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on February 27, 2013
The computer itself feels and looks fantastic. I have been using this since early December 2012 and I would give it 5 stars except for the following reasons:
1. Acer support (out of India?) is incompetent. They don't take time to read the description of the problem and just send you cut and paste solutions that have nothing to do with the issues. If you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with their support demand to have the issue escalated as that was the only way I was able to get a resolution.
2. Windows 8 without a touch screen is not a good combination in my opinion. Some people like it but I don't. Windows 7 is not an option for this computer. Acer support (see above) initially told me that I could buy the Restore DVDs to downgrade the computer to Windows 7. So I paid $35 for an external DVD and $20 for the disks from Acer and then embarked on a week long test of patience because the DVDs would not install and Acer Support just kept sending me unrelated documents on how to install the disks. After demanding that someone actually read what I had written, looked at the screen shots, etc. I was finally advised that they do not offer Windows 7 for this computer. What happened to the $20 for the restore disks? Acer kept it.
3. When seated at the desk, I use external speakers for better sound. If I am using Skype and I disconnect the external speakers the internal speakers take over as one would expect BUT the internal microphone quits working. To get it working again, I have to end the call and start over again. What does support have to say? Well, the sent me cut and paste responses that have nothing to to with the problem and in the end, the supervisor said something like "That there is nothing wrong - that is the way it works."
4. The wireless connection seems to enjoy randomly dropping the connection with my 802.11 N router. I don't experience this problem with my Dell laptop or my Asus desktop connected with a wireless adapter and I have also substituted two other routers but it still drops connection even when it is in the same room as the router.

The Good:
Super light, the battery lasts a long time and recharges quickly. The display is excellent and the keyboard, while compact, is easy to use. It feels sturdy, is compatible with all of my legacy hardware and software once I added software to restore the Windows 7 type of menu.

By the way, if you want to restore the Windows 7 menu functionality then Google "Windows 8 menu add-on" and read the CNET review. I tried both Pokki for Windows 8 (free) and Start8 ($5) and either one is up to the job.

Would I buy this again? No.
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on February 15, 2013
I'm really impressed with this purchase. I wanted something ultra portable to use as a secondary computer to my desktop. In spite of the core i3's very low clock speed and the graphics card being one generation out of date, this computer does it all. Web browsing and videos are fine of course. What really impressed me is the laptops ability to play games. I've managed to get it to run Dirt2, Grid, and Kerbal Space Program. The settings were most of the way down, sure, but not all the way down. There was room to breath and get steady frame rates.

The weakest point in the computer performance is very obviously the hard drive. It's a bit of a throw back even hearing a hard drive that clicks while it's in use. Having a spinning hard drive makes for a delay when opening any kind of application. It's by no means annoying though. Boot times are still quite respectable. It boots in the 30-40 second range.

I have to give the computer high marks for being cool and quiet. If it weren't for the hushed hard drive clicks, the computer would be completely silent. If you have it on your lap for web browsing or movies, you will just barely be able to perceive it's warmth. For gaming, it does get noticeably hot but not alarmingly so. It remains plenty safe for your lap.

I love how light and portable the laptop is. I should caution people who might be looking to get this laptop as their primary computer. This is a very small form factor for every day use. It works fine at a desk or on a table but you'll find yourself straining your neck to use this laptop on your lap for prolonged periods of time. Also, you'll find the keyboard to be quite small. There's not an issue of having your fingers press multiple keys by accident. The issue is that there isn't enough laptop to properly rest your wrists/palms. As a result, you'll find your fingers coming straight down at the keys which can be a bit awkward, especially with how shallow the key presses are. I wouldn't want to write papers on this. My hands never bump the touchpad though. And that's impressive. I'm 6'1" with some big hands. Props to Acer for figuring out a way to prevent that from happening.

The only disappointment I have with this laptop is battery life. The description advertises up to 5 hours. This is fiction. I get between 3 and 3.5 hours on a charge. It could maybe manage 5 hours if you were word processing on the minimum brightness setting the whole way through.

Pros: light, sturdy, surprisingly powerful.

Cons: battery life, shallow key press.

Note: I did have the issues people have described with wireless internet dropping. I tried new drivers and all kinds of device settings with no luck. As it turns out, the wireless card doesn't like WPA2 encryption (the most popular encryption). I switched my router to an open network since I live in a rural area anyway and haven't had trouble since. It's possible that WEP might have worked. I didn't try.

PS: Windows 8 is pretty dope but if you don't like change, you probably won't like windows 8.
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I purchased this to give as a Christmas gift, then learned the recipient had no desire to own a laptop.

Being the incredibly lazy person that I can be, it never was returned so I thought I'd take her for a spin.

Pretty nice! First off, playing with Windows 8 was a lot of fun, much easier and intuitive than expected. Driven with a snappy little Intel Core i3 that is quite surprisingly more than enough for this small wonder.

But even at only 3 pounds, this is no lightweight. It has a sturdy, hardworking feel, tempered with just enough civility and good looks.

For travel, back-up, student, or even as a primary computer, it's a solid value.
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on December 6, 2012
I am a college student, and the V5 is a perfect choice for me. the laptop is only about 2 lbs. I can hardly feel it in my backpack. The battery life is about 3 - 4 hours, I don't have to worry about bringing the power cord. For a 11.6 inch laptop it feels really good when I'm typing. The material that its made out of doesn't get dirty easily. The CORE I3 processor is amazingly quick. This laptop does more than what I need.

