Customer Reviews: Christmas In The Sand
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I've been a fan of Colbie ever since 'Bubbly' and was naturally interested in how her luscious voice would translate to the old Christmas classics. I was slightly off-put by the idea of a sandy, summery theme (since I'm a white Christmas guy myself) but as it turned out I really appreciated (for the most part) how she gave a new spin to old favorites. Here's what I thought, track by track:

01. Merry Christmas Baby (feat Brad Paisley) - 4/5 - Definitely "beachy" and laid back with a country twang. Honky Tonk restaurants will be playing this all holiday long.

02. Santa Baby - 3/5 - No Eartha Kitt, but again Colbie gives it a new summery flair and in that sense, it works.

03. Christmas in the Sand - 5/5 - this may be my favorite because it's not an old has-been cover and Colbie's voice really gets to shine. Plus it's super cute.

04. Baby It's Cold Outside - 2/5 - It takes a LOT of chemistry to make this duet work and many have failed miserably. I don't think this is a complete disaster, but the chemistry is not there and it's sung way too fast. There are much better renditions. It also doesn't make sense, given the "Beach Christmas" theme.

05. The Christmas Song - 2/5 - Everyone in the world has covered this song. Colbie's voice does sound good and the more country production gives it some originality, but I'd just call it a mediocre filler.

06. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - 4/5 - I actually like this cover. The summery instrumental combined with a slightly new vocal style makes it sound fresh and exciting.

07. Every Day is Christmas - 3/5 - Again I like that this song isn't an overdone cover, but it doesn't work nearly as well as "Christmas in the Sand" this may be partly to blame to Jason Reeves who doesn't add anything to the song and actually distracts from Colbie.

08. Silver Bells - 1/5 - An old classic, but, like "Baby It's Cold" it sounds awkward in the mix of sandy renditions. You'll want to skip this track or will at least be glad when it's over.

09. Winter Wonderland - 3/5 - No real complaints. There's better covers, but this rendition sounds good and mixes well with the rest of the album.

10. Mistletoe - 5/5 - Love this one. It brings back that country flair that makes this album unique and has a great chorus.

11. Happy Christmas - 3/5 - A filler that's a little more. This isn't one of my favorite songs, but the vocal work is nice and it does work well with the album.

12. Auld Lang Syne - Slowed down a lot for the last track. It is an awkwardly emotional and moody rendition. Perhaps more true to the original tone of the song, but comes across as a sad and depressed way to end a chipper album. It does give a chance for Colbie's voice to shine, however.

OVERALL: An above-average Christmas album for sure, but not quite a must-have.

I was hesitant about the sunny Christmas theme going into the album, partly because I love me a wintery holiday, but also because I was afraid they would butcher old classics by trying to sound different. As it turned out, when they did revamp old favorites, they did it in a stylish way that was both respectful to our cherished memories of listening to these carols while added a new beachy twist. I don't know how well the album will mix into your regular holiday playlist, but certainly tracks like "Christmas in the Sand" and "Mistletoe" belong in the mix. I'm also sure Florida, California, and all those other palm tree holiday hot spots will have this album in heavy rotation.
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I wasn't even aware that Colbie Caillat had a Christmas album out until I stumbled upon it at my local Walmart today for ten dollars. Colbie has bubbly music that can cheer me up on a bad day, so I had to buy it.

Colbie sings several classic holiday songs, such as Sliver Bells, Santa Baby, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Winter Wonderland. There are duets with Brad Paisley, Gavin Degraw, Justin Young, and Jason Reeves. There are four new songs that are catchy, Christmas in the Sand, Every Day is Christmas, Mistletoe and Happy Christmas.

The problem that I have with most modern singers releasing a Christmas album is that they use classic songs that I have heard to death. Don't get me wrong, Colbie sings Silver Bells and the others well, but I would have liked to had more original music besides four songs.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to Christmas in the Sand as Colbie has a great voice.

