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on July 22, 2014
it was the wrong docking station for my ASUS 810,, but,,, I cut off the left tab that locks into the smaller ASUS
tablet, and was able to plug into my 810, and it works!!! gained a keyboard, extra battery, a mouse, and
a real USB 2.0 port. so overall happy.. I don't like that when you search for a docking port for the 810 this one
shows up, without damaging (cutting off the tab),, it does not connect to a 810 model. but, I am happy now
that I got it to works.

My complaint to ASUS, is BRING BACK THE 810 DOCKING STATION!!!! these docking stations turn what is a toy
until a real machine, and still have the convenience of the tablet when mobile. but frankly, when you are home
having the keyboard is almost priceless!
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on February 16, 2017
Inexpensive way to reduce my frustration with my asus tf600. With my set up in windows 8.1 RT (really terrible), power management is just one of the nightmares we have. buy the wall charger if you're using the USB cord to charge. I had wondered why it didn't charge immediately. Just get the appropriate power cord and be happy! Keyboard is a little smaller than I'm use to. I work as a paramedic, so I'm use to toughbooks. This feels smaller when typing. It's a perfect mate to the tablet though. I have enjoyed it, but it takes a little time to adjust
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on March 31, 2013
- Nearly doubles battery life
- Has a trackpad and gestures are supported (Asus has an optional app to enable more, which I haven't tried)
- Clamshell setup turns the Vivotab RT into a mini laptop, so you don't need a cover
- The only way to get a native USB port
- Mechanical switching action of keys feels pretty good (the whole thing is fairly sturdy/rigid)
- Full F-keys and even printscreen
- Price (at well under $100) seems very fair
- In lieu of a stand, the dock supports the tablet at a wide range of angles

- Keyboard is cramped vertically (to make for a taller trackpad, I assume)
- Tiny right shift key (getting the " character is particularly annoying)
- No SD card slot
- More ports in general would be nice (additional USB or micro-HDMI maybe)

So the real issue with the keyboard size/layout is that it was not proportionally shrunk. I understand the Transformer series sacrifices trackpad height for more keyboard height. I guess I understand this trade off as this machine comes with, for example, Excel 2013, where you need a pointing device. Then again, even a trackpad (no matter how big) is inadequate compared to a real mouse, for Excel use.

That said, the pros far outweigh the cons, in terms of the decision to get this dock for your Vivotab RT, or not. The question to skip this dock would also come down to getting a different tablet. I mean, it may be cramped vertically but it is way better than trying to type a long message out with the soft keyboard. In fact I typed this review on the keyboard and mistakes were minimal. Speed is not as good as a fullsize keyboard but I don't think that's a ground breaking proclamation. If this dock were $200 instead of like $70, maybe the decision would be harder, but ultimately, it's a really nice accessory to the Vivotab RT. It's not like you can chose from a range of keyboard docks.

I forgot to comment on the locking mechanism. It's fine! It locks securely and the tablet vibrates to let you know it's connected properly. It actually can be a one handed operation as once you release the lock, you can lift the tablet up and out of the dock (left side first) without continuing to hold the release slider.

Also I like that I can charge both devices just by plugging the charger into the keyboard dock. I could also charge just the tablet by undocking and plugging in there but why? For that matter I could charge just the keyboard dock. So lots of options.

