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on March 28, 2013
I've probably bought 12 computers over the last 20 years and this is by far the absolute best. In December I bought a Dell 24" all-in-one, with a SSD, and I thought that was the best. But after having this Vizio for only 24 hours, I am in love. It really is an instant on computer (about 2 seconds) and 1 second to shut down.

The matt finish of the screen is very friendly on the eyes. My Dell has a mirror like finish and it is blinding when the sun shines in the room. Not so with the Vizio.

Out of the box the Vizio took about 10 minutes for it to set itself up. Then less than an hour to install all the Microsoft updates. The computer is super fast.

Can't comment on the track pad as I use a mouse. I'm not a fan of Windows 8, and I use a Windows 7 start button substitute.

I would have liked to see a numbers pad, some indentation of the keys on the keyboard, and maybe some better speakers (they sound tiney). And an Ethernet port would have been nice. If I remember right the last DSL modem I had installed in my vacation home (where I will be using this laptop), required the modem to be connected to a computer for the initial setup. Not sure what I will do if I switch from the telephone company to cable.

I may be leaving Dell as I now have a company that builds high quality computers (I also have 3 Vizio TV's).
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on December 6, 2013
amazing laptop! I bought mine for $740 on amazon and I was scared that I was going to get some cheap 2nd rate laptop because I have never seen VIZIO laptops before.

I got my laptop delivered today and iv been setting it up and playing with it for the past 5 hours.

all i can say is that this thing blew me away! the build quality is on par with that of my old MacBook Pro and for less than half the price. the speed is amazing. boot up time is between 5-9 seconds. I am trying as hard to overwork this thing and its handling everything im throwing at it.

I really like the screen because it does not have a glare like my old MacBook Pro. picture is beautiful and I have no complaints.

I read plenty of reviews and watched all the reviews on YouTube and I heard some people say that the keyboard sucks and its not good to type with. I have no idea what those people are smoking and who gives a S*** about the keyboard and mouse pad! if your that damn picky go waste your money on a $2000 apple or Samsung computer.

for the price I paid I feel like im getting Ferrari performance for the price of a nice Mercedes!

I'm going to recommend this to all my friends and family members! Amazing deal!

if your looking for an amazing laptop and you don't want to throw away $2000 then look no further!
seriously if your hesitating about making your decision of getting this vs Samsung ultrabook or apple product I highly recommend that you get this one!
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on January 19, 2014
I have owned the vizio ct15-A5 for one year now. All in all the laptop is great in performance and portability. Fast processing, great resolutions, easy to carry around and can be held in one hand.

However, since vizio is new to the laptop market, I have noticed that the keyboard design started to piss me off after a while. Since I do a lot of typing and programming, the lack of some keys (pg up, pg down, home, etc) as well as the horrible arrow keys makes me mad sometimes. The up and down keys are designed to fit both into one key slot, which makes it very very hard to press.

If you don't mind the keyboard set up, then everything else is perfect for a cheap ultra-book.
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on January 13, 2014
This is a very fast and powerful machine. The screen is amazing (I love the matte finish!), the sound is great, and it's extremely lightweight! I've quite enjoyed the typing experience and track-pad, despite being worried after reading some of the other reviews. The only two things I wish were better is that I would like a back-lit keyboard and the battery life isn't great, as I've been getting 3 to 4 hours, however it's certainly no deal breaker seeing as the entire power cable is super light also so it's not a burden by any means and I'm almost always somewhere with an outlet readily available. I have to point out that the fact the fans are in the screen hinge is quite an amazing change! I've watched 6 hours of videos straight several days over the past week, and it barely ever even gets warm. I only wish every PC had this feature in the first place! Needless to say, the cons aren't anything I can't deal with and I am very glad I made this purchase, especially at the sale price of $720. I highly recommend this ultrabook.
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on September 29, 2013
I'm a web developer, and I demand a lot from my computers. This was a great find. I did a lot of research, and decided on this and have been happy all the way through. The low RAM is actually not a problem as the SSD swaps so quickly. I run Visual Studio, IIS, 2 instances of SQL Server, like 20 Chrome tabs, Outlook 2012, Word 2012, and about 6 other misc. utilities and such and never have a RAM or performance issue. I've considered upgrading to 16Gb RAM, but it's never been important enough to do so as the machine is very fast.

