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on February 11, 2013
This set replace a 27" CRT TV which broke down.I found the set-up easy, although I had to call Vizio tech support twice during the process to walk me through the settings. They were quick to respond and politely and expeditiously walked me through in clear English (they are located in the U.S.A)

I was initially satisfied with the video, but found the audio to be tinny and annoying.At the time of order through Amazon, I also ordered the low priced HDMI cables and Square Trade 3 year warranty for $ 29. Two days later, my cable guy replaced my TV box with an HD box using a more substantial HDMI cable than what I ordered. I was flabbergasted with the result. The video filled the screen with a picture of photographic clarity and the sound quality is such, that I shelved my plan to use external speakers. I couldn't be happier with the end product.

I returned the cables to Amazon using their prepaid shipping label (the shipping charge was equal to the price of the cables. I swear by Amazon and would not think of making a purchase without the feedback of their reviews.

While I made my purchase based on all the favorable reviews and the promise of tech support for the life of the TV, I have a bit of trepidation after reading many complaints concerning their service. My cable guy assures me that they had a lot of trouble with their sets until two years ago and stated he now considers their TVs to be of high quality with lowest prices.

Update: I remain very pleased with the quality of the video and audio.Following are the picture settings I have adjusted, which you might find helpful.they apply to a movie picture setting using Cablevision with a TV box with HDM1 cable.

backlight ... 66
brightness .. 52
contrast .... 49
color ....... 45
tint ........ 0
sharpness ... 4

UPDATE#2 (April 7,2013): After owning this set for two months, I am still amazed at the quality of the video and audio. There are,however,some occurrences which may benefit you through my recent experience which may be food for thought. Before I go further,be aware that like many other seniors in my age group, I have little understanding of the technical jargon and comprehension of today's communication devices that go beyond the science of conversation with the aid of two dixie cups and string.

Shortly after Cablevision installed an HD box and HDMI cable which brought out the picture and sound quality that pleased me, I noticed a lipsync problem that became manifest on several cable channels(the sound lagged behind the picture with progressive gapping to two or three second after an hour's viewing.)

Cablevision made four attempts to correct the problem, changing the HD boxes three times and the HDMI once without any success.I contacted Vizio support and was told to change the PMC setting on the HD box. Cablevision stated there is no PMC setting on the boxes used and they didn't know what a PMC refers to. Finally, Vizio suggested doing away with the HDMI cable and use three single cables in its place and I will get the same reception quality that the HDMI cable provides. This was done by cablevision and the video and audio became synchronized. It was explained to me that an HDMI cable is composed of three cables in one.

While I now enjoy watching talking heads without words trailing their sealed lips, I must pull out wires and plug in the jacks of my DVD in their place since it does not have an HDMI connection. This is somewhat of a nuisance, but I rarely use my DVD and it is not much of an effort, less so than having to return the set to Vizio and be further aggravated.

I must add that Vizio responded to my e-mails within minutes or hours and were quick to respond to telephone calls. They are headquartered in South Dakota and speak in good old Americanese. Also Cablevision was very responsive and courteous in their attempts to correct the problem.

The question remains as to whether my problem is limited to only my set or is it prevalent to this model? What HD boxes are compatible with this set?

I mention the above to save you the aggravation I experienced the past six weeks of multiple calls and tech visits.If you want to discuss this problem, feel free to forward your comments.

P.S. I changed the menu settings above from what I previously listed, increasing the picture quality.


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on April 22, 2016
I have mixed reviews. Originally, I love this TV. I was satisfied with my purchase. I have trusted Vizio in the past and had a lot of good experiences with their products. About a month or 2 after the 1 year warranty passed on my TV (I didn't even know at the time) - a thick, dark and wide blue line formed across my TV. I immediately called Vizio and started a ticket and spoke to a nice representative who told me everything I needed to send in to get my TV repaired or replaced. I did it immediately and the nice representative called me back right away. He said "Ok we are going to be able to help you out and we will send out a repair guy on (the next day) and if he can't fix it, then we will get you a replacement.

I was THRILLED. This was great news because I can't afford to pay another nearly $450 on a TV after just a year... 2 days pass (after staying home from work waiting for the TV repair guy... and I get another phone call. "We are sorry Ma'am but your TV was out of warranty 2 months ago and so we won't be sending someone out. Have a nice day!" Click.

