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on November 24, 2012
I did my homework and researched all of the single cup brewers. After spending a lot of time reading, I decided what I really wanted was the My Cafe MCU. Had to wait for the release, but pre-ordered it on Amazon. So very glad that I waited, it was well worth it. Bunn sent 4 sample pods with the coffee and I found that if you used the pulse option with the brew that they make a good 14 oz. cup of coffee. I also have used my own ground coffee and, I don't know how Bunn did it, but the bitterness that was in the coffee when I used my multi-cup coffee maker was gone. I don't know if I'll be using the K-Cups, they're very pricey and I don't really need them, maybe for a party, but right now I'm happy with the pods and ground coffee.

I was used to having a larger cup of coffee in the morning and I thought that only being able to brew 14 oz. was going to mean that I would have to brew a second cup, but it was more than enough. As I sat with coffee and took the last sip, I realized that this was the first time in a long time that I had actually finished my morning coffee. If I wanted, it would only take a minute or so to have another fresh cup.

The only down side that I see, is that I now need a shorter travel mug. When using the ground coffee attachment, the clearance is only about 7" and that's a lot shorter than the travel mugs I have now. That being said, I love the My Cafe MCU.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely, I recommend this to anyone who loves a GREAT cup of coffee!

UPDATE: Found this on Amazon: Contigo Autoseal Randolph Stainless Steel Travel Mug Vacuum Insulated, 16-Ounce and it works perfectly with the My Cafe MCU!
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on April 27, 2015
We had been brewing single servings of coffee using the Hario pour over method. While this made a delicious cup of strong coffee, the process took enough time that the coffee wasn't as hot as we liked when completed.
The reason we changed to single serve brewing, is to avoid having to microwave coffee throughout the day, so lukewarm Hario coffee defeated this purpose.
I am not a fan of the K-cup because it's wasteful and expensive.
This Bunn is the answer!
We primarily use the ground coffee drawer. Two packed scoops of (french or italian roast) coffee always using the pulse button makes an awesome and strong cup. The "crema" that ends the brew process is a nice touch too.
The coffee is HOT . . . just the way we like it. I drink my coffee black, so I have to wait a minute for the coffee to cool. I'd much rather wait, than have my first sip be lukewarm and blah. My husband uses a Bamix to whip some cold milk in his mug, then brews saraight into the froth. With the hot coffee dripping right into the cold froth, his coffee is the perfect temp when the brew cycle is complete.
Even though we drink coffee morning and night, I still didn't like the idea of leaving this machine "on" all the time. We plugged a Belkin power conserve switch into the outlet, and the Bunn into this switch. I turn the switch on before I fill the water and the grounds tray, and it's not a long wait till it's ready and the green light is on.
* * one note, the only slight con about the ground coffee basket I can mention, is that I wished there were disposable filters made for this. I searched and found many suggestions online however, I actually I easily created my own.
Using those common and inexpensive 8-10 cup Mr. Coffee filters that are available everywhere in mega packs of 1,000 for $1.00 (exaggerating, but they truly are silly cheap), I cut them down and now have mini filters that make clean up, and cup-after-cup brewing a breeze.
I will post photos, but in a nutshell, take about a dozen of those filters, fold them in half, and cut away about an inch from the outer diameter. Open them up, then cup them in your hand and scrunch them into a smaller pouch filter form. 2 scoops of coffee into the filter, then fold over the excess to make your own quasi coffee pod.
You've just created mini filters that fit perfectly in the ground coffee drawer.
** pulling these filter pods out of the drawer is easier if done right away. If left in the drawer for a while, the filters tend to weaken and will tear when you try to pull them out. If you find you've left them in and they don't come out cleanly, turn the tray upside down over a trash can, and push the nub on the bottom of the tray. This pushes out the bottom of the tray and will eject the pod into the trash.
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on January 4, 2014
Take it from someone who has been through multiple Keurig machines and an even more expensive Breville brewer, those brewers are a waste of money. They are built to work for about 500-600 days of usage before they fail. The manufacturers know this, that is why they will only warranty them for a year. When they do break, there is nothing a consumer can do to service the units so if it fails after the warranty, you have no're back in the market for a new one! This was my situation a few months ago when I stumbled upon the BUNN MCU.

