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on April 30, 2013
This computer offers everything a computer 3 times the price can. My 18 year old daughter wanted a MacBook Pro. I was unwilling to spend that kind of money for a laptop so I did a lot of research and with the help of the many reviews I read from others who had purchased this laptop, I chose this one. Well, my daughter was dissapointed for a half a second because when she turned this one on she raved about how great it was and was even better than the Mac. The screen display was impressive and 2 months later and she still "loves it'! I never told her the price ;)
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on August 18, 2013
I hate Windows 8. The computer is set very fine, when it comes to the cursor landing on an icon. The program begins before you have a chance to hit the left button. This causes the wrong program to work, since you "brushed" over it. I have solved this problem by adding a wireless mouse. I know the computer is designed with a finger pad, but the mouse gives me much better control, and the programs only begin when I hit the button. The mouse overrides the finger pad, but both still work at the same time. The laptop was priced nicely, so that is why I bought it. I would have gone with a tablet, but the price and hard disk capacity were the main factors why I went with the laptop.
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on August 2, 2013
It would have 2 stars, but it was a great price. If I were reviewing it along with the pre-installed Windows 8 it would be 2 stars.

But, I'm going to separate out the machine from the operating system.

Likes: monitor size and screen quality (although there is glare, but they all seem to have that), number keyboard, feel of keyboard, fairly lightweight (for a larger size laptop).

Dislikes: the mouse seems to be placed too far to the left. Also, if you don't click it in the far lower left right corner, it is very difficult to push. Carpal tunnel syndrome here I come!

Let's talk about Windows 8 for a moment, shall we? I could learn to live with Windows 8. It's just different and takes getting used to (I had that issue when MS Office revamped their interface years ago...and now it's no big deal). But, Corel X5 would not work on it. Which I only needed to load so I could upgrade to X6 which does work on Wndows 8. (See my CorelDraw X6 review for the full rant on that issue.)

I made the mistake of trying to change the operating system myself. I won't bore you with the gory details. Bottom line: I had to pay a pro to fix the mess I made. I now have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS loaded and I'm happier camper.

Amazon does not let you return computers unless there is something wrong with them. This is a good deal; just make sure the programs you want to use work on Windows 8. If you're not sure, buy a Windows 7 computer. It's easier to upgrade than to downgrade.

One more piece of somewhat unrelated advice: Back up all of your files on an external hard drive or in the cloud ( is good) before you change your operating system. I hear all you techie guys laughing. Go ahead; that's why we pay you the big bucks. :-)
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on October 28, 2012
So I decided I would do a review on here even though I didn't purchase this product from Amazon.

I bought this computer from Fry's Electronics today for significantly less than advertised on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter. I picked it up for $315.00 USD with tax, so it seems like I got a really good deal.

I'm very impressed with the overall feel and use of the computer, 4 Gigs of ram is a huge plus. The 500 GB drive is great for all the music and video storage needs of today.

Seems like it has good battery life so far, not so sure about the 4.5 hours as advertised, I would say it's more along the lines of 3.5 but it all depends on what you do with your computer. Still, I can't complain! The only downside is that it's a Windows 8 machine and windows 8 is designed for touch screen, which this computer does not have. Also, this computer does not include a windows or system restore cd, so if your computer crashes then you better have access to a windows cd or you're in trouble.

I would say shop around for the best price because they seem to vary from store to store.

