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on May 23, 2013
So far it runs well, and the sound is pretty good. There's, like, no bass with the subwoofer, though. At least, not the kind you'd expect from a good set of headphones or your "pimped out" car.

The touchpad on mine started to life up on the bottom right corner. It's sticky, so it seems that the glue just wasn't good enough. I had a similar problem on the last few smartphones I had. :P It doesn't ruin the functionality at all. It works perfectly. The corner just catches my thumb from time to time. It's more annoying if anything.

The graphics processor seems like it's lacking, but there's settings in the software for that. Just run the CCC (Catalyst Control Center / AMD Vision Engine Control Center) and go to: Power > Power Play > Change the options to Maximize Performance > Apply. That actually allowed me to play some games on higher settings without lag.

This laptop does run hot, but HP CoolSense keeps the keyboard and palm rests cool to the touch. I was seeing it idle at about 95C on High Performance. While playing a game, it will go up to 110~111C. Your typical PC shouldn't really go over 90C under load, and it should idle around 65~70C.

Overall, I'd say it's worth around $500 (the price I paid refurbished). You get some USB 3.0 ports so it's semi-future proof. Quad-core processor at 1.9GHz is quick, but not blazingly fast. 6GB of RAM stock is more than enough any normal person would really need. The screen is really nice, and the graphics processor can play most games (on low~medium settings). I'm planning on upgrading to 8GB in the future, though, since I like to limit my SWAP file as much as possible (helps with limiting fragmentation).
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on August 9, 2013
okay , I purchased this laptop for my wife to replace an aging DELL that was starting to lose the harddrive . I"ve purchased Dell laptops and desktops for years but also would buy HP peripherals . The price point for this was right so I pulled the trigger . I am so far very pleased with the pc itself . I like the layout , audio , the screen is bright an clear and once you get it up and running it does a fast job . NOW windows 8 ..... not so much . I find it a bit clumsy and hard to navigate . If you use to touchpad it has a tendency to switch screens and pull up tools and aggrivate the hell out of me , BUT , if you use a mouse it is a lot friendler OS . As with anything new it takes time to learn it ( it's going to take me longer because I can never be mistaken for a pc nerd ) so time will tell . hope this helps GOD bless
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on September 25, 2013
It is super fast and works as a charm at first. Then some upgrades were done which disabled the finger print reading application. Now I have a finger print reader that does not work on windows login. I have searched all over the web and tried every single suggestion from HP support site. Still I couldn't make it work again. Beleive me as an IT professional I usually get things done. The other major issues I had were: the wireless adapter stopped working or had reduced working range. It used to be connecting to my wifi network from anywhere in my house; then it stopped connecting if I go more than 10 meters from my router. This is a known issue too.
I will have to say, Windows 8 works great. You can install a classic shell as your start menu if you want. The speakers are superb.
Overall I felt that 3 stars is justified due to the lack of quality and stability in the finger print reader and the wireless adapter.
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on September 7, 2013
windows8 come factory broken. sure you can look up all the kludges to get it to work, but some features are awful. live tiles are a pain to use and are run in a sandbox, no java, no flash. you need to drop into 'desktop mode' which lets you run a browser with java and flash, but has no start menu, no shutdown without calling a command line.

it defaults to your 'live/hotmail/outlook/xboxliveid' for certain features which means yes your password is the same. they offer several biometrics, but the fingerprint scanner takes 3-5 swipes to work every time, even setting it up. hp uses it to access lock out password websites but the actual passwords are stored in plain text on the hdd, which is actually a problem with most browsers as well. while attempting to update hps software it got stuck in a loop of some kind and maxed out the cpu to the point of interfering with normal usage. so i stopped it, and now it won't let me update any of it. luckily my mom uses this laptop, i would have paid more to have windows 7. she doesn't like the way popups are treated as pop unders since popups are a staple of the online gaming she does. she's 65 and had to learn a new command. just to play her games.
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on January 19, 2013
I run AutoCad LT and needed something more than a notepad. I connect this to my large computer screen and keyboard when at my desk and use it as my computer - it replaces both my old (heavy) laptop and regular computer. Light weight, long battery life, large screen. It is almost perfect. The only drawback is that all of the plug ins are on the side - both sides. Prefer them on the back or on the right. That would not stop me from buying it again as I am getting used to organizing cords. Love the large screen and the light weight. Had a 15" screen previously but this is larger and lighter to carry.
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on May 14, 2015
Combining the reliability of an AMC Gremlin with the amazing Hell on Earth that is Windows 8, this laptop is the perfect fit for those who feel they don't have enough frustration in their daily lives.

I've had it for over 2 years, and it has finally crapped out completely, after a year and a half of screen freezes, hard reboots, hard drive replacement, you name it this piece of sh1t has thrown it in my lap. Ahhh, the sweet release of death! Now I can look for an older model with Windows 7 and regain my sanity.
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on June 14, 2013
Purchased a SSD to use as a primary, relegating the included 750gb as a backup. But my recovery disks were corrupted and nothing I did would allow me to clone the existing partition to the new SSD (far smaller then original drive, so software refused to do it) Eventually HP replaced my coasters with a fresh set and I was able to get everything running the way I wanted. 6 second cold boot is SOOO sweet >_<. Runs like a champ and I couldn't be happier. Ok, that's a lie... I would be happier if it had USB 3.0 ports LOL >_<
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on April 27, 2013
I purchased this laptop about a month ago and have had no problems so far. Audio is great and I bought this one mainly for the large screen. It's a laptop but it's replacing my desktop, so I wanted to have a big screen. Touch wasn't necessary because the touch pad performs the same functions.

I like the windows 8 OS, I just have to get used to it a figure it out before I love it.

I wish the laptop came with SSD instead of HDD for boot drive. I could have paid a lot more for another computer with it, but I hate to spend more than $700 on a computer that will be obsolete & replaced in 7-10 years.
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on June 24, 2013
When I read the specs on this machine it seemed it would be much better than my previous laptops.
This is my 6th HP laptop. This is the first time I don't feel I have gotten my moneys worth. It doesn't
seem any faster than my last HP. The light on the screen fades and comes back. This has been since
I first started using it. I should have sent it back right away, but I bought it for Christmas, so it was already
almost 3 months before I knew it had/has problems.
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on December 24, 2012
Windows 8 doesn't come with a lot as other versions and it seems to be a bit "tricky". A lot of the apps that come with it aren't full-feature and must be purchased in order to work as full feature. The pc however is very nice, quite fast. This is my first laptop so it's taken a while to get used to it. Certainly much faster than my old desktop HP. Love the big screen. This is not a lightweight pc, more suited to the home, as I intended.
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