Customer Reviews: Lenovo G580 15.6-Inch Laptop
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on December 8, 2012
The laptop came from Amazon within a couple of days and was nicely packaged. The initial setup for the Lenovo was also nice. That is where nice ended.

The laptop shipped with a malware/spyware package called Nitro. Nitro blocked the Windows 8 updates. There were some Lenovo instructions that said to update Nitro but that crashed too. If you buy this laptop, the answer is easy: UNINSTALL NITRO immediately. It is some buggy emulation software that you will never need. You will also need to disable Nitro's spyware cousin, Nalpeiron. The instructions to do this are on the Lenovo Community Forum for Windows 8. Normally this would have caused me to rate it 1 Star but unfortunately all the laptop makers are taking payola to put spyware on your computer. You will probably have similar experiences with any other Windows machine.

Also, Windows 8 is a major change. Don't buy this for the non-computer savvy person in your family. Buy a Windows 7 PC for them while you still can. And remember, Windows 8 is built into the BIOS and you cannot downgrade even with a complete disk format.

And buy from Amazon because they will stick up for you in these sorry deals. Their hardware, Kindle, just works.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 7, 2012
Our daughter needed a new laptop for college. We gave her a budget. She selected this one. It worked great for the entire first semester except for a couple of glitches caused by some third party software she installed.

We got the 2-year service plan with the computer and Lenovo was great about answering all of our daughter's questions.

They resolved the issue in one call, although it took twenty minutes to do it.

( I told her, "twenty minutes is not bad," but when you're a teenager who is missing crucial gossip, it seems an eternity!)

Our beloved daughter types faster than a raging robot, and so, is very hard on keyboards. Sure enough, at the end of the school year while she was visiting home, her keyboard developed a broken key.

"This cheap thing is ^$%%# &&$5 (*#&^$6) "

(She was in the middle of an important discussion with some of her friends about some other friends when it died. From my den downstairs I could hear her hammering away above me (in her room) with the frenetic passion of a Jack Kerouac.)

Two keys had been pressed so hard that they collapsed and wedged in place, rendering all other keys useless as they sent repeating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! messages. That day I learned that all teenagers believe you can make your point LOUDER if you type harder.

Well, one quick call from momma, and Lenovo sent her a NEW KEYBOARD. They were very helpful both over the phone and by referring us to their excellent repair videos. Momma, (who is NOT particularly good with tools) got the old board out and the new one in in less than a half-hour!

She was so impressed with this service that she bought another Lenovo exactly like the kid's. The difference is that Mamma doesn't BANG on her keyboard when typing emotional messages. Result? We have had both of these working perfectly for over a year and a half now. For any computer that runs Microsoft, I consider that a victory.

SO, the machine is well-designed, works like it is supposed to and does not break if it is not abused. If it does break, Lenovo has resources to make fixing it faster and easier. It may not be "emotional teenage girl YELLING ON FACE BOOK proof" ...but it is darn close.

If you are an adult, (or behave like one) you will probably have no such problems. If you snap a gasket some night whilst typing furiously, Lenovo will come through for you under warranty, no shipping charges for parts.

That's better than any other PC company I've dealt with.

Hope that helps!
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on November 1, 2012
Pros: price, keyboard, power management, screen clarity.
Cons: wifi takes a couple of minutes to start from cold boot; no issues after that.

I've been scouring the internet for a new computer after mine was stolen. I looked at the new breed of instant on, 14 inch display units. But why sacrifice screen space? Real work requires a sizable screen and a 15 inch is my minimum. I tried a 12 inch that I borrowed but that is simply too small.

I had an older g580 variant that I picked up for 500 dollars two years ago. Loud fan, not so great power management. Great keyboard. This is an evolutionary product. The fan noise is gone; at least not as I use it. Power users may find it otherwise.

The keyboard is different, but just as nice as the newer high-end lenovo laptops. Its the best keyboard currently available. So if you are planning to do serious typing, as I do, then this is a major plus. One note on the keyboard/touchpad. The touchpad is the latest variety that is multitouch and very large. It makes typing more difficult. You learn to reposition your hands and most of the time it is a non-issue. To make things easier, I went in and changed the multitouch settings, turning over the perimeter of the touchpad, where you are most likely to have an issue. Works well with that tweak. Others just use a mouse and turn it off altogether. Either way, this is the size of touchpad that's here to stay, so we just have to deal with it.