The reason why I'm giving it a 4 star is because I dislike Windows 8. it suites better for a Ipad, tablet or a smart phone, but it's a pain to work with on this laptop. The speakers are placed under the laptop, so to me the sound is a bit muffled. (I usually use ear buds, so it's not a problem) The battery is difficult to remove because you have to insert a small object (like a paper clip) into the release latch while your pulling it out.
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on July 13, 2013
First of all, I ordered this with the explicit desire to start changing everything RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. I have an Aspire One, and I installed a 500GB HDD in it and installed Netwalker OS Enigma, and I discovered everything was recognized just about right out of the box. Touchpad control needed an app installed, but, other than that, it worked beyond what I was expecting. So, I ordered this little guy because of the better hardware.

ANYWAYS, of course, I never even boot this to WINDOWS. I go into the BIOS and switch the boot to LEGACY, then restart with my USB drive with 64bit Netrunner, and don't even give the Windows 8 a fighting chance. Netrunner recognized just about everything! The BT, won't seem to turn off, however, at least it is not set by default, to be discoverable. BTW, after putting the NETRUNNER on it, the Wi-Fi has NOT DROPPED AT ALL. NOPE NOPE NOPE! So, this might be a Windows issue.

NOW, this whole 4GB thing...Most laptops I have purchased within the past 3 or so years have been maxed out when I ordered it (and was not advertised as such). I thought this was the case for this guy. I removed the bottom panel, and lo, and behold, an EMPTY SLOT. and, well, I had some of these sticks, unopened, lying around. This V5 is now 8GB.

So, thought there's software out there that is not made for Linux, and I need my Windows laptop still, overall, I am happy with this. Very satisfied.
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on December 24, 2012
She's been occasionally borrowing my laptop and installing stuff I don't want on my laptop, so, I figured it time for her to get one to find out why not to install those things ;)

Anyhow, she's pretty happy with it. I opted for this model in the hopes the lighter CPU would eat up less battery, but still get about 4hrs out of it, so in that sense, I wish I'd gone up to the i5.

Also installed an 8GB RAM Kit, and a 120GB Intel 520 Series SSD, and changed the OS to Win7ProX64. That's what really makes this system better, and bumps the battery time to around 5hr...

As I said, she's happy with it.

4 stars because something in this class should have 1.5-2x more battery life, and from what I've seen, you can't get an extended battery.

Update: After having it for just a few months, the headphone jack is dead, and the USB ports on the right are intermittent at best. Can't wait to see where it's at after a year =/

Update, 11-2015. Eventually all the ports on the right side quit working, so I pulled it apart and reseated the ribbon cable going to that sub-board. This got the USB ports working again, but the headphone never did start working again. A few months later, the trackpad stopped working for clicks. Would move the mouse, but couldn't click or right-click on anything. Time to give up on this POS. -1 more star...
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on September 6, 2013
Three years ago, I purchased same size, Acer Timeline X laptop. I was completely satisfied with it, so I decided to go again with Acer and buy same size laptop, with faster CPU, more RAM and bigger hard disk. What I expected is - same size, same weight, same battery life and improved speed. What I got is more speed, but battery life is shorter, laptop is considerably hotter and sometimes it gets very hot, on the left side. I would give it a 4 star rating, but the keyboard is worst then on Timeline X (space bar skips a stroke if pressed on front edge, you have to push it straight in the middle). Another star down, because of Windows 8 operating system. Yes it is nice to include new version of windows with the laptop, but using Windows 8 with laptop without touch screen is like picking your nose wile wearing gloves. All in all, I was more pleased with old Timeline X, and this laptop didn't meet all my expectations.
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on December 4, 2012
I've used this laptop for about a week and it's been good so far.

Pros: Bright screen, quick, good keyboard, thin, and light.

Cons: The touchpad could use some refinement. Screen resolution could be better.

The Windows 8 experience is great once some of the touchpad's settings are changed. I've found it easier to multitask and get things done quickly with the touchpad, but would like more options and integration into Metro. One setting that I use, for example, is the three-fingered click to close windows. This works well on the desktop, but not at all on the Metro apps which use the annoying method of dragging the top of the app to the bottom of the screen to close.

Overall, its performance has been seamless for what I do - surf, study, and listen to music. The touchpad is the only, slight, drawback. It has the potential to be great, but is hindered by a lack of options and flawed integration into Windows 8 by app developers and the touchpad's software. The transition to Windows 8 wasn't easy, but this package has made it mostly enjoyable so far.
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on June 16, 2013
I would rate the laptop as a 5 as it is small, lite and has worked great since I got it. I probably would not buy another 11 inch laptop again as typing is awkward for larger hands, Battery life is just under 4 hours and continues to run down in sleep mode. The computer wakes up quickly. The only problem I have had is the on button has to be hit just right to work. Win 8 is another story. It creates some obstacle every time I use the computer. It should not be installed on any computer that does not have a touch screen. Win 8 really makes the machine have two operating systems. Apps like IE are different from the IE in the desktop mode. It is very easy to suddenly find yourself in some screen you don't recognize by going to the edges of the screen or the edges of the touchpad. You need to learn the short cuts to keep your sanity. With these small compact machines you need a mouse and an external cd/dvd drive. A t raveling problem is that standard cases and carry bags don't provide room for charger, mouse or cd drive. Yet, it has achieved my major need, a laptop that is easy to travel. I am finally getting some knowledge of Win 8, at least enough I am not going crazy as fast as I was at first.
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on January 12, 2013
I like this computer, so far, very much. I like how it is small and lightweight. The sound is not great, a little "tinny", and I listen to Pandora most of the time. But considering the small size and low price, I figure that goes with the territory. I have adjusted. It has Windows 8, which I am getting used to. Really, I don't use the majority of the options, never even took the time to figure them out. I just click on my desktop icon and cruise from there. I read a lot of reviews for a lot of computers before I chose this. Then I read the Amazon customer review for this and was impressed enough to decide this computer was close enough to what I wanted, and bought it.
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