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on September 15, 2012
This is for the 10" coby. I got it to replace the functions of an e-ink kindle. I wanted to be able to read books, surf some simple web pages, maybe check my e-mail and calendar, play some simple games. I liked the idea of a bigger screen that I could see page-size pdf (and maybe a comic book) on. It turns out that this tablet is fine for those needs.

It actually seems made pretty well. The touch screen seems to work well - by way of comparison, I've had a couple of older tablet pc's, and older windows ce pda's, my wife has an older resistive touch 7" android, I have an android phone. So on the one hand I've used a lot of touch screens, on the other, I can remember when you had to have a proprietary batter-powered stylus to use one. So to me, the touch screen seems pretty good, but I don't know how that will translate to others. It is a finger print magnet and picks up smudges like mad. It is perfectly adequate for e-book reading and playing simple android games.

I am an average sized male and the size is fine for me for a big book reader. The trade off of the bigger screen is that you have a bigger device to hold. I can just "palm" it with one hand - it is 16 X 9 so it seems longer than it does wide. I don't think it is too large to be a comfortable reader.

The wi-fi connected in a snap, couldn't be easier. One thing that is sort of annoying is that everytime I resume from a suspend I have to disconnect and reconnect the wi-fi for it to connect. I haven't figured a way around that yet, but I think it may be an ice cream sandwich "feature." It connects easily to our linux computers with the cable.

I found that I was more bugged by the lack of google play marketplace than I thought I'd be. As best I can tell, everyone who has tried rooting the 10" has bricked it. So I didn't root it. You can get the apk for google play easy enough and side load it, but the device isn't on google's list of approved devices so the apk won't run and connect to the market. Because you can't root it, you can't edit the boot file to spoof it as a device on google's list. So unless you root it or google adds it you won't be connecting to google play.

Which isn't really that big of a deal. It has a get jar market on it, but I had already put on amazon market before I bothered looking at it, and there's really not much use in it. The amazon market is easy enough for anyone to add - just point the web browser to amazon and follow the directions. Of all things, the only thing I wanted to put on it so far but wasn't able to yet is tux math for the kids - it is on google play but not amazon market and I can't find the apk on the web. It was easy enough to side load other apks. It runs the angry birds apps fine, and the cut the ropes, fruit ninjas, temple runs. I had a devil of a time getting where's my water/Perry to install. It just wouldn't install. I tried different versions and nothing, then one time I tried it for a lark and both just installed and now they play fine. I must have installed something with a needed library or something along the way. Who knows. I downloaded free solitaire and freecell from amazon and they work fine. That's enough games for me, so I haven't bothered putting any emulators on it, without hardware buttons I don't care to.

It has both a regular size usb and a micro usb, which is nice because you can use something like a usb key board. The power plug is an additional little port. The batteries last longer than I thought they would - good enough for me to read and play some games. I put some videos on there just to see them and they worked fine. The kids watched some youtube on it and that was fine. I couldn't get netflix to install on it though.

It has an micro sd card slot, that is important to me. The file structure is a little wonkey, but you'll find the sd card if you look around. After the first time it didn't really matter to me because it remembered the location in the history and I can just click the short cut there.

It comes with a book reader built in. I side loaded an epub file and it seemed to present it just fine. I went ahead and put the cool reader app on it because I like the flexibility of that app. I used it to read A Dance with Dragons an it was a good book reading experience - I turned off the background and just use white text on black or yellow on blue. Honestly I didn't miss e-ink and I was a fan of it.

