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on November 28, 2012
I have had dozens of pc's over the years dating back to the 80's with 286 IBM 6mhz. The brands included Gateway, Emachine, Pbell, Asus, Dell, Toshiba etc. and a beloved Sony Vaio.

In my opinion, I have always thought Sony screens were superior to other brands (with the exception of Apple of course) the screen quality has always been very important to me, and again Sony excels. The screen is simply, stunning.

I was concerned with ordering online, a pink laptop. I was worried the color would be too loud. The color is perfect! It is not loud at all; it is a very soft cotton candy pink.

The laptop feels solid. It is also not a super heavy or bulky laptop, but also not as thin as an ultabook. It has a thin lid that keeps it somewhat light.

I love the soft glow from the keyboard. I often like to sit at night with only a few candles burning and the TV and fireplace on, playing on my laptop and this feature fits perfectly into my life style.

I also love the speedy start up feature. Never saw anything like it. You can shut the laptop totally down, lift the lid and in a few seconds you are ready to go.

Windows 8 has some strange features; example a swipe with your mouse from the top of the screen to the bottom closes your program. I also spent more than a few minutes looking for the X to close programs and looking for the non existing start button. But overall I like Windows 8.

The laptop itself is very speedy. I watched a few HD movies on netflex and they ran perfectly with no lag. I also like to play online Facebook games etc., again the speed was lighting fast.

I can't comment on the battery, because I almost never unplug my laptop so this feature is not important to me.

The price is a very good value. I didn't want to spend over $500.00 since I normally replace my laptop every few years. I saw this pc listed for $60.00 bucks more and went the extra mile. I am so glad I did.

I also love Amazon. I have been a member with Amazon since they started back in the 90's. I have never had any issues at all with Amazon. I also knew if I was not satisfied or happy, Amazon would, as they always do take care of me. So I was very confident placing my order.

What I don't like about this laptop, nothing. I totally love it!

Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15124CXP 15.5-Inch Laptop (Pink)
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on November 12, 2012
Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15124CXP 15.5-Inch Laptop (Pink)Really love this laptop-windows 8 was easy to learn, startup was fast, easy to personalize, does well for online games which i am a fan of, super storage space, pink color is very nice, not too loud. Can set keyboard to only light when touched, which helps with the battery life, love it!!
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on November 27, 2012
I got this for a great price and I was able to take advantage of the 1 day shipping if using a Discover card. It arrived on time and I had it set up on no time. Wasn't sure if I would like Windows 8, but it works well for me and it didn't take long to get the hang of the new start menu tiles. The pink color is sure to deter my husband and son from getting on my least I hope so.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 8, 2013
This is no technical review ... just one to highlight the user-friendly features (and quirks) of this laptop.
(I have been using this laptop since November 2012)

This is definitely a superior laptop screen - the specs say 720p but the display is comparable to a 1080 HD. Reading text is almost as crisp as the iPad's retina display.

The lighted keyboard is so useful for working in a dimly lit room. I use the laptop to follow the Bloomberg editors on twitter while looking at the channel on cable tv, sometimes in full darkness.

Long life battery allows greater portability. I was pleasantly surprised to get 5.5 hours of use on battery power at default brightness!
This is twice what I had expected as the AMAZON'S PRODUCT DESCRIPTION WRONGLY STATES: 'Up to 2.75 hours of battery life at default brightness with standard 4000 mAh battery'.


The Sony Vaio E15 laptop has one USB 3.0 port which is x 10 faster than the two standard USB 2.0 ports.

The USB 3.0 port is handy for attaching an external drive so that data transfer can be done in a more timely manner.

The DVD/CD optical drive's Cyberlink Power2Go software is very user friendly.

Sony Vaio updates the computer hardware. So far all updates have been seamless.

A trial version of Microsoft Office 201O was installed on the Windows 8 OS

I took advantage of paying for Office 201O to automatically qualify for the free upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013
(I downloaded and installed Microsoft Office 2013 on Friday 2nd February without any hiccups)

With 750GB of Hard Disk storage and additional cloud storage on the Microsoft Skydrive, memory should not be an issue even if you're a data hog! :)

Actually this a Microsoft issue rather than Sony's - Mastering Windows 8 is much too steep a learning curve over Windows 7. So, be prepared to dedicate some time to re-learn this Windows 8 OS

If you are pressed for time or, you don't want to 'figure' out how to use Windows 8, I recommend signing up for a crash course in course in 'Learning to Use the Windows 8 Operating System' :(

With a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i3-3110M dual-core processor (3 MB cache) and 6 GB of installed DDR3 RAM, this Sony Vaio E15 laptop is adequate for running a small home office.

