help him get his life back and make him lots of money,
its not over with yet, he decides to take the risk for his brother that was killed in the marines earlier,
now for the real movie, he ends up in a tube that sent him to a spaceship in a marine boot camp
now he finds out he will serve as a scientist with other scientist to go a new world
and in this world there are purple people that can fly, they are called "avartar" people
he has to fit in as one of them to get there secrets and as the show goes on, there
is alot of stuff, its like a love and then it goes wrong , then he falls in love and and his people get hurt
and close to the end , its like one on one war to see who is the one that followers the rules
there are lots of colors and be sure you have a good imagination, you will need it, its not silly, its a good story with lots of feelings , some get hurt some die, the third disc, is about deleted scenes in the movie , that has never been seen, at the first of the movie, you will have two choices
of which version you want to see, the theatrical movie , or the updated and extra mins in the movie,
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