EXCUSE ME? I called right back in and basically raised hell demanding to be escalated to multiple supervisors because this was wrong. The guy had already confirmed everything was ok. He had my paper work right in front of him and he stated all was fine, the dates of purchase was fine, everything would be handled (as it should have been). The final supervisor I reached was not a nice man. BUT because I wasn't going to take no for an answer and demanded he pull up my previous recorded phone call and that the company should stand by their original decision based on decency alone - he finally caved and agreed to send a guy out.

Michael came out and he was a nice guy who stated at the door, I'm here to try to fix your TV. I was like try? He said they mailed me a part but I've been doing this a long time and the part they sent me isn't going to fix what's wrong. So I'm like then why did they send it to you if they know? He says, because they have procedures they have to follow. And I'm like how does that even financially make any sense at all? Wasting both of our time? He said, well, I'm still getting paid. I was instantly frustrated. Turns out, Michael was right. He in fact DID NOT fix it. Back to square 1. After much more back and forth with Vizio - they agreed to send me a refurbished Model. Ok great. I was satisfied. 3 weeks passed and still nothing. Finally a man shows up and says, I'm here to install your TV. ?!?!?!?! What TV? Do you have it? No... I am just here to install it. Sorry dude, I don't have a TV... they haven't sent it yet. I call Vizio - they can't figure out what's going on. Finally they realize it's been waiting at the airport for sometime to be picked up and delivered. I have now missed multiple days from work because several times I waited on the scheduled appointment dates and no one ever showed...

FINALLY a guy shows up with my TV and he boxes up the old one (which they never told me I would have to return and I had seriously almost left it by the street for the trash, so thank God I didn't) and the whole thing finally ends. All in all I was fighting back and forth for nearly 3 months with them over something that they could have fixed so easily from the get go. The only reason they came through was because I fought and fought to be heard and listened to. My replacement TV only had like a 90 day warranty but it's been almost a year now. They also gave me a newer model (smart tv) which I am enjoying even more.

I would be hesitant to trust Vizio again in the future. The whole experience was a nightmare and I felt very disrespected and very unappreciated as a customer. I was treated rudely by several Managers, one in particular named Harley - a man- total JERK... The back and forth was unnecessary and so frustrating. I am satisfied with the resolution but the stress and headache it gave me almost wasn't worth it... if I wasn't so poor - I'd have just bought another $500 TV of a different brand... but I don't have that luxury... Honestly, I doubt even rich people would want to dump extra money on a product that should have lasted WAY longer... Electronics are finicky, I get it... Sometimes things happen - but when they do and you are a billion dollar company you should respect and help the customers that got you to that level. Customer experience is pretty much the top priority in a company that markets things to consumers - along with quality products and advertising of course...

Back when dealing with all of this - I'd have given this TV a 1 star - because that was all it was worth... I'm giving it 3 stars because they DID eventually correct the situation and my replacement TV has been working since. I had meant to write all of this in a letter to the Vizio headquarters after everything that had taken place but at the end of it all, I was just drained. I do want Vizio to see this and pass it along to their quality department because I don't think ANYONE should be treated the way that I was or have a similar experience. I'm sure there are plenty of notes and documentation showing all of what I have written is how it happened and the experience was awful. I am available for a follow up if someone wants to reach out. So do I recommend Vizio brand? I don't know... I would probably choose a different brand for myself moving forward. Best of luck to all. Thanks.
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on June 20, 2013
I wanted a TV for my basement bar. The destiny of this set is casual live TV viewing. Not "Smart TV", not DVR, no game system...just a basic "hotel room" TV.

My #1 priority was a QAM Tuner, which isn't even listed in Amazon's description. I had to verify it on Vizio's website. I knew that our local cable provider (WOW! in Columbus) allows some channels to be seen in HD without a converter box (for TVs with a QAM tuner). I've had limited success on an older Samsung, so I was curious to see how the Vizio would would handle QAM tuning.

Perfect. The Vizio gives me all the local channels in HD, neatly lined up at in the channel 201+ range They are: CBS, NBC, The CW, PBS, ABC, and FOX. In contrast, the Samsung displays them intermixed with the SD channels, and does so erratically to the point I put a Mohu Leaf antenna on it to achieve the same effect.

