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on July 1, 2014
After about 100 run throughs, I feel like I have a pretty solid feel for the songs in this album. First of all, I am a die hard Killers fan. There was a moment in my life where I listened to nothing but the Killers for 7 months straight. I love their first two albums, Hot Fuss and Sam's Town, and a few of my favorite songs include "This River is Wild," "For Reasons Unknown," and "Andy You're a Star." When Day & Age came out, I liked it okay, but it was not exactly my cup of tea, and initially, as I reviewed this album, I felt even more disappointment, thinking that the Killers had abandoned their old sound completely. There were two songs in particular - "Here with Me" and "Be Still" - that drove me nuts. To me, the lyrics and music did not mesh well. I especially hated the verses, "Don't want your picture on my cell phooooonnnnnneeeeee," and "Don't break... character." The lyrics just did not seem to fit the music very well in my opinion.

However, as I listened more and more, I began to find that a lot of the songs reminded me of their old sound, namely "A Matter of Time," "Deadlines and Commitments," and "Battle Born." The more I listened, the more I liked it, and the more I liked it, the more I listened. I am now convinced that this album has more personal favorites than any other album. I still get annoyed a bit with "Here with Me" and "Be Still," but I have found myself singing along despite hating certain verses.

Overall, I think Battle Born is a success. It took me some time, but I absolutely love most of the songs on the album, and I sincerely believe it to be just as good as Hot Fuss and Sam's Town. I hope the Killers continue their progression and will be looking forward to their next album.
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on March 21, 2017
Amazing double vinyl Killers album. Solid album from start to finish as you already know. The double gatefold vinyl album comes with a large fold out double sided poster (one side of band and other of album cover art- very high quality paper and print.) Vinyl sleeves have songs and lyrics printed on one side. Large high quality booklet with band photos and song lyrics. Overall this is a VERY impressive album to add to your collection. Sound is excellent.
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on October 22, 2015
Much in the same way that their third album, "Day & Age" echoed the style of their debut, "Hot Fuss," the fourth offering from The Killers, "Battle Born" at times feels cut from the same cloth as their second album, "Sam's Town." Doubling down on the Springsteen influence that made "Sam's Town" such a divisive record almost a decade ago, The Killer ensure another album that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on its audience -- for better or worse.

While originally thought to be tongue-in-cheek, it appears that frontman Brandon Flowers' is all too sincere in his unabashed patriotism and somewhat corny romantic ideals. "Battle Born" is perhaps a little too over-stuffed with heartfelt ballads about young love and blue-collar workers, almost to the point of self-parody. But when he delivers such hammy sentiments with such sincerity, it's hard not to be sold. So much so, that when he laments that he "don't want your picture/on my cellphone/I want you here/with me" on "Here With Me," it's all to easy to be sucked into the sappiness like quicksand.

Production-wise, "Battle Born" eschews a lot of what made The Killers so interesting way back when. Gone are the pulsating bass-lines from Mark Stoermer and gone are the sickly infectious hooks spewed forth by Flowers. In exchange, we get full-blown stadium rockers like the title-track and the first single, "Runaways." These moments are all fine and good, but it can't help but feel like the sacrifice didn't pay off. "Flesh and Bone" comes close, but The Killers from 2004 are all but absent, take that whichever way you may.