How is the screen? Those that crave a high resolution will need to cough up more cash for a different model. But let's be practical: you simply do not need it. I've watched netflix movies on here, and its as crisp as an HDTV to my untrained eye, overall excellent.

As for the battery life, that is why I elected to wait for a third generation I3 chip. The improvements are notable. I can get up to 3 hrs with routine use, better than the 90 min of my old laptop, though I haven't timed it precisely. While a far cry from some of the newer models, you pay more for those, so figure out how many hours unplugged you really need.

What about the sound? It has dolby stereo and plenty of power. Great for netflix.

So what's not to like? My only nit is that the wifi takes a while to find the router. Occasionally I have to run the troubleshooter to reset the adapter, a pretty simple task. But once the wifi is running, its fine. You can watch a film front to back without a glitch.

Overall, I think this is the best bang for the buck in a 15 inch laptop, especially if you can find it on sale.
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on November 22, 2012
This is going to be a perfect gift for Mom and Dad (baby boomers) and their first PC - windows 8 is a nice touch and will be our third Lenovo laptop - very solid performers and very little in the way of hardware issues. Nice bright screens and fantastic touch on the keyboards. Nice addition with the USB 3.0 ports. All in the all for the price and with an Intel i3 - 3rd gen a really nice package for the price $429 on 11/22/12. We own a G780 also and highly recommend it as well.
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on December 8, 2012
I just received this laptop a couple of days ago and I love it.
Fast, quite, and good graphics, (watching DVDs and Netflix wasn't the best, but it'll have to do).
The only couple of issues are with the Windows 8 operating system, not the computer. The main issues are not having a permanent Word or Excel program, at least Microsoft Office Starter, and not having a Windows button at the bottom left of the screen. I don't know what they were thinking with either of these, it doesn't make any sense!
I remedied the lack of word processing tools with Open Office Suite, (freeware). I'm NEVER, EVER, EVER paying $100+ (a quarter or more the price of this computer), to do even the most basic word processing, with Microsoft, EVER again. As if Bill Gates isn't rich enough.
If you think the price of this computer is too much for you, save up some money and buy it. I made the same mistake by purchasing a laptop for a hundred dollars less, it was so slow and finicky that I had to return it. This is probably the best deal you can get at this price. Pay the extra $100! You won't regret it.
I love this computer. Excellent deal. Good job Lenovo. I think I've found the computer company I'll stick with for as long as you guys keep this good value going with your products.
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on November 27, 2012
I have never been fortunate enough to ever have the funds to purchase a laptop but I finally took advantage of's store card and their 6 month interest free offer. I scoured many tech sites looking for budget laptops that would be suitable for my first foray into the laptop/notebook world and decided that I would go for either an ASUS or Lenovo laptop for their innovative yet pocket-friendly price tags. I researched specs (intel vs. AMD, icores vs Pentium/Celeron, RAM, Ghz, battery life, hdd vs ssd storage, etc) and decided that a intel core i3, 4GB(expandable) RAM, 2+ Ghz and 6 cell battery were sufficient for my needs as I needed a device to browse the internet, email, word process and watch Netflix/Amazon prime content. I waited until Black Friday to select an ASUS laptop and got one on a lightning deal and was ecstatic until I realized that I had used the wrong card and had to return it (Doh!). Amazon was understanding through this return process and while I waited to order another laptop I stumbled across this device. I have seen Lenovos before and I have to admit I found them to be very unattractive devices: boxy, lacking in sleekness, heavy and just reminiscent of walking around with a black box from an airplane. Reviews have complemented Lenovo on their rugged devices and value they put into their budget line laptops. I decided to pull the trigger even though this cost over $100 more than the ASUS but I could not pass up the newer "Ivy Bridge" intel core and the still attractive price tag.
I ordered this laptop on a Sunday afternoon and received it the next day for only a $3.99 special one day delivery fee! That was fast service! Upon opening the box I remarked at how much bigger this laptop seemed and the weight was noticeable (but all I had to compare it to was my friend's Ipad which is not a fair comparison). I turned the device on and it took a couple of minutes to personalize and go through the "fine print" stuff but then Windows 8 popped right up. I have played around with Windows 8 laptops in stores and on a Nokia phone but it is still very different than what we have all gotten used to with Windows devices lol! I was kind of apprehensive at how "cartoony" the tiles looked but after the initial shock of it I have come to like the tiles and know that it will get me used to a touch screen system if and when I purchase one. I am still able to access the classic windows screen in one of my tiles and I have been able to customize my tiles quite easily and added a few more through the Microsoft app store. The store is definitely not as robust as ios and Android but I am sure it will catch up in the future. The tiles do make it easy to navigate and play around with my favorite settings and apps.
As far as the laptop goes, I like it overall. It is a bit heavy and the screen is not as nice as a retina display ipad but it is just fine for everyday tasks. The keyboard is nice and quite full-sized so typing mistake free is a cinch. The laptop is plastic but it does not feel cheap and the plastic has shimmers reminiscent of a metallic look so it makes it feel a little more luxurious. The device is very quiet, quieter than any laptop I have ever played with! The battery life seems great thus far. I have used this device for a couple days and besides a few glitches with my email shutting down by itself and a sensitive keypad when typing long reviews like this, I am satisfied with what I received with the amount I paid for it. I recommend this laptop for those needing a budget friendly laptop for daily tasks and light workloads. I might have an update after using this device for a while but for now I am very satisfied.
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on September 4, 2013
This is the story of a defective support service, 6 hard disk drives and an empty box.

