Customer Reviews: Dethalbum III [Explicit]
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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 19, 2012
Brendon Small must have sold his soul to the devil. He keeps putting out album after album of great skill and taste. You'd think he would have run out of ideas after "Dethalbum II", AND his solo album, "Galaktikon."


Dethalbum III slays with face melting solos and fast double bass provided by the man, Gene Hoglan. Bryan Beller also graces us with his bass performance, which he hadn't had done previously except for Brendon's solo album, and for one song on the dethalbum II, "The Gears."

I will admit, the vocals are a tad different than the first two, but they sound great and brutal. People complained of the voice change from Dethalbum I to Dethalbum II, and if you got over that, this will be just fine.

There are many people reviewing this album, comparing it to the first one, complaining about how this album, "Doesn't have the humor that I was wanting, It's not as funny as the first one, wahhhhhh."

Really? You're complaining about an element that this album doesn't have that the first one had? Albums are supposed to progress as more come out, and this one was a progression of the second. The second was much more serious than the first. If anything, you should be whining about it on the reviews for the second album, not here.

In case you weren't aware of it by the last Dethalbum, Brendon has been trying to make more serious music than the first album. Sure, the first album was funnier, but it wasn't nearly as advanced as the Dethalbum II was. Get with the program, people. Brendon is trying to make serious music here, and it would be shameful to review it as a "Half ass, humor band". Take it like it is; "Melodic Death Metal" and review it from there.

Dethklok is fantastic, and I can't wait for another Album to come out, should Brendon grace us with another one.

(EDIT: Dethalbum III is now the highest charting Death Metal Album ever sold as of today. It overcame the Dethalbum II when it hit the NUMBER 10 spot on the billboard 200 charts. That, my friends, is pretty metal.)
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on October 17, 2012
Rest assured this is some quality metal. Especially for fans of the previous two albums, the album should not disappoint (the music is mostly from season 3 and 4 of Metalocalypse), but BE WARNED BEFORE YOU PURCHASE IT - this is the censored version! That leaves a lot of awkward pauses in the songs, especially in I Ejaculate Fire, and that personally bothered me so I opted for the explicit MP3 download instead. I would have liked the deluxe edition, and I don't have a clue why they would have censored this album and not the deluxe edition of the previous two, but the songs are still good enough that I don't mind sticking with the mp3 for now.
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on October 21, 2012
Great album. To be honest, it's not as memorable as the Dethalbum II was when I first heard it, but it's great nonetheless. Top 5 tracks are, in my opinion, "I Ejaculate Fire", "The Galaxy", "The Hammer", "Crush The Industry", and "Impeach God". Honorable mentions include "Skyhunter" and "Biological Warfare". The things about this record that aren't so great are that some things sound a bit repetitive and they don't feel as unique as the Dethalbum II did, and the comedy factor is much lower than before. But all in all the album is solid and easily their heaviest work to date, and it's still Dethklok, with their dark lyrics and brutal as ever, and anyone who is a fan and debating whether to buy the album should go ahead and get it.
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on March 17, 2014
Another evolution; this album is even heavier than the second, with much less show-based humor. This is Dethklok the band, as Brendon Small probably originally conceived it, come to fruition. "Starved" is one of the most dynamic, chunkiest, center-of-a-black-hole heavy metal grooves I have ever heard... and this is by a fictitious cartoon band? Brilliant. And "Impeach God" would sound right at home on an album from any big-name death metal band out there. He is a rare talent.
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on December 7, 2012
Many of the tracks on this album represent the latest progression of the incomparable 1st two albums. The first three tracks just plain melted my face. Other spontaneous-flame-inducing tracks include "Killstardo Abominate", "Biological Warfare" and "Rejoin" which run the gamut from brutal to cutting-edge metal innovation. The shred factor in "Biological Warfare" and many other tracks is second to none and I must emphasize there is phenomenal creativity and virtuosity on many of these tracks. However, even on some of the killer tracks there just seems to be a lot of "fluff". One could cut out about 45 seconds of connecting fluff out of "Biological Warfare" and maybe about 1:30 out of "Rejoin" and convert these to concise, focused, mind-blowing tracks. Different people are going to connect to different things on here, but I found a lot of the tracks more like background-relaxing-tunes-to-fall-asleep-by, possibly because the vocal mix seems to lack intensity. (Another 6.66 dB on the vocals would be killer). This might be a plus for those looking for a more instrumental mix (and the mix is super good otherwise) But at the end of the the day it's well worth the price of admission for what is mostly brain-incinerating Dethklok material we've come to know and love.
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on October 28, 2013
For a fictional band, they always seem to get metal music right. That this album was not marketed any better than it was is a crime. I am a huge fan of theirs and I remember when the album was stillin the planning phase then I heard nothing, believing this album would never happen. Flash forward a year and I find out this album has been out for a year now and I did not know about it. The only thing that could have made this album better is, well nothing. It was spectacular in all ways a metal album should be.
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on April 12, 2013
The music here is for the most part really solid! The first four tracks are the standout tracks. I ejaculate fire has one of the most epic intros I've ever heard using one hand tapping. Crush the Industry and Andromeda are excellent above average metal songs. The Galaxy is the most unusual song on this album as it a slower paced song that actually works for Dethklok (see the music video to milk the epic feelings to the max). Impeach God, Biological Warfare, and Skyhunter are three other songs that really kick ass musically (and kudos to Brendon Small for the name "Impeach God"). The final song Rejoin took me longer to get into (especially with that intro which seems to drag on for me) but I now appreciate the song. The songs I least liked were Starved, Killstar Abominate, Ghostqueen, and the Hammer. The first three seem like really generic death metal, while the last is generic classic metal. Not really memorable for me. My main complaint about this album is the lack of humor present. Other than I ejaculate fire, none of the other songs (besides the song title "Impeach God") scream "FUNNY!!!!" Seems like the standard search-through-dictionary-for-big-words death metal lyrics. The lack of humor overall, unfortunately makes this album a little less memorable and a little more generic than the music deserves it to be!

