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on October 13, 2014
So me and three other co-workers shared an office and bought this together. When the management moved us out of the office into a open enviroment the other two guys just let me have it. My wife uses it ever morning to make coffee. It's so easy to use that sometimes my 10 year daughter makes us coffee when see sees us being sluggish. She even uses it to get instant hot water for instant oatmeal in the morning. Pour in water, wait 90 seconds and get a cup of coffee, tea or even oatmeal. Since the coffee taste doesn't stay if you pull out the coffee pod tray it's great from tea, hot chocolate or oatmeal. Great product at a great price. I might be a bit better off since I got it after only having to pay in 1/3 or the price. Great deal for me.
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on October 23, 2015
The brewer worked for exactly 8 weeks then quit. It's not plugged and I cleaned it weekly with vinegar/water solution. Now all it does is heat up, hiss, and leak water everywhere. When it started sparking (contact with live wire?) I pulled the plug and gave up. I didn't get an extended warranty and trying to get information about any kind of replacement from Hamilton Beach has been fruitless.
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on December 4, 2013
This machine is easy to use and works just as well as Keurig for a lot less money. It's basic but efficient and takes up no space at all. The detachable coffee holder should be handled with care (it's a pretty important piece after all, and you have to take it out completely to use it). But because it's detachable, it's also easy to clean (dishwasher safe) and will probably last a lot longer.

You don't have to buy any silly/expensive adapters to use your own coffee either. All you have to do is pop out the k-cup holder and use the PROVIDED and REUSABLE coffee grounds filter. Seriously, this thing is a dream.

Don't buy this machine if you like to fill giant travel mugs. It has a 10 oz maximum (though I've consistently fit 12 oz in mine). If you need more than that at a time you should be buying a regular coffee pot anyway... this is for people that like a little coffee and a little variety with their coffee flavors, not for hardcore addicts.

Do buy this machine if you've got a friend with a Keurig and you've always wanted one but you hate the idea of spending more than a hundred bucks on a machine that just makes coffee. Hamilton Beach consistently makes high quality products so it's not like you're getting a cheap knock-off. You're getting a great basic machine that's easy to use and easy to maintain.

Also, as soon as the machine is done brewing, it shuts off. That's a handy feature, especially since the machine isn't keeping the coffee warm for extended periods. It's designed to brew coffee you're going to drink right now, ensuring you always have a fresh cup.

One drawback to this machine is that it doesn't store water (you have to fill it every time) but honestly, I'm a little grossed out by Keurig's that hold water for a long time. Think of your friend that has a Keurig, how often do you think he/she uses the machine? Do you trust that the water that's in there is new? Also, there's no digital display or anything fancy like that. It's a one-button design and you decide how much coffee you're getting by how much water you're putting in.

So in short, a simple better valued design to create the same coffee at a much lower price.
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on April 21, 2013
I bought this HB 4995 coffee maker a few months ago, but every time I used it with a K cup or ground coffee, the water will spill over from the tank above. I tried to change the extent of grind and different K cups but it did not make a difference. I wrote to Hamilton Beach within a month of purchase and after a lot of resistance they agreed to ship a new coffee-maker but I had to return the cord plug. I tried the 2nd coffee maker, this time it would brew good coffee from a K cup but with ground coffee, the spillover continued. So I examined the brewing cup and realized that the cup had only one central opening for the brewed coffee to trickle into my mug and that whole probably was being covered by coffee grounds and the water was overfilling the brewing cup and spilling over. So I tried an experiment. I took a round paper coffee filter, trimmed it from the top to fit into the brewing cup and inserted it in the brewing cup before putting in the ground coffee. Voila, it worked and I had good coffee without any water spill.

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on August 1, 2014
Adequate and flexible. Brews a very nice cup of coffee. But(!) it's a bit complicated. Overly gimicky. Over engineered. Requires some tinkering to function right. I am still looking for the EASY, FLEXIBLE, CLEVER design that uses either K-cups or ground coffee. I know it's out there,,, this isn't it.

