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on August 21, 2013
Radiant is a quick read, a short novella chronologically set between Hallowed and Boundless, the next book in the series. The majority of this one is centered on Angela, a character that I have been wanting more of. She has more angel blood than Clara, but often seems to be less of an angel. It didn't really progress the main story line of Clara, but it definitely explained a lot about Angela and why she is the way she is.

There has always been a bit of an oddness about Angela, something that just seemed suspicious. This novella didn't change that feeling for me, but instead deepened it. I am not quite sure on which side she falls and she keeps me guessing! I am betting that is frustrating a lot of fans, but I like the mystery it provides the story as a series.

I think you could probably read Boundless without having read this and not miss anything essential. But there is one pivotal scene in Radiant that is later referenced in Boundless. But it is explained and described well enough in the book that it is completely understandable, even if you hadn't read this novella.

Things to love about Radiant...

--The focus on Angela. We learn a lot about her. She may still be mysterious, but she also seems a lot more human in this novella. Ironic, I know, since she is an angel!

My recommendation: Not absolutely essential to the series, but worth the read!
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on August 12, 2015
It's becoming popular for YA series to have novellas that fill in little gaps between the stories. Originally, I really enjoyed them, but mainly because they showed more depth to the world. However, now they're becoming more and more a part of the story line, which I don't care for. They feel like they're just the intro chapters into the next book, rather than a short story about the world or characters.

This novella is very guilty of that. It isn't a short story. It doesn't have a beginning, middle, and end, but feels like just the set-up to the next book. It really should have just been the first few chapters of the third book, rather than a separate novella.

Beside that, I didn't really like that it was more about Angela than Clara. She's dealing with the death of her mother, the loss of her brother, and all the rest of her drama, but instead we're forced to watch Angela--who isn't particularly likable during this story. I'm fine with a character not being likable, but she acts like a spoiled brat to her best friend and I just found her obnoxious.
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on June 16, 2013
RADIANT is a short novella that alternates between Clara and Angela's points of view. Set in the summer between the events that took place in HALLOWED, the second book in the series, and those in BOUNDLESS, the final book, this story takes readers to Italy where they'll learn just a little bit more about the mysterious boy from Angela's past.

And because of the dual perspectives, readers will get to know Angela a little bit better, from her insecurities to her wariness about falling in love.

Even though RADIANT includes Clara's point of view, it is Angela's story and it is a bit of a love story. It reveals some weaknesses in Angela's character as well as some of her vulnerabilities, developing her into someone who is more than a little bit selfish but also rather sympathetic.

A new character is introduced in this novella. Someone who this story makes clear will have a rather significant role to play in the final book in the series. Their presence and the questions they raise about events to come add mystery and suspense, making for an incredibly engaging read.

RADIANT leaves readers on the edge of a cliff with its parting line. And for those that haven't yet read the final book in the series, they'll want to dive right in to find out just what that one decision means for the story. For those that have, it will reveal the possibility of a very different outcome had a different decision been made.

While this series can be enjoyed without having read this novella, getting more insight into another character from the series and getting the chance to see just how different things might have been, makes RADIANT an exciting, must read addition to this series.

And for those that don't yet have BOUNDLESS, this novella offers an incredibly entertaining sneak peek at the prologue and first chapter.
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on May 7, 2013

This novella is told from Angela and Clara's POV.

It was nice getting a peek into Angela's head. I liked her a lot before this novella, but now she kind of grates on my nerves. She's selfish, and only thinks of herself. She drove me batty. Clara only tries to her BFF, but Angela doesn't see it that way. She acts like a complete drama queen. But like I said, it was nice getting into her head. We also get to meet the mysterious Italian boyfriend. And wow, that took me by surprise. I will say I think this summer trip is going to put a small rift in their friendship, but hopefully it's something they can completely overcome.

And there is a moment of foreshadowing. I wonder if this angel has anything to do with plot of Boundless. I really hope not, and that Angela has better judgement about people. But I have a nagging feeling, her trust is going to put her and her friends in danger.


Favorite Quotes:

"Does it make me a bad person that I find it funny, the way she stares off into space, a single strand of spaghetti stuck to her chin?" - Kindle Location 34-36

"'I never fit in with the others,' he says after a thought pause. 'Never." ~ Kindle Location 941-942 (So sad that even an angel can feel left out.)

"Trust an angel to make eternity sound like a huge bummer." ~ Kindle Location 959-960
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Top Contributor: Coloringon February 5, 2013
I did read this one before I picked up Boundless, but I decided to review it after I read it, so I could comment on their tie-in. Well, it's not essential to read this first, but I do still think it would be good to do it anyway. Radiant follows Clara and Angela during their Summer in Italy. Secrets come out, intentionally and by accident. I had already figured out Angela's secret, involving her mysterious Italian boyfriend, but I was shocked when she let one of Clara's secrets slip. I had a feeling that was going to play a pivotal role in the final book, and it kind of did.

