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on December 4, 2015
The new layout is not all that great. Whereas you used to be able to fast forward and make the hand come back to you within a few seconds, it now takes quite awhile longer as you have to watch all of the character animations. The only option to play is landscape and you can't take a quick peek at the scores of other players. Finally, if you're not familiar with Phase 10, it may be confusing figuring out whether other players are actually ahead of you in phases or behind. Something silly that I'm miffed about is not choosing my opponents. When you just keep getting farther and farther behind, it can become easy to dislike the little smirks on players' faces and can really benefit mixing it up. Also, can the actual players please get the option to choose an animation representative?!

What I do like about the newest version is that the graphics are nice. They're smoother than in previous versions. And I also like the constant reminder of which phase I'm on.
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on January 8, 2013
I must live in the dark ages--and I can't even claim it's because I'm a Luddite--I'd never seen or heard of this game until I randomly found it on the Kindle game list. Apparently it's been around for years, with a card game by Mattel no less.

I downloaded it on a whim and found it a wonderful time waster for when I want to divert my mind but not think about reading, particularly right before going to sleep. I loved it so much I ended up buying it for my husband's iPad too and then migrated it over to my elderly phone. Naturally the graphics are much better on a color tablet or phone device (iAnything, Android everything) but there is one way the Kindle version is superior...

Basically, the drawback to using the backlit/color screen is that it is so enticing--and the screen so disruptive--that I was having a great deal of trouble falling asleep at night when playing it at bedtime. Even when I put it down my brain was too wired to fall asleep well. I switched back to the Kindle and I was able to play a game or two and then roll over and fall asleep when I needed to. No excess 'backlit screen over-stimulation' worries. I'd never quite believed the claims about the backlit screens, but now I do!

In any case, I love the game, and find the Kindle version is the best one for me to play before bed. My old stand-by Sudoku has definitely taken a back seat to Phase 10!

That said, I find the game enticing any time of the day. If you like Rummy type games or the 'official' mah jong games (NOT the tile matching versions, but the actual game) this is a great deal of fun!

Enticing and fun and highly recommended--particularly this Kindle version if you want to play at bed time and not end up with insomnia!

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on October 21, 2012
I really like the Kindle version of Phase 10. As another reviewer said, it doesn't seem like it'd be as fun playing this game against 3 computer players. However, it does still ignite in you the competitive feeling you get when you play with real people. I've played this game when I had downtime at work and when I've been bored around the house. An upside is that Phase 10 doesn't last quite as long when you play the Kindle version.

A funny/weird thing is that you don't get to choose your player yourself, so you could end up being Santa Claus, a robot, or a dog, for example. Also, when you are able to put a card down somewhere, a box will blink around where you can put it. I would prefer the option of whether or not the blinking hints are shown. Half the times it shows the hints, I don't notice, but I like figuring out what cards to play by myself either way. Being able to track how many games you've played/won would be a welcome addition to the game.

Aside from the few things I mentioned above, I think the game is a great way to pass a little bit of time. It doesn't completely replace playing with people, but it does a pretty good job getting as close to that experience as possible. Go ahead and get it; you're bound to enjoy it!
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on September 27, 2012
I play a lot of card games on my Kindle, and the best ones seem to be designed by Electronic Arts (EA): POGO Hearts, Spades and More and EA Solitaire come to mind. In comparison, although it's engaging, Phase 10 is poorly designed. I don't really understand the commenters who say it's hard to figure out how to play; there are nearly 6 pages of instructions to peruse, but I found it very simple to figure out on my own. The only truly confusing thing is that if you try to play a card the game doesn't think you can play, it simply won't move to the playing area. No notice comes up to advise you about the reason; it just doesn't move. That's frustrating, but I figured it out fairly quickly.

The game is very simple, in terms of how it's designed. There are no tutorials (something I find very helpful in EA games), and considering that some people *are* confused about how to play, that certainly would be beneficial to have. If you use an older Kindle, like I do, you have to use the 5-way controller to move from card to card in your hand. This can get pretty frustrating. The EA games put a letter above each card, so you can use the letters to select one quickly, if you want. That would also be a helpful addition.