While not a complete career killer, "Battle Born" and its luke-warm response has no doubt put the band on ice for the time-being. It's an album that will probably find more of an audience in later years as it's re-evaluated and removed from the context in which it was released. While it doesn't always fire on all cylinders or quite reach the stars it aims for, it's a noble effort from a band that becomes exceedingly more polarizing with each release.
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on December 23, 2015
I pretty much love everything Killers. So I knew I was going to like this album, and I definitely do. I read a review from someone who mentioned that all the previous Killers albums had to grow on them first, but this one they liked every song right away. I have to say, I had the opposite experience. All the previous albums I'm familiar with (Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, Sawdust, Day and Age) I loved almost every song the first time I heard it. The only other band that has ever done that for me is the Beatles--though I would not put the Killers in the same class by any means. Anyhow, most of the songs on this album have now grown on me. Two that got my attention right away were Flesh and Bone, and Deadlines and Commitments. Just in case you're new to the Killers or want to get to know them, I would not recommend this album first. I would start with Hot Fuss or Sam's Town--probably Sam's Town. And to give you an idea if you might like this, based on my musical preference, two bands I really like are U2 and Depeche Mode. The Killers aren't necessarily similar to these two, but if I like them and I like the Killers, then it follows that if you like them then you might like the Killers too. Right?
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on July 13, 2014
This album has helped me through so much pain in my life. Especially through my terrible relationship over a year ago. Every song seemed to hit home with me and I guess that's why I love it so much. I only listened to the killers a little bit before this album came out. I remember being at Boy Scout camp back in 2004 when mr. Brightside came out and some girl working there kept playing that song over and over again and I hated it so much. For reasons unknown(no pun intended) I just hated it. Fast forward about 8 years, I'm watching tv and the music video for runaways came on and I was just completely surprised/stunned by how amazing the song was. I bought the album and from then on out I was in love with the killers. I bought all their other albums and even revisited my childhood hatred, mr. Brightside (I love that song now). But in my personal opinion battle born is their greatest feat yet. It's their most mature album and Brandon flower's song writing and singing is at his utmost best. I don't understand why some people hate on this album but then again people have their own opinions. I'm just expressing my own as well. In conclusion the vinyl edition I recently bought of this album is awesome which is why my love for it was rekindled and I felt like writing about it. Thank you killers!
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on October 6, 2012
I wanted to give this record several listens before rating it because The Killers' records tend to hold gems I don't hear with the first few listens. Being from Las Vegas I fell in love with it right away. I love Nevada and Las Vegas as much as they do apparently but I worried that maybe people who don't know Las Vegas or don't care for the desert might not be able to relate to the lyrics. After more than 5 listens I am no longer worried about that but if you love Nevada and Las Vegas the album will hold special meaning to you and will hit a place in your heart saved special for Las Vegas and Nevada. Battle Born is my favorite song right now. Nevada has been through some hard times (as has the whole country) in the last few years and I feel like that song is for the people of Nevada and also for the spirit of the state itself. IDK if that's who or what Flowers wrote the lyrics for it's just what I get from it. Sam's Town is still my favorite Killers album but this one is a very close second.
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on June 15, 2013
I don't suspect that any die-hard Killers fans would call this the band's best album,and I wouldn't either, but it's by no means a disappointment. In the first half of the album (tracks 2 through 7) we're treated to a slew of enjoyable, but unspectacular love songs; sonically clean, mainstream rock that's not as synth-y as "Hot Fuss" or "Day & Age," and not as gritty as "Sam's Town," and whose lyrics are the standard power-ballad fare. Around the middle, tracks 5 and 6, are a bit reminiscent of Brandon's "Flamingo." The last half, roughly,(tracks 8 through 12) are a little more lyrically and musically adventurous. In my opinion, the album's real stand-out tracks are "Heart of a Girl," "Be Still," and "Battle Born," which are all clustered near the end. The first two of those three are beautiful and otherworldly. The album's closer, "Battle Born," is downright epic, certainly one of the heaviest, and best, tracks the Killers have given us so far. Its lyrics lament the decline of morality and patriotism in America.

All-in-all, although it's really not as timeless as their previous work, I'd say "Battle Born" is still probably better than the vast majority of music that is being produced (and listened to and praised) these days. It's a shame that it quietly debuted, and then quickly slipped down the charts. For a committed Killers fan, it's definitely worth purchasing, but for the casual passerby, you'd be better off with "Hot Fuss" or "Day & Age."
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on October 6, 2012
So, yeah, as the title implies, Battle Born will not be replacing Hot Fuss as my favorite Killers album.

HOWEVER, that does not in anyway take away from how fantastic this album is. I like the fact that The Killers have experimented with their sound/style a bit in a few songs, but that the majority of the albums still sounds like THEM. A lot of people really rave about "Runaways" - which is definitely a good song - but I'd have to say my favorites on the album are "The Way It Was" (which is earnest and, I think, sounds the most like THE KILLERS), "Deadlines and Commitments," and "Miss Atomic Bomb" (which has GREAT rhythm). The title song, "Battle Born" is also excellent. I think the weakest song on the album is "Heart of a Girl."

All in all, I think all Killers fans should love this album, and I wouldn't be surprised if it brought in some new fans as well. It is EXCELLENT and well worth buying.
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on November 28, 2012
The new Killers album has an air of nostalgic melancholy about it. What really struck me are the abundant references to Nevada and the desert, which reminded me strongly of the sense of place Springsteen managed to inject into his early albums. A lot of the songs are looking back at the past and wistfully remembering those times. Not as buoyant as Day & Age, The Killers take a more subdued tone here, the music perfectly complementing the lyrical bent of each song. It's a simple and beautiful album.

I found myself thinking of Las Vegas, where I was born and haven't been back to since my family left in the mid-80s. Battle Born brought to mind riding in my dad's Ford LTD on Charleston Avenue or on a desert road on Nellis AFB. Living in a tiny apartment in North Las Vegas, waiting for housing to open up on the base. Walking to school each day once we did get on the base. Watching the desert sun kissing the blonde-brown hair of the first girl I fell in love with. The lights of the Strip and the sound of fighter jets cruising overhead. These songs whispered all that and more to me.
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on November 3, 2013
When I chose to buy the album I thought a couple of the songs were pretty good but I didn't care too much for some of the others, but I mainly only bought it because it was $4. That was 4 of the best dollars I've spent in a while. Having listened to the album on repeat for a couple days trying to get into the music and not regret buying the album, I fell in love. There is such passion and energy on all of the songs and I love singing along to them when I'm driving in my car. I think my favorites would have to be: Be Still, Flesh and Bone, The Way It Was, and all of the other songs, basically. I am a recent Killers fan but I have this album, Day & Age, and Hot Fuss and I think I would have to say this is my favorite album of the three (although I have spent more time listening to this one).
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