Customer Reviews: Sony VAIO E14 Series SVE14122CXW 14-Inch Laptop (2.5 GHz Intel Core i3-3110M Processor, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, Windows 8) White
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on November 9, 2012
We purchased this laptop October 30th, 2012. We would have given this product 5 stars if not for the problems we have had with getting it to turn on. We were very happy with the smaller 14" screen, how lightweight it was, user-friendly, seemed to have a long battery life and we loved the way the keyboard lit up when any key was pressed. Here is the one major problem we've had. We have had this laptop less than 2wks. and we have had nothing but problems getting the laptop to turn on after going into hibernation, sleep and after being shut down. We have tried everything. We made sure the battery was fully charged, took the battery out and reinserted. We tried googling the problem to see how others fixed this problem and even called Sony Vaio Support. One time it would turn on, the next time it wouldn't turn on at all. We repeated the process all over again and sometimes that would work, but more often not. We are feeling very frustrated & disappointed. We have decided to exchange this laptop for a replacement of this exact model and hope the one we are returning is just a fluke. Aside from the problems we have had with this laptop not turning on, we have been happy with this laptop and would recommend this model to others.
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on November 1, 2012
The screen is bright, clear yet easy to read in environments with overhead lights like a library. It does not have glare problems to the extent my HP Pavilion does. The keyboard has good ergonomics and layout with no distracting flex. Backlighting is helpful in low light situations. Battery life is excellent. I was in a four hour meeting taking notes with Outlook receiving messages the entire time. The battery life showed 50% and another four hours remaining at the end! The synaptics touch pad works great once one does two things:
1) Turn off tapping in the device settings. I don't know why tapping is enabled by default on most laptops with touchpads. For the vast majority of people it just makes using a touch pad much more difficult.
2) Become adjusted to the button positions which are under the single large touch pad towards the bottom.

Windows ReadyBoost improves disk performance. I am using a SanDisk Extreme 16 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s SDSDX-016G-X46 which I formatted as exFat.

Here is the first issue I had with a fix:
Machine: Sony VAIO E Series SVE14122CXW with windows 8
Problem: DVD drive not recognized in explorer or device manager.
Attempted to configure for auto play and inserted valid DVDs to no avail.
Sony support via online chat thought it was a hardware problem and I would need to return machine. Having dealt with HP, Toshiba and Dell support over the years I have found you don't get people with in depth knowledge and troubleshooting ability doing support. I tried some different things on my own and found a fix.
1) Put bootable DVD in machine (like windows 7 bootable install media)
2) Power machine down
3) Wait 1 minute then power up
4) Keep hitting spacebar during boot
5) When windows 8 starts, it recognizes the drive and remembers it going forward!

What looked like a Sony hardware problem was more likely a Windows 8 problem.
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on December 28, 2012
I had really high hopes for this laptop. I was particularly interested in the Sony VAIO E Series for its price point, the build and design, it has good specs, and I loved the idea of having a backlit keyboard as this feature is more in high end laptops and was getting out of my budget. I looked up numerous YouTube videos and models for a solid week or so and came down to this particular one for the price, color, and screen size.

First impressions were good. I loved the packaging and box, and upon taking the laptop out, the design is absolutely gorgeous. It's very sleek and sharp.

The problems then started coming as I was setting the laptop up; first thing I noticed right out of the gates.

- A whole section of my backlit keyboard was defective. I even took it into a dark room and tested it constantly and fiddled through the settings just to make sure I didn't have a incorrect setting enabled or something needed to be enabled.

- The laptop was uneven on my desk. You could push down on one side and the laptop would slightly wobble. I tested this on several desks and counters around the house.

- The hard drive constantly made a scanning noise, even when the laptop was idle, I double and TRIPLE checked processes running in the background, but for some reason, the laptop began to be really noisy and there was nothing I could do to subdue the noise coming from the HD.

- The touchpad is an absolute nightmare to use. Scrolling is choppy, the cursor skips everywhere on the screen when typing.

I've owned many laptops ranging from HP, Toshiba, Apple, Dell. This was my first Sony VAIO product and I had high hopes as Sony is always known for their quality VAIO line. I was extremely taken back and disappointed on this model. I had high hopes and REALLY wanted to like it as its the best looking laptop around this price point.

I don't know if I got a lemon, but based on these models posted on Amazon, the reviews are very scattered from 1 star to 5 star ratings. It seems that the quality control and testing maybe wasn't very thorough. I will be returning this and maybe expanding my budget a bit to get something with more quality control, because this laptop needs some serious work.
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on December 24, 2012
I loved this computer. After doing lots of research looking for a computer to suit my needs I settled for the Sony Vaio E series. The keyboard is phenomenal - Beautiful backlighting (a novelty to me), no keyboard flex (great because I type frequently and quickly), and the keys themselves were awesome. The screen was very bright - An all around very attractive computer. Startup time was also great... UNTIL:
Within 24 hours of having this computer I started noticing glitches within the mousepad. Very frustrating. Also, after stalling Windows 8 "updates" my computer completely crashed. I spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support while my brand new PC had to completely reset. Needless to say it was a nightmare. It just froze on the start screen and wouldn't work even after restarting!