Picture/sound, no complaints. The stand everyone complains about did look pretty cheesy, I'm glad that went into the trash as I was wall-mounting it with a VideoSecu mount.
review image
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on April 4, 2014
I bought this little TV for my bedroom. My two younger sons use it to watch movies and my wife and I use it to watch TV at night before falling asleep. I was skeptical of buying a television off the internet, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I don't care for anything fancy or big, so this TV was the perfect choice.

It took a little while to get used to the sound, as it is different from my older TV, but now it sounds normal. It can also be hooked up to external speakers, which I do from time-to-time. On another TV I had a few years back, you couldn't control the volume with the remote control if you had external speakers plugged in, but you can with this model. I don't know if it was just the TV I had before, or all newer TVs support this now.

One thing that bugs me to death about it, is the only button I have found is on the back and it only works the input devices! I have looked all over this thing and cannot find a power button, volume buttons, or channel buttons anywhere. That doesn't mean they aren't there, but if they are, Vizio did a wonderful job hiding them!

The picture quality is good. I only have standard cable so I don't what HD cable looks like.

The TV stand is a little awkward. It is a curved bar that runs across the bottom from corner to corner and the TV leans back against it; making the TV lean at an angle of about 5-10 degrees. I thought it might would originally affect the picture quality, but it doesn't. My only worry is that my 2-year-old is going to pull it off on himself.

Overall, I have been very pleased with my purchase and am considering buying another for my oldest son in the near future.
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on June 21, 2013
I bought this TV a few weeks ago and love it. The picture is amazing and it is large enough for everyone to see in my massive living room. The only real problem with the TV was a noticeable dimming of the middle of the TV during movies as well as TV shows. At arbitrary times the Vizio would get dark in the very middle of the entire screen. I was able to fix the problem doing the following:

1) Go into the picture menu and you will find the option for more that will take you to the advanced picture menu.

2) Under the advanced picture menu you will find "Adaptive Luma" which you would want to set to off and the "Smart Dimming" which would need to be set to off as well.

3) If these settings are off but the issue is still occurring then we would perform a series of resets to the TV. The first reset would be to unplug the TV from the wall outlet and then press and hold the power button on the TV itself for 30 seconds and then plug the TV back in. Test to see if the problem is still happening after reset.

4) If issue is still happening after the power cycle of the TV then we would factory reset the TV by pressing menu on the remote, going in to "help" on the menu and selecting "clear memory (factory default)". The default code is 0000. It will ask you if you're sure you want to reset and then select yes and the TV will turn off and then back on.

5) After the factory reset go back in to the advanced picture menu and make sure the "Adaptive Luma" and the "Smart Dimming" are still off.

The dimming was due to a power-saving setting. I hope this helps!
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on December 19, 2013
I have no complaints about this television, it does everything that is advertised. I have noticed when I turn it on I will get a picture for several seconds, and then the screen goes black for about 2 seconds and then the picture comes back. Picture is clear and crisp. I spent considerably time read online reviews of numerous TV's in this size range and this one seemed to get good reviews. The volume on this unit seems to be pretty loud compared to other tv's I own. This could just be because it is mounted in a corner close to the ceiling of the room. My biggest complaint about this unit is about the remote and not the tv itself. The remote has not distinguishing features from front to back, so as fumble with the remote in the dark I find I'm pointing the wrong end at the unit. There is no backlight on the buttons. My biggest complaint about the remote is that there isn't a sleep button on the remote. You have to go into the menu to access the sleep timer feature. The unit is great for a small tv, the remote needs some upgrades
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on April 2, 2014
I ordered this TV on April 23, 2013. I read the reviews and knew that there might be some difficulties with getting the picture "just right". I'm not a very picky person about HD quality, so I got the TV and messed around with the settings for about a day until I got it to a place where it was a reasonably good picture and all was fine until about a week ago.

Now, the TV won't turn on. It looks like it should be...the power light comes on...but then nothing happens. For the last week, I'd unplug it and re-plug it over and over again until it would finally come on again, but today, I've done it countless times and still...nothing.

Of course, it's been almost a year and I don't have the box anymore or even the documentation (my bad, I guess) I've never had an issue with a TV...most of mine have lasted at least 10 years, if not more, so I haven't worried about keeping all of that stuff.