It isn't an ipad and it isn't a tegra 3. It is $150 bucks. So if you want the ipad or a tegra 3 don't get this. If you have some basic android experience then this will seem familiar and easy, and if you want a basic tablet then this is a fine one. I got lucky here, it fits my needs very well - so if you are looking for something like that, book reader, web, simple games, with a bigger screen I'd recommend this to you.
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on September 8, 2012
As an inexpensive tablet the Coby Kyros 10'1 and 7"is adequate but not as functional as I expected. The Android Ice Cream platform will not allow you to access Google apps play store and does not recognize the device. It's almost deceiving that it's [resented as Android when you can't run Android apps because of the different platform. It's not an isolated case as I also purchased the 7" version and I can not download the face book apps that run through google play store which are touted as Android Apps. As far as speed and surfing, it's efficient however again, since the tablet platform is unrecognized you will be limited on what mobile apps you can download for instance Iheart radio app, Zynga etc., even websites that stream audio. I accessed a local radio station that broadcasts live. It didn't work with these tablets and pops up as device not recognized or supported.If you want a basic surfing and email device with games that will function on this platform buy it. If you want more choices in apps through Google Playstore don't but you'll spend a little bit more more the convenience. As far as features, the camera is limiting as you cant see what you are shooting as it it faces towards the user and there is no viewer. I use the gallery photos for virtual tours of properties and it is grainy. A better camera that was designed for pictures would be advisable otherwise it's a Skye type camera. The Getjar app does have a nice selection of apps however Skype on both tablets is not very good and sends a signal processed to the receiving user as pink and not clear. The person sending Skype was clear as a bell so I would assume it's the Kyros that is sending a bad picture due to the platform or the processor.It was disappointing.
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on December 25, 2012
Got this out of the box this morning...touch screen works great, easy set up, got online in less than a minute,and then started downloading apps. GetJar is useless...I spent 30 minutes trying to find something to download. They have nothing that me or my kids would want to use...After searching and searching for an app store {NO GOOGLE PLAY for this android tablet}, I was so upset. I read a review on here about downloading Amazon Apps. It took 2 minutes to download and now we have FB, Twitter, You tube, NETFLIX, Where's my water, Angry Birds, etc. My kids are so excited to have this and feel like they have their own a fourth of the price!!! Great item...just make sure to go to Amazon and download their app store {GET THIR APP FOR YOUR HOMESCREEN} first thing. Save yourself your sanity! We give this 5 stars!
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on September 14, 2012
I am satisfied with this item, it is more or less easy to understand and operate, it just takes some getting used to and the battery life is great.
I just had to edit my first review of this device. Initially it work well for about the first month after then it just stop working and would not turn on, it will just stick on the Coby start up screen. I sent it back to Coby and it was replaced for the newer version (MID 1045) I used this on for about another month then the problems started again. Now my table will not keep charged at all. The battery discharges about 2% every 3 minutes and besides that it even discharges when its turned off. I contacted Coby and they asked me to return the item for another replacement. Unfortunately after all this stress I am not interested in another Coby Tablet. Currently I am trying to get a refund for the purchase but no one at Coby customer service is responding to my emails. I regretted purchasing this tablet. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I'm loving it.
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on March 24, 2017
I purchased this tablet for my little grandson for a little of nothing and I'm grateful, but I wanted others to know that according to my research Coby when out of business in the year 2013 so there is no technical support for this product. In my package was a number for support(800) 727-3592 that triedto gives me incentivesthat I refused and iu
never get tobany technical support
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on April 23, 2013
I bought this unit and the display showed lines after 5 weeks of use. I returned the unit to be repaired at Colby's Repair Center. Their Customer Service will simply tell you that it takes at least 8 weeks for any repairs. This is up from 4-6 weeks originally. They will simply not make any effort to find out any further information. Good luck if you buy this!

10-12-2013 Update: They finally replaced the unit in May. On July, the replacement unit broke with a defective Power Jack. This time they did not answer their support number. I sent them emails to both their Customer Service and Tech Support emails and they were not answered. I filed a complaint with the NY BBB and they never answered the BBB's complaint. If you want to buy a product with factory support, stay away from Coby products.
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on December 20, 2012
This is for the 8" coby kryos. After reading a lot of reviews on it i was hesitant to buy it, but i decided to buy it anyways because of it's price. I got this for my girlfriend as a xmas present she loves it. The package itself was very professional it was organized and it came fully charged, boot it and it worked flawlessly. The tablet itself runs smoothly it works great. I see a lot of people complaining about it not having google play and that getjar sucks, but that's the amateur users. I use 4shared or just google .apk files i found all the apps i needed there. A+ in my book on the price, clean look, user friendliness and it runs.
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on November 27, 2012
I almost gave this tablet a 4, but I'll get to the points that left it short. I was considering an Ipad, but I just can't justify 500 bucks for something my wife will surf the web with. Sure the Ipad has great points, but I think all their products are a bit over-priced. So my main need for a tablet is Kindle/Ebooks, surfing, Facebook, and Youtube. Got this tablet; right out of the box it looks pretty good. The resolution is average, not terrible. The device booted right up and not being familiar with Android I was able to make my way around. It did take me a while to figure out how to load Kindle. First you have to load Amazon app store; then Kindle. I found a defect after the first time using Amazon app store; it does not return any app searches and just appears as a black screen. Tried re-installing a few times; same problem. Not overly concerned because I can buy my books using my laptop or Iphone and store on Amazon cloud.

