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on August 3, 2013
Wanted to write a review to help other mac users, I've tried other IPS monitors, a Samsung and even the Dell 2740 IPS display but have found most monitors lacking when when it goes up against a Mac display. If you're like me and have been using Macs for most of your life for design and photo work, your eyes are going to be sensitized to even little changes in color rendering which most people won't even notice. Almost every other display next to my iMAc so far after about and hour's use I've wanted to throw it against a wall. There will always be something that is just going to bug you and overtime drive you nuts. Luckily for me, I came across this one in a store and immediately saw that it came darn close to the output resolution and pixel quality I'm used to from looking at mac displays. This one is as close as you can get to the color render that a mac display outputs. With everything else so far I've seen annoying pixelation and crappy anti-aliasing around the edges on text and pictures when viewing web pages and this monitor comes close to matching the colors on a mac. It is not going to rival a Cinema display mind you, I'm going to be upfront with that, BUT it is a close enough trade off to the price point that it becomes a cost effective and a serious contender. I'd say It comes about 90% close to what a designer or photo/video professional would need, which is the trade off instead of paying for a cinema display.
I saw one review on here [which I seriously hope was written by an insolent child who didn't know any better) telling designers to go pony up for a very expensive display and to stop complaining about how other monitors that don't match up to a mac are great and designers should suck it up and pay a lot more, this person obviously has no idea on what real workflow is really like for a working professional and I would love to rip this person a new one. However, back to the matter at hand, other Mac users have also reviewed this item to be close to color matching on an Apple display, so really as a secondary display option, this is good enough. You're paying about 15% to the Thunderbolt display for even to the trained eye close to 90% color render match. For some reason Dell wasn't able to replicate this quality in any other monitor except this one. Hope this helps all Mac users out there.
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on October 26, 2012
The good:
Compared to the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM there's very little discernible panel differences. Overall image quality is very good, and the colors and saturation levels are fine in Auto. Also, good are the viewing angles, Contrast, Clock & Phase, Sharpness, Gamma, and Black Levels. Images look sharp and color accurate. Gaming for an IPS panel is good. On your desk it looks very nice and stands about 3-1/4" off the desktop, and since the stand is flat you can use that space.

The bad and decisions:
Ideally, most IPS panels don't make for great Gaming monitors, and I only game on occasion. I did find some minor Ghosting problems with certain middle gray RGB values: 64/192, 96/224, 128/255 and some minor Response time issues. I used Lagom monitor tests. Note: I am no monitor expert, but I know what looks good and doesn't.

Very limited inputs (DVI-D & VGA) compared to the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM which adds a DisplayPort. Also, it doesn't come with a DVI-D cable, and only with a useless VGA. So those without a DVD-D cable add $5-$8+ USD.

However, for the $70 (37%) savings the Dell S2340M is a better choice for most folks over the more expensive Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (fractionally better panel, Display Port, 90 degree swivel, USB Hub, and DVI cable).

Dell's Display Manager for those new to it takes some getting used to, but it can be customized and comes in handy. As usual go to Dell's website for the latest drivers, the CD's are old.

Hope this helps.
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on December 10, 2015
WOW - After only 45 days, this monitor is going out!!! First a grey spot started appearing from time to time on the bottom left corner but would go away after a few mins. NOW both corners are having the same issue!
review image
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on November 21, 2016
When I am looking at monitors that do not fall into the extreme or upper tiers, I am mainly looking at style, clarity and function. This monitor really looks nice overall. I ordered a pair of these for the office to update the one on our machine network pc and to have another one to setup new pcs with. They provide a lot of real estate for the money. The clarity is nice and smooth with 0 hiccups. Nice wide base for good stability. Black with the grey looks good and gives the monitor a clean look. The front controls are there but the gloss black finish hides them pretty well minus the power led in blue on the right corner.

If the price was right, I would certainly buy again.

No VESA hole mounts on this monitor; the back is smooth and curved. I personally think that every monitor out there should have a VESA interface option, but that is opinion.
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on December 9, 2015
I was worried when I made the purchase since choosing Dell is out of my comfort zone, but ended up being a better choice than Asus or Acer monitors. Mainly because of monitor screen and the availability to tilt it up and down (which was a must for me)... the availability to tilt the screen was unavailable in Asus and Acer monitors.


1. Contrast ratio of 8 million:1
2. Very light weight
3. The availability to tilt up and down
4. this monitor screen is better than my macbook pro's screen...
5. its LED!!! amazing resolution


1. No speakers connected with the monitor
2. A better monitor stand would be too much to ask for

Overall, $130 for this 21.5 inch (big enough size for me) is a great price and the amazing resolution.
review image review image review image
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on February 23, 2014
(21.5" version review. NB: comes only with a VGA cable, no DVI or HDMI.)