The only downside is Windows 8..... I am not a fan so far of the Windows 8 system, it seems to be geared towards social media and not so much a easy to use operating system. If you have the patience to fight with the operating system changes and basically re-learn how to use windows then this is for you.
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on June 26, 2013
Not a fan, really. For one, could Windows 8 be any more ridiculously frilly? But beyond that (since an operating system can be changed out), I'll mention problems with the actual laptop. I haven't had it that long and it's not that it's awful, but I am NO fan. The left and right mouse clickers are squishy and annoyingly difficult to get quick reactions on for double clicking. The actual touch censor pad- ESPECIALLY when first opening the laptop- seems quite slow to respond. Between the slow response of both the mouse and cursor, I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked on stupid ads and whatnot on the tops and edges of a screen. Quite annoying, really. And the F keys no longer function as the primary key! Perhaps that is fairly common now, it's been a few years since I had to buy a laptop, but I use the F keys all the time and now have to fold the function key to operate them. Also (VERY annoying), I have to hold the function to operate the "home" and "end" keys and a number of other things, so just be sure to analyze the picture of the key pad before you purchase it to be sure you like the layout. The only thing I was looking for was the number keypad, which is present and nice to have. One more thing, I use Photoshop A LOT and have noticed some glitches there. It's difficult to explain the exact things it's doing, but it does strange things for some cropping work or when initially opening multiple images (and I have used PS for YEARS on a number of different computers and never had this problem). I THINK it's the video card not handling the program well, but it COULD be the new Windows. Beyond that, it's a basic laptop and seems to function alright. But I REALLY wish I hadn't spilled coffee on my old one:/
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on August 29, 2013
Several years ago we decided to become a laptop only family and so everyone got their own laptop. The makers varied from HP to Toshiba to Dell to Gateway and a couple of others along the way since 2005. Of all the laptops my husband's Gateway was the only one that didn't have to be replaced because the hard drive blew or the fan stopped and froze the mother board or one of the many other reasons. He's dropped it a couple times and we've moved from the US to Europe so we've even had the electrical supply change and through all that it is still the only computer in the house that has surpassed the life of all the others so I got him another Gateway. We're only frustrated with the version of Windows on it. It is so unfriendly and non-intuitive. Microsoft should stop! They don't seem to make things better, they seem to think they make it better and leave their users in a lurch. That's what keeps this from getting 5 stars.
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on July 1, 2013
For some reason the computer drive lists 450 GB,instead of the advertised 500 GB.
It works as expected, the battery life is about 2.5 - 3.5 hours depending upon usage.
It takes a while to get adjusted to the new Win 8, I'd of course prefer the Windows 7 start button and regular setup, BUT it seems as if this is the way Microsoft wants to go.
If its not broken don't fix it.
Other reviewers have listed lower prices, but Best Buy was out of stock on this model, and once you add taxes, gas to drive there,it's just cheaper to buy it from Amazon.

after 4 months of use my e and r are starting to fade,I'm sure they'll consider this a usage issue and won't replace the affected keys.
I would suggest a larger hard drive if you're using it as a desktop replacement.
I increased the memory to 8 gb, 4 is just too little.
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on May 8, 2014
Got this computer for my dad. As soon as I got it I removed Windows 8 and installed Windows 7. I just don't see a reason to use Windows 8 on a computer that doesn't have a touch screen. I didn't have any trouble locating and installing the drivers for this computer.
It has been working well without any issues for him for over a year now. I've not had to fix any major issues with it for him.
I will not that when handling this laptop it does feel a bit on the fragile side. My dad does not carry it anywhere and basically uses it as a desktop that he can take from the office to the living room. So I'm not sure how well it would handle heavier use.
Overall, it is a good computer for the price and runs Windows 7 without any problems.
Note: If you plan to put Windows 7 on it make sure you know how to remove Windows 8 i.e. disabling the UEFI and such.
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on October 29, 2013
I am very disappointed with the cheap keyboard and mousepad on this computer. I actually have seen toy computer keyboards that were much better!
I noticed problems with the keyboard from day one, but did not return it immediately.
.MICROCOM TECHNOLOGY.who I purchased from through Amazon was happy to tell me that they WILL NOT do anything as far as exchange, refund, or even send a keyboard replacement. Keys are falling off, sticking. The spacebar does not work, so all words are jammed together.
Amazon, again has not come through for me as well. I purchase a lot through Amazon, and beginning to think I might have to look for another place on line to buy things and spend my hard earned money.
So...must go through the manufacturer just 6 months after purchasing. I still have new labels on it and MICROCOM TECHNOLOGY wants nothing to do with me.
Oh well....Dear warned....
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on March 7, 2013
After my 10 year old Gateway desk top computer started going out, I knew it was time for another. This time I wanted a laptop. After weeks of research I decided on another Gateway. I have it for a few months now. It works great and price was great too. It has Windows 8 which I was initially intimidated by, but I spent and hour playing with it and was able to figure it out and I love it!
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