No flashy programmable LCD can't set it to wake you up, it doesn't have a dozen preset brew sizes or a cool back-lit reservoir. BUNN is going substance over style here. The design is minimal but modern. It only has two buttons! Instead of technical gimmicks, BUNN has packed a lot of power and practicality into the unit. You can use K-Cups, pods, and ground coffee - up to you. You're in total control over the strength of your coffee (or tea). It produces good pressure and very hot water - the coffee comes out much hotter than other units I've owned.

Remains to be seen how it will stand up over time but it appears well built, by no means flimsy. And Bunn apparently is ready to back that up since it comes with a two-year warranty instead of the typical one.

Pricing on this is all over the place. I have seen it for $200+...I was able to buy this from an Amazon seller for under $100 - shop around before you click.
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on January 6, 2016
Great all around coffee-maker ! Just a few things you should be aware of.

I use the K-cup drawer as well as the ground coffee drawer mostly.

About the ground coffee drawer: I used to empty the grounds by tapping hard on the drawer (upside down, into the trash can). All too often, this caused the cover of the drawer-thingy to pop off, and along with that, the little plastic piece that holds that cover in place. At first, I thought I had a defective drawer, I reported the issue to Bunn, and they quickly send a replacement (no charge). But I continued to have the problem with the new drawer as well. I figured out that part of what was making it so difficult to dump out the grounds was that I was using a very fine grind. I switched to a "drip" grind, and the grounds come out a little easier. Also, I was tapping on the side of the drawer; if you tap on the end, that cover is less likely to fall off. But still, when that tiny plastic piece falls into the trash, it's just no fun trying to dig it out. Now, I just use a spoon to scoop out most of the grounds. Then rinse in the sink to get the rest out. Seems to work fine.

Another issue I've had: periodically, the machine won't stop trying to "brew" - and it does so in a much noisier and "hissier" fashion than when it's doing its normal brew cycle. I have figured out that this mostly happens when I try to fill my travel mug; I now do 2 separate brew cycles to fill the mug (doesn't really take much longer; as soon as the first 8 oz or so finishes brewing, then add another 2 oz of water or however much you need to fill your travel mug, hit brew again, and you fill the mug without much additional time). Sometimes, though, this "hissing" happens on my usual size fill. I've learned that when this happens, just unplug the unit to stop it. Usually, you've already got your coffee anyway, it's just that the machine keeps hissing for some reason. I then follow this with just running a cup of water thru because the next cup tends to come out short (meaning, it dispenses less water than you put in). My working theory is that the internal reservoir loses some water (evaporation?), but the machine is unable to re-calibrate itself. Anyway, doing this usually get me back on track again.

I bought this unit to replace my SECOND Keurig that died after about a year and a half.
I love the fact that I can still use the K-cup if I'm in a super hurry. The cost of the K-cups isn't quite so bad if you only use them rarely.
The rest of the time, I use ground coffee. Besides saving money (over the K-cups), I love the fact that I can make any size cup I want, and that I can vary the strength of the coffee, and that I can make my own caffeinated/decaf blend. And have more coffee flavors to chose from.
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on January 6, 2017
I have had it for few days now and have used K Cups and coffee grounds. I love it, of course the quality of the coffee also has a much to do with the end result.

That said, I do not understand how anyone is getting this thing to "blow up", the K cup "drawer" is simple and straight forward, lift the "drawer" lid, put the K Cup in, then when closing the lid use some force and you will get a "pop" which is the K Cup being punctured on the bottom. I suppose if you don't use a little force and don't puncture the bottom then maybe you might have issues but I actually tried being gentle and not forcing the bottom puncture and guess what...YOU CAN NOT SLIDE THE DRAWER ON TO THE MACHINE. IMO if forces you to do everything properly and you would really have to be trying to cause an issue to have an issue.