I needed a monitor for a remote location on short notice. I didn't want to spend money I didn't have to but I was loath to buy anything less than a 1920x1080 IPS display. Was surprised to see a corresponding model from Dell in the $150 range. I have a U2412m which is nice enough, so I decided to take a chance.

For the price I paid (~$150 shipped), I am impressed. Dell clearly put all the effort into delivering the good image quality (at the expense of unnecessary features:)

The only adjustment is tilt, and there is no VESA mount, so be sure the height will work for your space. As I noted above, it doesn't come with a DVI cable, so you'll need a spare one. There is no USB hub or audio. It's super-glossy, but I don't mind as in my workspace reflections are well-controlled; all I can see is the display. The housing and base are also very glossy, which is fine as long as you are not putting your fingerprints on them.

If you're OK with such price-saving measures / aesthetic choices, the monitor delivers in the most important way: image quality. It's bright enough for a naturally-lit room, it calibrates nicely (but is also good out of the box), it has fairly even background illumination, great contrast, excellent black depth, decent viewing angles, etc. It also has a narrow & flush bezel, and a thin profile; it looks like a quality item, not a cheap budget product. And the OSD is good (includes a custom RGB setting if you need it).

A note on color gamut; Dell gives the mysterious figure of "81%" (percent of what? aRGB? NTSC?). Based on cursory online research, I believe that this monitor is close enough to sRGB (a little over) for general content consumption & enjoyment. However, if you are a photographer or graphic designer, it behooves you to research a bit more thoroughly than me, and this probably isn't the screen for you except as a second display for non-gamut-critical applications.

In short, if you're on a budget for second monitor or remote monitor and don't need "features" but hate to compromise on quality, the S2240M delivers. My "missing" fifth star is due to the non-sRGB gamut, which limits this monitor's applications.
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on December 17, 2013
I'm a graphic designer and my trusty, incredible Samsung 24" 245BW finally bit the dust after four years of magazine layout and constant use. So I began looking for a replacement that can produce the accurate color spectrum I need for my work with enough screen real estate to work with magazine layout and menus on either side without overlapping the pages.

While looking at monitors in Best Buy, I saw the Dell S2340M and the impressive image stood out among all other monitors in the display. And at the time, it was on sale for $159.99. But I was concerned about the reflective screen, so went with a 23" LG. The LG's image is very good but I couldn't stop thinking about the image quality of the Dell and after a few days decided to go ahead and give it a try. But when I checked the price again, it had gone to $229.99. Oh well. The LG is doing a good job, so put the Dell on the back burner and waited to see if the price would go back down with Christmas coming up. Then while doing a search, I found the Dell S2340M on Amazon for $139.99 with free shipping and immediately ordered it. Got it today and it's excellent. Image quality out of the box was spectacular, requiring only a slight adjustment of brightness. Magazine layouts pop with more life and appear closer to the printed product. Whites, grays, and blacks are pure...better than the LG and my old Samsung. Screen illumination is very even from corner to corner. Very accurate colors and contrast compared to the final printed magazines, which is what my work is all about. Text is very sharp and clear. I'm also a professional photographer and photos look amazing with good depth. BTW, I'm using an NVIDIA EVGA GT 610 video card with DVI connection.

As for the reflective screen, I'm having no issues under any conditions in my home office. The only time I'm aware of reflections is with a dark subject, but have already learned to simply "look beyond" the reflections, at the subject. Really not a big deal, especially when considering the excellent image quality.

As with the LG, the bezel is very thin and I love this design. Setup was a breeze, simply plug n play. Adjustments are pretty easy to navigate (MUCH easier than the LG) and there are plenty of adjustments to fine tune the image for my work. The base construction/connection is much better than the LG and is much more stable. The LG can be a bit wobbly if I bump the desk, while the S2340M is very solid. However, as many have mentioned, the concave connection area in the back is poorly designed and makes cable connections tight and impossible if you need an adapter. So let me remind those who want to use HDMI, the S2340M has no HDMI connector and I don't see any way of using an adapter without cutting out the bottom 'lip' of the concave. I'd suggest going with the "L" version of this monitor which has HDMI connection.

It's still early and I've only had this monitor a few days, but so far it's excellent in providing accurate colors, very pure whites, grays, and blacks, accurate skin tones and realistic images that pop compared to the frosted screen on the LG.

I'm not a gamer but like to play the old Quake III Arena on occasion, and although the graphics look good on the LG, they really pop on the S2340M and appear much clearer, with more depth. Makes me feel like I'm 'in' the game instead of on the surface. The LG's response time is 5ms, while the S2340M is 7ms, and both provide flawless game play with no lag, ghosting or other issues. It's just so much nicer playing on the S2340M because of the better image.