Back in April 2013, I acquired a Lenovo laptop (about $900), directly from the site. Everything works satisfactorily until 4 months later. The laptop wouldn't boot and the error message points at a hard disk drive failure.

Request #1: A quick and pleasant call to Lenovo and, two days later, I receive a replacement drive and reinstallation DVDs. The hard drive is used, below the specification of my previous drive... and started to fail noisily in the middle of the reinstallation procedure!

Request #2: Calling Lenovo and asking for another drive, which I receive promptly. I install the drive (used parts and below specs again), turn the laptop on and... What's that horrible whining sound?! Conclusion: Yet another failed disk. And to be sure of my diagnostic, I extract an old drive from an old laptop. I successfully reinstall my Lenovo laptop and the old drive.

Request #3: Calling Lenovo again. They want me to return the laptop. I make sure they understand the nature of the problem, why returning the laptop makes little sense and why I expect a drive with, at least, the same specifications as the one I originally bought. A week later, the promised drive wasn't there yet (and actually never arrived).

Request #4: On the phone with Lenovo... They don't know what happened to the previous drive. They'll send a new one, with the right specifications. I didn't bother opening the drive when I received it, it wasn't the right kind!!! In the meantime, tired of waiting, I had bought a new drive at a local store. Unsurprisingly, it did wonder in my laptop.

Request #5: Moving online to avoid being impolite on the phone. There, I go through a weird registration and realized all the limit of their support tools. I almost feel sad for the support people working there. I try my best to describe all the extent of my issues with Lenovo. The field limit to 150 characters don't help, at all. My request: A real solution, in the form of a real drive or a real check to cover the purchase of a new real drive. And, a couple of days later, I receive... an empty box?? After some head-scratching, I understand they want me to return my laptop... #FacePalm!!! It's time to share my story with the Amazonians.

Request #6: I'll get to that as soon as I'm done posting this story. I'll update the post if anything interesting happens.

If you ever buy the laptop you're looking at, I wish you good luck!