The Tracks are:

1. Merry Christmas Baby (Feat. Brad Paisley) 3:41

2. Santa Baby - 2:57

3. Christmas in the Sand 3:48

4. Baby It's Cold Outside (Feat. Gavin Degraw)3:20

5. The Christmas Song (Feat. Justin Young) 3:18

6. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 3:10

7. Every Day is Christmas (Feat. Jason Reeves) 4:25

8. Sliver Bells 3:43

9. Winter Wonderland - 2:50

10. Mistletoe - 3:51

11. Happy Christmas - 3:46

12. Auld Lang Syne 3:46
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on July 25, 2013
This is my "Christmas In Summertime" album - if I may explain:

I have started a tradition of doing my own mini "Christmas in July" because I have realized I am one of THOSE PEOPLE who don't get enough from November until New Years. This album, with its beachy, summery vibe combined with holiday standards, is the perfect background music for the occasion.

Of particular note is "Christmas In The Sand", in which Ms. Callait describes a beach-side encounter with Mr. Claus himself. Standards such as "Santa Baby", "The Christmas Song" and "Baby It's Cold Outside" also get the California Girl treatment.

Check out the liner booklet; you'll see a picture on the back of Ms. Callait frolicking on the beach with Santa and three or four of his elves. Perfect if you really are planning to spend your Yuletide outside on the beach - or just imagine you are.

Recommended. Cheers.
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on October 29, 2012
I purchased this at Target and got the Deluxe edition. It also includes Mistletoe, Happy Christmas, and Auld Lang Syne. I think it was about $2-$3 more and is worth it. The packaging is different. Blue and beachy. (The Amazon cover pictures is included inside the inserts).
This album is good overall- her sound never changes and that is a good thing. I did not like the Baby It's Cold Outside with Gavin Degraw. I think it seems rushed. Otherwise I do like the overall sound of the album and the rest of the songs seem good.
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on January 19, 2013
Purchased this album while deeply discounted. Worth the price I paid, but definitely not worth full price. It is an okay album full of Christmas songs, but something about her voice and the playfulness in which she chose to sing the songs just doesn't fit. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something just seems off. I enjoy it enough to give it a listen once or twice per Christmas season, but can't see myself putting this one on repeat. She has a great, fun voice but it doesn't lend itself to Christmas carols. Still enjoy her, just not this album so much.
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on July 3, 2014
I love Colbie Caillat. I feel like her smooth sound is unmatched by any other. But I also love her California, carefree attitude. Definitely makes her music inviting. I was thrilled to see she had a Christmas album and knew I had to have it. It did not disappoint. Same soulful sound you'd expect from her with some seriously catchy tunes.
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There are some places in the world where Christmas is celebrated in warm and sunny weather, and Colbie was inspired by Hawaii to include some songs that would appeal to anybody spending Christmas in a warm climate. However, this album contains wintry songs too.

Colbie co-wrote four songs for the album, the other eight being familiar Christmas classics. Of the eight classics, the opening Merry Christmas baby is particularly intersting. Colbie sings it as a duet with Brad Paisley, with them taking turns trading lines, thereby giving a different feel to the song.

Of the four original songs, I love them all but particularly the title track. Colbie's comments inside the album suggest that her favorite tracks are the duets, but I won't argue because I love the whole album. The other originals (Every day is Christmas, Mistletoe, Happy Christmas) are definitely worth a listen.

I don't know anything about Colbie's other music, but I hope to find out one day. Meanwhile, I can enjoy her Christmas album.
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on October 5, 2016
Can't get enough of this music at Christmas time. Especially like to play it on Christmas Day. Living in the southern section of a gulf coast, we never have sneaux, so it's nice to have music that fits with that theme. We have no sand, no sneaux, but plenty of Colbie and her great voice. Highly recommend it for anyone without a white Christmas.
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on November 20, 2014
It's hard to believe that this album came out in 2012! I must admit that I am a FAN! She was great then and even better now! These songs, new and traditional, capture the spirit of the season! Colbie's angelic but mischievous voice really set the scene with lightly falling snow, fires in the fireplaces and memorable gatherings with family and friends. To me, all of these songs fit perfectly next to any of the more Traditional Holiday songs! An early Christmas gift for you and your collection.
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on December 12, 2012
This CD is a mixture of old favorites with a few newly written songs mixed in. The new ones were the ones that I liked the best. Almost everyone that does a Christmas album tries to sing the old standards in their style. Sometimes that works and sometimes not. Several of these are pretty good, but the CD really shines with the songs she has written, like the title cut.
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