Overall, for my needs this monitor would be excellent at the MSRP of $229.99 and is quite a bargain at the $139.99 I paid with free shipping. I've already returned the LG and will be ordering another one of these excellent monitors as a backup.

Some reviewers felt this monitor is cheaply made and I'm sure many components are. However, I find the basic construction to be solid with very good fit and finish. Just wish Dell would have designed the cable connection area to be more 'adaptable'.

UPDATE: I just received the second S2340M and it's every bit as good as the first one. I'm using it now and only had to adjust the brightness by 5 percent. Wonderful accurate color, sharpness, contrast and overall image/text quality. Pure whites/blacks/grays. BTW, incredible service from Amazon. I ordered this one on Friday Dec 20 using the free shipping option expecting to receive it after Christmas, but received it today, Monday Dec 23. However, apparently I got one of the last S2340Ms sold by Amazon direct at the lower price with free shipping and I'm sure glad I made the decision to order mine when I did.
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on March 20, 2015
Spent a fair amount of time reading reviews and made the dive into this IPS monitor. There are more technical reviews, but I'll touch on the four or four items which helped me make the choice...

1. Wanted something to work from a plug and play status with windows and mac. This fits the bill (using an adapter for the mac to a mini display port from the HDMI to DVI cable). Terrific picture quality for both windows and mac.
2. Wanted a monitor with (I believe it's called) HDCP to allow me to watch my movie collection with no issues. Some movies won't display on all monitors, and this has something to do with digital rights...who knows. All I know is I have had no issues running my movies on this whatsoever.
3. Wanted descent viewing angles. IPS displays are a tad better than many VT displays, and this monitor is no exception. Insane how I can look at the monitor from a sharp angle and still have a good view.
4. Wanted good colors. Again, can't complain so far and this monitor looks terrific. Lot's of customization too if you spend some time learning the controls and tweaking to your preferences.

Build quality is good, I like the stand and the product is quality, of that there is no doubt.

Now the little things that deducted a star...

First - Not the fastest response if you are a gamer. If you play a lot of first person shooters you will see ghosting on this monitor. For games like Diablo III, LoL, and others that are less demanding I think you will be pleased. Playing Assassins Creed, not so much.

Second - Although this lacks VESA mounts there are third party mounts made for this monitor which will provide a capability to mount on a wall. I found them on ebay before I made the purchase. They are cheap, around $10.00. But that's another $10.00 you have to add and it should be standard on a monitor today.

Third - One last knit-pick is that the connectors for cables are in a somewhat difficult place and my connectors BARELY fit. The angle of the back of the screen and the recess where the connectors have to go is a pain. A few extra millimeters here would have been appreciated.

For my needs (mostly office, some photos, some videos and an occasional game such as Civilization or DiabloIII) it's a good that I see this in person, and the display so vibrant, I wish I had jumped up to the 23 inch version ;-)
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on October 18, 2013
There are a lot of reviews complaining about the poor resolution and light bleed. Well, the light-bleed is pretty common with IPS screens, not much you can do about it, but I hardly notice it.
For those complaining about resolution and fuzzy text: Do yourself a favor and *TUNE YOUR MONITOR*
First of all, make sure you are using DVI. If you only have VGA and HDMI on your computer, my a DVI-HDMI converter. Trust me, a digital signal is FAR superior to the analog signal using the VGA port.
Next, make sure you have the video card's resolution set to 1920x1080 True color (32-bit). Anything else will cause scaling and possibly some artifacts (unexpected blocks on the screen).
Next, for Windows, turn on Clear Type and TUNE IT! Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Adjust ClearType text. LCD monitors have different layouts for the RGB cells and you need to tune the font smoothing to match this pattern. otherwise the edges of fonts will either look jagged or fuzzy. You may even see some color shadowing around black text.
For the money? Great monitor.
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on October 12, 2015
amazing quality display for so cheap, some reviews say dont get it because its glossy. IT IS. but for me it is no big deal at all. ONLY on a sunny day and it is near a window. Then what can you do? Just turn the brightness up and you see everything perfect. It really is a better picture quality vs a matte display. Plus its an IPS display. Unless you watch this for movies or something in the middle of the day or are a professional gamer(serious gamers like matte for better refresh rate) it should be perfect for you. The only person i would say dont get this to is if you live in a sunny area(arizona) and you have open window shades letting in lots of light. then it could be annoying for some people. but for me its a 22 inch gaming/brosing/working monitor and it is well worth it because the glossy screen is just amazing to look at, even my sister was impressed when she noticed i got a new monitor.
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