The wireless is the only disappointment. It was intermittent for me, and I ended up getting a USB ethernet instead. I'd also suggest using an external keyboard/mouse when possible, but the trackpad is surprisingly usable - just not for programming.
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on April 30, 2013
This Ultrabook is really ultra-fast, ultra-thin and ultra-light.
Boot-up time from shutdown is about 3 seconds..
I have not encountered ANY problems with touchpad or keyboard, both work great, and I really like Windows 8 touchpad gestures. It's so easy to navigate web using them.
This ultrabook NEVER gets hot, even with the very high load.

I'm giving this 4-star rating only because of battery.
Battery life is min 2.5 and max 4 hours (vs advertised 7 hours).
But if battery life isn't priority for you, I think you won't be able to find better ulrabook than this one..
I'm really impressed with everything about this thing except for battery..
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on November 13, 2012
Update: I had to send back the computer it had 2 factory flaws one was the wireless dropping issue and the cpu fan was faulty and would make a grinding noise. But the rest of the rev view stands. Its still a good computer.

Okay this is a great computer -but has flaws here are the facts about the system.

The true battery life 4 hrs not 7 like it claims.
Battery takes a long time to charge from dead to full it takes 90 minutes.

Keyboard is smashed but very nice to type on ( having a 15 inch frame they could have spread it out and put in a numpad

The trackpad is a nightmare if you are left handed like I am, The reason why is because of Windows 8 when using your left hand ( I tend to place it towards the bottom left and when you do that it causes the screen to flip apps constantly)

I am retraining myself to work in the middle.

webcam just completely stinks.

I do not know if this is a system flaw or Windows flaw but my wireless will not stay connected it will drop quite often I have a dual channel router that runs on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz when it is connected to the 5GHz radio and the computer goes to sleep and you bring it back up it will disconnect and will automatically connect to the 2.4GHz radio
( will update once this is found out)this is the reason for the dropped star.

As for cosmetic the bottom has a rubbery nonslip type of feel and its is going to wear very fast

The Good!!

The sound is pretty good you will certainly need the SRS EQ that is built in turned on ( I found that if you use it in movie mode it sounds the best but you are able to customize it anyway you like.)

I LOVE THE NO JUNKWARE this is what sets Vizio apart from the competition.
The design is sharp "literately"
Display is beautiful just like my vizio tv.
The SSD is fast - no moving parts makes it completely silent.
Neat Charger ( automatically disables itself once battery is full ) glows green and orange when charging, green when complete, green when disconnected.

Drop price to 899.00 this will sell out.
Needs a backlit keyboard.
Needs a SD card plenty of space to do so.

VIZIO CT15-A5 15.6-Inch Thin + Light Ultrabook
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on June 5, 2013
Very solid built laptop

The body itself is very nice and made of aluminum, a excellence touch. The resolution is very clear and nice to look at. SSD could not be any smoother, startup is instant and program launch time is very quick. The only downside is the keyboard would not be for everyone. There are reviews out there with complaints about the keyboard. However, I am not a heavy keyboard user so this is no issue for me.
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on March 23, 2013
I was hesitate with Vizio computer, after all it's a new name in laptop world. Then I learn that Vizio is made by the same manufacture who make all Apple laptops, I feel more comfortable to give it a try. Now I have using it for a month, am very happy with it. It's by far the best laptop I ever own. Battery last only about three and half hours continuious usage but I don't bring it outside that much. I still give it a five star and recommend to anyone.
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on January 15, 2014
So far works it works great for what I am doing. It is quick boot -up and shut down. This after updating and installing windows 8.1.
It is very thin. Comfortable to carry. I had to buy a portable DVD drive to install some of the programs I wanted. Which is what it takes if you want a slim laptop. You can also download from the internet.
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