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Color: ColorBar Arctic|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$8.82+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on October 21, 2012
The case itself it nice if you're not looking for something extremely sleek. The phone fits snug. I was a little worried about the phone getting scratched while putting the case on because of sharp plastic edges, but this didn't occur. Also these edges raise above the face of the phone about a millimeter when the phone is in. Not a problem, just something to know. Overall the case looks good.

However there are 2 problems that impede usability of the phone:

1) Creates audio problems. The border of the case goes entirely around the phone with grills on the bottom for speaker outlets. Unfortunately one of the iPhone 5's mics used for noise cancellation is on the bottom as well. This creates a problem when making phone calls depending on your environment. If it's a little bit noisy, you will get a static feedback that comes through your earpiece and is extremely disturbing during a call. Other people don't hear it, it is just on your phone. Using no case or other cases which don't cover the speaker/mic, this feedback doesn't occur.

2) The volume and power buttons are very stiff making them difficult to press. The material the buttons are made out of do not allow enough give, so you have to push very hard towards the front of the buttons to get the inside extension to click the phone.

Future revisions of the case may be able to correct these problems or Apple may put out a fix for the static feedback issue, but for now I'm using a case that doesn't cover the mic outlet.
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on April 14, 2015
I love all the Speck Fabric-Covered cases, but I was getting a little bored waiting for new ones to come out so I bought the "Fresh Bloom Coral/Pink/Black" and, since it's basically designed like a coloring book page, I got a variety of pretty Sharpie colors and colored in the floral design to my liking. (NB: I didn't color in the top or sides--I've never had any trouble with the marker coming off on my hands, but why mess with the part that my hands are clutching all the time?). Just make sure it's a Sharpie and that you let it dry--I dabbed it with paper towel upon application to soak up any extra ink. It dried quickly and hasn't been a problem, it's only been a treat. When this case eventually gets too dirty, I may just buy another and color it in a new way. (Unless Speck makes some new FabShells for people with sweaty hands like me ;)
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on June 22, 2017
This case is very strong and durable and I feel like my phone is well protected from drops and bumps. The spaces for access to the camera, audio jack, etc are aligned perfectly. The cloth design is super cute and looks to be fairly durable and easy to clean. My only complaint is that the button for the power (on top of the phone) is extremely difficult to press. I do not have this issue with the volume buttons on the side. I have double checked that it wasn't the power button on the phone itself. But maybe with time it'll become easier to press. Otherwise, this is a fantastic case.
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on November 8, 2012
--- Update after ~6 months ---

The TPU rubber that they use stretched out horribly, for me, and one little piece decided to detach from the polycarbonate frame, to the point where I think I'm going to replace the case with something else.

The fabric seems to have lasted all right, though it does end up getting dirty under normal use (it probably needs to be washed periodically; I bet shampoo would do the trick). There were a few frays and times that it decided to peel up a little since I got it, but I was always able to trim the frays off and press the peeled parts back down.

Reducing the rating to 2 stars. It's a great case while it lasts, but I think ~$30 is too much to pay for something that stays in good condition for less than 6 months under normal use.

--- Initial Review ---

- Looks to be decent to good protection (haven't tested it.. :) )
- The texture is awesome
- Doesn't get slippery when you hold It for a long time
- I think it looks really good

- Likely to get dirty, I suppose (not a problem for me so far, as I tend to be very careful with electronic devices)
- Feels like it absorbes the moisture from your fingers to some extent. I think I prefer this to it becoming slippery (as in a plastic/rubber case), but its still not my favorite
- The screen side of boarder, above the lightening connector is a bit too bendable, since there's nothing to support it. They couldn't have made it any other way, I think, and it doesn't really bother me, but still
- The lock button is noticeably harder to press. I'm fine with it, but it is a little annoying
- Dust tends to accumulate on the phone around the connectors and side switch, since they're open. Unavoidable, and not bad.. And covers may have ruined the aesthetic value of he case for little functional benefit, but again, just mentioning

I highly recommend this case. I think it deserves about 4.5 stars, but amazon doesn't allow half star ratings.. :). If you're going for more protection, you might want to look at the speck candyshell cases (or the lifeproof or otter box ones, if you want to go that far). If you're looking for something even thinner, but still protective, you might want to check the belkin ones out (which I'd strongly consider I'd I were purchasing again, having seen one now). For me, this case is more or less optimal though.

