Customer Reviews: ASUS A55A-AH31-PK 15.6-Inch LED Laptop ( Pink )
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on January 25, 2013
I'm a computer technician and I was just looking for a cheap machine that I could use for learning Windows 8, taking with me while I travel, some coding, web browsing, and movies. I wanted to stay in the $400 range, but seeing that this laptop comes with a Core i3-3110M, I decided to spring the extra cash for a far superior processor than the ASUS F55A with the Intel B890 CPU. I'm very glad that I did. The only thing that slows this machine down is the 5400RPM hard drive. When booting the machine in to Windows 8, startup programs simply take a while to load. Do yourself a favor and remove any unnecessary bloatware like McAfee and download any recent updates that ASUS provides. I'm really looking forward to getting a nice SSD drive for this thing one day because it will soar like an eagle. The keyboard has a decent feel to it as well. I spent a good few hours customizing everything the way I want. I even slicked it up with the Start8 program which gives you a classic Windows 7 start menu with tons of customization options. The webcam has a little LED light on it that makes your picture easy to see when you're Skyping in a dark room. I couldn't be happier for the money I spent on this machine.
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on January 7, 2013
This laptop is beautiful, the white is definitely an eye catcher, very classy looking. It's also chic, lightweight but durable, I love how the keys are flat and don't make noise when I type. On this computer, windows 8 is annoying at first, If your finger goes on the left side of the mouse pad, windows 8 will automatically popup, it took me a while to figure out why that kept happening, I’m sure that function can be disabled but I just haven't taken the time to figure it out, so I just found a temporary way around it, by staying on the right side of the mouse pad which is larger than most mouse pads. The major thing that I dislike about this computer is....the speaker is on the bottom of the computer, which makes the sound low at times or makes the sound muffled a little. It's not unbearable because it does have a decent volume level unlike some of the other brands I looked at. I had another speaker which also happens to be white so they make a perfect pair. I use to be a Dell junkie but I was disappointed in the way that the face plate/trimming around the screen breaks off and hinges in Dell laptops break easy. My Dell laptop and everyone that I know, that owns a Dell laptop, complains about the same thing. The hinges break and they have to hold or prop up the screen portion in order to look at it. I reviewed a lot of laptops and I shopped around for a little over 3 months before I decided on this one. For the most part, I really enjoy this laptop, and would recommend it.
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on January 19, 2013
For a new computer running Windows 8 this laptop says one thing: Speed. Its quick, beautiful, and easy to use for any average Joe, business man, or tech enthusiast. Feeling a bit sluggish? Upgrade the hard drive! Any laptop that uses a 5400RPM hard drive will run slowly even new. Slower hard drives mean slower boots, file access, and multi-tasking is limited. Throw in a super fast Solid State Drive or a 7200RPM SATA 3 hard drive and watch this thing be the computer you always dreamed of!
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on February 22, 2013
The computer itself is amazing! Only thing I found I did not like with the computer was that sometimes on the internet browser it will zoom while using the touchpad. Once I changed the setting everything was GREAT! Best laptop I have owned in my life. The Windows 8 version, I hated at first, but after 6 hours of exploring and getting used to it, I started to like it more and more. Great computer, Windows 8 is a great operating software. The price of this computer should have been at least $800.00 minimum, it's great!
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on March 25, 2013
I love the layout and performance of the asus - only complaints about the actual laptop are 1) the bloatware that comes pre-loaded on the machine 2) would be nice if you could turn off mousepad or at least have it deactivate when external mouse is plugged in. Biggest complaint - Windows 8...grrr. It's incredibly not user friendly for a laptop - for a touchscreen it's probably fine. I wish I could have gotten the laptop with Windows 7 pro as OS, but c'est la vie! Anyway, my biggest complaints about W8 no start button and can't get the charms bar to not pop up randomly without downloading some app. It's taken me nearly a month to acclimate to the OS, and I still don't know it completely. My advice if you're fairly computer literate like me - you're search engine is your best friend when it comes to learning Windows 8.
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on April 5, 2013
The touchpad is completly unusable. The cursor jumps around when the touch pad is touched, it registers clicks, double clicks and right clicks without that input. When you view the icon of the touch pad in the tray, it looks like lightning when you touch the pad. I updated bios and drivers. Didn't work. Reset to factory settings, installed the latest BIOS, ATK and Gesture drivers again, didn't work. I went through tech support after that, as I should. They had me do all that all over again of course, only to have the same result and an RMA issued(USG9338557). I did not receive and have still not received any communications at all regarding the RMA. Searching their system never returned any information about the RMA. However, I did receive the item back in one week. I was very excited but suspicious. That really curbed my annoyance with not being able to find out what was going on. There was a summary stating it was in fact a "touch pad error". The problem is that the touch pad is worse now then it was before. I immediately called support only to have to go through the exact same steps(Case# 2542398). Reset to factory settings, update bios and drivers and again, this did not correct the problem. I'm not sure they did anything with it because the right side of the touch pad was slightly sunk in and more so on the lower right corner. When I received it back, it's the exact same way. I have built many, many systems with ASUS components in my day. I have alway been an ASUS fan because despite their products generally being more expensive, you usually get what you pay for. This was my first complete product purchase from them and it will be my last. Upon having this issue I did some research and the RMA horror stories are everywhere. I have requested a replacement from Amazon who are alway fantastic. We will see how it goes. I understand that lemons happen right out of the box for any company. But to have it RMA'd only to come back worse, UNACCEPTABLE.
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on March 28, 2013
Bought this for the girlfriend for Christmas and she adores it. It is a superb daily/standard use item. Hook some external speakers up to it and you are good to go for web surfing, music, spreadsheets/docs, this pink little guy handles anything short of serious gaming nicely.