Finally, though I realize this is not Sony's fault -- My initial excitement was detracted by the fact that I soon noticed there was a small, but undoubtedly worsening crack in the plastic material surrounding the black trim of the computer. There were actually some wires exposed. Also, upon arrival the keyboard was popped out of place - While this is insignificant because ultimately the keyboard was fine, it is extremely frustrating that Amazon ships their products in these states.

Ultimately, I wish Sony should have kept their Windows 7 E series around a little longer.. Definitely avoid.
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on August 24, 2016
I have this laptop for almost four years now and I have no regrets. I bought it in 2012, shortly after I started university. I have now completed university and my laptop is still going strong. I have never changed any parts on it. love it!
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on March 26, 2013
This unit is a capable laptop and had had no electrical problems. BUT the housing feels cheap and paper thin. Seams pop loose and get caught on clothing or backpack. The glossy screen is already scratched by the keys after one week in a backpack. The black finish shows every single fingerprint so you'll feel like it needs washing every time you pick it up. When I bought a Sony I figured I was getting a top tier product and am disappointed. I normally keep laptops for years, but this one probably won't make it.
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on November 13, 2012
I pre ordered this computer.It came in a reltive time manner. I am a college student and use it daily. Its very good for writing papers. It took time for me to get use to windoes 8, but after using this I will never go back to windows 7. Very sleek and attractive laptop. Also lightweight1
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on January 15, 2015
I read the harsh reviews about the Sony E Series and thought I would have better luck than those other poor folks did. Sure enough the touch pad is kind of jicky, but it is something you learn to tolerate. What I had not expected was this Vaio laptop dying after only 18 months. The hard drive did not just fail, it failed catastrophically. My music and documents got shot straight to cyber-hell. I was a little surprised when I opened the hard drive compartment and found that Toshiba made the HD. I bought this Vaio E series PC to replace a Toshiba that had suffered a slow and agonizing death. It may have had its own set of issues but at least that POS Toshiba ran for 3.5 years before giving up the ghost.
I came to terms with the lost data, but I still want to use the PC because I paid the “Sony” premium to get what I mistakenly believed to be a better computer. Only after it busted did I learn that Sony sold off their PC division. This explains why Sony quality, reliability and customer care are absent. I now own a 6 pound lump of backlit crap. Sony contracted with Best Buy to work on Vaios, but it will cost a minimum of $150.00 just to get them to look at it and no guarantee that I will not have problems in the future. For another $200.00 I can get a BRAND NEW serviceable laptop for home use from a manufacturer like Dell. Lookout Dell here I come.
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on August 2, 2014
First of all this purchase is not from Amazon, and is not reflective of their service or products.
This is the second Sony Vaio I have owned, and has had numerous problems just like the first one I had (different model, and series mind you). I've had this laptop approaching two years, and it only functioned as long from my experience with the last one (knowing what to do and not to do).

The first issue, which was similar to the other model was that when I move or pick up the laptop, it will restart. Obviously an issue with the power / circuits. At first I only noticed the issue once in a great while, to which I attributed to pressing too hard on a critical component such as hard drive or the RAM, as the casing was more flexible than it should be. Naturally this got worse after the warranty expired, so I'm stuck having to move it cautiously if I'm working on anything (this happens on battery and while plugged in).

Second issue which is also very much the same as the previous laptop that had windows 7 (this one windows 8/8.1) is the numerous software and update issues. Anytime I have changed the automatic update times it still seems to happen randomly especially while the laptop is in sleep mode, to which it wakes up and doesn't turn back off causing it to overheat when not in an appropriate area to vent properly. If an update is interrupted you have to do a system recovery, which takes hours. That has happened well over a dozen times now.

Other times it will only partially wake up out of sleep mode, with the screen being black but key board and everything else is running, usually having to do a hard shut off, which has lead to the above problem.

The computer is sluggish at times when it shouldn't be, both before and after a system restore.

Otherwise just random software glitches and issues. Also the CD drive likes to open by itself periodically (not a driver issue, and it's been cleaned numerous times).

Finally because it's Sony, they like to make additional windows to control certain functions, for instance the mouse I can only fully control in three separate places, that aren't linked to one another. The vaio control centre, windows 8.1 options, and then the windows hardware section. It seems like there are too many areas that are in completely different paths to control one device.

I love Sony, with the exception of their laptops, I've had nothing but issues with all of them, the last one lasted about a year before complete hard drive failure (after 5 repairs).

Thankfully Sony has discontinued laptop production all together.
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on December 13, 2012
I was not sure ordering laptop on line and i had to research a bit before i purchase this. I ordered white color and it is so beautiful only thing is i have to get used to window 8 so i am learning. it is not too bad. over all i am very happy with this computer.
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