Bottom line: If you're a fan of Dethklok and/or want great, but not earth-shattering death metal get this album!! If you're looking for humor, you'd be better off getting the original Dethklok album.
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on November 27, 2012
1st of all, Im happy that they included Impeach God in this album, this was one of my favorite songs of season 2 and I got really pissed that wasnt included on Dethalbum 2. And Im happy this album have the songs Skyhunter, The Galaxy and I Ejaculate Fire, but now the negative things of this album:

-I got the Deluxe edition, this only includes a DVD with 2 music videos (that you can see them on Youtube) and a 30min video of the making of the Dethalbum. Is dissapointing because the Dethalbum 2 had the videos from dethalbum 1, and the first dethalbum included Bonus tracks.

-The only thing I feel weak is Nathan's voice, is not strong enough like in the 1st Dethalbum, the guitar and drums eats the vocals so Is hard to hear. That is sad because the recording of the Guitars, Drums and Bass are PERFECT, (yes, even Willian Murderface does a good job).

anyway, the album is not bad, but I removed 2 stars from the score, 1 for the vocal part, and the other because I got the Deluxe Edition and is not too Deluxe like previus releases

But im sure I will waiting and pre-order the Dethalbum IV
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on August 31, 2015
Simply put, if you like the show, you will like the album. If you have never seen the show, get on Hulu and watch it. If you haven't watched the show, it is about a death metal band that gets into all sorts of metal themed antics. The accompanying music was made into an album. Here it is. If you are a fan of metal or satire, this will be right up your alley.
Dethklok intends to make the world metal and with albums like this, they may just do it.
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on August 26, 2013
I think a lot of reviewers have said what I'm about to say: Dethklok is actually decent metal. Even if you haven't watched the show, it's work a listen. The lyrics are hysterical (and you can actually hear them), and the music is pretty rockin'. This is a go-to travel album when I'm on the road.
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