The good: Kindle performs well. The web browser is good. Youtube app is good too. The response time loading pages is actually really fast. Took a great deal of research(will cover in bad)but I found a Facebook app that works well. So the basic points that I bought this tablet for are accomplished. Capacitive touch is really cool too.

The bad:Heard a LOT of other folks mention; you CANNOT use Google play. Not being an Android person I did not know this is the Droid equivalent to Apple Store. Major letdown, I looked and this tablet is not on the supported device list. WHAT does this mean? Did Coby not pay a license fee to participate in Google play?? The device runs the most current Droid O/S. Really poor. Sent email to tech support - still waiting for response. I'm hoping they come up with a solution. Battery life has only been 3 hours; acceptable but not great. They leave you with an app store called Get Jar which is an open source app store that has the same feel as using something like Ubuntu Linux. If you want an app and can't find it; you're best bet is to find what is called an apk file for the app you want. That is how I finally got Facebook installed. I could not find it on Get Jar. I cannot say enough bad things about Get Jar so I will stop; oh one good point I did find Angry Birds on Get Jar. The camera as mentioned is pretty useless. Device does seems to heat up; but nothing extreme.

So all in all I'm happy so far. The hardware is pretty darn good for 90 bucks. The major drawback is the app support, as I mentioned. I would have given this 4 stars had it come with Google play support. Please Coby, fix this problem and make this compatible with Google play!!
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on June 23, 2012
I must say this is my first Tablet. And never had Android before. Have Iphones that are great. So I had to learn a lot and so far I am very very Happy with this Tablet. It has a great screen. Internet appears to be quick. I am writing this with it. I am about 70 feet from my router and I still connect ok. My little girl is trying to take it away from me lol. The one thing I don't know is why Amazon sells this and will not put Amazon apps on it ???. Amazon this would be and even better buy with your apps. But don't get me wrong Amazon is great place to buy from. You tube works good. I put a movie on memory chip and it played good. Getjar apps all seem to work ok. I like angry birds the best it looks a lot better on this big screen then my iphone. My Dad loves how the Bible will speak to him this is very nice. Email seems to work ok this is nice can set outside and read it. I like the Hdmi output it works great for movies. I have the keyboard but I like the one on screen. If you buy this I think you will like it. Ollie Update thank you Amazon for giving me access to your app store. it seems to have all the apps that I need. Also to the people who have Netflix it works very good. Also installed kindle app and its working great. It appears to do everything I need it to do for 300 dollars less then a Ipad. Ollie
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on July 26, 2014
Please do not buy this product or any other product made by Coby. Let me explain.

In March 2013, I purchased two of these tablets. The fact that they did not use the google play store did not bother me much because they still functioned as light-use tablets on which one could check email, social media, play games and watch videos and netflix while traveling. To further safeguard my purchase, I bought two Squaretrade warranties in case of damage. Buying two tablets, two insurance policies and two keyboard cases means I spent a total of $400 on this purchase. The tablets worked well enough and my mother and I were happy with the purchase.

Then the trouble started. Less than 90 days (May 13) after buying the tablets, mine stopped functioning. It was so lightly used as to still look brand new... I was surprised to say the least. I contacted the warranty company just to be told that it was still under Coby's warranty and I needed to go through them. I contacted Coby and was instructed to return the tablet, at my expense plus insurance, with a $15 money order inclosed so that a replacement could be shipped to me. And the rest is history. Coby went out of business in August of 2013. I never received any resolution to my warranty claim nor was the tablet returned to me. In fact, the company that now owns Coby (Gordon Brothers) told me point blank through email that they were not honoring any of Coby's warranty claims. To further add insult to injury, Squaretrade stated it was not responsible for fulfilling any claim because Coby had possession of the tablet. All told, the loss of the tablet, that lasted less than 90 days, constituted a loss of $200 (tablet, insurance and case).

The second tablet worked for 16 months and has since passed on (July 14). I will once again try to file a claim with Squaretrade for this second tablet but I am not too optimistic that anything will be handled to my satisfaction. Once burned, twice shy.

DO NOT buy from this company. Coby and all its products are made to break and break quickly. It doesn't matter which company owns Coby, as long as the production and design are made of inferior parts with inferior talent the results will be the same.
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