More than those issues, what really frustrates me about this game is that although it's really interesting and fun to play, I've won every game I've played (other than the first one, when I was still trying to understand the way it worked). Part of the reason for this is that the other players make clearly stupid mistakes, and do so over and over again while playing. For instance, if I have a set of 3s out on the table, and only one card in my hand, the person before me will throw a 3. Obviously, I'm going to pick it up, play it, and toss my one card, winning the round. This could easily be fixed.

Although this may be a personal issue, I was disappointed in the way that the game ends. The screen simply says "Game Over." It doesn't make it clear who won (if you pay very close attention, you realize that the winner of each round is the character who has a white square around their image), which is a let down after trying hard to win. The game also doesn't keep track of your past games, which doesn't really give me any motivation to play more.

I think this could be a really great game (and I'm excited to try playing the real-life version with others), but the creators need to make several changes before that's true. For now, I'd stick with other card games on the Kindle.
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on February 8, 2013
I give this game a fairly high rating because I love the card game, and play this on my kindle almost daily. However, there are several drawbacks to the game design.

I read reviews of this game that said the opponents don't make silly mistakes, but I have not found this to be true. The computerized characters often discard the cards I need, or skip a player who is already losing, or don't play cards in their hand that could be played on the table. As a result, I very rarely lose (I think I've only lost once), but that being said, I play this game A LOT. It's still a fun process to complete all the phases, even if winning isn't very difficult.

There are also simple features of the game that could be improved: It is somewhat difficult to distinguish the striped cards from the plaid design (this is admittedly a minor concern since the suit only matters for one phase). When playing a wild card on an already played run, you cannot decide whether to place the wild on the low end or the high end (it is automatically placed as the high card). The other disappointment is the end-of-game screen, which simply tells you the game is over without indicating the winner (or even indicating those players who completed phase 10 and those who still need to complete it!).
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on June 8, 2013
My family just recently started playing the physical card game of Phase 10 and I really enjoyed it; so when looking for some new games for my kindle - because there are no new versions of my other favorites, Pixel Perfect and Picture Cross - I found Phase 10. Based on other reviews I figured it was worth a shot. It was WELL worth the download. It is very easy to pick up on the use of the kindle keypad for playing a hand, and the play with the computer goes very quickly (even when you have to wait while you're being skipped :) I do love it, but I will say the only improvement I could see being made would be to allow for more than one game being played at a time. If another family member is playing the game and has to stop, I can only finish their game or start a new game; either way, the original player cannot finish their game.
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on October 10, 2012
I noticed a number of reviews noted there's no way to tell if you won. First, if you know the rules, you know. BUT there is an indicator. Your avatar is boxed in white if you won, both each round and at the final. It properly should IMHO, at the final, only indicate the completed phases, but it indicates the phase everyone was involved in at the end of the game, so I can see the confusion. I agree the biggest problem is that you cannot tell if the other players are drawing from the pile or the discard stack. A distinct disadvantage when trying to determine your discard. You see nothing as it moves too quickly to see it clearly. Another glitch is when you are hitting on a double open-ended run with a wildcard you have no control which end it lands on. I have tried to tap on the end I want to hit but it doesn't work. Messes up your strategy and has caused me to not be able to go out on some hands when I have the adjacent card to complete it out.
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on December 27, 2012
I wasn't sure I would like this as I LOVE playing the card game. This is very close to the same experience against 3 computer players. I really enjoy the challenge of the game. My only negatives are that the game does not keep a win/lose tally for you and distinguishing the card "colors" is difficult on my Kindle. A great game and very much worth the 99 cents.
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on March 6, 2013
Way easy game. May have lost a few hands, but never lost the game. The computer players dont pay attention to whats played and wil discard playable cards. Would be better to have dificulty selections. And why cant I select which character I want to be? Not a bad game, but could have been much better.

Edit 3-31-13
The last few games I have played have actually been a challenge PLUS I finally lost a game! I still like playing this to waste a few minutes when I have nothing else to do so all in all it's a good game.
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on October 8, 2012
I love this game - it's a lot of fun, I think I am addicted! I like that you can play it, set it aside and pick up where you left off. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is I wish you could see on the play screen what level you are on. If I get distracted and forget I have to go back and it takes two steps to get back to the game - not a big deal, but it would make sense. I would also like to see what the other players are picking up and discarding so I can try to keep track of what they are collecting - helps with strategy. Right now it rolls thru the other players so fast I cannot see what they are doing. But overall a great game - good for lots of ages!
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