A note on the way the batteries are used: the tablet is discharged some amount, then the keyboard dock kicks in to actually recharge the tablet up to some value. Then the tablet battery is used again. This repeats until the keyboard dock is drained, then everything just works off the tablet battery. At first I didn't understand this, but the purpose of this design is so the tablet battery state is always prioritized. In other words, when you are using the keyboard dock, and you pull the tablet out, you can be sure it will always be fairly topped off. This makes sense because if Asus drained both batteries at the same time, you would run into a situation where both are at, say, 30%. Then when you undock, you have a tablet at only 30%. In this design, your keyboard would be at 0% but the tablet at, say, 60%, which is handy. Remember, this is a tablet not a laptop. Still, I don't see why they shouldn't let us be able to configure this behavior.
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on November 27, 2013
I bought the Asus VivoTab RT about a month ago when I saw that Newegg was selling the tablet with the keyboard dock for $300. It was perfect for what I needed it for, which was just internet browsing and typing up documents for my classes. Unfortunately the deal sold out within a couple days, and all they had left was an "open box" Asus VivoTab RT without the keyboard dock for about $240. I looked on Amazon and bought this used keyboard dock for about $40, making the grand total about $280-$290 give or take with tax. Not only did I get what I originally wanted, but I got it for a lower price. The keyboard dock works great besides the fact that it looks like someone kicked it in the side, but I could care less about aesthetics as long as it functions how it is supposed to, which it does. It does glitch out every once in a while and I can't use the mousepad, but that's not even a terribly huge issue either seeing as the tablet is, obviously, a touchscreen and the mousepad is not required for full functionality. Not to mention in order to fix this glitch all I have to do is restart the tablet and it's back to working perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.
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on April 18, 2013
It works like a dream, gives your tablet extra battery life, is lightweight yet solid, protects your tablet well when attached, has the extra regular sized USB port(which is helpful) and mars typing a lot of things or using apps like Excel much easier to use.

The only things that I've noticed that annoy me are that because of the compact size, sometimes my thumb accidentally hits the touchpad and moves the cursor to a weird place while I'm in the middle of typing. It happens often enough to mention. Its tough to adjust the way I position my fingers while typing but its possible.

You may want to think about how you will store it when you're not using it. I definitely would not store it by itself, as small particles, liquids, etc. find their way into the cracks and crevices and ruin the keyboard. Original packaging is probably too bulky but it should fit in a loose sleeve for 10" tablets or netbooks. I'm using a T0MS shoes bag right now. It fits nicely and I feel good pubbing a company I like, but I'm still concerned about liquids so I'll probably get an inexpensive sleeve for more substantial protection.
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on July 24, 2013
Let me preface this by saying that I had the original ASUS Transformer--the TF101. I thought it was a great design and very well executed. The OS left something to be desired, however, and I looked forward to the Windows 8 tablets with a great deal of anticipation. This dock, compared with the original dock for the TF101, however just does not quite seem to be as nice. Size and weight are great. Reducing to a single USB port is not a big deal, though slightly irritating. The biggest issue, however, is the connection between the tablet and the dock. It is difficult to know if the tablet actually docked or not. The TF101 snapped in with a clear and satisfying connection. It felt like a single unit once docked. This dock and unit, however, do not provide that same reassurance. Having used it regularly for over a month now, I still have difficulty lining up the tablet with the dock and feeling certain that they are connected properly.
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on February 25, 2014
I bought this keyboard dock for my ASUS vivotab because I used it on a friends and I like the way the keyboard types and feels. However, I have had issues with the keyboard "docking" to my ASUS vivotab since the day this product arrived. It is regularly coming partially disconnected. The keyboard will be docked still but it will not operate. When this happens, I have to disconnect the keyboard dock completely and then reconnect it. 3-4 times when I attempt to re-dock the keyboard the tablet will not recognize it as connected. I examined the issue more closely and found that the securing feature which connects the keyboard dock to my tablet does not fit well and so it becomes loos easily.
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on June 8, 2017
Works great that is why I ordered another one.
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on October 31, 2015
Felt very sturdy and durable, kind of small but was able to type really well and quickly without many problems. The only thing is that it seems to disconnect from the tablet fairly easily if there's a bit of movement. You'd just have to pull it off and reattach to get it working properly again. After about a week, I returned it along with the Asus VivoTab tablet because functionality wasn't all there, which I'll discuss in the tablet review.
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on April 8, 2013
The keyboard "completes" an already great tablet set. I take it just about everywhere. the keyboard attaches/detaches very easily. It's just the right size, and even offers protection for the screen when closed. The internal "extra" battery comes in very handy for those times when I'm away from a charging source. I use the USB port to either plug in my wireless mouse or attach my WD external hard drive. The internal mouse pad can be a bit touchy and "move around" when I get lazy and rest my palms on the edge of the keyboard while typing, but function-f9 will temporarily disable it. The keyboard does not limit or prohibit the touch screen function on the tablet. I combine/use both functions while I surf. I'm glad I bought it.
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