Now that I got that out of the way, I will explain the initial set up. Read the instructions. Out of the box, I removed all the tape, there was a quick set up guide taped to the top. It states to fill the machine with 14oz of water place a cup that holds 14+ oz on the tray, plug the machine in push the brew button, now i thought it would run a cup of water through the machine, it didn't. Looking at the quick set up guide it said put another 14oz of water in, make sure there is a cup on the tray and push the brew button again. This time It gave me a cup of hot water, I can only assume that it keeps 14oz or so in the reservoir. After that, you are all set. I removed the water "drawer" and put on the K Cup "drawer"

I used K Cups a few times and K Cups are not made for 14oz so if you like weak coffee then 12-14oz if you want stronger then 8-10oz.
Coffee Grounds Drawer, I love it. The mesh is very fine, I mean very very fine, grind your beans as much as you want. A scoop is included, 2 scoops and 12oz of water is a strong cup of coffee. Pay attention to what you are doing, don't be sloppy and get grinds all around the top edge, if you do, wipe them off with a damp paper towel or napkin, close the lid, slide it in, add your water, put your cup on the tray and press brew.

I have not had a caffeine buzz since my early years when I had just joined the Navy about 25 years ago and while serving I was a 2+ pot a day coffee drinking. First day I had this machine, I made 3 K Cups and 1 cup with folgers grounds and I had the jitters....
Clean up - dump the K Cup, run under the faucet done. For the grinds "drawer", same thing just a little bit longer to rinse the grinds that didn't come out when dumping but I can't see anything that would get clogged. I haven't used pods yet but I plan to soon.

Great Machine, my sister has a Keurig that can only do K Cups, makes good coffee but seems to always have issues and other friends I know replace their keurigs annually, they just quit working.

This looks and feel industrial, heating elements wear out, I understand and I will update this review when I have an issue but so far I am enjoying my coffee again
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on January 26, 2017
While I didn't buy it here on Amazon (found it for cheaper elsewhere), I figured I'd write a quick review.

First off, I'm not a coffee drinker. I will on occasion have a cup, especially if I need a little pick me up.

I first tried single cup coffee about 3 years ago with a Keurig... I wasn't impressed. I'm still not impressed with the Keurig systems. Every cup, no matter what brand K-cup I use, or if I use my own coffee grounds tastes burned and/or bitter. I've tried every setting possible and the results have been bad, every time.

I bought this for my Fiancée for Christmas because she had been hinting around for over a year how, "we should get a Keurig". Well, there was no way in hell I was getting a Keurig! I spent a solid month researching different brands and every time the BUNN MCU kept popping up. After reading the reviews (good and bad) I decided this was the one for her (she's the coffee drinker). I like the idea of having trays as I felt those would be much easier to clean. I also like the fact that you could use your own coffee grounds, K-cups, tea bags and loose leaf teas!

After she opened it I hurried and got it set up - which was pretty easy as long as you read and follow the instructions. We tried one of the k-cups from Green Mountain to start, put it on the strong setting with about 8 oz of water... bam! Great tasting cup of coffee (for a K-cup). Next I ground up some fresh beans from Coffee Bean (our preferred large chain). I put a level sccop (2 Tbsp) of fine (not powder) grounds in the proper drawer and added 6 oz of RO water from our tap... BAMMMM! Awesome cup of coffee!

I'm not a coffee drinker, but over the past month I've found myself making a morning cup of Joe for my drive into work about 2-3 days a week so I can try out new beans. That's saying something, because I used to have maybe one cup a month, if that!

Long story short, this is a well built, well engineered single cup coffee maker. It's heavy, looks great in the kitchen and doesn't take up a lot of space. Can you make a better cup of coffee with a different machine? Possibly. There a better ways (in others' opinions), french press, cold brew, drip, etc. For the quick and easy cup this is perfect for us as we don't drink a lot of coffee and it's usually only one cup each. Thanks Bunn!
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on September 13, 2015
We had a kuireg, we moved into a rental and it had roach problems, the evil little ones. There were too many little crevices and the little Bastards loved it, you could not disassemble it to really clean it as the basket was attached. I was disgusted and could not drink coffee from it. The kuireg and it's parasites went in the trash.

We bought the Bunn about a year ago and the bugs could not get into this one, and it actually makes better tasting coffee, fortunately we moved in to our own home shortly after. Bug problem gone.