AMENDED REVIEW... (Six weeks after original review) This thing is an absolute POS! After numerous issues, ie. leak, failure to puncture K-cup, inexplicable sounds, STEAM SCALD upon handling. I gave this thing the old heave ho! JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!! When I contacted Customer Service, they offered to send me a new replacement for more shipping cost than I paid for this crapper in the first place! They offered to "upgrade" to the next higher model for an additional $50 plus $40 shipping! HOW ABSURD!!

I told Customer Service that I am pitching the unit and that they have lost a customer!

I gave up and bought a Keureg. Should have done this in the first place!....Live and learn! DON'T BUY THIS POS.
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on March 13, 2014
The 49995R has worked fine on ground coffee for the month I've had it in service. I haven't tried it using K-Cups yet. The only tricky part is pouring water from a coffee mug into the water reservoir on the coffee maker. My normal procedure is to fill a clean coffee mug with water, pour the water into the coffee maker, place the now empty coffee mug in its proper place in the coffee maker and press the 'go' switch after adding coffee to the basket. A container like a measuring cup with a 'spout' would work best for adding the water, but careful use of the coffee mug minimizes any spillage. It makes a good cup of coffee IMHO. Cleanup of the grounds from the basket is a snap.
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on September 17, 2013
The K-cup is great and most of us love the fresh-brewed, never stale, taste of coffee without the hassle, mess, or cleanup ... BUT ... those K-cup machines are Sooooooo expensive! Until Now! Rejoice ... Hamilton Beach has figured out how to provide K-cup convenience without the high cost of that propitiatory machine, and has even thrown in some cool optional features like the ability to use regular ground coffee, and it will even accept those single-cup coffee pods like the ones hotel-motels use, all in a machine that costs less than half of that other machine. Wow! Mine works great, I've used all three methods of brewing coffee with this machine and they all work flawlessly. I now have the luxury of one in my office with enough money left over to buy those expensive K-cups without breaking the bank. Get one of these machines, have a cup of coffee, and relax, you deserve a break today ... Thanks Hamilton Beach!
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on May 11, 2016
This item worked for only 6 weeks and then stopped working completely. The 30-day return period has already elapsed so I apparently just wasted $45.

UPDATE: DO NOT BUY THIS COFFEE MAKER. Hamilton Beach contacted me after I posted the above review and they offered to replace the unit if I cut the plug off the cord, mailed them a picture of the severed plug....AND paid $11.49 for shipping! So they want me to pay 25% of the cost of the unit itself to ship it back to them AFTER I've already sent them a picture of the plug cut off from the cord?? No thanks. That $11.50 will go toward a new coffee maker of another brand that will last more than 6 weeks. I should have paid attention to all the reviews that say this machine doesn't last.
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on January 14, 2014
This is a neat idea and that's all we can provide from our experience with one because the one we got was DOA.

It is good innovation except that it is very lightweight build quality and the snap-down thing is scary.

Ultimately the much less expensive single cup machine we got locally (that Amazon also sells very reasonably...) is WAY better than anything else we've had - even including the big, fancy 'K' machine which is mostly just a dust collector here.

For anyone looking to do single servings in about 2 minutes with a machine that has a lifetime filter and which is very easy to keep clean, I recommend finding my review of that other single-cup machine here at Amazon.
Our's makes great coffee every time and I highly recommend that one.
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on January 19, 2013
I was excited to purchase this FlexBrew for my office space. When it arrived, I read the manual before trying it out and afterward I couldn't wait to give it a go. Finally, I didn't have to walk a mile for a cup of joe! Oh boy, was I fast disappointed when the water drained underneath the brewer (hummm... electric plug, electricty and water... not a good thing). The darn thing wasn't even punchering the Keurig cup promptly. OK, I must've missed something... nope... followed the instructions and made sure not to over-flow above the fill-line and made use the coffee holder snapped into place... but same results. OK... I'll try it without the Keurig thingy. Oh my goodness.... coffee grids, water everywhere.... so disappointed in Hamilton Beach. Cleaned up the machine, repackaged and sent it back for a refund. Shame on Hamilton Beach for making a crappy coffeemaker! Don't buy this!
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