Overall, this Sony Vaio E15 laptop is a great little workhorse/entertainment device offered here on Amazon at a great price.

Hope my review and photos weere helpful ... Jeffrey A. (Jeff)
review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 15, 2012
We took delivery on a Friday three days after purchase. It a great laptop with lighted keys. After some quick personalization it is a very convient tool. We setup the tiles for all of our important apps to make using the laptop a one click function.
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on December 30, 2012
OK, so got this because I had a Samsung last which was an absolute lemon and crashed in every way within a year.

First observation. Often I click on things and nothing happens. I have to click many times.

It also crashes if you try and run too much.

I am a photographer and enjoy doing preliminary editing in Windows 7 with the built in color corrector on Windows Photo Editor. It's not available on 8 so I will have to buy lightroom because photoshop is too complex to quickly whip through and crop.

I also have had Vaio computers before and consider them a superior product. The Samsung I had was better than this one, out of the box - however I wouldn't get Samsung again as Best Buy didn't want to hear it when it broke.

So it's decent, I'm not going to send it back because I need it on a daily basis, but my advice shop around. A laptop should be able to handle Chrome and Photoshop without slowing down. It's not horrible but it's not the $600 Macbook that some of the other reviewers talked about.

On the plus side, I got the pink one and it is really fun.
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on December 1, 2012
I bought this laptop for myself for school and college next year.
The resolution is so amazing, and the speakers are crystal clear
It's so pretty, and its fast! I love the backlight keyboard for working in the dark.
The rapid wake is so awesome, close the laptop lid and it goes to sleep, open it back up and it loads up everything in a matter of seconds!
The 15.5 inch is perfect, it's not too big and its not too small (hence includes the numeric keypad).
I'm also into gaming a bit, (not like super intense hardcore gaming where the fps has to be at least 30) but this laptop gets done with what I want it to.
An added bonus is the Imagination Studio, I love editing videos together and my desktop has gotten so old (2004) and lost so much space, that it hasn't been able to get the job done, with Sony Vegas I can do all that.

Now the cons:
The webcam.... is god awful, they advertise HD but its max output is 1MP, so you're better off hooking up a different webcam
The touchpad is also really sensitive and hard to get used to, especially with Windows 8 and that new format

My laptop came with part of the plastic backing loose and very fragile looking so I'm hoping a quick fix with super glue will help that EDIT: Nope it snapped back into place!

So yeah, there aren't really many that issues with it all! I'm not really into Windows 8, but I figured I'd have to learn it eventually, and yeah, it's definitely going to take me a while. I already have a webcam to my desktop so I'm going to see how well that looks. Also I'm buying a mouse because in general, laptop touch pads and I just dont really agree, and just so you know USB mice work just fine if you don't want to splurge on a high priced wireless one. Also if you look on the internet and even Amazon says the battery life is 2.75 hours, don't worry, there are plenty of ways to adjust it, you're more likely to have 3-4 hours of straight web surfing, as for me I'm the type to keep my laptop plugged in for a majority of the time. Fingers crossed it lasts through the next 4 years of college!

EDIT MARCH 6, 2013:
So that little plastic piece I was talking about, yeah it broke. I glued it and taped it, oh well.
Some small cosmetic scratches have also appeared, so I'm looking for a skin cover too
Also about a month ago, my Windows did an update and had to restart when it got back to the login screen everything froze up, but not exactly, just that I couldn't get my keyboard to work (it wasn't connecting) but the system still was because the clock would change. I eventually had to use the assist function on it (which was working with the keyboard) and do a refresh, which uninstalled all my programs. So safe to say now I'm backing up all installation files.
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on November 27, 2012
I got 2 day shipping it arrived on time and was worth the wait. the sound works awesome ! the mouse pad is amazing for fast zoom. color is great looks beautiful key pad is amazing I love it!! you will be happy with ur purchase!
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on December 21, 2012
wonderful laptop-love the lighted keypad-I like windows 8-but I also use classic shell--got the silver-but I wish I bought the pink-Great product!!
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on December 24, 2012
This is a wonderful user-friendly computer, I love the soft pink color; Sony did an excellent job, a great computer to have.
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