Some people don't like Windows 8 - for me that is really a non factor. Windows 8, in reality, functions every bit as well as windows 7. The metro(tiled)interface actually proves quite handy once you get the hang of it. I find the design and presentation to be much cleaner than a mess of desktop icons or digging through the start menu. If you learn some keyboard shortcuts, and where the mouse-sensitive locations are (for example, when on the actual desktop screen instead of the metro screen, right click where the start button used to be and you have a wide number of system access options)it's over all function is a positive experience.

Having said that - this review is not about windows 8, it is about this little pink machine, which is great for the money. You are getting an i3 processor instead of some money saving amd or intel celeron level quality, the display is sharp, 4gb of ram is more than good for most day to day tasks. If you want to give it more zip, you could always replace the hard drive with an SSD. I would always recommend disabling the touch pad with FN+F9 and buying a mouse for better control, but that is personal preference.
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on March 20, 2013
I have owned 2 dell inspirons before purchasing the Asus. The last dell broke within 2 years. I looked into the asus and I just love the product. I like the options of the color. The laptop definitely stays cool as advertised. The touchpad can be a bit temperamental, but after you learn it's idiosycrasies, it is great to swipe up, down ,back and forward. Learning windows 8 took a bit, but was not too hard.
I really like the keyboard " flat" keys (for lack of better way to describe) I find the keyboard much easier to type with. The display is great and my pictures look great. I like how the computer comes with the hard drive partitioned.
It really boots up quick and stays connected to the wifi. It was an excellent buy.
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on April 16, 2013
This laptop deserves 5 stars because it works fantastic for the price it was. So far this laptop has been running great! it is just a LITTLE bit slower than our big home computer but its barely noticeable and considering how much I paid for it the laptop runs pretty fast! I have not tried sims on it yet tho, but ive got my fingers crossed! ill update this review when I try the sims on it, it will still get five stars however because its not a gaming laptop and the manufacturer doesn't claim it to be a gaming laptop. anyways its a great laptop! I recommend you to buy it if you are shopping on a budget! :D
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on March 22, 2013
I am a middle age female hobby computer user who does not use one in a professional setting. That being said, I find this computer as reliably and fast-ish as other reviews led me to believe I would. I will expand the memory from 4gb to the max 8, and I'm sure it will certainly be all I need and more. The hd display is gorge8ous, the keyboard is solid and comfortable, and like one other review stated, the trackpad feels kind of hinky, but it's large and performs Windows 8 functions well. I prefer a peripheral trackpad on my right anyway, so no big deal. The computer works well with my Wacom tablet.
One thing that surprised me was that there is not built in bluetooth capability.I've come to understand this is not unusual, but all of the other laptops in my experience have had it. I spent an evening with MS support trying to get my Kinivo usb dongle installed around a "bluetooth stack
error" or somesuch thing, but all is well now.Having had a smart phone for a few years, and being a Chrome user I don't find interacting with windows 8 horrible, it's just different. If I was faced with it in a work environment I may feel differently, but I understand MIcrosoft's desire to make there new os mobile/touch friendly. I look at at learning it as part of my Alzheimer's prevention program. The MS community forum is great for help!

I spent 429.00 on this machine, which i understand is a good deal. I've had it about a month now, and so far, other than the bluetooth issue, I feel I got a great value and do recommend it to my friends and clients.
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