Bottom line...this is awful...move on!
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on April 30, 2014
Replacing a 2008 Samsung 32" LCD display, this literally blows that set away. It exceeded my expectations.
(Note; this is the non "i" version w/o the third HDMI input, Internet access & the mostly useless 120Hz processing for around $100 more)

1. Very good video quality, decent blacks (direct viewing),
2. Analog audio out for small amps to power external speakers,
3. Optical out,
3. Thin bezel,
4. No unneeded bells & whistles (so called Internet applications),
4. Decent menu layout, easy to access without jumping through hoops,
5. Direct backlighting, no flashlighting,
6. Separate video settings for each input,
7. Low power consumption and little heat generation,
8. Sturdy stand,
9. Lightweight,
10. Lastly; US support in English!

1. Only two HDMI inputs and one combined composite/component input (this is a huge problem with just about all TV's now due to cost cutting),
2. Contrast drop off and black level increases when viewing off axis, but no different than most other LCD displays except IPS panels,
3. Side mounted controls on set hard to see and/or feel (yes I do actually walk up to something to turn it on or off without using the remote),
4. Some dirty screen (clouding) effect. On white scenes (snow, hockey etc) there are some slightly darker 'patches' due to mild uneven backlighting though you have to look for it.

Contrast ratio on all LCD's falls off from center. I've seen worse, but improvements over the past 5 years make it more livable. The 'pop' goes away off axis due to the black level increasing, washing out the video (depending on how far one goes off axis). Many times you don't notice it, it depends on the program material and room lighting.

Would I buy this again and recommend it to others, Surely. Vizio has come a long way.
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on January 10, 2014
I bought this TV to replace the 26" TV I've had since college. The picture is great, though I agree with other reviews that you should turn off the light sensor for best picture.

The setup was very easy, though it does require a screw driver to put together the base. The base does tilt the screen backwards just a few degrees, though it is not really noticeable from a viewing standpoint. I am not sure, but this might actually help with glare or reflections.

When you turn on the TV for the first time, there is a very easy initial setup - choose your language, input source (cable vs. antenna). We do not have cable, but this TV has a built in digital tuner that has worked very well so far. It automatically scans for stations, which is convenient, but I have not found a way to manually add stations. The automatic scan does not pick up the local PBS broadcast, and I have not been able to add it.

We have a PS3 that connected easily and works great. I planned to use the second HDMI port to connect my laptop computer to watch movies or HBO Go (which does not have an app for the PS3... get on that Sony!), but for some reason my laptop does not recognize this TV when connected via HDMI. From what I can tell, this is not an issue with Vizio, but rather with the Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver for Windows 8.1. Apparently the driver will recognize some HDTVs, but not others. Intel is aware of the problem but tells me they have no plans to fix it. Go customer service!

On that note - We received 30 days free tech support from Amazon. I called that number and the tech was very polite but was unable to correct the issue. I have a second laptop made by Dell with a HDMI port which connects without an issue, so I will use that computer to watch online videos.

This TV does not have the built in wifi capabilities and apps, but since we have the PS3, that is not an issue for us.

So far we are very happy with the purchase. If we have any issues in the future I will update this review.
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on May 11, 2013
This is not an appropriate choice as a main television for a hardcore videophile with tons of "boxes" to attach. There are only two HDMI ports. It is however an excellent choice for a bedroom or den television. The picture is amazing when connected to an HD source. Be warned that you should only use the latest HDMI cables. I had problems hooking the television to my Directv receiver using cables that had previously worked just fine with another HD television. After much frustration, I purchased new HDMI cables and all problems solved. The other cables still work fine with the other HDMI television. While I am not a technical viewer of the image, I do recognize true colors and a proper balance between shadow and highlight detail, and this television offers both. You will need to tweak it to meet your particular preferences and viewing conditions, but the setup menu is extensive enough to satisfy most any user's preferences. This thin bezel also adds to the impressive appearance of the television when it is off, and makes the image seem even larger when viewing the television.

There is one small negative, and that is the fact that the television has a lag time when you first turn it on. There are a few seconds of viewing the Vizio logo, while the television recognizes the source it is connected to and displays it in the upper right edge. The delay is very annoying if you're used to the typical instant-on of other brands, especially if you're trying to catch that breaking story on the news. I hesitated on whether to ding the television a star for that feature, but finally decided to be charitable and not do so. Trust me though, it can be annoying.
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