Note on installation:
I typically see, online, people putting the left side in first and then shoving the right side in. That works (it's the way I've been doing it so far). If I have to take it out and put it in again though, I'll probably put the right side in first, and shove the left side on. Judging by which parts of the boarder are more flexible, and where the bottoms are on the phone, it seems like that would be easier.
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on August 29, 2015
Awesome cover. I got this for my 13year old for Iphone 5s. For myself I am a HTC fan and have had cases for HTC M7 and M8. SPECK is the only phone cover I will ever buy. If SPECK doesn't make a cover for the phone, I'm not buying the phone is how strong I feel about the quality of SPECK covers. The phone honestly will bounce with the cover on, without doing any damage to the phone. It has a slight lip that is slightly higher than the glass so not matter how the phone falls the phone is protected.'

The color in the picture is the color of the case that we received. To protect the screen while her phone is in her backpack/soccer bag she also has the:
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on June 9, 2017
I have had this cover for three years and it's still in good shape. It's saved my phone from drops and I often take it on and off and it has remained its shape. I wash it every once in a while because it's fabric. With a soft brush and soap, let it dry and snap back on. Like new. Doesn't fray. It fits the phone perfectly, with open access for charger. I don't know why I'm taking the time to review a case for a phone this old. Haha. I guess I am just happy with the product. I an replacing it today w another speck cover.
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on July 15, 2014
I really like this case. I purchased it back in 2012, and I've been using it for almost 2 years. It is slim fitting and snug against the phone, making it not add too much bulk. The fabric has a nice feel that helps you to be able to grip it more easily and comfortably than many cases. The style is very cool as well. A minor con would be that it can be a little difficult to push the sleep/wake and volume buttons since the case covers them. However, after a while, you get used to it. It comes naturally to me now and the only time I would notice is if I take it out of the case and realize it is easier to press. I haven't really noticed any issues with the sound being distorted. I'm sure the case may have a small impact, but if it is, it's hardly noticeable. I did have an issue at one point with the signal. It does seem to be stronger in bars when it's out of the case. I still have a good reception, and I think there may have been other factors than the case (like locations I was in), but it may be something to consider. The fabric is just now starting to tear at the seams (but i've used it for almost 2 years, so this is not bad. And it's not hindering use). I have also dropped this phone quite a few times, and not once has it cracked. It has raised edges on the front that help and it protects it like a bumper, absorbing the damage. My drops were minor, so I wouldn't be careless with it, this isn't a Lifeproof case, after all.

Overall I think this is a great case that is slim yet protective and stylish. It adds a little bit of thickness to the phone around the edges, but it's minimal while still offering protection. The flaws are minimal and easy to get used to.
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on March 1, 2017
I absolutely LOVE this case. I actually have the iPhone 6se but its the same size as the 5 so this case fit perfect. Its lightweight but durable and the pattern is adorable I get tons of compliments on it! I highly suggest it.
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on June 17, 2014
I love Speck, I only get their phone covers because I have never had an issue with the coverage, protection and the price is very reasonable. This case has colored fabric (that's what a FabShell is), it looks exactly as described and fits nicely on my phone, very snug. The only thing that I don't like when you buy a FabShell at first is that it's really hard to click the power and volume buttons on the top and side of the phone, this will change over time though so no need to worry. The fabric is seriously like clothing, when it gets a little dark from dirt, you can use things like Zout ( Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover Spray, 22 Ounce) and spray the case and clean it and it looks just brand new! Beautiful case and excellent price.

EDIT 7/27/14: I have had this case for barely over a month and although it is completely beautiful the thread is already coming apart and the plastic is sides are also coming apart. I have owned a FabShell from Speck before and they are not like they at all, I am really disappointed. I contacted them because all their cases come with a one year warranty as long as it's from an authorized seller. I honestly can't believe this, I am hoping I won't have any issues getting a new one, I have never had to get a new one their cases usually just last.
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on August 2, 2014
I am a huge fan of Speck cases. This is my second FabShell Fabric-Covered case. It looks exactly like the photo. There are three things I really like about this case:

1. The case covers the entire phone. So many cases have gaps/don't cover the bottom. This case covers the bottom and includes holes for the headphone jack & lightening plug. Then there are mini-holes for the speakers/mic. I have had no problems hearing. The power button and volume buttons are also covered. I have no problems using those buttons at all. They easily press for me.

2. The edge is raised and surrounds the screen. This helps protect the phone should it fall face down. I have dropped my phone (more than I care to admit) & it has landed face down, and the screen is perfect. No damage, no scratches on the screen.

3. The fabric covering. I like it because it's different than the typical plastic cases. Also, the fabric is easy to clean. Simply remove the phone, and scrub the case with a little detergent. Viola! Clean case.

The case is also easy to put on and remove. I've had my current case for over a year and it still looks great.

Overall, a stylish and protective case.
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