[Update: 07/09/2013, Lenovo sent another empty box :-((( I'm done with them! This is absolutely hopeless!]
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on May 3, 2013
The battery lasts pretty long and the percent estimate and time estimate is pretty close. The touch pad is irritating, it's large but there's not enough room for my left hand to rest on the left side of it without hitting the touch pad and jumping around doing crazy things. If you have big hands you'll hate it. Mine are small. I HATE Windows 8, so that probably makes me dislike the computer more than I otherwise would.
All in all it's pretty functional and fast, boots up real fast. I don't like that there's no button to turn off the wireless physically, and the shut down on it is confusing and messed up, but that's windows fault. When you swipe across the touch pad from right to left the utility bar on the right opens up and you have to click to get out of that, but once again, windows fault. Might be able to change that in the settings.
With all those glitches not withstanding I still like it, because it's fast and has a large hard drive so I can work with photo's and video. Beware though, the two USB 3.0's on the left side don't work on a lot of the older devices, my HP Photosmart Inkjet C5180 only works with the one 2.0 on the right side. As with my old Olympus camera.
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on November 30, 2012
I don't normally write reviews unless I am impressed with the product. This laptop has a very quite system and the processor is excellent for every day computing. It does come with a large amount of bloat ware, but that can be removed by any Window-savvy user. The graphics level is very impressive. I expected less and got a better graphics experience than I was expecting. For the money, this is an excellent computer. You cannot beat the price with any comparative brand. The only problematic thing I discovered was the mouse pad. It takes some getting use to. If you buy this computer, you will see what I mean. This is my first Windows 8 machine. It took me an hour to get acclimated to the system. I am impressed with the system, for it gives me a new perspective on Windows. And did I mention how quiet this thing is...Hey! This machine is quiet!
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on March 16, 2013
First, I have to admit that I am a spoiled rotten Apple fan through and through. I've had a 17" MacBook Pro laptop for the past 4 years, which served beautifully as my work computer, home computer, TV and stereo until an unfortunate incident involving my cat and a space heater caused the display to crack. I'm a public high school teacher, so I have basically no income, and bought this Lenovo G580 because it seemed to offer great value for the price. And in some ways it has, hence the three stars. But there are a couple of significant issues with it that really hamper daily use, things that I wish I had known before purchasing this laptop. I should mention that I use the laptop all day; I primarily use PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Firefox, iTunes, VLC and occasionally play World of Warcraft.

Here are the good things:

1. The price is right. With tax and shipping, I paid around $400 total.
2. The processor is fast enough, and I think that if you were to upgrade the memory to 8 GB it would perform quite nicely. I have the stock 4 GB of memory in it now, and sometimes it'll hang if I decide I want to open up a new program or Word document while I'm waiting for a tab to load in Firefox, but nothing too bad.
3. The hard drive is big and solid, the graphics are fine, and the keyboard is quite nice.
4. It boots up quickly and holds a charge for quite awhile.
5. It's light.

The four bad things are:
1. The wireless internet disconnects every 10 - 15 minutes, guaranteed. At first I thought it was just a bug, and I've tried running every troubleshooter I can imagine. Trued uninstalling and reinstalling and updating drivers. Nothing works. After doing some research, this problem is VERY common with this specific model of Lenovo laptop. A 5-minute browse on forums found on the Google points to two possible issues: a driver problem (Lenovo) or a Windows 8 problem. Either way, neither Lenovo nor Windows has offered any recognition of the issue (that I could fine), let alone a solution. Seriously, it's a big problem. Every 10 minutes or so, I have to either restart my laptop or disconnect my wireless and then reconnect it. I plan to call Lenovo on Monday about it, but in the meantime it's frustrating as hell. It's enough to make me regret purchasing this laptop.
2. The touchpad is odd and hard to get used to; I can't tell if it's buggy or if I'm just not using it correctly. The texture is rough and knobbly. I try to use it like a regular trackpad, and it starts dragging things that I don't want it to drag to places I don't want them to go. I can't keep track of how many of my bookmarks I've accidentally dragged into different windows. Maybe I'm just not using it correctly, but I don't like it. It's also positioned on the laptop in a way that interfered with typing. If I'm not careful with my thumbs, I accidentally brush the touchpad and my mouse will jump to another part of the screen, messing up whatever it is I'm typing. It's just positioned so close to the space bar, I think, that you have to be really careful about keeping your thumbs and the palms of your hands elevated off the keyboard. It's not that comfortable after awhile.
3. The speakers are placed kind of on the bottom of the laptop, muffling the sound. It's not horrible, but it's noticeable.
4. Windows 8 makes absolutely no sense (to me, at least) without a touchscreen, and it comes pre-installed on the laptop. Lenovo provides no CD or DVD with Windows 8 on it, so if you ever have to wipe your drive (viruses, slowness, maybe you hate 8 and want to downgrade to 7) and reinstall Windows 8, you have to call Lenovo to get Windows 8 back on the laptop somehow (unless you make a boot disc while Windows 8 is still on the laptop, I believe). I installed a program that makes 8 look like 7, but ever since I installed Adobe it starts up in the old 8 format.

All in all, it seems like it could be a great laptop for the price. At such a good price, no one can expect perfection. However, it does feel like the drawbacks with this particular laptop really make daily use annoying/difficult, to the point that I would just really think about it before purchasing this laptop. I wish I had not purchased it and bought another brand at the same price, or spent more for a more reliable machine.
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