Like a lot of users I have had the occasional leaking problem, I have so far found two sources of these leaks and thier solutions.

First leaking problem was the seal (translucent ring visible above the drawer) getting coffee grinds on it. Wiping them off fixed the leaks but the problem would return often. What I discovered was that our green mountain k cups had air pressure in them. If you just drop in a k cup and close the lid the thinner foil top pierces first. The air pressure inside blows coffee grinds out the top and when you slide it in the grinds get on the seal causing it to leak.

The solution is to put the k cup in and before you close the lid push it down with your thumbs. This pierces the bottom first. And the pressure is then vented through the filtered bottom and the grinds stay where they should.

This worked great for over a year. Then I got the second kind of leak. We are on well water now and after removing the sprayer (black plastic piece above the drawer inside the seal) I found the little holes were plugged with iron and calcium from our Florida water. The water could not follow the correct path and was forced past the seal. A few minutes with a safety pin to break up the mineral deposits and a few passes with white vinegar (see manual) and it is working wonderfully again.

Love my bunn, it makes good coffee, and most importantly you can clean it, and as long as you get all the foreign matter out it just works.
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on March 15, 2013
3 months after I purchased this brewer, it stopped working. I performed all the recommended checks but to no avail. I called Bunn and a replacement was on my front doorsteps two days later. You can't beat that with a stick.
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on March 4, 2017
A simple, commercial-grade all-in-one single cup machine that brews a very good cup of coffee. I don't use pods or K cups, so I would have preferred just the loose coffee basket, but it's nice to know the options are there. If, like me, you have no need for a full pot brewer, this is a good, albeit pricey, alternative, and far more versatile than those designed for just K cups or pods. I was so pleased with mine I purchased units for my son and for my parents as gifts.

Two and a half years after I purchased my unit, I started having problems with pressure building in the filter basket, and blowing hot coffee and steam out the side all over the cabinet and counter. Feeling it was a safety issue, I contacted Bunn. The Customer Service rep said it is a known issue when the filter screen starts to clog. I insisted mine wasn't clogged, but they sent me two free replacement screens anyway. On the very first attempt to brew a cup with a new screen installed, hot coffee once again blasted horizontally out the side of the filter basket. I unplugged and drained the unit and haven't used it since. Bunn offered me a $30 discount on a replacement machine, but I declined. Maybe it's a rare defect, but it is a potentially dangerous one. So while I like the functionality, I cannot recommend this brewer.

I have replaced the Bunn with Hamilton Beach's THE SCOOP single cup maker. Like the Bunn you have total control over the volume and strength of your coffee. Unlike the Bunn, it has just the loose coffee basket, so K cups and pods are not compatible. It doesn't keep water hot all the time like the Bunn does, but it heats so quickly that the overall brew times are similar. THE SCOOP is also less than a third of the price. I've only had THE SCOOP a short time, but I don't feel like I've given up anything at this point.

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker
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on March 7, 2017
I have wanted a Bunn for awhile but really liked the convenience of my single serve brewers (note plural). The convenience was the ONLY thing I liked about them. I have gone through three other brewers in as many years (two in the last year) and was really dreading buying yet another. I really thought I was cursed! Let me tell you, unless you're buying this bunn don't do it! My first machine "K" lasted two years. My second machine, (junk, brand #2) lasted about 6ish months. I then bought another (worse junk, brand #3) and it completely died and I could not get through to their customer service after having the machine less than 6 months.

Finally I found this Bunn and had to have it, just knowing that the manufacturer offers a TWO YEAR warranty was enough for me at this point.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the machine AND the support. I called before the initial setup to ask a question. I didn't wait on hold for a few minutes when I spoke to a real live human being who was very helpful.
Now about the machine:
I wasn't sure how I would like having to add water before every cup but I actually really like it. It has a generous size variable.
It comes with a multitude of brewing drawers, allowing you to use a teabag to brew over. Genius!
This thing is ready to brew so quickly fpr the first cup after it bei g in sleep mode and then immediately after the machine 'wakes up'.
And lastly, it brews a great cup of coffee. One of my favorite features is the pulse button for brewing your own coffee.
I'm loving this coffee machine and I have a feeling my curse is broken...
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