My favorite part of this novella was getting into Angela's head. She's always been a little mysterious, so it was interesting to see things from her perspective. She's been preaching "No secrets in Angel Club," and yet she's harboring the biggest secret of all, and it has some major consequences which we get in Boundless. Angela plays a much larger role than she has in the past, and this trip to Italy is only the beginning.

There's references to this Summer early on in Boundless, but it's nothing that will have you scratching your head in confusion. Details are revealed as necessary, so you could get away with skipping this novella. However, I liked knowing exactly what happened and seeing how it affects Clara and Angela's first year at Stanford as well as the rest of their lives. It's definitely a worthy read for all Unearthly fans.
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on December 23, 2012
While this read was really quick, it definitely was enjoyable! Radiant isn't necessary to read before reading the final book in this series, Boundless, but it was a great book to hold me over till Boundless is released!

I did wish Radiant focused more on the Angel mythology, but instead it focused on learning about Angela's life/her relationship with Phen. I liked learning about about Angela..especially since we don't know a lot about her! I feel like through the past two books in the Unearthly series Angela is always surrounded in mystery. After reading Radiant, I was really happy to learn more about Angela..especially the mysterious "italian boy" that we learn about in the second book in the series. It was also nice to see her and Clara in Italy..a nice change of pace from Wyoming!

I liked how each chapter switched from the point of view of Angela and Clara, so we really got to see their thoughts on what was going on. It was sad to see Clara still dealing with the grief of losing her mother and her brother running away in the previous book.

Overall, I enjoyed Radiant! Plot wise, it didn't really add any more knowledge to me for the series, but it was a fun read! If your looking for something to hold you over before Boundless is released, check this book out!
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on December 16, 2012
This was a great novella, even though there was no Tucker! I love me some Tucker! It was interesting to hear more about Clara's newest vision, as well as getting to know Angela some more. I like that this is a 2.5 book to give us a little treat until January when the next book comes out. Going through the summer in Italy with Angela and Clara is a great way to keep the readers entertained while we wait for the next enstallment. I hate waiting for the next book in series to come out, so I usually wait until all the books are out before I start them, but I really loved this series and decided not to wait. Sometimes I lose interest between the books if the next in the series is coming out several months after I read the previous book. Giving the readers a bit to read and hang onto while we wait really helps with this. I am dying to know about Angela's purpose and Clara's new vision. What does it mean? Where the heck is Jeffery, and what is going on with him? I noticed the little hidden things about him since the beginning when his wings started to turn grey! I have to get these answers! I also love Christian and Tucker! I can see why Clara has such a horrible time figuring out every thing between these two! Ah what a great series!
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I wanted to read this BEFORE I read Boundless, but it didn't end up that way. I was fairly busy and forgot about it being on my Kindle. Clearly I was too excited once I got my hands on a copy of Boundless to wait any longer. So, this got put on the back burner.

This Novella takes place in Italy the summer in between the second and third books in the series. It took me a few days to get through this little novella reading it here and there when I had a minute or two. I have to say it fits very nicely between the second and third book. AND you get some of Angela's point of view to get a little of her thinking. You also get Clara's point of view.

Do I think this is required reading BEFORE you read Boundless? No. I didn't read it before and got along just fine with the third book, although reading it will give you a little more perspective about certain things that happen in Boundless.
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on January 26, 2013
This novella, set between Hallowed (book 2) and Boundless (book 3) was a quick, but interesting read. For the first time, the story is told from 2 perspectives, Clara's (as usual) and Angela's. It takes place during their summer in Italy.

I really enjoyed this novella. Because it takes place in Italy and is half told through Angela's perspective, we get to learn more about her back story and to actually understand some of how she feels about herself and Clara. We also get to see Clara struggle with knowing how to handle a certain situation between herself and Angela and the tension that this causes.

A new character is introduced, and it's really hard to know how to feel about him. He's very mysterious. I got a bad feeling from him, but we'll see if that proves to be right in the last installment, I hope.

My favorite part, by far, was the ending. It left on such a cliffhanger that I absolutely couldn't wait for the last book!
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on April 12, 2013
This book is the Summer in between the first book Unearthly and the second book Boundless and just like Summer it is short. It helps to establish the relationship between Angela and Phen and also to define Angela's character and voice. If you just really enjoy this series and can't get enough then definitely purchase it. Although if you are trying to save money then rest assured reading Radiant is not necessary before starting the second book. It is more like a bonus. It is not really a full book in it's own right, so if that is what you are expecting you will be sorely disappointed. I gave it four stars because I really enjoy this whole series. I find myself invested in the characters lives, but then again this is not a full book, so it's plot line is thinner since it is just a segue.
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